[[caption-width-right:350: We just escaped from [[{{Hellhound}} a ginormous dog with three heads]]? [[DidYouJustFlipOffCthulhu LET'S TEASE HIM!!!]]]]

[[folder:The Game]]
* Sora, Donald, and Goofy have just fought a lot of Nobodies, and are too tired to defend themselves when another wave of them come in. When [[spoiler: Mickey arrives]], he destroys the Nobodies. Sora tries to get a good look at him, but then Donald and Goofy are so surprised to see [[spoiler: Mickey]], they jump on Sora.
* Sora impersonating Leon when Yuffie says she had a feeling she'd run into them again.
* Belle elbowing Xaldin. Seriously. She did it hard enough for him to release her, and for her to snatch the rose back. The fact that such a [[ThatOneBoss big, bad villain armed with floating lances]] just got stunned like that is funny for many fans.
* Sora to Yen Sid after Donald and Goofy bow -- "[[WhatsUpKingDude Hey there!]]" Cue an insulted scold from Donald.
** It seems he doesn't learn, because it happens again when he meets Queen Minnie.
** And when he pulls King Mickey by the arm to show him a picture of (who they thought) was the real Ansem.
* A lot of Hayner's moments, but especially "Now the whole town and their mothers are treating us like ''the Klepto Club''."
** "Well, I know what I'm going to write for my report. The Seven Wonders are bogus. The end."
* This little number:
-->'''Announcer:''' Who will be the one to break through the ranks and take on our champion, [[VideoGame/FinalFantasyVI Setzer]]!?\\
'''Rai:''' Seifer, [[VerbalTic y'know]]?
** At first, this just seems to be a clever MythologyGag or ShoutOut to ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyVI''. Cut to about a minute later: [[UnexpectedCharacter He really DID mean Setzer]]! Cue the fandom getting the warm fuzzies.
** Also, he calls Roxas "Rucksack".
* "Our ______ are gone!"
* Iago's freaking out, flying around yelling, and knocking over a jar and some crates on top of the bandit Heartless. ''And'' the fact that it saved Sora, Donald, and Goofy's bacon.
* This line from Hades:
-->"Wonderboy has dropped out of the standings."
* And then of course, when Auron refuses a DealWithTheDevil.
-->'''Hades:''' Did you forget who you're talking to? I am the Lord of the Dead!\\
'''Auron:''' Hmph... No wonder no one wants to die.\\
'''Hades:''' You are [[{{Pun}} FIRED]]!
* After Sora unlocks the Underdrome to free Megara, not knowing what it was.
-->'''Auron:''' Some fool must have broken the seal. (to the Underdrome.)\\
'''Sora:''' What an idiot.
* After fighting a cloaked figure wielding the Soul Eater on the return visit to the Land of Dragons, Sora and co enter the palace and see a cloaked figure there. They call out to him, and he stops and turns. Sora slowly approaches him and whispers "Riku?" The figure reaches up to pull back their hood... it's [[{{Troll}} Xigbar]]. "Nope, never heard of him!" Cue Nobodies teleporting in. Then as Sora looks for him again, he's gone, and [[FunnyBackgroundEvent we see him run off behind Sora]].
* Almost everything about Demyx would qualify. From "Run! Run away!" to his over-the-top death scream.
* There's a reaction command while fighting Pete alongside Hercules that allows you to break Pete's shield. It involves Sora hitting Pete in such a way that he ricochets into Hercules so that he could destroy Pete's shield. The name of the reaction command? "{{Pinball|Projectile}}".
* The BigBad has just been beaten, and everyone is getting ready to go home. Sora tells Riku he's coming along too. Riku is still guilt ridden (he ''was'' the guy who caused that home to be destroyed in the first game) and asks "How am I supposed to face everyone?" Sora replies "like this", and makes a funny face that cracks him up. Remember, this is ten seconds after they beat the BigBad, and ten seconds before he comes back as a OneWingedAngel. But they've got time to crack jokes. Thank you Sora, for reminding us this is also a Disney game.
** And that was a CallBack to an earlier scene in the game, in which Donald and Goofy answered the same way Sora did, when Aladdin asked what do friends do.
