* After being freed from the game for the first time:
-->'''Radd''' ''(shocked)'': You destroyed my world...\\
'''QB''': Don't worry, we got all the game's sprites out first.\\
'''Radd''' ''(irritated)'': ''You destroyed my world.''\\
'''QB''': Yeah, there's really no way to free sprites from a game without wrecking it.\\
'''Radd''' ''(angry)'': YOU DESTROYED MY WORLD!\\
'''QB''': Even if the portal didn't damage it, removing all the sprites and their contingent variables would probably crash the game.\\
'''Radd''' ''(shouting full throttle)'': '''YOU DESTROYED MY WORLD!!!'''\\
'''QB''': Man, you're whiney.\\
'''Bogey''': He gets that way after the apocalypse.
* The [[BreatherEpisode Fourth Wall Weeks]] have their moments, including Radd and Bogey analyzing an old adage:
-->'''Radd''': "You can pick your friends...and you can pick your nose...but you can't pick your friend's nose." Profound, huh?\\
'''Bogey''': Well it certainly sounds deep, but what's a nose?\\
'''Radd''' ''(examining his face)'': What's a nose?? Oh come on, it's that thing in the middle of your...uh, in the middle of my...uh...\\
'''Bogey''': You don't know, do you?\\
''(They recall the entire main cast, with pictures of their faces)''\\
'''Radd''': It just occured to me- none of the characters in this strip seem to have noses! How bizarre...\\
'''Bogey''': Well, never mind what a nose ''is'' then. Just tell me what the saying ''means''.\\
'''Radd''': I think it means, "You can't choose a nose for your friend."\\
'''Bogey''': Ah, yes. Well, that's certainly true.\\
'''Radd''': But if it makes any difference, I'd certainly let you pick my nose, ol' buddy.\\
'''Bogey''': Why thank you, Radd. I'm truly honored.\\
'''Sheena''' ''(barging in)'': '''What the hell is wrong with you guys!??'''\\

* During the final boss fight with [[spoiler:The Seer]]
-->'''Radd''': Dude, you are definitely the sickest thing on the Internet. And that's saying a lot.