* ''Daffy Duck and Egghead.'' Daffy's first solo(ish) cartoon, which created the ScrewySquirrel genre. The whole thing is one crowning moment, but, a couple that are particularly funny are Egghead shooting an audience member (in the vein of a theatre short) who keeps interrupting the show, Daffy sticking a "Blind" [[ImperialStormtrooperMarksmanshipAcademy sign on Egghead]], and the entire ending.
** "My name is Daffy Duck, I worked on the merry-go-round, The job was swell I ate my fill 'till the merry-go-round broke down!"
* [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M8Q4IxITJZ4 Here]], [[Tropers/LooneyToons Porky Pig]] somehow rolls [[RuleOfThree three]] [[CrowningMomentofAwesome tropes]] [[RefugeinAudacity into one]], ''and'' adds a [[SubvertedTrope subversion]] [[LikeYouWouldReallyDoIt at the end]].
* "PorkyInWackyland" has an example listed on its page.
** "He says his Mother was frightened by a pawn broker's sign!"
** [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZoRalobIcME "Yes I really the last of the Dodos! O dodo o dodidodo o dodio a dodio dodo o dodido Dodido DODIO DO DO DODIO!"]]
* ''Porky the Wrestler'': Porky is hitchhiking. A car stops.
--> '''Man in car''': Where are you headed, son?
--> '''Porky''': W-w-why I'm g-g-goin' to the wr-wr-wrestling match.
--> '''Man in car''': So am I! (drives off without him)
* In "The Daffy Doc", Daffy is an assistant to one "[[MorallyAmbiguousDucktorate Dr. Quack]]". After kicking Daffy out of the operating room for acting too crazy, Dr. Quack is seen with a needle and thread, stitching and muttering, "That crazy duck! He does not realize [[SeriousBusiness the seriousness of this situation]]." It's then revealed that he's been stitching up a ''football'', and he kicks it around, laughing maniacally. The rest of the animals gathered to watch the operation look at each other, then pull out pennants and start cheering.
* "Daffy Duck in Hollywood" is one of his best early shorts, climaxing with a frankly amazing film he puts together by adding a new soundtrack to goofily-edited live-action Warner Bros. stock footage. For example, not only is there a new lion at the Central Park Zoo, it informs us in clumsily-dubbed speech that "Motion pictures...are...your best...entertainment!"
** "Amazing! Marvelous! Stupendous! Colossal! Tremendous! Gigantic! Astounding! Unbelievable! Spectacular! Phenomenal! And it's good, too."
* "Porky the Gob": The ship captain in general.
--> '''Captain''': Last one in the mess hall's a ''softy''!
** When the soldiers are running for the mess hall, the captain is trampled and he retaliates by saying, "Companyyyyyyyyyyyy....HALT!" and everyone immediately freezes in place. He casually walks to the front of the line before letting them continue.

* Crimson O'Hairoil from ''Confederate Honey'' is an amusing character all on her own. When expecting an answer from her suitor she leans RIGHT INTO HIS FACE.
* "Racketeer Rabbit".
** Hugo having to be propped up by a 2x4 to fire his tommy gun.
** Bugs casually walking and ducking under Hugo's gunfire (Low bridge!).
** Rocky accidentally gives Bugs money so he pretends to be a whole bunch of people Rocky has to give money to, including a Native American.
** Rocky demands Bugs "talk!", Bugs coyly refuses, several times. Then Rocky puts his ''gun'' in Bugs' face, whereupon Bugs starts babbling like an Auctioneer.
** "''It's curtains for you, Rocky. Curtains. Curtains, you understand? Curtains! Here''."(hangs curtains on Rocky's head). "''Aw, they're adorable''."
** [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eX4Bgdr9Kl0 "They make me laugh."]]
** Rocky tells Hugo to take Bugs "for a ride". Bugs, apparently misunderstanding the common mobster-slang for being killed and dumped somewhere instead enthusiastically jumps in the car (wearing an old-fashioned driver's suit and goggles no less) and asks if they can stop somewhere and get a hamburger. The car drives ominously off into the horizon, only for ''BUGS'' to drive back later with no sign of Hugo. In fact, [[FridgeHorror he isn't mentioned or seen for the rest of the short]].
--->'''Rocky:''' Did you get rid of him?\\
'''Bugs:''' Yeah, he won't bother us anymore.\\
'''Rocky:''' Good work, Hugo! Good night.
** Rocky sleeps with a cigar in his mouth and a gun on his shoulder holster.
** Rocky repeatedly threatens Bugs, while asking him for his clothes. Bugs even orders him to hold still while he properly fixes his bow tie.
--->'''Bugs:''' There! You're pretty as a picture.\\
'''Rocky:''' You can't do that to Rocky and get away with it! ''(pulls out his gun)''
** Rocky demands Bugs give him "The dough!" Rocky, of course, means money. Bugs has, [[LiteralMinded other ideas]].
* From ''Haredevil Hare'' where Bugs is shot to the moon aboard a rocket.
** First, Bugs has a massive fit when the stress of spaceflight proves to be a bit much... "'''''[[SkywardScream AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!]]'''''"
** A "Fasten Seatbelts" sign illuminates briefly, right before the rocket crash-lands in a heap
** Bugs tries to call for help on his ship's radio, but only manages to tune in to a random radio station playing an ad jingle for cereal that includes the line "Serve them to unwanted guests! Stuff the mattress with the rest!"
** And finally, after meeting Marvin Martian, and blowing most of the satellite to bits, he gets a call from mission control informing him that the press back on Earth would like a statement. Bugs' reaction: "Well, yes, I have prepared a statement, '''GET ME OUT OF HERE!!!'''"