*** Speaking of that scene, Aladdin's utter bafflement to this response.
** Watch carefully during the scene - while Sora and Riku are talking in the foreground, both Donald and Goofy are [[FunnyBackgroundEvent leaping up and down in the background]] and have been since just before the scene started.
* The only thing that makes the ProlongedPrologue worthwhile for some people is the [[BritishStuffiness stereotypically British]] [=DiZ=] telling [[spoiler:"Ansem"]] that they should buy ice cream with [[ZeroesAndOnes binary]] Munny.
** While he has an actual reason to do so, you can't help but think [[spoiler: "Ansem"]] somewhat enjoyed knocking Roxas on his ass with the same stick Roxas inadvertently bonked him with earlier.
** During their exchange at the end of the prologue, [=DiZ=] all-but-straight-up calls Roxas a ''tool''. To his ''face''.
* When Sora, Donald, and Goofy meet Santa Claus in Christmas Town, Sora asks if he's on the nice list. [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7VcTf9U-vKU&t=7m24s Sora's reaction to the answer is priceless.]]
** What's adorable is that if you watch, right up until there's a noise in the present factor, Sora is ''still sulking'' as Santa goes through the list and talks to the others.
** Earlier: "...And then, we can go see Santa! *cue Sora's dreamy pose and disapproving stare from Donald* Erm... but first, the Heartless!" It's way funnier.
*** And upon being shown the door to Christmas Town, Sora leans his head closer to the door with a "Whoa..." look on his face, as his friends look on in confusion. A few seconds later, the camera leans closer and closer to Sora's face, as he gets more and more excited, and then...
---->'''Sora:''' Come on, just open it!
** Once the trio are in Christmas Town, they land, one by one, on top of each other (a running gag in the series). Sora knocks his friends off his back and looks at Christmas Town with awe. Donald then joins him, while Goofy simply lies there unconscious.
** Jack Skellington: slow learner.
--->'''Jack:''' And if we catch the thief for you, I would be honored to deliver [[HandGagging the-]] [''[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OUkHEC_DgBc&t=37s Sora clamps a hand over his mouth and frogmarches him to the ambush site]]'']\\
'''Sora:''' And on that note, we'll be going.
*** After this, we get a quick scene of "[[Franchise/SlyCooper Operation: Present Bait]]", where Jack has forced the party into the largest box available.
-->'''Donald:''' Stop kicking.
-->'''Goofy:''' It's not me, Donald.
-->'''Jack:''' Patience, friends. [Sora shushes him]
-->'''Donald:''' [gets kicked again] I said cut it out!
-->'''Goofy:''' Gawrsh, was that you?
-->'''Sora:''' [annoyed] How come ''we'' have to be the bait?
-->'''Jack:''' Good plan, eh?
* Oogie is a walking CrowningMomentOfFunny, thanks to his typical over-the-top LargeHam tendencies, and his amnesia.
-->'''Oogie''': Who?!? Sandy Claws? I don't know what you're talking about! And WHY is this roly-poly red still here? Time to go, grandpa!

-->'''Oogie''': Do I remember them? Ha! You're too much! I'll never forget what they did to me! …Er, what did they do to me?
-->'''Lock''': Squashed ya like a bug!
-->'''Oogie''': That sounds bad!
-->'''Lock''': And Jack helped!
-->'''Oogie''': Even worse!
-->'''Barrel''': They creamed ya!
-->'''Oogie''': That's right, that's right! That's one thing I won't be forgetting anytime soon! It's the last thing I remember! It's the ONLY thing I remember! Until I teach those clowns to never mess with Mr. Oogie Boogie!
** Right after that exchange, he ''falls'' asleep during Maleficent's scheming. She gives an exasperated face palm.
* When [[VideoGame/FinalFantasyVII Tifa]] is looking for Cloud and asks Sora if he's seen him:
-->'''Tifa:''' I'm looking for a guy with [[AnimeHair spiky hair]].\\
'''Sora:''' [''wordlessly tugs at one of his own spiky locks'']\\
'''Tifa:''' [''chuckles''] Spikier.
** After that, Tifa starts looking around the room, tapping walls, opening drawers, etc. Then she turns to a wall, and SLAMS her fist into it, hard enough for the screen to shake, and dust falls from the roof. She turns back to Sora, Donald and Goofy, grins and says "Sorry to bother you." The gang snaps to a nearly flawless attention (army style) and says "No bother, ma'am!" They wait to be sure she's gone before anything else happens.
