'''Note: ''' The episodes are organized based on information from the [[http://heyarnold.wikia.com/wiki/Hey_Arnold_Wiki Hey Arnold! Wiki]].


[[folder:Season 1]]
!!1A – Downtown as Fruits
!!1B – Eugene's Bike
* Arnold and Eugene enjoying a day out, and all of the bad things happening to Eugene (he fails to catch a home-run ball at a baseball game, chokes on a hot dog and subsequently gets hit in the eye with the piece that flew out of his mouth, and he falls into the river while looking out over the docks).
!!2A – The Little Pink Book
!!2B – Field Trip
* Arnold and his grandma break into the aquarium to free an old aged mistreated turtle. They pass by a security guard who is too preoccupied with tormenting the animals to even notice them. Though what he does is actually pretty funny:
-->'''Guard:''' ''(laughing)'' Here, have a cookie. ''(penguin coughs up cookies and squawks angrily)'' Uh oh, you tossed your cookies. Here have a cookie. ''(penguin coughs up cookie and squawks angrily)'' Uh oh, you tossed your cookies again.
** Later on, when Arnold and his grandma are escaping with said turtle, they pass by the guard who is now taunting a shark.
--->'''Guard:''' ''(dipping his hand in and out of the shark tank)'' Let's go big shark. Come on, Jaws. Bite me. ''(he falls into the tank and is cornered by shark)'' WHAAA!
!!3A – Arnold's Hat
* The image of [[http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lw2rn4uV5T1qfmyx9o1_500.png Helga posing as a gargoyle]] in order to steal Arnold's hat.
!!3B – Stoop Kid (episode)
* The ending is both this and a [[SugarWiki/MomentOfAwesome Crowning Moment of Awesome]] for him:
-->'''Harold:''' ''[[BullyingADragon Little Baby Stoop Kid's Afraid to leave his stooooop!]]'' Haha!
-->'''Stoop Kid:''' (As Harold turns around the corner) HEY! ''(jumps off stoop, Harold's [[OhCrap jaw drops]])'' COME HERE FAT BOY! I'M GONNA ROLL YOU DOWNTOWN!
-->'''Harold:''' ''(starts running away)'' Ahhhh! Help! Mommy!
!!4A – Helga's Makeover
* Helga gives herself a makeover, in order to look more girly for Rhonda's party. When her mother Miriam opens the bathroom door and sees the finished product she gasps and faints, causing Helga to say "Maybe I should've gone a bit lighter on the eye shadow."
!!4B – The Old Building
!!5A – 6th Grade Girls
!!5B – The Baseball
!!6A – Heat
* Arnold walks into the kitchen where his grandma is sitting at the table.
-->'''Grandma:''' I can't stand it Arnold! It's hotter than blazes! I'm a grandma with a husband, a young grandson, and a boarding house full of people to be responsible for.
-->'''Arnold:''' ''(to himself)'' This heat's so crazy it's got Grandma acting ''normal''.
* The ''entire'' scene with the Jolly Olly man.
--->'''Helga:''' ''(climbs atop ice cream truck)'' We've had enough! We want our ice cream, and we want it at a price we kids can afford!
--->'''Harold:''' You said it, sister!
--->'''Iggy:''' That's right!
--->'''Helga:''' And if we don't get it, we're going to do something really ''bad''!
--->''(Crowd yells in agreement and rocks the ice cream truck.)''
--->'''Jolly Olly Man:''' Okay, okay! ''(thinks)'' You can have "Rum Raisin" for 10 [dollars].
--->''[[BeatPanel (Beat.)]]''
--->'''Helga:''' LIFT THE TRUCK!!!
** And then the kids try to do so with ''Helga still on the truck!''
** Eugene, trying to help ([[ButtMonkey in his typical clueless way]]) by attempting to lift up the ''entire back end'' of the ice cream truck. He predictably hurts himself, and spends the rest of the scene marching back and forth and clutching his back while the other kids rock and shake the truck.
