[[caption-width-right:350:[-"[[MemeticMutation This is a manly picnic.]] No glasses. No napkins. Whiskey only."-] ]]
* Disabling adult content can lead to a complete {{mood whiplash}} because of the way that sex scenes are censored. Once the sex starts, the game flashes to a random, unrelated image, and then cuts to after the sex ends. Since the choice of image is completely random, some players have gotten an image of fried shrimp in Hanako's route, after she [[spoiler:shows Hisao her severely burned body]]. The unfortunate coincidence is simply [[BlackComedy hilarious]].
* [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=PeNSBABvR7Q This video]], parodying the "I love you Rin Tezuka" and "I love you Emi Ibarazaki" videos.
* The April Fool's Day blog post's discussion of subscriber features, particularly getting the option to tell Kenji [[GayOption he's cute]] or propose a threesome with Shizune and Misha if you pay for it.
** Also in April Fool's, the amusingly stilted deliveries of the voice acting samples, including Misha's trademark "WAHAHA~!" laugh. With Shizune [[spoiler:you get thirteen seconds of silence]].
** The promised "HD" version of Katawa Shoujo that is said to have been stripped of anything remotely offensive [[spoiler:i.e., anything other than the title screen]].
** The anime adaptation could either be this or DudeNotFunny to fans that actually ''want'' an anime adaptation by Studio DEEN.

* Hisao trying to get out of listening to Kenji's first rant about the "vast feminist conspiracy".
-->'''Hisao:''' Stop it. Stop! I lost you way, way back there somewhere. Somewhere around "feminist infiltration".\\
'''Kenji:''' Too hard to follow? It's cool, I have some graphs and stuff in my room. And puppets. You like puppets?\\
'''Hisao:''' No puppets.\\
'''Kenji:''' You don't like puppets, okay. Graphs are still cool though, right?
* Kenji bursting in on Hisao ''butt naked'' while Hisao is in the shower, to ask for money. And to rant a bit about feminists again.
-->'''Hisao:''' Must be a pretty crappy movement if it all hinges on one naked guy, ranting in a bathroom at another naked guy.
* Hisao's reaction to one of Kenji's first inane rants:
-->"I have never seen anyone talk so heatedly and so defensively about absolutely nothing before."
** For that matter, Kenji's inane rants, period. They really have to be read to believed.
-->'''Kenji''': That blind broad is up to no good. I can feel it in my spleen, man. Her presence is like a dark shadow that's in the way of my great vision! As expected of blind people.
-->'''Hisao''': [[FlatWhat What.]] *beat* [[HypocriticalHumor Wait a second, aren't you-]]
-->'''Kenji''': "Only legally."
** Also, the "manly picnic".
--> '''Hisao:''' You didn't even bring glasses?
--> '''Kenji:''' No, this isn't some romantic princess picnic. What the hell, man? [[MemeticMutation This is a manly picnic. No glasses. No napkins. Whiskey only.]] The beverage of true men.
--> '''Hisao:''' Whatever.
--> '''Kenji:''' And pretzels.
** On him talking about why he doesn't have a phone.
--> '''Kenji:''' But, basically, when I hear a phone, I get nervous. It's my darkest secret. I have two theories on it: either I have some fear of receiving some undefined, ominous, life-altering doom call, or I was beaten with a phone in the past. Beaten so badly I can't remember it.
--> '''Hisao:''' Beaten in the head.
--> '''Kenji:''' Well, where else could I get beaten with a phone that would make me unable to remember it? The ass?
** Same scene:
--> '''Hisao:''' I thought you didn't go outside.
--> '''Kenji:''' I wear a hat now.
-->''I decide not to point out that he is not wearing a hat.''
* In Rin's route, when he mistakes Rin for a male and extends an invitation to join his anti-feminist movement. Rin doesn't even realize what he's talking about because of his vague phrasing and her {{Cloudcuckoolander}} nature.
* During Lilly's route, he finds Hisao in the cafeteria and they decide to have lunch together. While looking for somewhere to sit:
--> '''Hisao:''' Seems like it'd be hard to find an empty table.
--> '''Kenji:''' There's a few people I wouldn't mind sitting with. [[HoYay Nobody's like you, though.]]
--> ''[[StunnedSilence Background cafeteria chatter cuts out, only silence]]''
--> '''Hisao:''' Clarify that now.
--> '''Kenji:''' They don't listen. Their minds are closed. It's the media, man, the Goddamn brainwashing mainstream feminist Fascist media.
--> ''[[SanitySlippageSong Kenji's theme]] begins playing as he speaks.''
* The RecordScratch when Kenji and Hisao's friendship moment in Shizune's route ends.
* When he's talking about playing bowling, "The manliest sport." Then wonders if he should wear his [[RealMenWearPink pink bowling uniform]].
* [[RunningGag "I need some cash."]]
* At one point in Lilly's route, Kenji accosts Hisao to rant about how Lilly is in the mafia, which leads to this exchange:
--> '''Kenji:''' Now answer me this: who has lots of social power, is filthy stinking rich - you know all blondes are rich, right? - has a long history of disputes and used to belong to a much larger organization?
--> '''Hisao:''' The Roman Catholic Church?
--> '''Kenji:''' ...Well okay, there's that.
** Even more hilarious is that Lilly actually attended a Catholic school before coming to Yamaku Academy.
** When you reach the Kenji ending, the song "To Become One" begins playing shortly after [[spoiler: Kenji talks about how his past, and before Hisao falls off the rooftop]], which is the same song that plays during the H-Scenes.