* King Mickey getting confused when Goofy mentions a password for the DTD in Hollow Bastion:
-->'''Mickey:''' Password?\\
'''Sora and co:''' [''looks shocked'']\\
'''Mickey:''' Oh! I guess you mean like a code!
** The scene makes more sense in the Japanese version. They used the English word "password" which left Mickey confused for a while, until he realized they weren't speaking Japanese.
** In relation to the above, when Sora's pointing out that DTD is an acronym for Door To Darkness to Donald and Goofy, if you listen you can hear that [[TeensAreShort Sora has to JUMP]] to point it out.
* A little known part of Anti-Form can be seen [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P7-SWnerZAw here]].
* The blink-and-you’ll-miss-it "LikeAnOldMarriedCouple moment" between Leon and Aerith in the second game during the crisis at Hollow Bastion, when Leon, having to go retrieve the anti-virus for the computer, asks Aerith if she'll be OK on her own, and she shuts him up with nothing but a DeathGlare.
* Sora, Donald, and Goofy's reaction when Mickey tells them that the "Ansem" they worked so hard to beat [[BigWhat wasn't REALLY Ansem]].
** A bit later when they first see Xemnas, not knowing his name: "Look! It's the guy who's NOT Ansem!"
* Pretty much anything involving Past Pete...
-->'''Past!Pete:''' Say... anybody seen any bad guys around here?\\
[''Sora, Donald, and Goofy all silently point to Past Pete'']\\
[''sound of clashing cymbals'']

-->'''Past Pete:''' I finally found the runt what stole my boat!\\
'''Donald:''' Yeah! It was YOU!\\
'''Past!Pete:''' [''proudly''] Right! Me!\\
'''Past!Pete:''' No! No! Not ME! It was just some guy that LOOKS like me!
* When the present Pete arrives, he beats up Past Pete in two seconds flat.
-->'''Present!Pete:''' Your future's on the line paly. So back off and give me the boat.
* There's a reaction command during the boss fight in Timeless River which allows you to turn Past Pete around when he's panicking to bash present Pete.
** And of course, the ending for Timeless River:
--->'''Past!Pete:''' And as appreciation, I'll let ya pilot my steamboat! Best craft there is! My deck hand Mickey is late anyways. [''cue Sora, Donald and Goofy piloting Pete's steamboat...and there's Mickey chilling by the cornerstone without anyone noticing'']
* Pete as a lion in the Pride Lands. He has an EpicFail when trying to leap down from Pride Rock.
** Sora's expression afterwards just makes the scene priceless.
* Sora getting smacked in the head with a random (flying) honey pot right after [[MoodWhiplash watching Pooh forget about everyone]]. It came out of nowhere (literally), yet you'd expect something like that to happen in the 100 Acre Wood portion.
* Sora and Donald's reactions to finding out that Mulan is a girl and the fact that [[TheDitz Goofy]] knew.
** It's even funnier, and dirtier, in the manga: Sora found out by getting a glimpse of Mulan while she is ''nude''.
--->'''Sora:''' ...Oh. Err. 'Sup? Um? I'm sorry! I didn't know you were a girl!
* [[ArtStyleDissonance Sora]], [[FunnyAnimal Donald, and Goofy]] get to waltz into a Chinese male-only camp [[WeirdnessCensor without anyone batting an eye]], because the only thing that matters here is that they're allies and males.
** Speaking of, when they first enter, they're waiting in line to get some food. [[PintsizedPowerhouse Yao]] cuts in front of Sora, and Sora angrily tells him off. [[TalktotheFist Yao decks Sora]] [[http://thilink.tumblr.com/post/157371867873 in response.]] The entire scene (and the fight following it) is classic slapstick.
* Hades flicking Sora over to fall on the ground.
* Genie's first appearance, when he flies into the palace courtyard and jubilantly hugs Pete, mistaking him for Aladdin. At one point he asks, "Did you put on weight, Al?"
* While Ariel is distracted with thoughts of the human world, Donald offers to take her place in the musical.