!!6B – Snow
* [[http://youtu.be/FOlJixJAhPM Harvey hates the snow.]]
** A Hillwood city bus is pelted by snowballs thrown by Harold and his friends:
--->'''Bus Driver:''' Ah! I can't see! ''(turns to look at passengers)'' WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE!
--->''(cut to passenger seats, showing only Grandma and boarding house pets, who honestly don’t care about the situation. The bus crashes, and Grandma escapes the wreckage on a sled pulled by the pets.)''
** The boarding house residents are moaning about the furnace breaking:
--->'''Grandpa:''' You call this cold? You should have been here in the winter of '49!
--->'''Mr. Hyunh:''' I don't care, I was in Vietnam in 1949...plus I was not born yet!
!!7A – Operation Ruthless
* The whole ''Tunnel of Love'' scene and the pairings that resulted afterward.
!!7B – The Vacant Lot
* There's [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P-FwRB6sQ9g this]] scene where Eugene gets attacked by Harvey’s chickens. Look at Arnold in that scene, he couldn't care less!
!!8A – The List
* YMMV, but the boy steals Arnold's baseball for no reason.
!!8B – Haunted Train (episode)
!!9A – Mugged
!!9B – Roughin' It
!!10A – Door Number 16
!!10B – Arnold as Cupid
* Susie yelling at Oskar for not helping out around the house, especially this line.
-->'''Susie:''' You expect everyone to take care of you.
-->'''Oskar:''' I don't expect everyone to take care of me, just you.
!!11A – Benchwarmer
!!11B – Cool Jerk
!!12A – Das Subway
* The GilliganCut of riding on the subway.
-->'''Helga:''' There is no way I'm taking the subway. I can't ''believe'' I'm taking the subway.
* Everyone's deadpan response to what they thought the homeless man was going to say:
--> "We know, we know. Get out of your house."
!!12B – Wheezin' Ed (episode)
* '''Arnold:''' Who'd be stupid enough to make ''counterfeit pennies''?
** And the moment shortly thereafter when they run into the counterfeiters:
--->'''Sid:''' AAAAAAAH it's WHEEZIN' ED! ''(sees henchman)'' And...[[MyFriendsAndZoidberg and SOME OTHER GUY!]]
!!13A – Tutoring Torvald
!!13B – Gerald Comes Over
!!14A – Spelling Bee
!!14B – Pigeon Man (episode)
!!15A – Olga Comes Home
* Helga forges Olga's report card (making her think she got a B+ and sending the poor girl into a depression) and begins getting all the gifts that Olga turned down (as she thinks she's a failure just because she got a B+), Helga eats from a box of chocolates and gloats how she finally took over being the favorite of the family -- until she chokes on the chocolate and has to give herself the Heimlich maneuver.
** Near the end, Helga begins to realize just how badly Olga is affected by her prank and feels pity for her, alone and crying in her room. She remarks that there's only "one thing to do" ...and promptly closes Olga's door to lessen the noise.
!!15B – Sally's Comet
!!16A – Abner Come Home
!!16B – The Sewer King (episode)
!!17A – False Alarm
!!17B – World Records
* Arnold, his friends, and other people from the neighborhood try to get into the Book of World Records by making the world's biggest pizza puff.
-->'''Gerald:''' I hope we put in enough baking soda.
-->'''Phoebe:''' 150 teaspoons should be plenty.
-->'''Sid:''' ''(nervously)'' "Teaspoons"? I didn't know it was... "teaspoons."
-->'''Phoebe''': What did you think "TSP" stood for?
-->''(long pause)''
-->'''Sid:''' Uh... ten square pounds?
-->'''Arnold:''' [[OhCrap Uh oh...]]
-->'''Oskar:''' Look out, she's gonna blow!
-->''(Pizza puff explodes.)''