!!Rin's route
* "The problem must be in your pants!".
* Rin's aversion of NoPeriodsPeriod.
* "Underpants are the soul of a girl. You shouldn't peek at someone else's soul. Even if you are not a girl."
* "[[AccidentalInnuendo Do you want me to do it with my foot or my mouth]]?"
* Hisao: "Are you being sarcastic?" Rin: "[[DoesNotUnderstandSarcasm What's sarcasm?]]"
* Rin taking just a little too much cold medicine. And the subsequent reaction the following day with a hilarious wall of text.
* When Rin has "artist's block", she feels like she's forgotten how to paint, which she thought was "as impossible as Emi growing wings and a tail".
* Rin deciding that Lilly has stolen her and Emi's usual lunch spot on the roof, and declaring that a nearby yellow butterfly is Lilly's accomplice and was scouting the area for her. She concludes that Lilly is a "butterfly whisperer".
* During the scene in the atelier when Rin and Hisao are lying on the floor, looking at the stars, there's a piece of paper on the floor showing a [[http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lz3s08GkKY1r9kqvto1_1280.jpg sketch drawing]] of Rin fighting Lilly, who's [[HandicappedBadass wielding her cane like a sword.]]

!!Emi's route
* The SittingOnTheRoof scene in Act 1 with Rin and Emi:
-->'''Hisao:''' Wow, you must be ''really'' hungry!
-->'''Emi:''' Yeah, my morning run really works up my appetite. Which is great, because then I burn through lunch pretty quickly! Helps me keep my girlish figure.
-->'''Rin:''' What would happen if you lose it? Would you become a man?
-->'''Emi:''' It's a figure of speech!
* During Emi's route, Mutou's talk to Hisao about his plans for his future is quite funny:
-->'''Hisao''': You're saying I should study science at university?\\
'''Mutou''': Well, sort of. You could also join the science club! ''(pause)'' Trouble is, there's not actually a science club. But there could be! You could even be a charter member! A founding father! Of course, you'd need to find other members. ''(pause)'' Well, only if you wanted to. We could just start it up with the two of us. And um. ''(pause)'' I could give you things to read, and we could talk about them. Er, and I could help you get ready for university and such as well. ''(pause)'' Wait! ''(tosses book to Hisao)'' Read that! If it's interesting, then we can talk about it.\\
''"A Brief History of Time"? I don't know if I actually want to read this, but Mutou seems pretty excited about it.''\\
'''Hisao''': What's it about?\\
'''Mutou''': Time. Space. [[BreadEggsBreadedEggs Space-time]]. Black holes and such.
* There's quite a lot of funny moments in Emi's route: saying that the "runner's high" is BetterThanSex, Shizune's incredibly wordy (well, as wordy as someone can be with Sign Language) and pompous rant on public displays of affection, Hisao's equally wordy and pompous response...
* [[spoiler:"Anal." To sum it up, Emi's second H-scene, which consists of Emi and Hisao having anal sex in the school shed after the (gay) track captain recommended the experience to Emi, is hilarious. It's clear that neither Hisao nor Emi have ''any'' idea what they're doing at all. At one point Hisao says that Emi's facial expression is "almost comical". [[http://i.imgur.com/lkmmxOa.jpg That's an understatement.]] ]]
