!! The TV Series


[[folder: Episode 1: Pilot ]]

* Liv inquires about the cops singing Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance" and Clive asks why she thinks they're doing that. [[DeadpanSnarker She tosses out this gem in response]]:
-->'''Liv:''' I think those guys want your bad romance. Unless singing Gaga around the station is a cop thing.


[[folder: Episode 4: Liv and Let Clive ]]

* Liv's newfound brain induced paranoia as the impetus for Ravi and Major becoming roommates who are VERY excited about playing Diablo III together.
* Liv sees Ravi go into the porn section of a Chinese video store and offers her opinion:
-->'''Liv:''' Your need for privacy in your living arrangement has just come into much sharper focus.
** He also finds [[PornParody the]] [[BrickJoke whore-y version]] of ''Film/{{Memento}}''.


[[folder: Episode 5: Flight of the Living Dead ]]

* Ravi teases Liv endlessly about her crush on Lowell, until she stops him with this remark:
-->'''Liv: ''' Shut up or I'll eat you.


[[folder: Episode 6: Virtual Reality Bites ]]

* Liv thinking that Lowell's accent comes from Buckingham Regalshire. He corrects her to London.
* Liv trying to make a lame excuse for why she has to cancel her date, before remembering Lowell is also a zombie and she can just tell the truth.


[[folder: Episode 7: Maternity Liv ]]

* Ravi and Lowell having a rapid-fire, extremely British conversation discussing the specific origins of their accents and trash-talking various local sports teams. Liv responds with this gem:
-->'''Liv''': Why do I have the sudden urge to dump tea into a harbor?
-->'''Lowell''': What's she talking about?
-->'''Ravi''': Colonist propaganda. Pay her no mind.
* Liv thinking Lowell is suddenly no longer interested in her, only to later find out that he ate a gay guy's brains so he'll be back to normal once the effects wear off.
-->'''Lowell''': I didnít really get it until I saw a magazine with Idris Elba on the cover, and the phrase Ďbig piece of yumí popped into my head. Iím mildly afraid of heights, but I would not hesitate to climb that mountain.


[[folder: Episode 10: Mr. Berserk ]]

* Sebastian's choice of exclamation after Liv headbutts him is pretty funny (and quite dark, given the circumstances)
-->'''Sebastian''': Ow, Mother of Dragons! God, that hurt!