!!18A – Magic Show
!!18B – 24 Hours to Live
!!19A – Part Time Friends
!!19B – Biosquare
!!20 – Arnold's Christmas

[[folder:Season 2]]
'''Note: ''' Episodes with an asterisk (*) were originally produced for Season 1.
!!21A – Helga's Boyfriend*
!!21B – Crush on Teacher*
!!22A – Hall Monitor*
!!22B – Harold's Bar Mitzvah*
!!23A – Coach Wittenberg (episode)*
!!23B – Four-Eyed Jack (episode)*
!!24A – Tour de Pond*
!!24B – Teachers' Strike*
* When the teachers go on strike, Principal Wartz has to teach the entire school. He tries to lead everyone in a sing-along...
-->'''Wartz:''' And now, the left side of the room! B-I-N-G-O...
* [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m8CBrZfwVzY "Slippage"?]]
** Or the "[[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GcVW6Me7y0o Slippage]]" StupidStatementDanceMix?
!!25 – Arnold's Valentine
!!26A – Runaway Float*
!!26B – Partners*
!!27A – The Big Scoop
!!27B – Harold’s Kitty
!!28A – Arnold Saves Sid
!!28B – Hookey
!!29A – Save the Tree
* The bulldozer which was going to knock down “Mighty Pete” is taken over by Arnold’s Grandma, Gertie.
-->'''Nick Vermicelli:''' ''(shouting and chasing Arnold's Grandma)'' Hey! Crazy lady! Come back here with my bulldozer!
!!29B – New Teacher
* During the scene where all the kids "prank" Mr. Simmons by coughing at the same time, the camera pans out to show the entire circle of students, still coughing... ''with Curly lying dramatically on the floor''.
* [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wfeCpOgX-BQ This gem]] after Curly intentionally drops a pencil in attempt to prank a second new teacher:
-->'''Lieutenant Major Goose:''' Who deployed that pencil? It was a calculated act! ''(Walks to Curly's desk)'' Since the foreign object is under your desk, I assume you are the enemy! What is your name?
-->'''Curly:''' Curly!
-->'''Goose:''' Your hair's not curly, boy! What's your real name?
-->'''Curly:''' [[EmbarrassingFirstName Thaddeus.]]
-->'''Goose:''' ''({{Beat}})'' ...Curly! Go stand in that corner facing inward! ''(Helga laughs)'' You've earned yourself a corner, little lady! ''(Harold laughs)'' And so have you, pally! Move, move, move! ''(Points at Stinky)'' You! The remaining corner now!
-->'''Stinky:''' Why?
-->'''Goose:''' ''Symmetry!''
** This classic line from Curly:
--->'''Curly:''' WHY DO FOOLS FALL IN LOVE!?
!!30A – Ransom
!!30B – Ms. Perfect
!!31A – Monkey Business
!!31B – Big Caesar (episode)
!!32A – The High Life
!!32B – Best Friends
!!33A – Longest Monday
* To avoid being StuffedIntoATrashCan, Stinky hides in a trash can.
-->'''Stinky:''' Talk about ironic.
!!33B – Eugene’s Pet
!!34A – Mud Bowl
!!34B – Gerald Moves Out
!!35A – Freeze Frame
!!35B – Phoebe Cheats
* Mr. Simmons reads Helga's love poem for Arnold for a poetry contest in class and it is signed Anonymous. When Helga hears Mr. Simmons begin to read it, she freaks out and slouches down in her chair prompting the following line from Stinky:
-->'''Stinky:''' Gosh, Helga, you're sliding down your chair like it was ''your'' poem or something.
!!36A – Helga’s Love Potion
* Helga just says "Oh, hi Brainy." and walks away, causing Brainy to suffer a panic attack and then ''punch himself out.''
!!36B – Gerald’s Secret
!!37A – Steely Phil
!!37B – Quantity Time
!!38A – Eating Contest
!!38B – Rhonda’s Glasses
!!39A – Eugene Goes Bad
!!39B – What's Opera, Arnold?