** [[RunningGag We're never doing this again.]]
** [[spoiler:Afterwards, Emi remarks that its a good thing she's in a wheelchair - now she won't have to explain to the nurse why she's walking funny.]]
** Even before the scene, Hisao knocking Emi [[spoiler:out of her wheelchair]] provokes her to make him promise that he'll never work at a hospital.
** When discussing [[spoiler:why the captain has lubricant stored in the shed]]:
-->'''Emi''': Obviously he uses it for, you know. [[spoiler:''(crude facial expression)'' Anal.]]
** Some of the best lines come from after the scene:
-->'''Emi''': Yeah, I'm going to have words with [[spoiler:the captain]]. He was clearly lying.\\
''Either [[[spoiler:the nurse]]] didn't notice, or he didn't want to notice. All the same, [[spoiler:I'm going to have to make sure he didn't [[BigBrotherInstinct slip cyanide into my medication]] for a little while.]]''
* Hisao hears that Rin caught Emi's cold, and worries that he might be at risk too:
-->'''Hisao:''' It would make sense, after all. Emi and I were in close contact the other day...
-->So what did she and Rin do that got her ill?
-->Steady on, old lad. [[GirlOnGirlIsHot Don't go down that road]].
* Hisao imitating a date with Emi if she keeps refusing to see the nurse:
-->"How's the food, Hisao?" "Talk to the nurse, Emi."
-->"How was your day, Hisao?" "Talk to the nurse, Emi."
-->"Hisao, I think I'm ready to go all the w-" "'''[[RuleOfThree Talk to the nurse, Emi.]]'''"
* Hisao's visit to the Shanghai with Rin and Emi in the former's route gets a particularly hilarious twist if you've played Emi's route first. More specifically, her choice of pie gets a particularly hilarious twist.
* After Emi [[spoiler: gets a leg infection and is wheelchair-bound]], Hisao comes to her room. While helping her into bed:
-->''She's actually a little heavier than she looks. It would be rude of me to observe this aloud, of course.''\\
'''Hisao''': Man, you're kind of heavy.\\
'''SMACK''' ''(She hits him with a pillow)''\\
'''Emi''': Ass.
* Rin casually walking in on [[spoiler:a half-naked Emi and Hisao after they (kinda) have sex for the first time]], saying she needs to use Emi's window to look for a cloud that had passed her own window, then walking out without even seeming to notice that [[spoiler:Emi is clad only in panties]]. [[{{Cloudcuckoolander}} Mind you, she probably DIDN'T notice.]] After all, she doesn't consider it to be inappropriate to answer her own door clad only in panties and an unbuttoned shirt.
-->'''Rin''': I saw a cloud.

!!Lilly's route
* Lilly insisting that [[spoiler:she merely has a "[[InsistentTerminology healthy adolescent sex drive]]" when Hisao learns that she's a CovertPervert.]]
* Lilly's sister Akira can be hilariously frank at times, such as just after learning that [[spoiler:Hisao and Lilly are dating]]:
-->'''Akira''': Oh yeah, I almost forgot to tell you. [[spoiler:Use protection. Every time.]]\\
''(Hisao [[SpitTake gags on his drink]])''\\
'''Lilly''': We are, don't worry.\\
'''Akira''': 'Atta girl. Seeyas.
* A minor one, but on Lilly's route, Hisao getting Emi into a deal where they both agree to share their English test results on the count of three, and then [[ILied doing what anyone would do in that situation.]] Emi's reaction is wonderful:
-->'''Emi:''' Alright, on the count of three. One...Two...Three! Thirty Two!
-->'''Hisao and Rin:''' *silent grin*
-->'''Emi:''' Ah! Evil! Evil, evil, evil, evil!