* Would you believe Daffy was the first one to do the RabbitSeasonDuckSeason gag? "Duck Soup To Nuts" comes a couple years before the "Daffy, Bugs and Elmer" trilogy and "Baseball Bugs," and it's still just as hilarious when Daffy does it to Porky.
--->'''Porky:''' I'm an eagle, and I'll prove it!\\\
''[After trying to fly from a tree branch and falls]''\\
'''Porky:''' I... I told you I was a pig.
** Also this dialogue in "Duck Soup To Nuts":
--->'''Daffy:''' I can tell the future by feeling the bumps on your head.\\
'''Porky:''' ''(rubbing his head)'' But-but I have no bumps on my head.\\
''[Daffy hits his head with a stick, giving him bumps, then shows him the mirror]''\\
'''Daffy:''' You have now, chubby!
* The hilariously fixed Daffy-Elmer boxing match in "To Duck... or not to Duck."
-->(Duck) '''Referee:''' "Onethreeninetenyou'reout! Thewinnerandnewchampion Daffy Duck!"
** Also:
--> '''Duck Referee:''' "In this corner. The challenger. Elmer (spits on the ground) Fudd."
--> '''Entirely Duck Filled Audience:''' "BOO!"
--> '''Elmer's Dog Laramore:''' "HOORAY!" * gets pelted with garbage*
--> '''Duck Referee:''' "And in this corner, a person who needs no introduction. That paragon of fine sportsmanship, that champion of champions, our own, our beloved, (cradles up to Daffy) Daffy "good to his mother" Duck.
--> '''Duck Audience:''' "HOORAY"
--> '''Elmer's Dog Laramore:''' "BOO!" * gets pelted with garbage*
** The rules
--> '''Duck Referee:''' "None of this... or this... or like ''so''..."
* Daffy Dilly: "And stay on the straight and narrow!"
* There were a lot of great moment in the "The Stupor Salesman," particularly the part where Daffy sells the bad guy a tommy gun. When the crook discovers there's no bullets, Daffy gladly gives him some free of charge. At first it looks like Daffy's just stupidly screwed himself over, until the bandit starts shooting and Daffy reveals he's wearing a limited time offer bulletproof vest. "Guaranteed to get your money back if it fails to work!" Also, the ending.
--> (Giant Explosion) (to the audience) "I got him now! ''I got him now!''" (yelling up at the sky) HEY, BUB! YOU NEED A HOUSE TO GO WITH THIS DOORKNOB!"
** Similar to the tommy gun, Daffy sells the crook some brass knuckles, cheerfully saying "Boy, I'd sure hate to get socked with ''these'' babies!" just before getting grabbed by the neck.
* "Rabbit Hood":
--->'''BugsBunny (disguised as king):''' Sheriff of Nottingham, in gratitude for your faithful service, I shall knight thee.
--->'''Sheriff of Nottingham:''' You're most gracious, Majesty.
--->'''BugsBunny:''' In the name of My Most Royal Majesty, I knight thee. '''' Arise, Sir Loin of Beef. '''' Arise, Earl of Cloves. '''' Arise, Duke of Brittingham. '''' Arise, Baron of Münchhausen. '''' Arise, Essence of Myrrh, '''' Milk of Magnesia, '''' Quarter of Ten.
--->'''Sheriff of Nottingham:''' You are too kind, Your Majesty.
--->'''BugsBunny:''' Got lots of stamina.
--->'''Sheriff of Nottingham:''' London Bridge is falling down...
--->''<[[BugsBunny Bugs]] runs off to get a stove and baking materials, makes a cake>''
--->'''Sheriff of Nottingham:''' ...falling down, falling down, London Bridge is falling down... falling down, falling down... London Bridge is falling down... ''''
** "Don't you worry, never fear, Robin Hood will soon be here."
** Bugs tricks the Sheriff into buying the King's royal garden. Later he starts building his dream house, he's nearly half done when he realizes what happened. He gets angry, crushing the nails between his teeth. He starts banging his head with a hammer.
--->'''Sheriff of Nottingham:''' Oooohhhhh, I hate myself! I do! *''bang''* I do! *''bang''* I do! *''bang''* I do...
** At the very end, Bugs is fed up with the RunningGag...
--->'''Little John:''' Don't you worry, never fear-
--->'''Bugs:''' Yeah, yeah I know, "Robin Hood will soon be here. He robs from the rich and gives to the poor, with a hey nonnony and a hachacha!" Yeah, you've been sayin' that all through the picture! So where is he?!
--->'''Little John:''' Duh, you should not talk mean to me, 'cause there he is!
--->'''[[Film/TheAdventuresOfRobinHood Live-action Robin Hood]]:''' Welcome to Sherwood Forest!
--->'''Bugs:'''[[{{Beat}} ...]]nah, that's silly. [[TakeThat That couldn't be him.]]
* [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qpyUjRN1xQU this scene]] from 1949's "For Scent-imental Reasons," the only Pepe cartoon to win an Oscar. Unfortunately, that scene has been edited on TV (on ABC, some British channel called ITV, and Creator/CartoonNetwork [which aired that cartoon uncut until 2003] due to the part where [[spoiler: Pepe fakes his suicide]]).
* Two [[WorldWarTwo wartime]] cartoons -- the entirety of [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cbJx-FJS5Rc "Falling Hare"]] and the climax of [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IMFz4XcTSm4 "Draftee Daffy"]]:
--> ''So long, '''Dracula!''' If I never see you again, it'll be too soon!''
** In "Draftee Daffy", he locks the "little man from the draft board" inside a safe and laughs evilly, turning into a devil.