!!40 – Arnold's Halloween
* Stinky inadvertently reveals to Helga that Arnold and Gerald's radio prank lead to her and her friends getting chased.
-->''(cut to Arnold and Gerald all the way across town)''
-->'''Arnold:''' Did you hear something just now?
-->'''Gerald:''' No.

[[folder:Season 3]]
!!41A – The Aptitude Test
!!41B – Oskar Gets a Job
!!42A – Curly Snaps
!!42B – Pre-Teen Scream
!!43A – Stinky Goes Hollywood
!!43B – Olga Gets Engaged
* Helga saves her sister from marrying a con-artist. And she is absolutely ''appalled'' that she's doing it.
--> '''Helga:''' I was so close to getting rid of her! ''So close!!''
!!44A – Crabby Author
!!44B – Rich Kid
!!45A – Helga Blabs It All
!!45B – Harold the Butcher
!!46A – Arnold Betrays Iggy
!!46B – Helga and the Nanny
!!47A – Dangerous Lumber
* Eugene was beaned with a baseball by Arnold. He rides by Arnold and Gerald on his bike and says [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8VXtRxC07co "Oh, what a pretty sign."]]
!!47B – Mr. Hyunh Goes Country
!!48A – Arnold's Room
!!48B – Helga vs. Big Patty
!!49A – Career Day
!!49B – Hey Harold!
!!50A – Casa Paradiso
* Susie Kokoshka shows Grandpa Phil a slideshow. One slide shows newlyweds Oskar and Susie moving into the boarding house and Susie is the one carrying Oskar in a BridalCarry.
!!50B – Gerald's Tonsils
!!51A – Phoebe Takes the Fall
!!51B – The Pig War
!!52A – Best Man
!!52B – Cool Party
* When the group thinks of ways to get back at Rhonda for not inviting them, Curly offers a bizarre suggestion.
-->'''Curly:''' I say we paint ourselves with tiger stripes, and go free all the animals in the zoo!
-->''(Arnold, Gerald, Helga, Stinky, Harold, and Eugene all stare at him)''
-->'''Helga:''' Fine, Curly. We'll meet you there in an hour.
-->'''Curly:''' Hooray! ''(he laughs maniacally and runs away)''
-->'''Helga:''' Poor twisted little freak.
** And later, [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qYEyH7CmHUU he actually does it]].
* Park and Peapod ditch Rhonda’s cool party (so they can go to Arnold’s geek party) through the means of Peapod faking a headache.
-->'''Park:''' Come on, let’s go to Arnold’s.
-->'''Peapod:''' I hear you on that one.
!!53A – Sid's Revenge
* Sid's overreaction to his belief that Principal Wartz is dead and it’s all his fault.
-->'''Arnold:''' Let's talk about this rationally.
-->'''Sid:''' Okay, Arnold. Rationally. But remember...I KILLED PRINCIPAL WARTZ!
!!53B – Roller Coaster
!!54A – Grandpa's Birthday
* Arnold's grandpa thinks he finally passed away.
-->'''Grandpa:''' I must be in Heaven now. ''(opens his eyes, sees Oskar Kokoshka)'' Oh no! Oskar's here! This must be the '''''[[{{Hell}} other place!]]'''''
!!54B – Road Trip
!!55A – Arnold & Lila
!!55B – Grand Prix
* Eugene and Sid arguing over what name should be given to the rebuilt go-kart.
-->'''Eugene:''' ''(paints one final section of the go-kart)'' All finished. What do you think?
-->'''Arnold:''' I can't believe you talked us into letting you paint it purple.
-->'''Eugene:''' It's not purple, Arnold. It's [[InsistentTerminology mauve!]]
-->'''Sid:''' Whatever. We're still calling it "The Dark Avenger".
-->'''Eugene:''' But, Sid. Look at it! It’s "The Mauve Storm".
-->'''Sid:''' "The Dark Avenger".
-->'''Eugene:''' "The Mauve Storm".
