* Kurapika has successfully [[spoiler: kidnapped Chrollo Lucifer, the head of the spiders.]] He plans to use him to bargain for Gon and Killua's safety. Back at the hotel, the [[spoiler: rest of the spiders]] debate on whether he would actually go through with his plan. One of their cell phones ring. It's Kurapika. He tells them three demands that he wants [[spoiler: the spiders]] to follow without argument, one of which is that they must not hurt Gon and Killua. The man replies that Gon and Killua put up so much of a struggle--what if a few of their bones were already broken?
-->'''Kurapika''': (calmly) Then we're done negotiating. *hangs up phone*
-->'''Phinks''': *calls him back, nervous* Sorry. I lied.
** Machi and Nobunaga promptly [[DopeSlap punch him in the head]].
* [[MonsterClown Hisoka]]'s flat reaction upon learning that he can't fight the Phantom Troupe leader Chrollo because [[spoiler: Kurapika placed Judgement Chain on him]]. The fact that he was actively staying with the troupe in order to find an opportunity to fight him makes this scene [[ShaggyDogStory all the more hilarious]].
--> [[ScrewThisImOutOfHere [Pakunoda,] We're leaving.]]
** [[http://killuasuperfriendship.tumblr.com/post/141241181821/this-might-be-the-best-reaction-of-all-time The 2011 series' rendition of this scene is simply... priceless.]]
* The epilogue of the Yorknew City arc, with Gon and Killua entering the auction to get a copy of Greed Island. Only find two Phantom Troupe members sitting nearby.
** Specifically, the pure, undiluted OhCrap expressions on their faces, followed by [[ScrewThisImOutOfHere tearing out of there in less time then it takes to blink.]]
* The way Gon and Killua treat Tsuzegura after he shows them his Ren.
* Biscuit's transformation.
* When [[spoiler: Ging and Gon]] finally meet each other. [[spoiler: Gon]] immediately launches into an apology for how [[spoiler: [[ItMakesSenseInContext Kaito got turned into a girl]]]].
* The way [[spoiler: Ging]] is shouted at by ''[[spoiler: the entire Hunter Association]]'' for [[spoiler: being a horrible dad.]]
-->'''[[spoiler: Gon:]]'''[[spoiler: Ging, can we talk more later?]]\\
'''[[spoiler: Ging:]]'''[[spoiler: I dunno, I'm a pretty busy man.]]\\
'''[[spoiler: Hunter Association:]]'''[[spoiler: ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME GING?!?! AND YOU CALL YOURSELF A FATHER?!]]\\
'''[[spoiler: Hunter Association:]]'''[[spoiler: GING'S THE WORST, GING'S THE WORST, GING'S THE WORST!]]\\
'''[[spoiler: Hunter Association:]]'''[[spoiler: YOU NEED TO APOLOGIZE TO GON! PROMISE HIM "I'll be a good father from now onwards.''!!!]]\\
'''[[spoiler: Hunter Association:]]'''[[spoiler: NO YOU KNOW WHAT?! YOU NEED TO STOP ACTING LIKE SOME GREAT, ALL-KNOWING DAD!!!]]\\
'''[[spoiler: Hunter Association:]]'''[[spoiler: HAVE LEORIO PUNCH YOU AGAIN!]]\\
'''[[spoiler: Ging:]]'''[[spoiler: What?! Guh!! This has nothing to do with you people!!!]]\\

* Soon after, when the hunters all once again start yelling at Ging for his treatment of Gon, he responds by fighting every single person in the stands, hundreds of hunters at once ''and wins''.
* Killua explains to Gon the difference in strengths between Hisoka, Hanzo and himself by drawing lines on the ground that are about a foot in length, then he shows Gon's position by drawing a line of over several yards.
** The best part? Killua muses to himself that he was being ''generous'' about that judgement!
* The overall MoodWhiplash in the fight between Gon and Hanzo. Gon is initially subjected to over 3 hours of ColdBloodedTorture by Hanzo because Gon refuses to forfeit. Hanzo, losing patience, threatens to chop off Gon's arm, but then Gon counters that [[HeadsIWinTailsYouLose if he bleeds out, Hanzo will be disqualified anyway, so they're technically at an impasse.]] Not only is Gon correct, but the examiners and the other applicants, even ''Hisoka'', start cracking up over Gon backing Hanzo into a corner despite spending the entire match getting beaten up.
