* Sir Oliver and Alec's attempts at ''conversation'' with Gurtrude while trapped in the father store house. And there reactions upon discovering her identity as a duck.
-->'''Lindenbrook:''' A duck! ''[laughs]'' And I was about to try Latin.
* How about coming across a field of giant mushrooms!
* One can't help but laugh when while some random woman asked Alec about his injures, she seemed to think she should be feeling more sorry for ''Jenny''. And never mind about the poor guy who's got the broken leg. If there isn't a misplaced sympathy trope, there should be!
-->'''Random Woman:''' Did you get your injuries when the volcano blew up, in the hot lava?\\
'''Alec:''' Oh no, no. It happened in Edinburgh at our wedding.\\
'''Jenny:''' He was in such a hurry leaving the church, he fell all the way down the steps.\\
'''Random Woman:''' You poor wee bride. After all that waiting. It's been no marriage for you at all.\\
'''Jenny:''' You underestimate Alec... ''[snogs him]''
* The [[IFellForHours ridiculously long fall]] in the 2008 version. Screaming, followed by confusion, then a lengthy conversation about what's going on, before finally more screaming.
* From the book, as Lindenbrock is making fevered preparations to leave for Iceland:
--> '''Martha:''' Has the professor gone mad?\\
'''Axel:''' *nods*\\
'''Martha:''' And he's taking you with him?\\
'''Axel:''' *nods again*\\
'''Martha:''' Where?\\
'''Axel:''' *points downwards*\\
'''Martha:''' To the basement?