-->'''Sid:''' "The Dark Avenger".
-->'''Stinky:''' I got it! How about [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gkhGPrEMx5c&feature=kp "The Mauve Avenger"]]?
-->''(cut to Sid, then Eugene, then Arnold)''
-->'''Arnold:''' Stinky, we are ''not'' calling our go-kart "The Mauve Avenger". ''(GilliganCut)'' I cannot believe we called our go-kart "The Mauve Avenger".
!!56 – Arnold's Thanksgiving
!!57A – Girl Trouble
* Grandpa Phil relates how he used to be picked on by a girl in grade school the same way Helga picks on Arnold.
-->'''Arnold:''' That's exactly what I've been going through, Grandpa.
-->'''Grandpa:''' [[LampshadeHanging Uncanny, isn't it Arnold?]]
!!57B – School Dance
!!58A – Helga's Show
* Helga does some pretty spot on impressions of her classmates, which offends them. Phoebe suggests she do something more positive, so she writes her a REALLY CORNY poem complimenting her classmates in PAINFUL, PAINFUL rhyme. Plus, the music that plays while she's reading it.
-->'''Helga:''' Curly, now there's an original kid. ''(weird rimshot noise)''
!!58B – The Flood
* Helga is trying to escape, but then she runs into Principal Wartz who was just dancing in the halls with a sombrero, poncho, and maracas.
-->'''Wartz:''' Are you attempting to leave school grounds without permission, Miss Pataki?
-->'''Helga:''' ''([[DeadpanSnarker Deadpanned]])'' Are you attempting to dance “The Flamingo”, Principal Wartz?
-->''(long pause)''
-->'''Wartz:''' This moment never happened.
-->'''Helga:''' Gotcha.
-->''(both walk past each other)''
!!59 – School Play
* All of Mr. Hyunh's scenes.
-->'''Mr. Hyunh:''' I will help you Arnold!
-->'''Arnold:''' You, Mr. Hyunh?
-->'''Mr. Hyunh:''' YES! I am very dramatic! ''(strikes a pose)''
-->'''Grandpa:''' That's a polite word for what you are. ''(rimshot)''
** Another moment, courtesy of Oskar and [[ItMakesSenseInContext Mr. Hyunh in drag]]:
--->'''Mr. Hyunh:''' Why do you always have to cheat, Oskar! Why can't you act like a normal person?
--->'''Oskar:''' Me? What about you? You're wearing a dress!
--->'''Mr. Hyunh:''' That is to help Arnold! I'm Juliet!
--->'''Oskar:''' You're not Juliet. You're a sad man wearing a dress!
!!60 – Parents Day

[[folder:Season 4]]
!!61A – Eugene's Birthday
!!61B – Stinky's Pumpkin
* Stinky complaining that he tries to taxidermy a squirrel but it went wrong.
-->'''Father:''' [[EpicFail Squirrel's got to be dead]].
* Stinky's father, seeing his hard work to grow something in their garden, hands his grandfather's "magic" spud over to him.
-->'''Stinky:''' Thank you! But why didn't you give it to me while you saw me digging the garden with a ladle?
-->'''Father:''' Because that's what held the kitchen table.
!!62A – Dinner for Four
* Arnold wants Helga to go back to Chez Paris and come clean about the dinner fiasco.
-->'''Helga:''' Look, I am not going to go in there and tell them the truth and wind up washing dishes. ''(GilliganCut)'' I can't ''believe'' I told them the truth and I wound up washing dishes!
!!62B – Phoebe Skips
!!63A – Full Moon
* Principal Wartz is trying to get Arnold to state who mooned him (Wartz), but Arnold won't because he's not a snitch. Wartz tells a story of how in school he tattled on some classmates and could NeverLiveItDown, essentially destroying his social life. He states that he didn't care what anyone else thought of him, because he knew he had done the right thing. And in the end, he became an elementary school principal.
-->'''Wartz:''' ...Wouldn't you like to be an elementary school principal?
