[[folder:Season 1 (1992-1993)]]

!!Beauty and the Beast

* During their argument, Martin tells Gina to get out, but when Gina starts to leave, he jumps up and starts begging her to come back.

!!The Gift Rapper

* At the end, Martin gives Gina a footstool as an anniversary present, and he lies and says he bought it for her six months ago (in actuality, he bought it that same night).

!!Things I Do For Love

!!Boyz 'R Us

!!Dead Men Don't Flush

* Martin tries to revive the [[spoiler:supposedly]] dead plumber. Using a plunger.
* When the paramedics take too long to get to the apartment, Martin calls 911 and disguises his voice to make himself sound "white." It works...until he's asked a question and Cole gets on the phone and screws things up.
* Martin's eulogy for the plumber, which includes the line "he laid pipe."

!!Forever Sheneneh

!!The Parents Are Coming, the Parents Are Coming

!!Woman with a Past

!!Baby, It's Cole'd in Here

* Martin and Tommy acting out how Cole should stand up to his mother.
* Martin and Gina have a watergun fight in the apartment. Gina wins.

!!The Night He Came Home

* This exchange:
-->'''Gina''': Are you saying men don't get scared?
-->'''Martin''': Only when you miss your period.
* Cole relating the story of how he tried to scare his mother, only to cause her bladder to drop.
* When Tommy [[spoiler:acts like he]] is possessed by demons, everyone else freaks out...except Martin, who asks "Tommy, do you have sinus problems?"
* Cole [[spoiler:acting like he's]] getting beat up by invisible spirits, and Martin attempting to punch them in defense of his friend.

!!The Great Payne Robbery

* Martin makes a list of things that were stolen from his apartment, and he tries to add things he ''didn't'' own (like a big-screen TV).
* Sheneneh trying to videotape Officer Warren as he's walking to Martin's apartment and make it look like [[PoliceBrutality he's hitting her]]. Warren refuses to go along with it and even turns to the video camera and says "I am not hitting her."

!!Three Men and a Mouse

* Gina teasing Martin by singing "Ben" while playing the piano.
* The exterminator (played by Music/LittleRichard) coming to Gina's apartment to complain to Martin about how he failed to kill the mouse in Martin's apartment.
-->'''Exterminator''': I tried everything! Smoke bombs! Tear gas! A .357 Magnum!
* Sheneneh panicking after learning there's a mouse in Martin's apartment. She jumps into Tommy's arms and forces him into her own apartment against his protests. Luckily, Tommy gets free and exits Sheneneh's apartment just as Martin shows up.
-->'''Martin''': Tommy, I don't wanna know.

!!Radio Days

!!I've Got a Secret

!!I Saw Gina Kissing Santa Claus

!!Do the Fight Thing

* An irate Martin's ClusterFBomb at a caller who insulted Gina and caused her to flee the studio. Stan even rushes to find a censor beep device to bleep out Martin's profanity.

!!Blackboard Jungle Fever

* After Gina comes home right in the middle of Miss Trinidad trying to have sex with Martin, the three of them just stare at each other silently before an embarrassed Martin goes "H-Hey, baby. What's up?"

!!The Break Up, Part 1

!!The Break Up, Part 2

* David Alan Grier's performance as the sexually repressed and [[LargeHam totally hammy]] Reverend [[AlliterativeName Leon Lonnie Love]]. [[ChewingTheScenery "OUT, SATAN! OUT, I SAY! BEELZEBUB, I REBUKE YOU!"]]

!!The Break Up, Part 3

!!I'm Not Your Superwoman

* Gina trying to chop a ''whole chicken'' into pieces so she can make chicken noodle soup for Martin.
* Gina complains to a sick Martin about how she can't do her work and take care of him all at once, and demands that Martin say something. Martin then proceeds to [[VomitDiscretionShot vomit on Gina's shoes]], and Gina moans "Aw, damn!"

!!Credit Card Blues

* Sheneneh's...contemplative look after the rest of the gang asks her for the money to bail Martin out of jail.
* Martin is accosted by a ScaryBlackMan who grabs him and gets right in his face, causing him to pinch his nose and say "Stop the presses!"
** And later, it's implied Martin hit the man.

!!Jerome's in the House

* Cole's attempt to impress Pam by making a bird call. [[NoSell It doesn't work.]]
-->'''Pam''': That was sweet, Cole. Now can you do a pigeon so I can run over it with my car?
* After Cole and Jerome start fighting in the convenience store, the store owner and his wife break up the fight, and he has this to say:
-->'''Store Owner''': Have you learned nothing from the recent uprising in LA? Can't we all just...take this across the street to the Korean store?
* Jerome's pimp award, a golden statue with a black Afro.