-->'''Sora:''' [''seeing a lovestruck Ariel in thought''] This is terrible. We've got to do something.
-->'''Goofy:''' She can't be in the musical like ''that''.
-->'''Donald:''' I'll sing her part instead!
-->'''Sora:''' [''angry''] No way! Not a chance!
-->'''Donald:''' [''angry''] What!? Why not?
** This leads to a BrickJoke during the last visit. If you talk to Donald before performing "A New Day is Dawning", he'll say that he knows he'll be great, because he is going to match Ariel "note to note". Sora is apparently still skeptical on that.
* Sora trying to use a computer: "Whoa... it's doing something!"
** And his reaction to the data being corrupt: smashing the keys in rage, causing files to go haywire. He only stops when a picture of [[spoiler: the real Ansem the Wise]] appears.
* Captain Jack Sparrow. Not only one of the most popular characters in the series, but also one of most funny. Most of his lines would really make a player crack up into laughter
-->'''Jack Sparrow:''' I don't know who these Organizers are, but I will say they're makin' we pirates look like [[BlueBlood proper gents]]!
** Jack is even funnier if you consider [[Creator/JamesArnoldTaylor the person voicing him]] is also [[VideoGame/FinalFantasyX Tidus]]. Just envision for a moment Tidus doing his best Jack Sparrow impression in a recording booth, arms raised drunkenly and gesturing at the microphone.
*** Or [[Franchise/RatchetAndClank Ratchet]], even. Especially since he and Tidus sound ''exactly alike''.
--> '''Goofy:''' Well I think Jack and Sora looks alike
--> '''Sora and Jack:''' Are not! (In synch in fact)
* In Olympus Colosseum, Goofy has to keep reminding Donald that they're ''junior heroes'', not heroes. The second time, Donald looks at him with a shut-your-mouth look while Goofy just returns it with a "well, it's true." look.
* Continuing from the first game is Sora, Donald and Goofy ending up on top of each other. The first time this happens is when they were telling [[VideoGame/FinalFantasyX Auron]] their names. As both of his friends jump onto his back as they say their name, Sora could not handle their weight and collapses. Of course, [[FridgeHorror they were cursed at the time]], and he was able to pick them both up without any trouble just two worlds earlier.
** This happens again in Agrabah, when they tried to stop Abu. We don't see the crash, though...
** And in the manga, this happens ''again'' when [[spoiler:they crash-landed on Sark]]. It also counts as a MoodWhiplash, as [[spoiler:he was [[ElectricTorture torturing]] [[BadassBookworm Tron]] when he got crushed]].
* Cid calling Merlin an old loon. Cue the wizard casting a Fire spell at the computer in anger, causing it to explode.
** Note that he wasn't objecting to being called a loon. He was [[ITakeOffenseToThatLastOne objecting to being called]] ''old''.
--->'''Merlin:''' ''Old'' loon you say?!
* [[Disney/LiloAndStitch Stitch]] greeting Sora by licking him in the face whenever summoned. Whenever this happens, Sora will be teleported to a beach, so the scene is twice as funny if Sora's [[UnusuallyUninterestingSight wearing]] [[Film/{{Tron}} armor]] or [[WesternAnimation/TheNightmareBeforeChristmas vampire/black Santa garb]].
** Peter Pan, as well. He surprises Sora by picking him and taking him for a quick flight in the night sky before returning him to wherever he was. Then Tinker Bell appears and zaps Sora on the face, which appears to hurt him slightly.
* Pete and the Merchant fighting over Jafar's lamp. Pure comedy.
-->'''Pete:''' Thank you!\\
'''Merchant:''' It's mine!\\
'''Pete:''' Lamp hog!\\
'''Merchant:''' Go away! [''gets lamp stolen''] No fair!\\
'''Pete:''' Heha, I win! [''Iago steals lamp; Pete does not realize until he checks his hand, and has a complete freak-out'']
* When the gang prepares to face off against Barbossa one last time in Port Royal, he's at first shocked to see them all alive and says it's not possible for them to have survived. So Donald steals Jack's line from the [[Film/PiratesOfTheCaribbeanTheCurseOfTheBlackPearl film]].
