Lots, to the point where it's hard to pick one.
* The Muppets' Christmas show is an elaborate spoof of ''Film/MoulinRouge'', possibly the best Muppet parody in a decade. To wit, the scene makes fun of Baz Luhrmann's editing style (at one point Fozzie grabs Kermit by the neck with his cane and begins twirling him in circles just to make the camera spin dizzyingly around them), has chickens singing ''Lady Marmalade'', Gonzo very appropriately dressed as Creator/HenriDeToulouseLautrec, and Miss Piggy as "Saltine", choking on the dramatic fog in her entrance and coughing uncontrollably [[CrossesTheLineTwice (making a big laugh out of what was the most tragic scene in the whole movie)]]. In the end, Miss Piggy brings the whole thing to a halt to scream at everybody to stop singing different songs at the same time.
* There's also the ''Series/{{Scrubs}}'' [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GuXFSv1CaEE sequence]], where Miss Piggy has a new gig as a dead body on TV, [[JustForPun which she doesn't take lying down.]]
* Either this or unintentionally funny, "Psst, psst. Come close. '''[[SuddenlyShouting I WISH I HAD NEVER BEEN BORN!]]'''"
* In the Kermit-less world [[ButtMonkey Beaker’s]] a muscle-bound club bouncer with a hilariously deep ‘Meep.’