-->'''Arnold:''' ''(Unimpressed)'' Not really.
-->''(Wartz's eyes pop open with a comical 'boing!')''
!!63B – Student Teacher
!!64A – Big Gino (episode)
!!64B – Jamie O in Love
!!65A – The Beeper Queen
* Arnold sees Helga with a melted ice cream cone in her hand and asks her what's wrong. She starts a passionate speech about her mom, gesticulating fiercely with the ice cream still in her hand. After she finishes, the camera cuts to Arnold, who is splattered all over with chocolate ice cream.
!!65B – Oskar Can't Read?
!!66A – Headless Cabbie (episode)
!!66B – Friday the 13th
!!67A – Helga's Parrot (episode)
* A parrot mimics a love poem for Arnold that Helga recites in her sleep and she spends the episode trying to stop Arnold from hearing it. She tracks him down to the pet store but covers to say she's buying a monitor lizard. Unfortunately for her, the woman behind the counter is relieved to get rid of it and plops the giant reptile into Helga's arms. Then there’s a GilliganCut to Helga leaving the lizard with Phoebe for the night. And the next day when she limps into school, Phoebe is holding the lizard on a leash in the middle of the class.
** Helga is also forced by circumstance to spend the night hidden in Arnold's room. When he starts to get undressed for bed, Helga tries to cover her eyes. But she can't resist a peak and falls backwards smiling.
!!67B – Chocolate Turtles
!!68A – Love and Cheese
!!68B – Weighing Harold
!!69A – It Girl
!!69B – Deconstructing Arnold
* Helga advises Rhonda to act attracted to her StalkerWithACrush, Curly, assuming this sudden reversal will drive him away. HilarityEnsues.
!!70A – Grudge Match
* There's the moment where Grandpa Phil wins the golf match by hitting a birdie (one under par) on the last hole.
-->'''Arnold:''' You did it, grandpa.
-->'''Grandpa:''' What? What did I do? I'm not wearing my glasses.
-->'''Arnold:''' You birdied!
-->'''Grandpa:''' Oh, I hit a birdie. That's terrible!
-->'''Arnold:''' No, you won!
-->'''Grandpa:''' Oh, that's wonderful! How's the bird?
!!70B – Polishing Rhonda
!!71 – Veterans Day
* Grandpa Phil's... embellished version of his service in WWII. He fought Hitler & gave him a wedgie! See it [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=teB_OOvmZDE&feature=related here]].
!!72A – Back to School
* Arnold asks Grandpa Phil where he's going in the evening with two sixth grade girls.
-->'''Grandpa:''' We're gonna sneak into a rated PG-13 movie.
-->'''Arnold:''' But you're 81! You can get into a PG-13 movie anytime!
!!72B – Egg Story
!!73A – Weird Cousin
* Arnold becomes annoyed from Stinky blabbering on about how Lila likes Arnie a lot and says: "[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oawXy5nPxj0 Stinky...shut up.]]"
!!73B – Baby Oskar (episode)
* [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_meDCOnqWao Oskar wants Susie to make him a sandwich]].
!!74A – Helga Sleepwalks
!!74B – Fighting Families
!!75A – Monkeyman!
!!75B – Buses, Bikes, and Subways
* YMMV, but Helga's tirade to Harold is downright HILARIOUS.
!!76A – Grandpa's Sister
!!76B – Synchronized Swimming
!!77A – Helga's Masquerade
!!77B – Mr. Green Runs
!!78 – Helga on the Couch
* After another unexpected encounter with Arnold, Helga walks into an alley where Brainy (once again) is waiting for her. She proceeds to call him out on it.
-->'''Helga:''' Look, Brainy, this is just ''weird.'' How is it that you're standing behind me again? How did you get in this little arch? Were you waiting for me to come to this alley? What's your ''deal?''