!!Your Arms Are Too Short to Box with Martin

* The dwarf bartender calling Martin "Shaquille."
* This:
-->'''Bartender''': Hey! I don't want any fighting in here!
-->'''Martin''': Shut up, Gary Coleman!
-->'''Bartender''': (''looks shocked'')
* Martin and Cole challenge Trey and the other little people in the bar, only for all of them to gang up on them, surrounding them.
-->'''Martin and Cole''': [[OhCrap Aw, damn!]]
* A police officer laughing hysterically at how Martin and Cole were beat up by little people after taking their statement.
* [[ArrogantKungFuGuy Dragonfly Jones]]' antics, and him getting his ass handed to him by his assistant Kenji.
* When Sean offers to aid Martin in the confrontation with the little people, Martin asks him if he's ever been in a fight, to which Sean answers that he used to get beat up all the time in school. Martin then wonders what good's that going to do him, and Sean reasons he can take blows for Martin. Stan then punches Sean in the face, sending him falling to the floor, and goes "{{Not}}!"
* The episode ends with [[CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming the gang and the little people mending fences and hugging]], but then Trey [[MoodWhiplash ruins the moment]] by asking Martin [[spoiler:if he can sleep with Gina]], prompting the two groups to start fighting.

!!Variety Show

* Martin, the PrimaDonnaDirector.
** A candidate for the talent show pulls off a pretty impressive dance routine, and receives enthusiastic applause from Tommy, Gina, and Pam. But Martin has this to say:
--->'''Martin''': I think you out your damn mind. Comin' in and jumpin' around like you ain't got no home training! Oh, hell, no!
** Martin griping at Tommy for bringing him the wrong sandwich, and then fake-slapping Tommy across the face with said sandwich.
** Martin's reply to Tommy [[WhatTheHellHero calling him out]] for his [[{{Pride}} arrogant behavior]].
--->'''Martin''': That's exactly what you said 'bout George Washington Carver and his peanut, but yo' asses still eatin' Skippy!
* Cole's Music/MichaelJackson impression.
** Also his impression of Music/{{Prince}}.
* Stan going onstage and singing "Meet Me with Yo' Drawers Off," prompting the audience to jeer and throw stuff at him as he keeps on singing undaunted.

!!Baby, You Can Drive My Car

* Jerome chasing Gina as she drives off and jumping on the hood of her car.
* Sheneneh and her friends taunting another driver while Tommy's giving them a ride.
-->'''Sheneneh''': Is that yo' wife or is yo' dog runnin' backwards?!
* Cole trying to rein in Mama Payne, his mother, and another elderly woman when they start arguing, only for Mama Payne to threaten to hit him, followed by his mother chiding him for speaking disrespectfully to Mama Payne.
* When it's Pam's day to drive the car, Officer Otis overreacts to her being parked in an unauthorized spot, and he proceeds to shatter one of the windows with his nightstick before jumping up and down on the car.
** Before that, Officer Otis accosts a burly man at the ATM.
* At the end, everyone griping at each other about the damage done to the car.

!!Checks, Lies and Videotape

* Martin getting into a brief scuffle with Miss Gerri in church.
* Mama Payne's reaction to receiving Reverend Leon Lonnie Love's "blessing."
* Reverend Leon Lonnie Love tearfully confessing his misdeeds to his congregation. It's funnier than it sounds.

[[folder:Season 2 (1993-1994)]]

!!Do You Remember the Time?

* [[RashomonStyle The gang's differing perspectives of how Martin and Gina first met]].
** Martin fancies himself a smooth-talking, saxophone-playing ladies man with a large black hat. In his fantasy, Pam shows an attraction towards him before fainting.
** Cole's account doesn't even involve Martin and Gina at all; it just involves him making out with Pam.
** In Gina's account, she dates a rich snob until she sees Martin who, in her fantasy, is a stereotypical nerd. She even goes over and acts like she's trying to coax a shy pet out of hiding.
** Pam's version of events has Martin and Cole as criminals who crash the fancy party, and Martin takes Gina hostage.
* [[OnlySaneMan Tommy]] calling out everyone else for their skewed perspectives, ending with him telling Cole "you need prayer."

!!Really, Gina Is Not My Lover

!!Got to Be There

!!Beat It

!!Baby, It's You

* After Thomasina delivers her baby by ''shooting said baby out of her body'' and Martin catches it, Tommy wonders where the umbilical cord is. Martin's reply?
-->'''Martin''': Dammit, Tommy, we don't need umbilical cords! ([[BreakingTheFourthWall turns to the camera]]) This is TV!

!!Workin' Day & Night


!!You've Got a Friend

!!To Kill a Talking Bird

!!Fat Like Dat

!!Hollywood Swinging, Part 1

!!Hollywood Swinging, Part 2

* Martin [[ChewingTheScenery eating up the scenery]] on Varnell Hill's show during Jodeci's performance.

!!Thanks for Nothing

!!Whoop! There It Ain't

* TheReveal that Martin is wearing an ice pack on his...lower regions during his and Gina's abstinence.

!!Holiday Blues

!!No Justice, No Peace

* Everything that happens in the courtroom.

