'''Ice Station'''
* A minor case of MediumAwareness.
--> '''Kirsty''': When you…when you went under the hovercraft, I thought…I thought you were dead.
--> '''Schofield''': Hey. It's OK. It's all right. I'm not going to die on you. ''I am not going to die on you.'' I mean, hey, I can't die. I'm the hero of this story.
* [[VoiceWithAnInternetConnection David Fairfax]] lampshades Scarecrow's [[RunningGag problem with intact things.]]
-->'''Fairfax''': So, what have you destroyed today?
-->'''Schofield''': I've flooded a Typhoon-class submarine, leveled a building, and launched a ballistic missile to destroy a maintenance facility.
-->'''Fairfax''': Slow day, huh?
'''Six Sacred Stones'''
* Lachlan and Julius escape imprisonment by tricking motion sensors with Lily's toy robotic dog Sir Barksalot.
'''Five Greatest Warriors'''
* Jack West dupes two Chinese interceptors with a smiley-faced sandbag mannequin George strapped into a pair of Gullwings[[note]]carbon-fiber wings for covert aerial insertions. The Chinese thought Jack was using the Gullwings as the ''Haliccarnassus'', unmanned, made its way to crash right into the entrance to the Sixth Vertex.[[/note]]
'''Scarecrow and the Army of Thieves'''
* Mother referring to herself as Scarecrow's 'Fairy Godmotherfucker'.