[[folder: Video Game/Earth Bound ]]

* Every single time the traveling photo man appears. "Say fuzzy pickles!"
** Not to mention the time when the photographer drops into Brick Road's first maze just after Jeff reads the sign warning "Watch out for falling objects".
* The Brick Road dungeon, and later Dungeon Man, for their constant lampshade hanging.
* The NPC in the Chaos Theater who tells you he farted.
* Some of the GettingCrapPastTheRadar quotes are worth a good laugh:
-->You will be gone, and you'll be burning in... well, you'll go to heaven![[note]]In the original Japanese version, he says "Die and go to hell– No, to heaven!"[[/note]]
-->Blue, blue. You strange, unmasked fellow. Don't go to heaven![[note]]Contrary to popular belief, one of the cultists actually says "Don't go to heaven!" in the original Japanese version.[[/note]]
* If you want a good old-fashioned laugh, buy the house in Onett and check in the drawer.
* Mr Spoon attempting to get on stage with Venus, only to be dragged off by security.
* The dungeon of five giant moles who ''all'' tell you they're the third strongest.
* Moonside. [[AcidTripDimension All of it]].
* Giygas. To some, [[NightmareFuel he's horrifying]]. To others, he's so over the top and cliche that [[NightmareRetardant he loses all scariness factor]] and [[NarmCharm becomes the funniest part of the game.]]
** Especially prevalent is the infamous [[SayMyName "NESS NESS NESS NESS NESS NESS NESS NESS NESS NESS NESS"]] line; [[HelloInsertNameHere abusing the name feature for Ness]] can turn the line into a [[InherentlyFunnyWords laugh]] [[ClusterFBomb riot.]]
** NightmareRetardant supreme, coming up. Take a look at Giygas's conceptual English name. [[http://legendsoflocalization.com/earthbound/giygas/ It's too good to spoil.]]
* During the "{{TwitchPlaysEarthBound}}", Dad called once in a while (every 2 hours) to see if we were going to take a rest. What the chat ending up saying after a while of that was: "DAAAAAAD" and "dad pls" Some people even made up little conversations for Dad and Ness.


[[folder: Video Game/MOTHER 3 ]]