!!Shizune's route
* When Shizune and Misha corner Hisao on the third day he mentions that the only escape would be to jump out of the window. To any GenreSavvy players who are hoping for a CrazyAwesome option he says the following:
--> Sadly, jumping out the window [[DeadpanSnarker wasn't the best option]]
* The opening artwork for Shizune's Act 2 has Hisao in the [[FunnyBackgroundEvent background]], plummeting upside-down off a literal tower of paperwork.
* Hisao and Shizune throw Rock-Paper-Scissors over which one of them should have a veal cutlet bread. They tie. ''Seventeen times.''
** The great part about this is the final time, in which Shizune declares that she has figured out Hisao's mindset and will '''definitely''' win next time. They tie again, resulting in Shizune getting a FlatWhat expression on her face and Misha (and the player) doubled over laughing.
* Occasionally, but rarely, Shizune gets an evil cat eyes expression (>:3). When it does pop up, you'll be busting into laughter.
** [[http://i395.photobucket.com/albums/pp32/Lord_Feder/screenshot0062.png This one]] appears only once, and it's just as funny if not more! (°^°)
* Shizune's [[FelonyMisdemeanor over-the-top]] rant on the new council at the end of her route. "They're like a heavily-marketed but mediocre, big budget, critically panned [[{{Sequelitis}} sequel]] to the acclaimed, low budget SleeperHit".
* Hisao's TactfulTranslation of Shizune and Lilly's second argument.
* During the fishing outing in Shizune's route.
-->'''Akira''': Lilly, what should we call ourselves?
-->'''Lilly''': I don't [[StealthPun see]] why it matters.
-->'''Hideaki''': (at the same time) I don't think it matters.
-->'''Akira''': Team No-Enthusiasm it is...
* Jigoro's bizarre threat to punch Hisao in the face with brass knuckles that have an abridged version of his autobiography on them.
* This exchange between Shizune and Hisao, on the subject of the latter learning sign language:
--> '''Hisao''': [Well, yeah, it's actually not that easy. It's actually hard as hell. Like trying to pick up broken glass. But in some ways, I guess it's interesting. Like an adventure. Well, no...]
-->'''Shizune''': [Picking up broken glass is not an adventure.]
--> '''Hisao''': [Sure it is. It's just as challenging.]
--> '''Shizune''': [If you use a dustpan and a broom it's not.]
--> ''I feel frustrated and sad.''
* "Misha, stop doing that! ...Wait, I'm Misha!"
* Misha's WontTakeYesForAnAnswer in Lilly's route and Hisao's response.
-->'''Misha:''' Since we're just two poor little girls that need help with all the work we've been given just before the holidays begin~...
-->'''Hisao:''' Sure, I can help.
-->'''Misha:''' But Hicchan, we're really nee- What?
--> "I think I broke Misha."
** And even before that, Misha stressing out prior to exams.
-->'''Misha:''' Shicchan's going to be fine, but I think I might die. Am I going to die, Hicchan? Will you let me die from all this work?
* Misha's casual clothing, including a t-shirt with '''"Bush Cheney 2004"''' emblazoned on the front.
* Misha's argument with Jigoro, and the [[HamToHamCombat result]] of what happens when [[NoIndoorVoice two people with no indoor voice between them]] get into a shouting match.
* At one point, Misha bursts in to Mutou's room, saying that they need more plywood to build stalls for the festival. Then this happens:
-->''Looking at the two of them communicate is terrible, like looking at a man being tortured by drilling his skull open while blasting pop music at full volume at the same time.''