-->'''Barbossa:''' [[ThisCannotBe Not possible!]]\\
'''Donald:''' [[CallBack Not probable.]] We're alive, and we're pirates!
** The little guy pulls it off flawlessly!
* Like in the movie, Ursula disguises herself and uses Ariel's voice to bewitch Prince Eric. Unlike the movie, Sora's solution is rather [[CuttingTheKnot direct.]] He just pulls out the keyblade and blasts her.
* Just the way that Sora casually with the [[DeadpanSnarker dullest tone]] imaginable for such an upbeat character informs Ursula after he and his friends right before Eric finishes her off that she's finished.
-->'''Sora:''' [''in flat out, dull voice as he's diving back into the water after smacking Triton's trident out of her hands''] It's over Ursula.
* Donald Duck grabbing Cogsworth and playing with him after the trio meet the servants deserves a chuckle or two.
* This scene is mostly terrifying, but the way Sora calls Sark a "[[TheManBehindTheMonsters Heartless Commander]]" is quite funny, especially if you look at his [[DeadpanSnarker snarky]] face when he says that line out.
* When the trio first encounter Pete, after a quick fight, Pete informs them that the tower is Yen Sid's place, at which point Donald goes straight into fanduck mode, running into the building, while Goofy exposits on who Yen Sid is to Sora, before the two of them walk in, ''completely ignoring Pete'', who can only stand there [[https://31.media.tumblr.com/d112782c1933474782646352cef9a39a/tumblr_inline_myl1wudM9g1rrmsrs.png with the most priceless expression on his face]] as they just up and leave.
* And shortly before the above event.
-->'''Sora:''' What are you guys gonna do?\\
'''Goofy:''' Garwsh, Sora. Do you have to ask? [''Sora laughs at them'']\\
'''Donald:''' Hey, what's so funny?!\\
'''Sora:''' Your faces! [''Goofy and Donald look at each other to see the other's face, before all three of them laugh together'']
* Reuniting with Captain Jack Sparrow during the second trip to Port Royal.
-->'''Jack:''' [[AccidentalMisnaming Zola]], some assistance!\\
'''Sora:''' [[MyNaymeIs That's SORA]], Donald, and Goofy.\\
'''Jack:''' [[ComicallyMissingThePoint Will ya leave a mate to perish?]] [''Sora grudgingly rejoins him'']
** The scene is funnier if you are familiar with the manga, in which Donald and Goofy are accidentally called Ronald and Zoofy by Yuffie. At least they took it better than Sora did...
** And also the novel, where Sora has been called "Nora", "Dora", or "Gala" by Jack Sparrow. It seems to be a RunningGag on adaptations of the game.
* The cutscene with the party reuniting with Jasmine. It starts off as a normal cutscene, but then when Jasmine mentions how Aladdin continues to revisit the town lately, which has worried her, Iago (who's been hiding being Goofy out of fear) suggests that Aladdin is [[YourCheatingHeart cheating]] on her. Jasmine storms off to warn the guards about Iago's appearance, unaware that he has [[spoiler: supposedly]] pulled a HeelFaceTurn. The party's reactions to this is quite funny, especially since Goofy thought that Iago's suggestion offended her.
** Then, just a bit earlier, when the party meet Iago for the first time, only Goofy is willing to listen to him. He only earns their trust when he [[WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons pulls a homer]] by knocking some crates and jugs onto the Heartless that they were fighting.
-->'''Iago:''' I wanna apologize to Aladdin and Jasmine. Could you guys maybe put in a good word for me?
-->'''Goofy:''' Sure, we can do that, can't we? ''(the camera pulls to show Sora and Donald, both refusing to trust [[ReformedButRejected Iago]])''
* Tron being revealed to possess "[[NotSoStoic a silly side]]" following the MCP battle due to "hanging around with Sora, Donald and Goofy too much". Sora, probably [[FridgeBrilliance due to recently performing "A New Day Is Dawning" in Atlantica]], even considers tweeting Tron's data to allow him to sing and dance, causing the program to chuckle a bit and give out a message before "[[DeadpanSnarker crashing]]".
* Aerith's lines while inserting the MCP Eradication Program.
-->'''Aerith:''' ''[[GratuitousFrench Bon appetit!]]'' Don't talk with your mouth full.