** And in "Falling Hare", the gremlin is attempting to trigger the bomb that Bugs is sitting on by whacking it with a large mallet. Bugs then offers to hit it, and he prepares himself to deliver a huge blow - when he stops himself at the very last second. '''"WHAT AM I ''DOING?!"'''''
* "Plane Daffy". "I'll do the job! I'm a woman-hater! She won't get to first base, this Hatta Mari tomater!" (Delivered by Daffy, with his chest puffed out, his head in the air and his eyebrows going up and down repeatedly.)
* "Long Haired Hare," right after the three times Giovanni Jones beats Bugs up for ruining his opera practice.
* ''Bugs Bunny Rides Again'' has many of the quintessential Bugs/Sam gags.
--->'''Sam:''' This town ain't big enough for the two of us.\\
'''Bugs:''' It ain't? Pardon me, Mac. ''[Runs offscreen and builds a city]'' ''Now'' is it big enough?
** The "number-shooter" guns.
*** "Pea shooter"
** Sam making Bugs dance and then vice-versa.
--->'''Bugs:''' Poor little moroon. So trusting. So naive.
** "I dare you to step over this line."
*** "I'm a-steppin'!"
** Sam chases after Bugs on horseback - Bugs races through a tunnel, Sam heads through, Bugs bricks up the tunnel's end...WHAP.
* "High-Diving Hare" involves [[BugsBunny Bugs]] repeatedly tricking Yosemite Sam into falling off an incredibly tall high-diving board. Eventually the film shows Sam climbing back up out of frame, then falling back down a couple of times ''without bothering to show us what [[BugsBunny Bugs]] did.''
** Also when Sam falls down but instead of landing in the tub ''rises back up'', says "Ah hate you," and ''then'' falls all the way.
*** "[[MindScrew I'm not upside down, Doc. You are. Look]]."
* "Easter Yeggs", where Bugs takes over for the [[TheEeyore Easter Bunny]] and tries to deliver Easter Eggs to the world's brattiest kid. After the first visit to the kid's house results in Bugs being beaten up by the kid, and then fleeing under a ''hail of gunfire'' the following ensues:
-->'''Easter Bunny''': But you can't quit now, you'll give the Easter Bunny a bad name!
-->'''Bugs''': I already '''have''' a [[ParentheticalSwearing bad name]] for the Easter Bunny!
** The way Bugs sings "I'm the Easter Rabbit, horray!" in a grumpy tone, hopping along with his arm holding the basket in a death-grip that just oozes sarcasm before fading to the next scene.
** Said bratty kid also is a bit of a BrickJoke. Later in the cartoon, Bugs is on the run from Elmer and looking for refuge. He opens the door to a random house only to find the bratty kid inside, demanding an Easter Egg, to which Bugs can only shove the door shut in his face while yelling [[OhCrap "Oh]] [[BigNo Nooooooo!"]]. However, Bugs is able to rid himself of both of them by painting Elmer's head like an easter egg, attracting the attention (and hammer) of the kid.
** The kid's only line of dialogue, repeated ''ad nauseum'' at a hundred miles an hour for the whole cartoon? "I WANNA EASTAEGG!" "I WANNA EASTAEGG!" "I WANNA EASTAEGG!" It's strangely funny on it's own. His only other line was "THE BAD WABBIT BROOK MY WITTLE ARM!!" when Bugs grabs his arm and tries to give him a piece of his mind.
* The WartimeCartoon classic ''Russian Rhapsody'' from Creator/BobClampett has one early on, specifically, [[AsLongAsItSoundsForeign Hitler's opening speech.]] It has another one at the climax, where Hitler has the crap scared out of him by the mere sight of [[spoiler: a mask of Stalin.]]
-->'''Hitler:''' Stoupnegel Hamburger mit der Frankfurter und der Sauerkrauten ''(Deeply inhales)'' Mit der Zoot Suit, mit der Reet Pleat, Zoot! ''(Salutes, crowd cheers, then inhales again)'' Schtunk Friz Freleng, mit der Heinrich Binder, und der What's Cookin' Doc! ''(Inhales)'' Pumpernickel mit Sauerkrauten from der Delicatessen, mit Liverwurst, Hassenpfeffer, und der Chattanoga Choo-Choo! Gesundheit!
** After his speech...
-->'''Hitler:''' Ve vill bomben der Moscow! Bomben Stalin! Bomb dat Irish General Timoshenko! ''(Weeps)'' That Okshenko! ''(Confidently)'' To bomb Moscow, I vill send ze best pilot in the Reich! Ze greatest superman of all time!
-->'''German Citizen:''' Who's dat? You, Fuhrer?
-->'''Hitler:''' ''(Without the accent)'' Myeeeeeeh, who else?
** Any time Mel Blanc voices Hitler, you know you're in for a laugh. Another example is from ''Daffy the Commando'' where he has Hitler spouting hilarious stuff before Daffy hits him with a mallet.
-->'''Hitler:''' Ach du lieber, mein leir, mein poopkin, mein vilt, mein heinechi-''(Slam)'' SCHUUUUUUUULTZ!
* The [[IFellForHours overly long fall]] from the Bugs Bunny short [[http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xbv68_the-heckling-hare-scene "The Heckling Hare".]]
** Also the scene where Bugs tricks the dog into squeezing a tomato in his paw, making the dog think he's crushed Bugs. He then has a MyGodWhatHaveIDone moment, and leaves flowers at Bugs' rabbit hole. Bugs comes out, takes the flowers and gives him a TakeThatKiss.
* ''Hair-Raising Hare'' is chock full of them, the MadScientist lab has a flashing neon sign for starters.