!!79 – Dino Checks Out
!!80 – Summer Love

[[folder:Season 5]]
!!81A – Sid the Vampire Slayer
!!81B – Big Sis
!!82A – Gerald's Game
!!82B – Fishing Trip
* The smell of multiple farts coming from both tents rises up to the trees above, where an owl perched on a tree branch ''dies'' from the smell and falls out of the tree. Grandpa Phil notices the dead bird lying on the ground the next morning.
-->'''Grandpa:''' Aww, look. A dead owl. BREAKFAST!
* Sid gets a fish from the river caught on his nose. His dad manages to remove the fish and throws it back into the water. Since the group of men and boys haven’t had any success in catching fish, Sid’s dad gets glared at by the other dads.
-->'''Sid’s Dad:''' Did I just throw that fish in the river?
!!83A – Bag of Money
!!83B – Principal Simmons
!!84A – New Bully on the Block
!!84B – Phoebe Breaks a Leg
!!85A – Stuck in a Tree
* There are two funny lines from Harold: "Arnold and Eugene stuck in a tree! S-T-U-K in a tree! Hahaha! [[HypocriticalHumor You're so stupid]]!" and "Two nickels? That's fifteen cents!"
!!85B – Rhonda Goes Broke
!!86A – Helga's Locket
!!86B – Sid and Germs
!!87A – Beaned
!!87B – Old Iron Man
!!88A – Ghost Bride (episode)
!!88B – Gerald vs. Jamie O
!!89A – Suspended
* Harold's repeated attempts to break into P.S. 118.
* An excellent example of GettingCrapPastTheRadar when Harold is reading part of the P.S. 118 constitution to Principal Wartz.
-->'''Harold:''' ...Due to outside circumcisions.
-->'''Arnold:''' -stances!
-->'''Harold:''' Right, outside circumstances!
** And Harold's Jewish.
!!89B – Ernie in Love
!!90A – Arnold Visits Arnie
* Arnold getting embarrassed by the other kids when he shows up to the practice field in bear pajamas.
** The following from the same episode:
--->'''Arnold:''' I'm supposed to visit my cousin Arnie.
--->'''Lila:''' Arnie? You mean, your oh so interesting and likable country cousin that looks almost exactly like you only much more attractive?
--->''(Helga and Arnold stare at her.)''
--->'''Helga:''' That's one twisted version of the story.
** Harold's reason on why Arnie's weird: "He's always counting food instead of eating it!"
** Later, at a convenience store:
--->'''Gerard:''' Eleven cents?! Boy howdy that's completely outrageous! It's unacceptable!
--->'''Kid:''' Quit overreacting Gerard and cool out.
** Arnold's reaction to Lulu flirtatiously winking at him: "Oh ''please''."
** Arnold tries to stop Lulu from liking him.
--->'''Arnold:''' But you're ARNIE'S girlfriend and, [[ToyShip WE'RE NINE!]]"
!!90B – Chocolate Boy (episode)
!!91A – Harold vs. Patty
!!91B – Rich Guy
* Mr. Redman's robot butler “Mr. Egg Cream” mistaking Grandpa Phil for Redman and offering him an egg cream.
-->'''Mr. Egg Cream:''' Your egg cream, Mr. Redman.
-->'''Grandpa:''' I don’t want an egg cream. How about a sack of money?
!!92A – The Racing Mule
!!92B – Curly's Girl
!!93A – On the Lam
!!93B – Family Man
!!94A – Grandpa's Packard
!!94B – Phoebe's Little Problem
!!95A – A Day in the Life of a Classroom
!!95B – Big Bob's Crisis
!!96 – Married
!!97A – Timberly Loves Arnold
!!97B – Eugene, Eugene!
!!98 – April Fool's Day
!!99 & 100 – The Journal

[[folder:Hey Arnold!: The Movie]]
* After Helga's confession and an awkward kiss, Arnold states he's dizzy, and needs to go lie down. Helga's response: "Wonderful...[[GettingCrapPastTheRadar I'll go with you!]]"