-->'''Master Control Program:''' [[OhCrap Wha... what are you loading]]?
** ...all while [[FunnyBackgroundEvent Leon]] {{Facepalm}}s [[FunnyBackgroundEvent in the background]].
* In the Final Mix, one of the changes to the gameplay was removing Lucky Lucky from equipment, which meant the equipment in question was somewhat redone. The Sweet Memories Keychain (obtained from 100 Acre Wood) had Lucky Lucky removed from it, so it was given a +4 magic stat instead. This means that the top magical Keyblades are, in order, [[InfinityPlusOneSword Winner's Proof]] (+7, EXP Zero, clear Mushroom XIII), [[InfinityPlusOneSword Fatal Crest]] (+5, Berserk Charge, clear Goddess of Fate cup), [[InfinityPlusOneSword Ultima Weapon]] (+4, MP Hastega, synthesize with recipe found in Twilight Town on visit 3), [[InfinityMinusOneSword Bond of Flame]] (+4, Fire Boost, obtained on the way out of Twilight Town visit 3), and ''Sweet Memories''. Yes, if you can put up with the easy minigames and the Winnie the Pooh voices, your best magical Keyblade for most of the second half of the game is ''a beehive on a stick covered in hunny''.
* In Atlantica, when Eric and Ariel are about to kiss in the rowboat, Donald, Goofy, Sora and Flounder are all watching, and Sora covers Flounder's eyes so he doesn't see them kiss.
* When Tron hugs Sora, Sora doesn't know how to respond to the hug. Also doubles as a Heartwarming moment, as Sora says "It's a first for me.". It's the first time he's been hugged by one of his allies he gained on his adventures.
* [[spoiler: The item that reveals the gate beyond Halloween Town is Jack Skellington's Christmas costume. He happens to be ''wearing'' it by the time the item reveals said gate. Cue him staring at his clothes in utter shock throughout the entire cutscene all the while thinking about the glowing light surrounding his costume being "too festive for his halloween needs".]]
* Failing to properly execute "Show Stealer" reaction command with Demyx would cause Sora to tap him on his shoulder in an attempt to distract him, only for Demyx to notice and hit him instead.
* There's something oddly hilarious about [[SplitPersonality Naminé]] telling Kairi to believe in herself when the latter is wondering whether to trust the former.
* At the end of the first visit to Port Royal, Will goes to thank Jack, only for Jack to duck and cover his head. He's already been hit over the head once by Will, he's not letting it happen again.
* A Final Mix-exclusive cutscene has one where, during a flashback sequence involving Organization XIII, Vexen is going around looking for Xemnas, since he has important news to explain, but Xemnas isn't around. This ain't the first time this happened, apparently.
-->'''Vexen:''' Why is he never around when I need him? It's almost as if he ''knows'' I'm looking for him.
* If you revisit the Pride Lands after clearing both visits and speak with the hyenas, one of them comments that Scar was always giving them food and that he must have thought them "easy to manipulate." [[SarcasmMode Gee, ya' think?]]
* Sora returns to Sephiroth after informing Cloud of his presence in the Dark Depths.
--> '''Sephiroth''': Did you give him my message?
--> '''Sora''': Maybe...
* Sometimes, your allies will comment on their forms if in one of the five worlds with form change, and spoken to while they are [=NPCs=]. In Atlantica, before "Under the Sea", if you talk to Goofy, he'll say that he's gotten used to his turtle form, but worries for Donald on account that he has ''six legs'' here. If you talk to Donald in Halloween Town, he says that he hated being a {{mummy}} at first, but got used to it and even found it to be fun. In the Pride Lands, upon landing, Donald will mention that if Kairi saw Sora as a lion, she'll think he is cute. And in Space Paranoids, Donald will mention that the TronLines have made him quite dizzy.
* The resolution of the mystery of the staircase in Twilight Town that supposedly has a different number of stairs every time you go up or down it is simply that Rai ([[VideoGame/FinalFantasyVIII Raijin]]) miscounted each time.
-->'''Pence''': (''imitating Rai'') Every time I count, it's ''different'', y'know!
* Apparently the Heartless are ''not'' immune to snow for ''many'' of them get buried alive!