** Bugs packing several suitcases of towels before making his escape, all to the tune of ''“California Here I Come”''
** Bugs [[LampshadeHanging disguising himself as a lamp]] and then breaking into a soft shoe routine when the monster actually ''falls for it''
** Probably the best IsThereADoctorInTheHouse gag you’ll ever see.
-->'''Bugs''': - “Is there a doctor in the house?"
-->'''[[BornInTheTheatre Audience Silhouette]]''': - “I’m a Doctor!”
-->'''Bugs''': - “Eh, what’s up Doc?”
** You just know the writers had been itching for an excuse to use that gag.
*** Along the same lines, once or twice Bugs greeted Daffy with "Ehh, what's up, Duck?"
** Also, Bugs playing manicurist to escape the monster (he pulled a similar gag as a hair-dresser in ''Water Water Every Hare''): "My stars, I bet you monsters lead interesting lives. I was just saying to my girlfriend the other day, Gee, I'll bet monsters are interesting, the places you go and the things you must see, my stars..."
** Gossamer (the monster) is chasing Bugs, he inexplicably stops mid-chase to look at himself in a mirror. Apparently, Gossamer is so terrifying, that it causes his own ''reflection'' to scream and run away. What really sells the bit is that he [[AsideGlance looks directly at the audience]] and shrugs, as if to say, "I don't get what just happened either."
** Bugs is actually having so much ''fun'' running from Gossamer that when he does manage to lose him, he actually doubles-back and taunts the monster with "Hey, Frankenstein!" to resume the chase.
** "Don't go up there! It's dark!"
** Towards the end, when Gossamer finally catches Bugs, Bugs suddenly tells him, "Hey, wait a minute, Dracula! Did you ever have the feeling you're being watched?" Gossamer begins to grow uneasy. "That the eyes of strange eerie things are upon you? Look. Out there in the audience." Gossamer then screams, "People!" before he freaks out and runs through [[ImpactSilhouette several walls]].
* From ''Hare Do'': Elmer walks up to these theater doors when suddenly the sign above flashes "Intermission" and the audience comes out and tramples him. Just as Elmer gets up, the sign flashes "Curtain" and the audience runs back inside, trampling him again. This repeats a few more times as we see Bugs is pulling the switch that's triggering the sign.
* Anytime the Mynah bird makes an appearance (you know, the hopping, teleporting bird always accompanied by his [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a3MiETaBSnc leitmotif]]), much to the confusion of the others.
* ''Hot Cross Bunny'' - Bugs mistakes a surgical amphitheater full of doctors for a vaudeville stage and tries out a number of acts. When nobody laughs, Bugs remarks "tough crowd", unaware that said doctors are only there to see Bugs get ''his brain implanted into a chicken''. Once he figures it out, HilarityEnsues.
** "I don't wanna be ''noooo'' chicken!" "Yes you do!"
** Later, when Bugs tries his hand at chemistry:
--->'''Bugs''': HALT! One more step and I'll blow ya up! This contains manganese, nitrate, phosphorous, lactic acid and dextrose!\\
'''Scientist''': Ha, ha, ha, ha, that is the formula for a chocolate malted!\\
'''Bugs''' (looks at the beaker, takes a sip): Yum yum! I'm a better scientist than I thought!
** Bugs is doused with laughing gas and becomes incapacitated with laughter. As he's walked past a table containing some [[PlayingWithSyringes nasty-looking surgical instruments]], he briefly snaps out of it, but then goes right back to maniacal laughter again as if nothing happened.
** Bugs keeps pushing the scientist away while trying to impress the audience.
-->"Go away, Doc! You're bothering me!"
* "Porky Pig's Feat" when Daffy shoves his head straight into the hotel manager's face.
--->'''Daffy:''' Hey look, a ComicStrip/DickTracy character. Prune Face.
** Especially the scene where Daffy yanks the rug out from the hotel manager's feet, sending him falling down the stairs all the way to the bottom floor.
*** Even better, after the long tumble, Daffy declares, "I guess I showed that overstuffed turnip-", only for the hotel manager to ''instantly'' appear and shout, "WHAT?!"
** At the end, Porky and Daffy get placed in the hotel prison chamber and call [[spoiler:Bugs Bunny]] for help. Turns out [[spoiler:[[NoodleIncident he's in the next cell]]]].
* Anything featuring this troper's favorite Looney Tunes character, Charlie Dog.
** From "Often An Orphan":
--->'''Charlie''': But mostly I'm all Labrador Retriever!
--->'''Porky Pig''': Oh, you are not a Labrador Retriever.
--->'''Charlie''': I'm not?
--->'''Porky Pig''': No!
--->'''Charlie''': Look, if you doubt my word, get me a Labrador, and I'll retrieve it for you. That's fair, isn't it?
--->'''Porky''' Uh, a Labrador? Why, sure, I uh...
--->'''Charlie''' Have you got a Labrador?
---> '''Porky''': No.
---> '''Charlie''': Know where you can get a Labrador?
---> '''Porky''': No.
---> '''Charlie''': Then shaddup!
*** The end of that episode has Porky finally cave in and accept Charlie, and decides to go on a picnic and play fetch. [[spoiler: Charlie, [[GenreSavvy savvy enough]] to realize [[BrickJoke it was the same tactic his old master used on him earlier in the short]], takes the car the moment the stick is thrown, leaving Porky alone in the desert. It causes the poor pig to snap and act like a dog himself, and then get caught by the county dog catcher.]]
