!!The Equestrian Equation:
* That [[FridgeBrilliance moment when you realize]] that Shepard is being attacked by the Orbital Friendship Cannon.
* Pinkie Pie breaks out of an asylum by distracting the guards with her rendition of [[Film/TheMask Cuban Pete.]]
* "Shepard was no astrophysicist, but he was well aware that any term involving [[EarthShatteringKaboom a star and the word "nova"]] somewhere in it [[ThisIsGonnaSuck was a]] ''[[ThisIsGonnaSuck very]]'' [[ThisIsGonnaSuck bad thing]]."
* Mordin Solus explains to Shepard and Rarity about the physical characteristics and evolutionary traits of the Equestrians that he's managed to deduce. True to form, the exposition eventually leads to him [[RunningGag discussing Equestrian reproductive biology in an embarrassingly detailed matter]] in front of an embarrassed Rarity.

!!Shades of Twilight:
* 42 asking Twilight if she is familiar with the concept of karma, before punishing the Turian Councilor's antagonism by rigging C-Sec's criminal database to consider his shuttle as having thousands of unpaid parking tickets.
* Pinkie Pie discovers coffee. That is all that needs to be said.
* Twilight gets her first call from Pinkie on the omni-hoof, and immediately discovers that Pinkie left it on maximum volume after the initial testing.
-->'''Twilight:''' Pinkie… I can’t hear a word you are saying. Give me a minute to recover my eardrums. I think they flew somewhere over by the kitchen.
* The "New Equestrian Crusaders" (comprised of the former CMC and Silver Spoon) painting cutie marks on a distressed changeling drone.
** And then Twilight Sparkle lets them paint a cutie mark on 42!