[[folder:The Manga]]
* When the party first meets Mushu, they don't recognize him because he was only a summon in the original game and therefore had no appearances in the manga of the original game. So Mushu does some LampshadeHanging by pulling out his copy of the manga, only to be shocked to find that he's nowhere to be found in it.
* Kairi doing an EyelidPullTaunt on Axel when she escapes with Pluto is [[http://www.mangareader.net/kingdom-hearts-2/31/23 absolutely hilarious]], especially when compared with how she just runs off in the game.
* When Axel succeeds in kidnapping Kairi, she demands that he lets her go or she'll bite. She's not kidding.
-->'''Axel:''' Shhh! Keep it down! We can't let them find... ''[*CHOMP*]'']
* Axel trips up Organization XIII's security alarms... by stealing a black coat from the laundry room to replace the one that got messed up during his battle with Roxas and isn't hiding him well anymore.
** Later this seemingly comes back to bite him because he stole one of Demyx's coats and Saïx put tracking devices in all of those because "Tracking him is the only way to keep him on task." However, when Saïx tries to actually use the tracking device...
-->'''Saïx''': THE BATTERY'S DEAD!!
* Sora summons Jafar out of his lamp after the party finds themselves trapped in the Cave of Wonders (thanks to Pete's greed). Jafar reluctantly grants the teenager's wish for the party to escape... and is then instantly called back into his lamp, much to his surprise and horror.
-->'''Jafar:''' Don't you make a fool out of me!!
* The normally hard-nosed {{Jerkass}} Seifer melts down after meeting Kairi, and falls in love with her almost instantly. He's later seen having written her name on his hat.
* When the Hollow Bastion crew is discussing how to get rid of the Heartless plaguing the town, Merlin suggests they poison a dumpling so one will take it back to the nest and the rest will all eat some of it and die. While Leon tries to work through the FridgeLogic, Cid reminds Merlin they aren't talking about roaches, which he'd apparently forgot. Leon offhandedly mentions it'd be nice if they had a bomb that could just blow up all the Heartless with. Seconds later, Yuffie walks in Sora, Donald, and Goofy in tow. Cid comments that it turns out they do have a [[OneManArmy "bomb"]].
* When Tifa is searching Ansem's room while Sora and Leon are inside, she suddenly and effortlessly lifts a heavy bookshelf by herself. The normally stoic Leon makes a [[http://38.media.tumblr.com/71411ba3b10a0a59e8ada5311ce486d0/tumblr_inline_mrltl46j0Q1qz4rgp.jpg face]] that could only be described as a "what" reaction.
** All of Tifa and Leons interaction, really. From aformentioned "what" reaction, to [[http://www.mangareader.net/kingdom-hearts-2/42/20 Tifa judothrowing him]] when he tries to stop her, to [[http://www.mangareader.net/kingdom-hearts-2/42/23 him going into BSOD for being insulted by her.]]
* Demyx shines as being comedic during much of his appearances, particularly when he's supposed to be guarding Kairi (he survives up until Sora's arrival at the castle).
* Despite the darker elements, the manga has been good to remind readers how innocent the Disney characters really are.
-->'''Pence:''' This definitely adds another one of the seven wonders to Twilight Town!\\
'''Hayner:''' [''shushes Pence''] Sorry about that. You're probably not even interested in his prattling. He's really a nerd when it comes to this stuff. \\
'''Pence:''' Don't lump me in with the nerds! I'm only primarily interested in PC and occult!\\
'''Mickey Mouse:''' ...[[{{Beat}} What is an occult?]]\\
'''Olette:''' I think you should just forget all about it....
* Later, when the party is getting ready to go to the alternate Twilight Town, Pence starts getting worked up again...
-->'''Hayner''': Sorry. He flips out over that kind of thing... Like all geeks.
-->'''Pence''': I'LL THANK YOU FOR NOT LUMPING ALL GEEKS TOGETHER! I focus my enthusiasm on computers and the occult.
-->'''Mickey''': What's a "geek"?
* Kairi tries to wriggle her way out of her cell in The World That Never Was, and manages to catch the attention of a couple of Dusks. Kairi then convinces them to let her go by wiggling around to communicate.