* "Awful Orphan". Porky Pig finally gives in and lets Charlie stay, but Charlie changes his mind and decides to leave because of Porky always fighting with his neighbors, but then Porky begins [[EvilLaugh laughing evilly]] and tells Charlie, "You're gonna stay alright! I'm gettin' to like you!" and walks towards Charlie with a SlasherSmile, kind of counting as NightmareFuel. Moments later, Porky begins barking and snarling like a dog when Charlie tries to leave while Porky is sleeping at his feet at the end of the cartoon.
*** From the same cartoon, Porky shipping Charlie over to Siberia. Moments later, Charlie returns in a Russian outfit:
--> '''Charlie''': [[spoiler: *in Russian accent* How do YA DO? Oh, da places I've been and da things I've seen, such singin', such dancin' *performs the SiberianSteps while kicking Porky in his rear*]]
** After being tormented by Charlie Dog the whole short, there's a knock on his door. Porky answers and shouts, "Ge-ge-ge-get out! OUT! OUT! OUT!!!", only to realize it's his room service instead.
* The rambling, completely nonsensical anecdote Daffy tries to tell in "Nasty Quacks". (Punctuated by manic laughter.) We never do [[NoodleIncident find out what the whole thing was all about]].
--> "We was in the house and everything was flying! The furniture was goin' in the door and out the window! What a time! One guy was swingin' from the chandelier! You'd 'a thought he was a monkey! Come to think of it, he ''WAS'' a monkey!"
** During that scene, Daffy is scooping spoonful after spoonful of sugar into his coffee. When he finally takes a swig, he grimaces...and then adds a few MORE spoonfuls of sugar.
* ''Buccaneer Bunny''
** When Sam tries to shoot Bugs for knowing about his treasure.
-->'''Sam:''' Say your prayers, varmint. Dead rabbits tell no tales.
-->'''Bugs:''' No, you got it all wrong. It's "Dead ''men'' tell no tales."
-->'''Sam:''' Dead ''men'' tell no...Say, you're right. Well, I guess I got no alternative. ''[[DrivenToSuicide (puts revolver to his head)]]''
-->'''Bugs:''' ''(walks away)'' So long, Captain Kidney.
-->''(Sam realizes he's been tricked and clenches his teeth so hard that they break)''
** The scene where Bugs pretends to be [[Literature/MutinyOnTheBounty Captain Bligh]] to boss Sam around.
** The climax where Bugs keeps throwing a lit match into the gun powder room, with Sam shouting a BigNo when he does. Soon, Sam says that the next time he does it, he won't go after it. Bugs does, and Sam nervously tries to keep himself occupied by playing with a yo-yo and jacks, until he gives in and goes in...only for the ship to get blown to bits and the platform the two were on lands in the island, with Sam still in running position.
-->'''Bugs:''' Eh...Didn't make it?
** Sam takes his sword out:
-->'''Bugs:''' What? Sword again? ''[Sam swings his sword at Bugs, only to get it stuck on the mast. He tries to get it out.]'' What a nasty disposition! ''[Sam finally gets the sword out and swings it at Bugs again]''
* "Daffy Duck Slept Here": Daffy, to Porky: "Good night, fat boy!"
** "Wouldn't you know it? If I gotta get up I gotta get up". Daffy turns the lever under the bed, causing it to shake. Porky wakes up with a worried look. It then stops "Hmm, out of gas." Daffy turns off the lights.
** Followed by, Daffy suddenly got the hiccups. He turns it back on and drinks a glass of water, then went back to sleep, spilling the remaining water on Porky, who wakes up and shoves the cup on his bill and turns off the lights.
** Then Daffy hogs the blanket. Porky turns the lights back on, pulls the blanket back on him. Turns off the light. Daffy pulls the blanket. Lights on. Porky pulls back, and uses his teeth to hold it this time. Lights off. Daffy pulls the blanket, followed by a rip. Lights on. Porky spits the piece and this time pulls the ''whole'' blanket from Daffy. Lights off. Daffy turns the light on, freezing, and finds his feet enchased in giant ice cubes. Seeing Porky hogging the blankets, he puts his feet in, waking Porky with a scream. And that was the last straw.
** "You unsanitary old snake- in-the-grass!" "Unsanitary?!"
* "The Unruly Hare": Elmer corners Bugs with his rifle, and Bugs declares that only a rat would shoot a guy in the back, and turns around.
--> '''Bugs''': I reiterate: Only a ''big, fat rat'' would shoot a guy in the back.\\
'''Elmer''': (shoots) So I'm a big, fat rat.\\
(Bugs appears from behind the smoke cloud)\\
'''Bugs''': Ahhh, have some cheese, rat! (shoves a giant piece of cheese in Elmer's mouth)
* "Who's Who in the Zoo":
--> '''Narrator''': The most hated of all birds is the vulture: A sneaky bird of prey, an unspeakable ghoul, a loathsome scavenger, a snake in the grass... with wings. A despicable excuse for a bird.\\
'''Vulture''': Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me! (sticks out tongue) Nyaaaaaaahhhh!

* Robin Hood Daffy. [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YMNnZ5TRHsM "Yoiks, and away!"]] Like "High-Diving Hare" above, they couldn't even show the whole thing to us, because it would have been TOO funny.
** From the same episode: "HO! HA HA! GUARD! TURN! PARRY! DODGE! SPIN! HA! THRUST!"
** And Friar Porky beats the spin with a twig.
** When Daffy got out of the river, he pulled his pants up and all the water went into his shoes.
** "Actually, it's a ''Buck''-and-a-Quarter quarterstaff, but I'm not tellin' ''HIM'' that!"
** "I don't know how I could have ever doubted you. Shall we spend the gold all in one place?"
* ''Robot Rabbit''. Bugs, singing and dancing with Elmer after Elmer thought he did away with him via robot exterminator: "The wab-bit kicked the buuu-cket! The wab-bit kicked the buuu-cket! The buuu-cket kicked the buuu-cket! The wab-bit kicked the wab-bit! The buc-ket kicked the buuuucket!"
