* Murr, who is deathly afraid of heights, [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_MQpUuTY7DE being forced to skydive]]
** How it begins is even more hilarious. Unlike other punishments, this one is sprung onto him at the last second. They had Murr believe they were doing a normal challenge by teaching students what to do when they skydive. Once they surprise Murr with the revelation that this is his punishment, cue him taking off his jumpsuit and storming off to their van before they drag him inside. He didn't have the key though.
* For the people who felt sorry for Murr at the end of Human Pinata and Look Out Below, Joe getting his {{LaserGuidedKarma}} at the end of the episode "No Escape". You notice at the end they left him alone on stage the same way they left Murr alone at the end of Human Pinata.
* In the episode "Nationals Disaster", Joe's pathetic attempts at gymnastics are so hilarious it causes BOTH Sal and Murr to fall down.
* Joe dressed as a woman in the ep Fe-Mail. Enough said.
* Joe being made to "present his crotch in a grand fashion" to random strangers. He just gets so into it.
* In the episode "Permanent Punishment", the first challenge has the jokers act as security guards at a pharmacy. During Murr's turn, the man he was playing on was mocking him the entire time. This comes to a head where they have him smell the customer and say "I figured out what stinks in here -- your pussy!" which causes all three jokers in the back to double over laughing and Murr to cover his mouth immediately. "It just came out," he pleaded, as the man laughed hard as he did the entire challenge.
** Said permanent punishment involved [[spoiler:Joe forcing the other three to get tattoos, which according to him he selected for each of them based on their personalities. Q got "38, lives alone, has 3 cats" with a picture of a cat, to which Q noted he's turning 39 soon. Murr got a skydiving ferret, in reference to the punishment linked at the first item on this page where he "screamed like a bitch" just like the ferret on the tattoo. And Sal got... Jaden Smith.]]
--> [[spoiler:'''Sal''']]: That's not real-is this a joke? WHAT THE FUCK DOES THAT HAVE TO DO WITH ''ME''?!
--> [[spoiler:'''Joe''']]: ...It's funny!
** The episode featured a "clip a balloon onto a chosen unsuspecting stranger" challenge. After the game ends, the target chosen for the sudden death round decides to play it himself and manages to successfully clip a balloon without his target noticing. The Jokers are appropriately astounded by this and declare him the new winner, complete with him getting his arm raised in victory and the show awarding him the win via the "thumbs up" graphic.
* One challenge involved interviewing strangers on Times Square with questions provided by the other jokers. Q got an Indian woman who had [[MotorMouth so much to say]] that he never got a chance to ask any questions, and [[InstantWinCondition he won simply by handing her the microphone and taking a cab out of the challenge area]].
* In the intro for the Texas special, the jokers introduce the episode with over-the-top Southern accents dressed in typical cowboy garb. At the end, Q says "This offensive stereotype is missing only one thing!", at which point a stagehand changes his flat cap for a cowboy hat from offscreen (so that only his hands are visible) and the jokers cheer.
* Though the punishment itself is very much YMMV, Q's TrashTalk at the wrestling match is hilariously threatening.
--> "I'm going to copy and paste my opponent into a word document AND THEN DELETE IT!"
* "Brother-in-Loss" may have one of the [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QI5Oie5P3Gg best punishments yet]]. I'm not even going tell you what it is because it must be seen to be believed.
* One challenge involved a focus group, in which one joker moderated and the other was to read the answers the moderator wrote for them. Q was the moderator and had Sal seemingly about to quit on the last question, at which point he pointed finger guns at Sal with a big grin on his face. [[MexicanStandoff Sal aimed back as he tried to answer]], and the two completely stopped pretending that they weren't competing with each other, much to the other focus group participants' amusement.
* Murr on novocaine. That is all.
** From that same episode, Q is given the task of putting a piece of Hubba Bubba gum in his mouth every time he's told to. The funniest part is what happens on the sidelines moments earlier:
--> '''Murr''': ''(to the camera)'' I want to show you how big each piece of gum is. ''(holds up a piece of gum)'' This is a massive, this is not like- ''(Joe then knocks the gum out of Murr's hand, and he and Sal just stare at the pavement.)'' \\
'''Murr''': How much would you give me if I eat that? \\
''(Joe picks up the gum and shoves it in Murr's mouth. Murr then starts screaming as Joe laughs hysterically. Sal, on the other hand...)'' \\
'''Sal''': ''[[ScrewThisImOuttaHere (takes his headphones out and starts walking away)]]'' I'm done. I'm done.
* In "The Blunder Years", one of the challenges involved an actor playing a disgruntled customer walking into the store and splashing them with a cup full of water for something they did to that customer earlier, which they have to ask someone if they deserved that. When it got to Q's turn, the actor ''accidentally splashed the wrong guy.'' [[WordOfGod According to Murr,]] all he was told was Q had a beard and a hat. There just happened to be someone else in the store that fit the description. Since the production staff was forced to come out to the store and inform him of his error, the challenge was declared a foul and Q was given the win for free.
* Joe. Dressed up as a baby. Being forced to fight a sumo wrestler. Memorable in that this was the first punishment Joe had where he was truly afraid and actually tried to RUN AWAY. Can't call him the Fearless Fool anymore!
* Two words: [[BlackComedy Surprise Funeral]].
* [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YMCUauYYNOs The Adventures of Captain Fat Belly]].