** Are ... are we not talking about [[MyHovercraftIsFullOfEels how the last wiggle was an insult]]?
** Well, it was more that she shouldn't have even said "Thank you" out loud. THAT's what tipped the Dusks off that she wasn't one of them as they initially thought.
** She does get recaptured. HOW she does is where the hilarity lies. She manages to make it to what looks like the CASTLE ENTRANCE (WAAAAAY farther than she got with Namine before being cornered in the game) with Pluto before Demyx finally does corner her. He then shoos the Dusks that he could've easily used to harass her back into captivity...and then starts begging and supplicating on the floor for her to just come back, lest he face terrifying punishment from Saix. She refuses at first, even giving him a hard punch to the face and Pluto biting him there, but when he keeps begging, he's SO pathetic that she does give in out of clear pity and disgust.
** And the reason Kairi gets [[http://www.mangareader.net/kingdom-hearts-2/45/2 stuck between the bars]] is because of her HartmanHips.
* Cloud's hair being so spiky it has the sound effect "Spike" whenever it's shown.
* It's also an awesome moment, but Kairi pulling her BigDamnHeroes and saving Sora from Xigbar and his hoard of heartless leaves Sora with the most bewildered expression.
* The scenes with Sora and Riku in the Realm of Darkness at end are just as serious and heartfelt as in the game, except that each time they say one of these serious things, it's interspersed with them saying to forget they said that, or making silly faces.
* Like in the game, Sora reacts very emotionally to realizing that the person who looks like Ansem is actually Riku. Riku tells Sora not to cry, but it's quickly apparent that Riku ''himself'' crying, complete with ''snot'' coming out of his nose. Considering that he looks like ''Ansem'' at this point in time makes for a very funny picture.
* The title page for Chapter 40 is a complete homage to one of the posters for ''Film/{{Tron}}''... [[HoYay with Sora in Yori's place]]. [[CallBack This isn't the first time]] Sora was involved in a ShipTease with a [[Disney/TheLittleMermaid Disney character in a world with form change with blue as his primary color]]. It makes one question how close he really is to Ariel and Tron.
* In the ending scenes showing the endings in the various worlds, the chibi Gullwings are pestering Leon over the treasure Donald told them he had.
-->'''Yuna''': We heard you had treasure!!!
-->'''Leon''': I told you I don't know what you're talking about!
-->'''Rikku''': Come on already! Where did you hide the treasure?!
* Also in these scenes, Mushu reminds Mulan of the time that Sora spotted her in the bath and discovered she was a woman.
* [[http://www.mangareader.net/kingdom-hearts-2/25/8 Auron is left utterly bemused when he first meets Sora, Donald and Goofy.]] They proceed to ask him if the coincidental 'A' pattern on his armour stands for Auron, and then ''tease'' him when he protests otherwise. They even leave him flustered to the point of blushing!
** On top of this, Sora insists on calling Auron 'Mister' despite him asking Sora not to.
* When Maleficent doesn't answer Pete, he [[http://www.mangareader.net/kingdom-hearts-2/29/18 assumes that "the old hag" isn't home.]] Needless to say, [[http://www.mangareader.net/kingdom-hearts-2/29/19 Maleficent doesn't take to this kindly.]]
* Luxord declaring that he is finally taking the stage, only to receive a glares from Saïx. He then wails that he isn't the star act and doesn't know how to make an "Ultimate Weapon" since he missed his timing to reveal himself.
* Once Riku is restored to his normal form, Sora's first instinct is to overreact to his best friend wearing a blindfold, even calling him a freak.

[[folder:The Novel]]
* In the novelization, Jack Sparrow's alternate names for Sora include "Nora," "Dora," and "Gala." The former two are especially entertaining in that both happen to be female names. Both are also, most likely coincidentally, but nevertheless, names of characters in animated kiddie shows, the first from ''Literature/TimothyGoesToSchool'', and the latter known in just about everyone's minds these days from ''WesternAnimation/DoraTheExplorer''.
** "Nora" can also be seen as a shout-out to ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyXIII'', given Hope's mother is named Nora, and Snow leads a group called NORA. A character in ''WebAnimation/{{RWBY}}'' is also named Nora. That series was co-created by the late Creator/MontyOum, who also did ''WebAnimation/DeadFantasy'', in which Kairi appears in.