** The look on Elmer's face halfway through the song, and he stopped dancing.
** The robot somehow mistakes Elmer's ''mule'' for a rabbit, and blasts him. Even funnier is the Mule's confused reaction:
-->'''Mule''': What'd I do? ''What'd I do?''
** Bugs tricks the robot to chase him around the sprinklers, and ends up getting rusted.
-->'''Elmer:''' ''(bringing the oil)'' Ooooohh, that doggone wabbit!
* Also, from ''The Ducksters,'' where Daffy is a villainous game show host.
--> '''Daffy:''' Don't be a sucker chum, the next question's a snap!"
--> '''Audience Member:''' "You'll be soooooorrrry!!!!!
--> ''(Daffy ''[[RefugeInAudacity shoots the audience member with a shotgun]]'' and gets on with the show.)''
** Also:
---> '''Porky (having just answered a question right, winning the Jackpot):''' Pardon me, but can I have my jackpot?
---> '''Daffy:''' ...Oh well, fair is fair. Here's your pot, jack.
---> '''Porky:''' But, my name's not Jack.
---> '''Daffy:''' It's not? Ohhh I'm sorry, [[LogicBomb this pot was made for Jack]]. [[IncrediblyLamePun Jack. Pot]]. Get it? [[MagnificentBastard Your name isn't Jack, so, you must pay the penalty.]]
*** And when Porky finally gets some prize money, he promptly uses it to buy the radio station and get even with Daffy. "Hello... boss!"
* WesternAnimation/DuckAmuck. That entire episode is one big hilarity after another.
** Holy... do you think they'll ever find all the pieces of that poor FourthWall?
--> '''Daffy:''' Alright, let's get this picture started!
--> [Black iris closes. "The End"]
--> '''Daffy:''' ''[[BigNo NOOOOO!! NOOOOO!!!]]'' [pushes the "The End" card away]
** "Now how about some color, stupid?!"
** "''This'' is a closeup? A CLOSEUP YA JERK! A CLOSEUP!"
** Daffy's expression the first time he tries to speak when the sound is being messed with (when he opens his mouth but we hear a rooster crow).
*** And then Daffy getting angry with [[RedEyesTakeWarning his eyes turning red]] before he screams and jumps around, before yelling, "'''AND I'VE NEVER BEEN SO HUMILIATED IN ALL MY LIFE!'''"
** And when the animator turns out to be [[spoiler:Bugs Bunny]]. This revelation is ''the absolute cherry on the cake''.
--> [[spoiler:'''Bugs Bunny]]:''' ''(snickers)'' Ain't I a ''stinker?''
* Bugs' Bonnets is full of these. The sheer premise is bizarre enough as is.
* "Double or Mutton": There's a great extended scene where Ralph Wolf obscures Sam Sheepdog's vision with hair-growth tonic. Spending a ''very'' long time checking if the dog can see him, going from super cautious to super confident, he heads down to the meadow, slowly reaches out for a sheep while hiding behind a shrub, and the dog ''streaks down from the bluff and pummels him like a speed bag!'' Then the 5:00 whistle blows, and they peaceably clock out and go home.
* "Hillbilly Hare." [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vtkflEaeGjo The goddamned square dance.]]
* "What's Opera, Doc?" ''[[Music/RideOfTheValkyries Kill the Wabbit! Kill the WABBIT! KILL THE WABBIT!]]''
** Kill da wabbit?
*** "Whaddya expect from an opera? A happy ending?"
** "The Rabbit of Seville":
--->Yes...you're nice and clean,
--->Although your face looks like it may have gone through a machine.
** And as well, when Bugs makes the fruit salad on Elmer's head. Arguably the funniest visual non-sequitur ever.
** The lyrics Bugs added to "The Barber of Seville" were hilariously ingenious as well.
* "Wild Over You" (1953; Jones) is one of those cartoons that becomes funnier when you're older and learn what [[TheMasochismTango sadomasochism]] is.
** "I'm not dead? No?"
* In "Beanstalk Bunny" Bugs and Daffy end up in the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. Daffy is Jack, and Elmer is the Giant. Daffy tries to deny being Jack. "It's a lie! It's a lie! My name is, uh... Aloysius! His name is Jack! JACK RABBIT!" But Bugs just keeps denying it until the Giant decides "I guess I'll just open with a pair of Jacks."
** The scene where Daffy tries to get Bugs' attention as they face potential death, while Bugs is just standing still nonchalantly. Visual acting at it's finest.
** This dialogue (also the look Bugs makes while Daffy was talking):
-->'''Bugs:''' ''(waking up)'' Eh, what's up, Doc?\\
'''Daffy:''' Ha! You very well know what's up! It's gold and jewels, that's what's up! And there ain't enough for the two of us. So... ''(kicks Bugs's bed off)'' Off you go!
* "Tweety and the Beanstalk": Near the end of it, the giant catches Sylvester in the act of trying to steal Tweety and bellows "FEE, FI, FO, FAT! [[BorrowedCatchPhrase I TAWT I TAW A PUDDY TAT!]]" Sylvester pales and flees the giant's castle for his life.
* "Rabbit Every Monday", which climaxes with Bugs convincing Sam there's a party going on in ''a pot-bellied stove'', only for there to ''actually'' be a party going on.
-->'''Bugs:''' I don't ask questions, I just have fun!
* "Hare Trimmed," where it ends with them almost getting married and leaving Granny locked in her room.