* The most depressed video game enemy in history, [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bPaLaKygHBo the Negative Man]]. A ZeroEffortBoss, Negative Man does almost nothing but moan and cry that he's going to lose. He actually can attack, but he does it so rarely that many players never see him attack at all. And even then, the attack is pathetically weak. It's funny in a BlackComedy kind of way.
* In Chapter 3, Wess, accidentally nudging the remote to Salsa's shock collar and Salsa straight-up ''lunging'' at it, stamping the pavement with it.
* The page quote for DirtyOldMan.
-->'''Mike:''' I can't keep burdening Lisa forever, but I do have a Happy Box and nice-bodied girls like Nan and Linda to keep me company, so I'm pretty happy in my own way. Nyahahahaha!\\
'''Linda:''' I'm sorry, Mike, but that's called sexual harassment these days.\\
'''Mike:''' ...This is a hard world we live in now. How disappointing.
* [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BXe0PIosILM Wess Dance!]] It's also possible to replace Wess in that scene with several other characters, but apart from Kumatora, they're not animated to do the dance, so they end up doing something weird. In particular, Lucas appears to be ''mooning'' the door.
** The best part is that this makes the door ''laugh'', allowing you through.
-->"Don't look, now! [[BlatantLies I'm not going to stick my butt out or anything like that, though.]]"
* [[TalkingWithSigns "Your fly's open! XYZ!"]] Cue Lucas' [[LuminescentBlush reaction]], then...
** "You're much manlier now!"
** Later in the next challenge: "Your fly's not open! Don't worry about it!"
* Some of the enemy Chimera designs are bizarre enough to be funny. Such as [[http://i43.tinypic.com/s46omg.gif the Ostrelephant]], and its entry in the [[MonsterCompendium Battle Memory]]:
-->"[[FridgeLogic Is the long part its trunk or its neck? How does it bathe itself?]] An utterly mysterious Chimera."
* Chapter 8. The [[spoiler:Empire Porky]] Building. The ''toilet dungeon.''
** And of course the Men's Room Sign enemy. Who inexplicably knows PK Starstorm.
* Roaming the highways in Chapter 7 ...on an animate coffee table.
** An animate coffee table shaped like a Mr. Saturn that whinnies like a horse.
* [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gMGtIcn024k&feature=related Kumatora is rather... ''insistent'' that Lucas and Boney take a shower.]]
* This bit in Chapter 2, when Kumatora accidentally triggers a trapdoor that sends herself, Duster and Wess plummeting down a pit.
-->'''Wess''': PRINCESSSSSSSSS!!!\\
'''Kumatora''': My bad.
* At one point in Osohe Castle in Chapter 2, Duster is required to drop a heavy ball from a statue onto a cracked spot on the floor. Dashing into the statue from the opposite side will allow Duster to continue as normal. Dashing into it from the side of the cracked floor, on the other hand, [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AX8eiRa-wXU&t=14s causes Duster to get smooshed]], resulting in a GameOver.
* The [[MetalSlime Mystery Metal Monkey]]. Defeating it gets you good experience. Literally.
-->'''Battle Memory entry:''' "It was a good experience!"
* In the [[{{ItMakesJustAsMuchSenseInContext}} flying limousine]] at the start of Chapter 8.
--> (''Upon examining row of liquor'') "Grownup drinks are lined up here. [[{{Anvilicious}} It's spicy, bitter, yucky poison, so kids can't drink it.]] Oh wait. Grownups can't drink it, either."
--> (''Upon examining tabletop game'') "A tabletop game. It looks like you can play it, but you can't.
--> (''Upon examining billiards table'') "A 9-foot billiard table. The pockets have been designed to be quite large. It looks like you can play it, but you can't."
--> (''Upon examining blackjack table'' "A blackjack table. It's not a playable blackjack table, though."
--> (''Upon examining tower of champagne glasses'') "This is one of those famous champagne towers. Actually, upon closer inspection, it's only a painting."
** You should see what happens when they're relaxing on the (maybe) vibrating sofas.
--> (''Cue LuminescentBlush from entire group'') "What is this feeling?!"
* In the arcade in Chapter 8.
--> (''Upon examining one of the machines'') " 'Dance Dance Business Kimono'. What kind of game IS this?!"
* Any time you use an oxygen machine when you're underwater. Just so you know, the "oxygen machines" look like mermen with huge feminine lips. And they give you oxygen by kissing you. The whole party blushes in an embarrassed way when you're done.
* Talking to Nana, the girl by the beach. Before talking to her, she warns Lucas that everyone hates her for talking too much, and when you ignore her warnings, she goes of on a long talk about music and destiny, after which it cuts to black and back to the screen, where Lucas and Boney are dizzy from listening to her.
* The Pigmask Guard asleep on duty at the start of Chapter 7.
* "Okay... one... two... THREE! ''(Everyone runs away)'' ...Is when we run, got it? ''(Looks behind her)'' Oh. Damn. They're fast." ''(Runs away.)''
* [[ContinuityNod The Mischievous Mole felt]] [[VideoGame/EarthBound homesick]]!
* ''The [[RunningGag Rope Snake]].'' When you give an insignificant item that you use three times in the game emotions, HilarityEnsues.
* Also, the scene in Chapter 4 where [[TeamPet Boney]] dresses up like a kid to get into the nightclub.
---> "Shake! ...Oh, sorry about that. I just get that instinct when I look at you..."
** Also great is when the bouncers reject Lucas and Boney, they walk away sad and dejected, only to immediately walk back with Boney in his PaperThinDisguise.
* A particularly amusing moment in the otherwise bleak endgame: [[spoiler:Dr. Andonuts rolling Porky around in the Absolutely Safe Capsule.]]
* Don't forget the [[RunningGag doorknob]]!
* Lucas opened the present. ''(Music plays)'' You heard a mambo/reggae/waltz rhythm. Ah.
** Lucas opened the present. ''(Fireworks go off)'' There were fireworks inside. Ah.
** Lucas opened the present. ''(The present box farts)'' An indescribable smell lingers in the air.
* Every single sign ever.
--> '''Preserve our beautiful scenery! [[HypocriticalHumor Please refrain from posting signs.]]
* "[[DiedStandingUp He's passed out.]]"
** [[FridgeHorror "Don't come back here. You'll kick up the mold spores."]]
* "No problem here... problem here."
* "Thank you for taking the time to read this sign. This sign loves you."
* When you find out the real difference between the green and regular trains: [[spoiler:The green one gives you the the joy of riding a green-colored train. The other doesn't.]]
* ''The Barrier Trio strikes one final Barrier Pose! --- It was [[CrowningMomentofAwesome spectacular]].''
* When the group leaves Saturn Valley via Rope Snake holding onto a bird cage. Boney has to hold onto Lucas' shorts, causing his bare butt to be on display.
* There's something hilarious about how Duster, who has a paralyzed leg, attacks by ''kicking.''
* If you go around and read the graves near the beginning of the game, there will be grave puns. Don't laugh too hard, however, because this takes place in a [[LamePun "grave"]] situation.


[[folder: Video Game/Mother 4 ]]

* There's a [[FreezeFrameBonus brief moment]] in [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-qtQWUF6-Co the official gameplay trailer]] when Travis comes across a dumpster while he's dragging a fallen ally behind him- and then glances at the load weighing him down as if contemplating the obvious.


[[folder: Series-wide ]]

* Every time an enemy does an odd action during battle, an example being the New Age Retro Hippie who uses a ruler and can now measure the lengths of things more easily!
** While many of said actions are useless, there are the occasional few that are really weird AND have an effect, like taking the time to brush your teeth in-battle, making them so bright that they paralyze the target. Yep.
* Anything with the [[RidiculouslyCuteCritter Mr. Saturns]], really. Zoom!