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* Brian's fantasy of working for the FBI involves playing Baccarat while on a case...he just has this tiny little detail wrong:
-->'''Fantasy!Rebecca:''' Brian, you don't play Baccarat with Uno cards.\\
'''Brian:''' Just shut up, okay? This is my fantasy, it's not yours.
* Brian asks for a badge and a gun from the FBI. Boyle gives him a tap roll and a dispenser with post-it notes attached reading "Badge" and "Gun".
* A flashback shows Brian's high school report on ''The Iliad'': "I did not read the Iliad. Maybe honesty counts for points?"
* Rebecca finds Brian and his research in her apartment after he broke out of FBI custody (again). She tells him he's got one minute to explain, and he asks for two because the NZT wore off. And when her timer goes off, he meekly asks if he can keep going.
* Brain getting around a CorruptCorporateExecutive's refusal to cooperate by exploiting the fact that he's a BadBoss - he tells his employees to email the incriminating files to him. Within 30 seconds he's got ten messages.
-->'''Brian''': Hey remember when you didn't think you were going to jail five minutes ago? That was dope.
** Also, he doesn't have an FBI email yet, so he has to use [=NinjaVersusBear@ReabosrbedTwin.com=].