* "OneFroggyEvening," by critical and fan consensus one of the greatest WesternAnimation/LooneyTunes ever, if not one of the greatest cartoon shorts, period. The particular CrowningMomentOfFunny bit is where the frog's hapless manager experiments with different signs to draw patrons to the act, without success. The clincher? "FREE BEER," which produces an instant stampede of patrons, trampling the manager.
** And you can guess the reaction of said audience lured in by that sign when, besides the frog not performing, there's no free beer...
* The "ditch the hitchhiker" joke makes a return in ''Thumb Fun'', where Daffy tries to hitchhike south for the winter. He sticks out his thumb and an old man in a jalopy promptly stops:
--> '''Old Man in car''': Hey, lemme tell ya' sometin' Sonny, [[NoIndoorVoice I NEVER PICK UP HITCHHIKERS! NOPE! NOPE! I NEVER DOOOO!]] Whelp, Goodbye! (drives off)
* The (now-banned) 1959 short "China Jones" has Daffy as the title character looking for a case. He runs afoul of a DragonLady.
-->'''DragonLady''': Me Dragon Lady.\\
'''Daffy''': Indeed now? [[GenreBlind And why would they be calling you the Dragon Lady]]?\\
''(DragonLady exhales a wall of fire, burning Daffy from head to toe)''\\
'''DragonLady''': Is answer question?\\
'''Daffy''': ''(slurring)'' Yep...is answer question.
* In "8-Ball Bunny" (the name has nothing to do with the toon, besides the title card), Bugs agrees to take a penguin back to his natural habitat. When he sees that this natural habitat is the South Pole, he looks at the screen, shocked, and says in a funny pose and black preacher voice:
---> '''Bugs Bunny:''' Oooooh, I'm dyyyyyyyyyyyin'!
** Then, upon reaching the South Pole, the penguin reveals he was raised in captivity, and his "home" is really Hoboken, NewJersey.
---> '''Bugs Bunny:''' Oooooh, I'm dyyyyyyyyyyyin' again!
** "[[Film/TheTreasureOfTheSierraMadre Say, pardon me, but could you help out a fellow American who's down on his luck?]]"
* "Bugs and Thugs": all of it, but specifically [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qYa0jpGFUeY this scene]].
** "Shut up shuttin' up!"
* From "Big-House Bunny," Sam has just locked Bugs in a jail cell:
--->'''Bugs''': Gee, I don't get it, Doc. Why'd you lock me outside?
--->'''Sam''': Outside? Why, you're inside!
--->'''Bugs''' (laughing): Oh no I'm not, I'm outside. YOU'RE inside.
--->'''Sam''': [[WhatanIdiot I am? (opens the door) Well then get in there!]]
--->'''Bugs''' (shrugs and walks out with the key as Sam gets in and closes the door): [[SarcasmMode Boo-hoo. Now I'll never see my wife and kiddles again. Boo-hoo-hoo.]]
** The RunningGag of Sam's boss shouting through the loudspeaker: "SCHULTZ!!! OFFICE!!!" Even better, one time we hear a glimpse of Sam being chewed out from outside the office.
--> '''Boss''': I've had all the tomfoolery I'm taking from you! Quiet! One more slip, you strudel-brained bonehead, and you'll be looking for a new job! Now get out! OUT!!!\\
'''Sam''': (after leaving) I hate him.
* ''Bugsy and Mugsy'', in where Bugs Bunny plays psychological warfare on Rocky and Mugsy, leading the former to believe the latter is plotting to kill him. Even after Rocky has beaten Mugsy near-unconscious and left him hog-tied ''outside of the room'', Bugs still manages to make him think Mugsy is to blame, leading to the memorable line:
--> '''Rocky:''' I don't know how ya's done it, BUT I KNOW YA'S DONE IT!!!
** Before that, Bugs tricks Mugsy into blowing up Rocky with a stick of dynamite by having him light it up like a cigar.
-->'''Bugs:''' ''(imitating Rocky)'' Hey, Mugsy! Come 'ere! Gimme a light!\\
'''Mugsy:''' Okay, boss! Gee, I'm glad yer not mad at me no more! '''''(BOOM!)''''' Awwww, now you're mad at me again!!
* ''Rabbit's Kin'' with Pete Puma is a laugh riot. Pete's probably the least threatening and densest antagonist Bugs ever met, and boy does it show.
--> '''Bugs Bunny:''' There's nothing as sociable as a nice cup of tea, I always say. How many lumps do you want?
--> '''Pete Puma:''' Oh, three[[note]]pronounced as "tree"[[/note]] or four.
--> '''Bugs Bunny:''' [whacks Pete on the head with a mallet 5 times and 5 lumps appear on his head] Oh dear, I gave you one too many. Well we can fix that. [whacks the 5th lump back in his head]
** Then later:
--> '''Bugs Bunny:''' Here we are. Tea's on.
--> '''Pete Puma:''' But I don't want no tea. [[CallBack It gives me a headache]].
--> '''Bugs Bunny:''' Okay, well, what shall we have, then?
--> '''Pete Puma:''' [Takes out a coffee pot] Coffee! [[VerbalTic Eeeeee!]]
** Then at the end:
--> '''Bugs Bunny:''' Uh, by the way, how many lumps do you want?
--> '''Pete Puma:''' Oh, better get me a lot of lumps. A whole lotta lumps!
--> [Realizes it's Bugs; grabs the mallet]
--> '''Pete Puma:''' Oh, no, you don't! I'll help myself! [Starts hitting himself on head with mallet]
--> '''Bugs Bunny:''' We better go, he's much too smart for us! Eeeeeeeee!