* Much of the playful antics that occur between Gon and Killua. Also, with Gon's {{Incorruptible Pure Pureness}} and the fact that Killua is quite literally a [[TykeBomb child assassin]], their opinion over matters clash often enough. This leads to Killua being at a loss at how to respond to Gon's naivete. Cue a few [[DeadpanSnarker deadpan snarks]] and [[SweatDrop sweatdrops]].
* Early in the anime, Kurapika and Leorio argue over how Gon should go about his duties, should he become a Hunter. Kurapika believes that Hunters should be responsible, loyal defenders of all that is good. Leorio is all about the fame and fortune. Things get so heated, they end up shouting each other. Then failing to convince the other, they turn screaming to Gon, who's nervous, caught in the middle. The entire exchange basically sets up just how Kurapika and Leorio are so at odds. And it's funny.
* Killua's reaction when finds out Gon [[spoiler:is a KidAnova who has dated older women.]]
* Any time someone hears that Leorio [[YoungerThanTheyLook is only a teenager]].
** This is even brought up during the Third Phase of the Hunter Exam. During Leorio's square off with one of the Prisoners in a tower, he sets up a gambling competition. Gon suggests that Leorio have the prisoner bet how old he is for a cheap and easy win. Which could have possibly worked, since even ''she'' was stumped.
* When Wing demonstrates the power of Nen to Zushi by tearing a page out of a book and using it to slice a can in half from across the room:
-->'''Zushi''':Master...I didn't... have a chance to read that book yet.
-->'''Wing''': Huh?
-->'''Zushi (crying)''': And that can of juice was mine...
-->'''Wing (stuttering)''': S-sorry.
* In the original series, there's the scene where Kurapika is in the same room as several Hunters who also double as Nen-users, waiting for the person who hired them. They start discussing their nen abilities, and [[TheSmurfettePrinciple the only lady in the group]] (who is also [[FemmeFatale REALLY hot]]) shows off hers. Which consist of her kissing the guy next to her, ''{{mind control}}ling him through said kiss'', and then flat-out [[GettingCrapPastTheRadar enacting a S&M scene]] in front of the others via [[GroinAttack pressing her heeled foot to his crotch]] while he begs for more. It has to be seen to be believed.
* Hisoka [[spoiler: joking about killing Killua and Illumi's reaction to it]].
* When [[spoiler: Knuckles challenged Gon to punch him once, Gon took up the offer and Knuckle's [[OhCrap reaction]] is hilarious to watch]].
* Biscuit's {{Training from hell}} for Gon and Killua.
* During Greed Island, the group needs to fool someone into thinking they're splitting up. Bisky's solution? Randomly slapping Killua across the face in the middle of a conversation. Cue the complete silence and Gon's utterly confused OhCrap face.
* Another Greed Island moment. When the group is walking with Hisoka, [[MaleGaze his gaze focuses on Gon and Killua's butts.]] The boys, feeling his pleasure, [[AbhorrentAdmirer utterly panic]] and force him to walk in front.
* After [[TheBusCameBack nearly hundreds of chapters of being absent]], Leorio's grand re-entrance into the series is capped off by him yelling over the phone that [[RunningGag they got his name wrong again]].
* When Killua is running with Komugi on his back. [[spoiler: Komugi doesn't really know what's going on. All she knows is that some people showed up in the castle, injured her and then said she was their hostage. Killua was trying to protect her, but she understandably thought that he was kidnapping her and Pouf (someone whose voice she recognized) was trying to save her. She reacts by [[http://31.media.tumblr.com/36621de96220b0c3e741b35f239f4936/tumblr_n5j2tpEjRU1s50lneo1_500.gif pulling Killua's hair]] and telling him he's weird because he feels all "tingly." When Killua asks her "you trust an insect like him over me?!" she responds "what do you mean an insect?!" because she has no idea what the people she's been staying with all this time looked like. Killua deems that it would take too much time to explain it to her and knocks her out. ]]
* Crosses over with CrowningMomentOfHeartWarming: when Morel overhears the Chimera Ant child that Colt's been taking care of proclaim [[spoiler: that she's actually [[{{Reincarnation}} the long dead Kite]]]], he almost trips over himself scrambling down the hospital hallway to tell Gon and Killua the news.
* Knuckle tries to explain how his Nen power, Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, works when he fights Gon seriously. Gon's so lost on the mathematics and mechanics of it all that his brains metaphorically fry out from the stress.
