!!The books:

* In ''Worth Dying For'', Reacher is trapped in the back of a truck whose ceiling was hit with a shotgun blast. He gets bored and counts the individual holes the pellets made (there are one hundred and thirteen), which leads to this numbers-related spiel:
--> One hundred and thirteen was a prime number. You couldn’t make it by multiplying any other numbers together. Hundred and twelve, you could make by multiplying fifty-six by two, or twenty-eight by four, or fourteen by eight. Hundred and fourteen, you could make by multiplying fifty-seven by two or nineteen by six, or thirty-eight by three. But one hundred and thirteen was prime. No factors. The only way to make a hundred and thirteen was by multiplying a hundred and thirteen by one. Or by firing a shotgun into a truck in a rage.
* In ''Bad Luck and Trouble'', Reacher's comments on 'New Age Defense Systems': "What kind of name is that for a weapons manufacturer? Like they kill you with kindness? They play pan pipe music until you save them the trouble and slit your wrists?"
* In ''The Hard Way'', Reacher and Pauling try to [[ItMakesSenseInContext find out who bought a chair they found]]. They eventually locate the correct vendor, an old man running his own store, who offers to tell them what he knows in exchange for five dollars. Reacher offers him two-fifty plus the chair.
-->'''Old man:''' Four bucks and the chair.
-->'''Reacher:''' Three bucks and the chair.
-->'''Old man:''' Three and a half and the chair.
-->'''Reacher:''' Three and a quarter and the chair.
-->'''Old man:''' ''(no response)''
-->'''Pauling:''' Guys, please. ''(Pauling gives him ten dollars and the chair)''

!!The film:

* There's a point where Reacher points out three things cops never do: "they don't vote Democrat, they don't drive Cadillacs, and they never use personal vehicles." The funny part comes when you notice he's saying this in front of a cop, who looks up and then just shrugs as if to say "well you got me there."
* At the end of the [[ChaseScene car chase]] in TheMovie, Reacher hides himself in a crowd so that the police wouldn't find him. Then a random civilian hands him his hat so he could hide from the police.
** Then the people at the bus stop he's hiding at step in front of him while he shrugs at his neighbor.
* Also in the movie, the two {{Mooks}} who try to attack Reacher with a bat and a crowbar, only to be limited by the small space. They end up [[{{Slapstick}} doing more damage to each other]] than Reacher, with the bat wielder even knocking the crowbar wielder out by smacking him in the face.
* This exchange before Reacher confronts the Zec:
-->'''Helen:''' You were wrong about my father.
-->'''Reacher:''' Yeah, let's not make a big thing of it.