* "What's Up, Doc?" is one of this troper's favorite shorts. It's full of funny moments:
** Bugs, as a baby, playing the "Hungarian Rhapsody" on his toy piano.
** Older Bugs. He ultimately took up ballet.
** Bugs as a chorus boy:
--> '''Bugs Bunny + Three Other Men:''' "Oh, we're the boy of the chorus, we hope you like our show, we know you're rootin' for us, but now we have to gooooooooo!"
* In "The Hypo-chondri-cat", the mice trick Claude into thinking he's very sick.
-->'''Hubie:''' ''(in a serious tone)'' Look, he's toining green!\\
''[Claude panics]''\\
'''Bertie:''' [[ComicallyMissingThePoint What do you mean Hubie? He ain't toining green!]]\\
'''Hubie:''' ''(slaps Bertie)'' Quiet, stupid! I said he's toining green!\\
'''Bertie:''' I get it! I get it! Yeah, he ''is'' toining green!\\
''[Claude turns green]''\\
'''Hubie:''' Look at him now! He's toining poiple!\\
''[Claude turns purple]''\\
'''Bertie:''' Ooh, let me pick a color!\\
'''Hubie:''' Okay, okay.\\
'''Bertie:''' Now let's see here. He's toining... he's toining... he-he-he's toining plaid!\\
''[Claude turns plaid]''\\
'''Hubie:''' ''(whispers)'' Don't overdo it.
* The [[http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/WesternAnimation/RabbitFire Hunter Trilogy]] is full of classic hysterical moments, but Daffy finally snapping and having a massive FreakOut at the end of the third short reaches DuckAmuck levels of hilarity.
-->'''Daffy:''' Shoot me again! ''I '''ENJOY''' IT!!'' I love the smell of burnt feathers! And gunpowder!! And cardite!! I'M AN ELK!! ''SHOOT ME!!'' GO ON! IT'S ELK SEASON!! I'M A FIDDLER CRAB!! WHY DON'T YOU SHOOT ME?! '''IT'S FIDDLER CRAB SEASON!!'''
* "Hare Brush": "What terrible-tasting medicine spoons."
** The ending, where Bugs is hauled away to jail, and Elmer says to the camera, "I may be a "screwy wabbit", but I'm not going to Alcatwaz..."

* Practically all of "From Hare to Heir", where Bugs is [[TheThingThatWouldNotLeave a guest awarding 1 million pounds to Yosemite Sam...and able to take away money whenever he loses his temper]]. Sam being [[HairTriggerTemper Sam]], this results in him ''constantly'' erupting into [[{{Angrish}} cursing gibberish]]. Also the scene where Sam, in a suit of armor, falls down a long flight of stairs, cussing loudly the entire way...
*** The two times that Sam fell down into the moat, screaming and cussing all the way.
*** And the ending where Sam finally cures himself of his anger and lets his servants beat him up to prove it. As this happens, Bugs tells the audience that he doesn't have the heart to tell him he lost all the money.
* "Lighter Than Hare": Bugs replacing alien Sam's rocket pack with a dynamite stick.
-->'''Yosemite Sam:''' [[LargeHam "YOSEMITE SAAAAAAAMMM FROM OUTEEEERRRRR...]]''*KABOOM*''....space.
* "The Pied Piper of Guadalupe"
** The mice taunting Sylvester into chasing them. One mice runs pass him carrying a sign that says "Loco El Gato".
-->'''Sylvester:''' That's all you can do is run, run run. You cowardly little cheese thieves! ''[the mice hit him with a wooden plank]'' And besides, you're nothing but a bunch of rats! ''[A longer plank comes out and hits him. Sylvester runs to the end of the street]'' I ''STILL'' SAY YOU'RE A BUNCH OF RATS! ''[the mice nailed more planks until it reach him and hits him]''
** When the mice see him in the Pied Piper getup: "Amigos, look! The gringo pussycat! He's gone much loco in the cabeza!"
** This dialogue at the end:
-->'''Speedy:''' Señor Gato, you forgot your flute. Don't you want hem?\\
'''Sylvester:''' No I don't want ''hem''! You can have it!
* "The Abominable Snow Rabbit": "Gee, that's swell, Mr. Abdominimabubble."
* "Swing Ding Amigo": The grenade gag, where Daffy tries multiple locations to drop a grenade through a hole in the floor, only to have the grenade tossed back at him wherever he hides. Eventually it explodes on him, causing Daffy to say, [[NonSequiturThud "Starkle starkle, little twink, up above the skating rink."]] The goofy muted trumpet music by Walter Greene music only makes the scene funnier.
* "A Squeak in the Deep": Speedy repeatedly smacks Daffy's butt with a baseball bat.

* The "Looney Tunes on Nickelodeon" promo where the theme was remixed to a hip hop beat. The best part was Foghorn saying, "What in the- (rewound footage) I say, what in the..."
* "Blooper Bunny" has some funny moments:
-->'''Bugs'''(sarcastically as record gets stuck during the filming of a dance scene): "What's UP, doc?(walks off stage, record's still stuck) Monotonous, isn't it?"
** Daffy also gets in a TakeThat against Disney at one point.
--->'''Daffy:''' The next thing you know, they'll stick with me with three snot-nosed little nephews. I wouldn't put it past them.
** "You thmug [[CurseCutShort thon of a...]]"
** Bugs, to Elmer in one of the takes: "For ''shame'', doc. Using live ammunition on a movie set."
* Carrotblanca. The scene where [[BugsBunny Bugs]] and Daffy takes shots of [[FrothyMugsOfWater carrot juice]] never fails to crack me up. Especially when Daffy takes three shots at once.