!!The Cartoon
* In the pilot, after he, Penny, and Brain are dropped out of a skiing gondola, Gadget summons his Gadgetphone out of his hat to complain about what had just happened.
--> '''Gadget''': I'm calling the maintenance department! This gondola probably hasn't been serviced for ''months''!
* In the episode "A Star Is Lost," after Gadget telling her about his new assignment to protect rock star [[StevenUlyssesPerhero Rick Rocker]] from MAD, [[NotSoAboveItAll the usually calm and level-headed]] Penny [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ERUMWiGrmQQ briefly turns into a squeeing fangirl]], shaking Gadget by his collar to get him to take her with him.
** Mad Cat's reaction to the brainwashing record is also funny.
* Gadget acting drunk after someone drugs his drink in "A Race To The Finish," to the point where he starts doing donuts on the racetrack.
--> '''Gadget:''' Yoo-hoo! Look at me! I can do a donut!
* Gadget's horrifically bad attempt at flying a rickety airplane in "Photo Safari," starting with this exchange:
--> '''Penny:''' Are you sure about this Uncle Gadget?
--> '''Gadget:''' No problem, Penny! The nice mechanic said any fool could fly this plane!
** And fly it he does. Upside down, sideways, through buildings and nearly into the ground, all before leaving the runway area. What really makes it hilarious it is Penny and Brain's shell shocked reactions, though - while Gadget's whistling and singing, completely oblivious to the danger they were just in as usual, Brain's freaking out and Penny frozen to her seat looking like she's having trouble not joining him.
*** Though the fact that he's able to fly a plane that's falling apart ALL THE WAY ACROSS THE ATLANTIC OCEAN (they live in the U.S., they're going to Africa) [[HiddenDepths says something about his piloting skills.]]
* Don't forget [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4gckb8VIDzg this scene]] from "All That Glitters"
--> '''Dr. Claw:''' You're supposed to be disposing of Gadget.
--> '''Mook:''' I've only got two hands.
--> '''Dr. Claw:''' What!? HOW DARE YOU!
* Most of Claw dealing with his idiot henchmen, but especially this from "Haunted Castle," after a backfiring trap sends a minion into the drip.
--> '''Dr. Claw:''' ''What were you doing in the moat?''
--> '''Henchman:''' "Well... uh... Well, I... uh...
--> '''Dr. Claw:''' '''What happened to Gadget?'''
--> '''Henchman:''' Well, uh... I don't know, sir...
--> '''Dr. Claw:''' '''YOU DON'T KNOW? WHERE IS HE NOW?'''
--> '''Henchman:''' Well, I'm not sure...
--> '''Dr. Claw:''' '''''NEVER MIIIIIIIND!!!'''''
* Gadget getting offended at the beginning of "Busy Signal" when Penny tells him his gadgets have been surpassed.
-->'''Gadget''': What's that you're reading, Penny?
-->'''Penny''': I'm doing the research for my report on the history of computers. It says here that most of the gadgets the doctor put in your body have now been surpassed.
-->'''Gadget''': '''Hmph.''' [[GoToYourRoom It's time for your bath, Penny]].
* Anytime Gadget tries to teach Penny something but ends up messing it up and embarrassing himself instead.
* [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zUgzigD_cgg This scene]] speaks for itself.
* The episode "Quiz Master" has a funny bit where a M.A.D. agent disguised as a bearded caveman in a stovepipe hat tries to waste Gadget, only for the bumbling detective to avoid the attack and say "Sorry, Mr. President".
* This exchange from "Gadget's Clean Sweep".
-->'''Dr. Claw''': You must get the Crown Jewels. I wanted them since I was a child.
-->'''Thelma Botkin''': You were a child?
* In the "Volcano" episode, Gadget's following Brain, who is disguised as a hula girl and gradually shedding the disguise. By the time Gadget finds the ''skirt'', the look on his face is absolutely priceless.
* The M.A.D. Agents mistaking the real Gadget for his robot duplicate in "Doubled Agent", especially when HilarityEnsues once the real Gadget asks the agents if they can stop for ice cream.
