* Following a wave of laying the verbal smackdown after a news story misinterpreting a comment he made about his lack of interest in making PC games and ports, he got called out for it by Atsushi Inaba, his superior at Creator/PlatinumGames. According to Kamiya, the conversion when like this:
--> "I got chewed out by Inaba again because I said クソ馬鹿ぼんくらガイジン[[labelnote:TL]]''kuso baka bonkura gaijin'' - "damn idiot foreigners"[[/labelnote]]. :(" [[http://twitter.com/PG_kamiya/status/289334495570706432]] \\
"He was like "Don't say gaijin[[labelnote:*]]"gaijin" is a contraction of "gaikokujin" (lit. "foreign country person"), and is seen by some as a slur.[[/labelnote]], It's rude! You can say fuck, shit or douche, but never use gaijin ! ...uh, never use all of them, I mean." [[http://twitter.com/PG_kamiya/status/289336165943889921]]
** Involving the same story, Kotaku writer Luke Plunkett asked if he even read it. Kamiya delivers a response that became instantly memetic.
---> [[https://twitter.com/PG_kamiya/status/288816739297419265 Do you eat shit?]]