!!Hanako's route
* Hanako [[spoiler:[[IntoxicationEnsues having a bit too much to drink]]]] at her birthday party. Her normally cautious and concerned facial expressions [[spoiler:are replaced by a big dumb open-mouthed smile, and a silly looking pout. It's somewhat amusing to see her act so out of character.]]
-->''[[spoiler:Hanako suddenly hiccups and accidentally knocks over the doll.]]''\\
'''Hanako:''' I...think I should maybe go to bed. [[spoiler:T-thank you, Hisao, thanks Lilly and Aaaaakiraaaaa.]]\\
''[[spoiler:She slurs Akira's name pretty hard, barely avoiding breaking out into a giggle midway through. She's completely plastered, and I can't decide whether I should feel a little bad or not for being amused at the state she's in.]]''
* Even Akira can be serious at times. Like when she and Lilly take Hisao and Hanako to a jazz club on Hanako's route. Lilly, Hisao, and Hanako are all underage, and not technically allowed to be at the bar in the back.
-->'''Bartender''': Good evening, ladies! What'll it be?\\
'''Akira''': Just a scotch, thanks. Lilly?\\
'''Lilly''': May I have a glass of cham-\\
''[[BeQuietNudge A black-suited elbow hits her side sharply]].''\\
'''Lilly''': Orange juice, please.
** Just remember that [[spoiler:the three of them skipped a school day because they got drunk from drinks Akira herself gave them earlier the same week, and this becomes even funnier.]]
* Even before her route starts, the fact that Hanako's early appearances have her portrait [[PaintingTheMedium hanging out at the very edge of the screen before physically slinking off-screen instead of disappearing]] can be amusing.

* "Hang on a sec, Emi, just let us get our pants back on."
** Don't worry, there is nothing of that nature going on between the Nurse and Emi. He's just a [[TheGadfly gadfly]] and does it for the afraid/disgusted/something-else-entirely reactions Hisao has. In fact, they have a game where he tries to get get Emi as flustered as possible.
* The nurse joking around with Emi and Hisao in his office. He tries to get Hisao to lift up his shirt to check his heart ("Sorry Emi, I tried to get you a free show.") Then this conversation happens:
-->'''Nurse''': "If we don't get you on your way soon, Emi will think we're up to something." (*wink*) ...

-->'''Emi:''' "What took you so long? Now I'm going to be late!"
-->'''Nurse''': "I was just seducing Hisao, that's all." (Hisao tries not to blush.)
-->'''Emi''': "What!? Come on, what have I told you about seducing my friends?"
-->'''Nurse''': "I'll try not to do it again, though I fear young Hisao may be lost to the female gender forever."
-->'''Hisao''': "Not freaking likely."
--> ({{Beat}}) Then the Nurse and Emi burst out laughing.
-->'''Emi:''' "I told you he was funny."
* "I'd prefer not to have any fatalities while I'm on staff here. A bit of a lofty goal, to be sure, but I'm always up for a challenge."
* And [[IfYouEverHurtHer after threatening Hisao]] ("I know what medication you're on", "Be careful around Emi", etc) again:
-->'''Nurse''': "I'd hate for you to be late."
-->'''Hisao''': "Huh?"
-->'''Nurse''': "Late, [[DontExplainTheJoke as in]] the [[IncrediblyLamePun late]] Hisao Nakai."({{beat}}) "[[Literature/TheHitchHikersGuideToTheGalaxy Sounded better in my head]]."
** [[BigBrotherInstinct How freaked out the nurse gets]] whenever Hisao mentions going to Emi's room or having mentioned seeing her "last night."
* He's worried about Emi so he calls her mother: "Meiko, your daughter's being a pain in the ass again."

* Hisao does a SpitTake after Kenji describes a dictionary as "the medium our ancestors used to look at porn," ruining a book. As he fears having a heart attack over paying 7900 Yen to replace the book, he tells Yuuko "I'm trying out grape cologne!". She not only believes him, but continues to do so in a later scene.
* The fact that one of the music tracks is literally called "Generic Happy Music."