* The second episode featuring the Great Wambini and the Lesser Wambini has the Lesser Wambini attempt to stall the rich pet owners at the phony seance by doing shadow puppets. When the Great Wambini hears the cops coming and drags his assistant with him to their escape, the Lesser Wambini is ''still'' doing shadow puppets and is apparently oblivious of what is happening around him.
* "The Infiltration" has Gadget confronting Presto Changeo, each insisting that he's the real Gadget. The real Gadget stands near Chief Quimby, and then Gadget's mallet activates by itself and bonks Quimby on the head. Needless to say, this helps Quimby SpotTheImpostor:
-->'''Quimby''': ''(Pointing at Presto Changeo)'' Arrest that man! ''(Points at Gadget)'' This has '''got''' to be the real Gadget.
** Gadget's {{Leitmotif}} playing as Quimby says this makes it all the funnier.
* Dr. Claw's reaction as Gadget is about to flood MAD's underwater base is a combination of OhCrap and FreakOut, verging on VillainousBreakdown as he realizes that the base is ''doomed''.
* By far the most hilarious of Dr. Claw's minions, however, has to be Macho Miguel from "The Emerald Duck". The guy is CMOF personified; he's [[LargeHam so flamboyant and over-the-top he's laugh-out-loud hilarious every time he's in a scene]]. Some notable entries:
** [[https://youtu.be/5CGkN79-6sg?t=1m35s First scene.]]
--->'''Museum Receptionist''': It was first discovered in...
--->'''Macho Miguel''': Areba! (''Mariachi band plays MM's theme.'') It is I, Macho Miguel!
** [[https://youtu.be/5CGkN79-6sg?t=2m28s Making his escape with the Emerald Duck.]]
--->'''Macho Miguel''': Viva MAD! Viva Dr. Claw! Areba! (''sprints out of scene, then comes back because the mariachi band isn't playing'') Maybe you didn't '''hear''' me. I said, AREBA! (''band plays'') That's more like it!
** [[https://youtu.be/5CGkN79-6sg?t=4m15s Dr. Claw contacting Macho Miguel.]]
--->'''Dr. Claw''': Dr. Claw calling Macho Miguel. Come in, Agent Miguel! Where is that idiot?
--->'''Macho Miguel''': Areba! (''jumps into the scene on Claw's computer, along with his mariachi band.'') Macho Miguel is here!
--->'''Dr. Claw''': '''Enough, you fool!'''
** [[https://youtu.be/5CGkN79-6sg?t=7m7s After Dr. Claw orders him to get rid of Inspector Gadget.]]
--->'''Macho Miguel''': And now, I make my Macho exit! Areba! (''runs into wall'') Eh-yow!
--->'''Dr. Claw''': Forget the theatrics, you fool! '''Just get Gadget!'''
** [[https://youtu.be/5CGkN79-6sg?t=9m56s Random attempt to kill Gadget, who thinks MM is helping him, as usual.]]
--->'''Inspector Gadget''': It certainly is a long way down...
--->'''Macho Miguel''': Yes, '''isn't it'''! (''pulls a lever releasing the ledge under Gadget, laughing'') Adios, Inspector!
--->'''Inspector Gadget''': Wowzers! Go-go-Gadget-copter!
--->(''Gadget uses his helicopter to avoid falling, and Brain in disguise winds up falling with the ledge instead'')
--->'''Inspector Gadget''': I guess they don't make mountain ledges like they used to!
--->'''Macho Miguel''': Santa maria!
** [[https://youtu.be/5CGkN79-6sg?t=18m25s By far the funniest, Macho Miguel making his way to the pedestal that he can use the Emerald Duck on to activate the weapon Dr. Claw wants.]]
--->(''Macho Miguel finishes climbing the cliff side, and stops to catch his breath.'')
--->'''Macho Miguel''': Huh?
--->(''Mariachi band, standing on the cliff, starts playing MM's theme again.'')
