* Over the years, Fuddruckers' name slowly devolves into... [[http://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/img_1734.JPG exactly what you think]].
* The scene at St. God's Memorial Hospital. You can see people playing slot machines to win free healthcare.
** "Your floor-(bump)-your floor is now clean!"
** The fact that A: they're too dumb to know any religious figure other than God, so they just named it "St. God's", and B: they were too lazy to [[https://thedroidyourelookingfor.files.wordpress.com/2013/04/2976733183_5cccf5b8ee.jpg put the sign on right]].
*** Furthermore, memorials are dedicated to dead people, so the name implies that "St. God" is dead.
* "Carl's Jr. Fuck you, I'm eating!"
** Arguably, the entire Carl's Jr. scene qualifies, if only for how much it CrossesTheLineTwice.
-->"Would you like to try our [[foldercontrol]]

[[folder: extra big-ass taco! ]]
, now with more [[/folder]]

[[folder: molecules ]]
* Frito's utter incompetence as a lawyer. He turns on his own client because ''the other lawyer said he's guilty'' and objects that above all else, Joe interrupted him while he was watching "Ow My Balls!"
-->'''Narrator''': "(Joe) would soon discover that in the future, Justice was not only blind, but had become rather retarded as well."
* As Joe takes his intelligence test, the person next to him is also taking one. The big difference is that Joe's is a verbal examination while the next person is doing the "square peg in square hole" test, ''and failing.'' He notices Joe looking at him, and he covers up the board. You know, to make sure that Joe ''isn't cheating off his test.''
-->'''Computer''': "If you have one bucket that holds two gallons, and another bucket that holds five gallons, how many ''buckets'' will you have?"
-->'''Joe''' "2?"
* The "House of Representin'", where President Camacho is introduced like a pro wrestler. Even better, he ''is'' a former pro wrestler (and porn star).
** The president's full name is Dwayne Elizondo [[ProductPlacement Mountain Dew]] Herbert Camacho.
** He proceeds to fire off half a clip from the Presidential SAW to restore order. The weapon sports the Presidential Seal on the magazine, just in case you forgot who it belonged to.
* The RunningGag of Joe being known as "Not Sure" for most of the movie.
* "Brawndo's got what plants crave!"
* After all Joe went through, it turns out that the "Time Masheen" is actually [[spoiler: a cheesy, wildly inaccurate historical theme park ride]].
* Brawndo: "It's got electrolytes!"
* "Welcome to Costco, I love you." For bonus points, try ''not'' to say this the next time you go to Costco.
* In the opening sequence, the army Generals have to watch Collins flick through several slides' worth of photographs of his budding friendship with Upgrayedd, culminating in a photo of Collins out of uniform, surrounded by hookers and in PimpDuds.
-->'''Horrified General''': Jesus Christ, Collins!
** "You see, a pimp's love is very different from that of a square."
* Fox News' description of Joe's trial:
-->'''Newscaster''': He tried taking water from toilets, but it's Secretary Not Sure who finds himself in the toilet now. And as history pulls down its pants and prepares to lower '''ITS ASS''' on Not Sure's head, it will be Daddy Justice who will be crapping on him '''THIS TIME'''.
** The courtroom artwork being shown during this segment is priceless. It depicts Joe as a tiny crybaby, and the judge as a muscular blonde god-like figure laying down the sentence of guilty on Joe.
* The police officer's repeated use of the term "this particular individual".
** Also, whenever Joe asks a question of the police, he gets maced in the eyes. '''Every time'''.
* Costco. Seen to be the size of a small city, including a tram system, a ''college'' and miles of products. One example is a city block worth of space devoted to nothing but red couches.