--> '''Gon:''' [[BookDumb This is the power of my opponent, and he hasn't even done anything yet!]]
* During the Greed Island arc, Gon, Killua, and Bisky discover a strange name on the roster: Chrollo Lucilfer, the head of the Phantom Troupe. They quickly put together that this, of ''all'' things in the game, is especially suspicious because [[spoiler: his Nen was sealed by Kurapika during the Yorknew City arc, and he couldn't have ''possibly'' gotten it all back this quickly]]. So, they decide to warp to his location, only to discover [[spoiler: a [[MaleFrontalNudity fully naked]] [[MrFanservice Hisoka ]] greeting them]]. Cue OhCrap faces.
** In both the anime and the manga, he develops his signature crotch glow as he speaks to Gon and Killua. However, the difference between the two mediums lies in how the scene is portrayed. In the manga, they just outright showed the glow. The 2011 anime however figured it too racy and instead showed the trio's ''reactions'' to it. The boys are understandably uncomfortable, but when the camera cuts to Bisky, [[DirtyOldWoman she's drooling her brains out.]]
*** In the 2011 anime it's actually ''more'' racy by implication, as when the scene cuts to Gon and Killua staring wide-eyed at Hisoka's crotch, their eyes can be seen [[LampshadedDoubleEntendre slightly rising]] along with [[SomethingElseAlsoRises something else]]...
* [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fWS3Ew2ol2I In one scene]] from the musical ''Nightmare of Zaoldyeck,'' Hisoka is forcing Milluki, Kalluto, Kikyo, and all the Zoldyck butlers (plus Zeno, who thought it looked like fun and asked to join in) to dance with his Bungee Gum, and has reached his ten-person limit when ''Illumi'' comes in and starts dancing with everybody, looking like he's having the time of his life and ignoring a confused Hisoka calling his name and pointing out that he's not making Illumi do anything. He keeps going for about thirty seconds, and it's only when he's finished that he turns to Hisoka and asks, "What are you doing to my family?"
*** Despite initially panicking, Milluki finds one benefit to being forced to dance. "I'm getting thinner!"
** During the song "Family," Kalluto goes DeadpanSnarker on his big brother:
--> '''[[FatBastard Milluki]]''': You can't succeed the Zoldyck family if you make friends!
--> '''Kalluto''': Or if you're too fat.
--> '''Milluki''': KALLUTO!
** After the family party, Milluki takes another, similar hit, this time from Zeno:
--> '''Milluki''': Those guys...They say I'm fat, an otaku, they mock me! [[ThisIsUnforgivable Unforgivable!]]
--> '''Zeno''': Look...Everyone can see you're a fat otaku just by looking at you.
--> '''Milluki''': I know that! It pisses me off!
** After Hisoka says that when he defeats strong people, SomethingElseAlsoRises, Zeno flat-out [[DeadpanSnarker calls him a pervert.]]
*** And then after Hisoka fights Zeno and Silva and leaves, there's this exchange:
--> '''Zeno''': Crafty man...
--> '''Silva''': ''[[ViewerGenderConfusion Man?]]''
** Illumi tells Hisoka that he has a Switch that will return Killua to his "original" self, a bloodthirsty killer. Hisoka asks to know just what it is, but Illumi won't say because he knows Hisoka will spill his secret if he does. Hisoka keeps asking Illumi to tell him, and then Illumi gets the most devious little smile on his face and says he will...but only if Hisoka lets him see his face without makeup. Hisoka immediately refuses:
--> '''Hisoka''': No way! Putting on this makeup takes a lot of time! ''(sees that Illumi has gone offstage and chases after him)'' Hey, tell me!
** Even funnier is that Illumi was exactly right: the ''very next thing'' Hisoka does is tell the first good guy he finds (Kurapika) everything he knows about the Switch.
* The 288th Hunter Exam. Killua decides to take a break from playing Greed Island with Gon to go and finally pass the Hunter's Exam. Killua decides he wants to be the [[{{Troll}} only applicant to pass]] so during the first stage of the exam he knocks out every other applicant. Netero [[ActuallyPrettyFunny finds this funny]] and decides to pass Killua on the spot.
* In the first Hunter Exam of the series, [[ChefOfIron Menchi]] sends out the applicants to search for the ingredients they need to prepare the dishes. At some point, Hisoka is shown... calmly emerging from a lake, [[ThecomicallySerious carrying a fish in his mouth as if he was a cat.]]