--->'''Macho Miguel''': '''How did you get-'''
* "The Japanese Connection" had some pretty funny bits:
-->'''M.A.D. Ninjas''': Konichiwa, Gadget-san. We are about to do away with you!
-->'''Gadget''': Ah so!
** Later on in the episode:
-->'''Sumo Wrestler''': Ohio!
-->'''Gadget''': Oklahoma!
* At the end of "Did You Myth Me", after Dr. Claw's plan to obtain a formula to turn lead into gold is ruined, we find out that he had gotten too ahead of himself and had begun stocking up on lead, and now his castle is filled with piles of huge lead bars! For extra hilarity, the M.A.D scientist who was leading the operation had discovered that the formula didn't turn lead into gold, just changed it to the color of gold, [[AllForNothing meaning that his plan was doomed from the start]], and Dr. Claw would've been stuck with tons of worthless lead either way!

!!1999 Film
* While Gadget is battling the evil Robo-Gadget, hanging over the edge, holding on by his tie:
-->'''Robo-Gadget:''' Hey, Gadget, it's a clip-on!
* "''[[AsideGlance Somebody's]]'' been watching too many Saturday morning cartoons!" Cue Gadget, Claw, and Kramer looking at the camera.
** This is followed by a shot of Sikes shaking his head and going "Huh?"
* During Robo-Gadget's rampage across the city:
-->'''Japanese Man''': [[Franchise/{{Godzilla}} THIS IS WHY I LEFT TOKYO!]]
* And how can we possibly forget the part of Inspector Gadget's training session where his guru tells him to focus completely upon "obtaining the balls." More specifically, a pair of balls on the floor in front of him. Gadget's cybernetic hand extends as desired...and then it ''keeps going,'' rocketing [[GroinAttack straight at another pair of balls...]]
-->''[The Guru screams like a little girl; cut to the observation room, where the onlookers wince in sympathy]''\\
'''Guru''': (In the highest-pitched voice imaginable) Ungrip! ''Ungrip!'' Turn it off! TURN IT ''OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOFFFFFFFFF!!!!!!!''\\
'''Chief Quimby''': Well, I guess [[Series/TheSixMillionDollarMan six million dollars]] doesn't buy what it used to.\\
'''Brenda''': Excuse me.\\
''[As hospital workers put the guru in an ambulance, with an ice pack on his crotch]''\\
'''Guru''': (''Still'' in the highest-pitched voice imaginable) He is not a man, you know. Oh! He is a monster! (Sobs in pain)
* After a captive Gadget asks why Claw is creating robots:
-->'''Kramer:''' To make teachers!
-->'''Claw:''' [[BigShutUp SHUT UP!]]
* Doctor Claw, GrammarNazi.
-->'''Claw:''' ''Comprende''?!
-->'''Gadget:''' Yeah! I comprende!
-->'''Claw:''' (''shuts his eyes in annoyance'') No, no, no, no. I comprendo, yo comprendo. Conjugate the verb, for pity's sake!
* Claw [[VillainousBreakdown going batshit crazy]] after Brenda [[BerserkButton yells at him that she liked him better when he was fat]].
-->'''Claw:''' BRING ON THE BROWNIES!!!
* As Gadget is stuck on the bottom of the helicopter, Claw takes the time to mockingly call down to him "Hi, John, how are you doing down there?" and then mimic Brenda screaming John's name.
* When Brown wakes up after the operation and sees all sorts of stuff (pencil, bubble wand, lighter, etc.) coming out of his hand, his response is "What have they got me on?"
* [[WhatAnIdiot Sikes trying to dispose of the robotic foot by shoving it down the toilet.]] Penny catches him in the act, and is less than impressed at this. She then strikes up a friendly conversation with the guy while being held up at ''gunpoint''. [[CrazyEnoughToWork And it works]].
* Robo-Gadget's WeCanRuleTogether speech [[spoiler:after his head is separated from his body]] and Gadget replying [[spoiler:"[[BondOneLiner Should've quit while you were ahead]]," followed by him shrugging at the camera]].
* Claw and Sikes's expressions after Brenda punches Claw in the face.
