!!The comic:
* Just about every appearance of Bat Lash guarantees hilarity due to Bat being a MotorMouth and Jonah the ComicallySerious:
** In his first appearance, Bat Lash meets Jonah when the latter has been sent down the river in a coffin, breaking after going over a waterfall.
-->"So tell me, mister. I'm curious. Do you perform the service of tumblin' over waterfalls in a coffin for your own amusement or is there a payin' audience hidden somewhere?"
** Bat Lash's self-introduction:
-->"Gambler by trade, womanizer by design, and outlaw by tragic error."
* In # 24 (a Halloween special), Jonah is possessed by El Diablo. Unfortunately for Hex, Bat Lash comes along for the ride.
-->'''Bat Lash:''' So that bank teller, Lazarus Lane, is possessed of an avenging hellion by the name of El Diablo who appears only when he sleeps? And now El Diablo has bestowed his hellish powers upon you for the duration of this task.\\
'''Jonah:''' Ah know how it sounds.\\
'''Bat Lash:''' Considering your current unnatural state, I'm inclined to believe all manner of things heretofore belonging formerly to the realm of fantasy, including the existence of Saint Nicholas, leprechauns and cyclopean monsters.
*** And later, when two mooks turn to burning skeletons after being shot by Hex.
--->'''Bat Lash:''' In light of that bizarre outcome, I have just added the existence of the Easter Bunny, trustworthy whores and unicorns to my ever-expanding list of probable creatures.

!!The film:
* The President's men come for Jonah when he's in Lilah's bedroom. His first response?
-->"Christ, woman, how many men do you see in a day?"
* "[[KilledMidSentence What happened to your face]]--"
-->"Cut mine shaving, what you do to yours?"