!!Suspicious Minds

* Martin re-enacting ''Film/NewJackCity'' and making the rest of the gang play along by making them wear all-black clothes. When everyone starts to leave the apartment after he announces he knows who stole his CD player, he quotes Nino Brown by yelling "Cole, sit yo' five-dollar ass down before I make change!"
** Martin tries using a stuffed dog to try and intimidate his friends, with little success. For bonus points, you can see Tichina Arnold and Thomas Mikal Ford {{corpsing}} while this goes on.
* TheReveal that [[spoiler:Bruh Man]] stole Martin's CD player.
** The reason [[spoiler:Bruh Man left a note under the bathroom sink]] is worth ''lots'' of giggles.
-->'''[[spoiler:Bruh Man]]''': I figured you'd look there, since I [[spoiler:used up all your toilet paper]].

!!Love is in Your Face, Part 1

!!Love is in Your Face, Part 2

!!Arms Are for Hugging

!!Guard Your Grill

!!Yours, Mine and Ours

!!I Don't Have the Heart

* Martin's reaction after Pam turns down Simon's marriage proposal.
* Martin acting like he's going to be sick after lamenting being nice to Pam so he could sit in the skybox.

!!Crunchy Drawers

* Martin finding Bruh Man in his kitchen making a sandwich.
* In the final dream sequence, after Pam lays back on his bed, Martin reaches over and pulls a lever, causing a VERY large weight to fall and squash Pam (who lets out a scream with a comical face).
** The episode ends with the same scene, only it's Martin who gets squashed by the weight. [[spoiler:It turns out to be a dream Pam is having.]]

!!No Love Lost

!!The Hoe Down in Motown

* After Red calls him "corny," Martin gets on the radio and launches into an [[TheReasonYouSuckSpeech insulting]], [[ClusterFBomb vulgar]] speech about Red, with the more inappropriate words bleeped out. All the while Red starts laughing hysterically.
* After Red fires him, Martin grabs a trashcan and tries to chuck it through the studio window while telling "RADIO!" The trashcan just hits the window and falls to the floor. When asked why he did that, Martin replies, "It looked fly when Spike did it in the movie."

!!Martin's on the Move


[[folder:Season 3 (1994-1995)]]

!!In Search of...Martin

* TheReveal that Martin joined a cult, got a new (and ridiculously awful) haircut, and even took a new name: [[spoiler:Shaquille Sunflower]].

!!Martin Returns

!!I've Got Work to Do

* [[BurgerFool Martin's brief stint at Hoochie Burger.]] "You're gonna have to lean closer to the hoochie!"

!!Martin Gets Paid

!!Break Up to Make Up

!!The Closer I Get to You

!!Movin' On In

!!Momma's Baby, Martin's Maybe

!!Whole Lotto Trouble

!!Get a Job

!!Feast or Famine

!!Lockin' Boots

* Martin's "Air Wack" attire, and Tommy and Cole's (off-screen) reactions to seeing him wearing it.

!!Go Tell It on the Martin

!!'Xpress Yourself

!!Sophisticated Ladies

!!Ain't Nuttin' Goin' on But the Rent

!!The Ex-Files

!!All the Players Came

!!Best and Bester

!!High Noon

!!Mother of the Bride


* Cole's proposal of a "take-in" restaurant.
-->'''Tommy''': A-A take-in restaurant, Cole?
-->'''Cole''': Yeah, people bring their food in and we charge 'em to sit down. What do you think?
-->'''Martin''': I think you need help, Cole.
* Cole then suggests "Rent-a-Spoons," causing Martin to attack him.
** It becomes a BrickJoke in the ending.


!!Romantic Weekend

* Martin vs. the rat.
* When the rat returns, Pam grabs it and starts fighting with it, and Martin joins in.

!!The Bachelor Party

!!Wedding Bell Blues

!!Love is a Beach


[[folder:Season 4 (1995-1996)]]

!!Martin in the Corner Pocket

!!Kill Him With Kindness

!!Blow, Baby, Blow

!!Ring a Ding, Ding, Gone

!!Love T.K.O.

!!He Say, She Say

!!Uptown Friday Night

!!Old School Loving

!!Cole on Ice

!!Housekeeper from Hell

!!Three Homies and a Baby

!!Headin' for Trouble

!!Swing Thing

!!The Bodyguard

!!Green Card

!!You're All I Need

!!Kicked to the Curb

!!The Best of Martin

!!The Love Jones Connection

!!Where the Party At?

!!Homeo & Juliet

!!The Cabin Show

!!The Tooth Will Set You Free

!!Martin, I Want to Sing

!!D.M.V. Blues

!!Why Can't We Be Friends, Part 1

!!Why Can't We Be Friends, Part 2


[[folder:Season 5 (1996-1997)]]

!!Is You Is or Is You Ain't

!!Back in Trouble Again

!!Sophomore Jinx

!!Working Girls

!!Boo's in the House

!!Banging Hard in the School Yard

!!The Life You Save May Make You Rich

!!Snow White

!!Come on Over to My Place


!!Waiting, Debating and Ovulating

!!You Play Too Much

!!Ain't That About a Ditch

!!Goin' Overboard, Part 1

!!Goin' Overboard, Part 2

!!Power to the People's Court

!!I, Martin, Take Thee Pam?


!!Daddy Dearest


!!Goin' for Mine

!!One Flew Over the Hoochie's Nest

!!California, Here We Come