* Claw screaming like a woman as Brain bites his ass and tears his pants up.
* Claw begging Brenda to not jump out of the helicopter to help Gadget.
* Claw mimicking Kramer's "Why would we do that?" after the latter questions him about stealing Brenda's research.

!!2003 Sequel
* The opening sequence where Gadget arrests an elderly woman for going ''0.3'' miles above the speed limit. Said old lady turns out to be ''Chief Quimby's mother''!
-->'''Chief Quimby''': Where is he?! '''[[SayMyName GAAAADGEEEET!]]''' You put my mother in jail for drag-racing?!\\
'''Inspector Gadget''': And driving without a license. You always said, Chief, "No one is above the law."\\
'''Chief Quimby''': That's what you said last week when you arrested that troop of girl rangers for ''selling cookies''!\\
''([[FlashbackCut flashback shows said girl scouts posing for mugshots]])'' \\
'''Inspector Gadget''': Those "cookies" were three days past expiration date!\\
(''Quimby gets his hand in bubble gum'')\\
'''Chief Quimby''': You are ''this'' close to being put on probation, Gadget! Now, let's get my mother out! Heaven knows what's happening to her down there with all those lowlifes!\\
(''[[DescriptionCut cut to Mama Quimby in the prison cell beating the crap out of the other prisioners]]'')\\
'''Mama Quimby''': Who's your granny now?! HUH?!\\
'''Inspector Gadget''': Wowzers! That's gotta hurt!\\
'''Chief Quimby''': Mom's tough love. This your last warning, Gadget: Stick to solving ''real'' crimes!\\
'''Inspector Gadget''': But, Chief, there are no criminals left! They're all in Riverton prison!\\
(''Cut to a stormy night at Riverton Prison as a claw bursts out from under the earth!'')
* When Gadget goes undercover as he enters the Blue Monkey bar, wearing plaid jacket, knit cap, fake mustache and an eyepatch. A real monkey sits at the counter wearing an Elvis wig and a blue jumpsuit. Gadget approaches the bartender.
-->'''Bartender''': What do you want?\\
'''Gadget''': Well, I just got outta the slammer. And I'm lookin' to wet my whistle.\\
'''Bartender''': What'll ya have?\\
'''Gadget''': A glass tall of milk.\\
'''Bartender''': Milk?\\
'''Gadget''': I mean... ''chocolate'' milk. Make it a double.
** As Gadget drinks the chocolate milk, his mustache remains on the rim as he slams down the empty mug. The Bartender stares at the mustache in the mug. Gadget places the mustache back on his face, and asks the bartender to tell him where Claw's location-- and ends up accidentally starting a BarBrawl.
-->'''Gadget''': WHOO! (''Bartender stares at the mustache in the mug. Gadget fishes it out and puts it back on his face'') I have a history of hair loss in my family.\\
'''Bartender''': Anything else I can get you?\\
'''Gadget''': Yes. I'm looking for... (''makes claw motions with his fingers'')\\
'''Bartender''': Sorry, we don't serve lobster here.\\
'''Gadget''': What? No! Dr. Claw!\\
'''Bartender''': Claw, huh? Well, if you wanna find him, you're gonna have to grease a few palms, if ya get my drift.\\
'''Gadget''': Well, whatever you say. Here you go. (''[[LiteralMinded squirts axle grease into the bartender's hand]]'') Top grade axle grease.\\
'''Bartender''': (''squeezes the grease in his fist and and gets angry'') '''''WHY, YOU?!'''''\\
'''Gadget''': Go go gadget, duck! (''retracts his head into his collar like a turtle and the bartender punches the man behind him; that man falls against an arm wrestler, who bumps into pool player, causing the cue ball go ricochetting across the room. The cue ball hits a bald dart player's head, and the man falls, destroying a card game table and thuds to the floor unconscious. Gadget sees the angry patrons advancing on him'') [[OhCrap Check, please!]] (''A thug throws a table aside.'') Just a check!\\
(''The monkey rushes to the phone on the counter and dials 9-1-1'')