!! Phedre's Trilogy

[[folder: Kushiel's Dart ]]

* After Joscelin was teased and dissheveled by Egalatine performers his honor code wouldn't let him defend himself from, and he brings Phedre home to a Delaunay angry that she left without informing him. "Before I closed the door behind me, I gained some measure of reparation in hearing Delaunay say to Joscelin, in quite a different tone, 'What in the seven hells happened to you, lad?'"
* Disguising a well known ''anguisette'' and her dour brooding Cassiline companion isn't easy. The solution? Stick the uptight bodyguard into a [[RefugeInAudacity wandering minstrel's outfit]].
--> '''Hyacinthe (grinning):''' Can you lie, Cassiline?
--> '''Joscelin (gamely):''' I can learn.
* In-universe, Phedre's attempts at getting the Eiran leaders, the Twins, to join Drustan's army - accidentally falling into bed with one, then leveraging that against the other (and sleeping with that one too). Joscelin is mortified, but the rest of her party are greatly amused, and Queen Ysandre, when she eventually finds out, burst out laughing.
--> '''Phedre:''' This is what happens when you send a Servant of Namaah to do a diplomat's job, and ply her with strong drink.
* Building off that event, Phedre's Boys' extremely lewd regimental song. Phedre turns bright red every time it's revealed they've taught it to someone else.
--> ''Man or Women/We don't care/Give us Twins/We'll take the pair''


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* Barquiel L'Envers continues to prove himself a master of snarky timing when, in front of a full assembly, Queen Ysandre welcomes the traitor Melisande's son Imriel home and into her family, announcing that he has her full support and protection...
--> '''Barquiel:''' So don't assassinate the little bugger.

!!Imriel's Trilogy

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[[folder: Kushiel's Justice ]]

* It may be a tale built on love, the denial of love, tragedy, and revenge, but some funny moments do crop up in ''Kushiel's Justice'', mostly due to Imriel's phrasing. To whit:
** "Thus it was that my first real act as a Prince of Alba, a role I'd agreed to play for the purpose of fostering peace and prosperity, was to stage a cattle-raid on my nearest neighbour."
** (Coming on the heels of a relieved reunion after Imriel has been tramping through snowy forest, starving and alone, for weeks on end): "I have his head in a bag."
* Berlik, everyone agreed, must look immensely silly in his muslin cap.


[[folder: Kushiel's Mercy ]]

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