* Whilst fighting to the death in the Dog Fight sequence, Isamu and Guld list out every small detail they can that one owes the other. From destroying a plane meant for the school festival to not returning a CD to ''owing lunches from High School''.
-->'''Isamu:''' Ever since we were kids, you were tagging along behind me like some lonesome pet. Why don't you go chasing some woman's ass for once, huh? \\
'''Guld:''' What! \\
'''Isamu:''' Oh, as if you don't remember! That chicken race we had on New Year's Day. Even after I won, you cried foul on me! \\
'''Guld:''' You were the first one to hit the ground. Or are you trying to rewrite history now? Just how bad is your memory, you slacker? \\
'''Isamu:''' And you know what you never returned? That Guns Live CDV that I loaned to you that one time, you thief! \\
'''Guld:''' That's because you disappeared! And those were the best seven years I had! \\
'''Isamu:''' And what about the two times I bought you lunch back at high school? \\
'''Guld:''' I bought you lunch 13 times! \\
'''Isamu:''' Don't hit me with numbers!
** What really makes this sequence is that Isamu punctuates his second-to-last statement with a pair of missiles from his VF, and Guld's retort involves firing back with 13 of his own missiles.
* The fistfight between the YF-19 and YF-21, especially with the test crew and scientists cheering like a bunch of hooligans.
-->'''[[OnlySaneMan Yang:]]''' It's pro-wrestling...