* Atalanta may have appeared in only three episodes, but those three episodes ''all'' had funny moments.
** "Ares" has Hercules DistractedByTheSexy during their arm-wrestling match. Atalanta then quips that he's "as much a man as he is a god".
** "Let The Games Begin" has her doing an EffortlessAmazonianLift on Herc as a surprise greeting. Oh, and her nephew's JawDrop when she takes off her ClarkKentOutfit.
** "If I Had A Hammer" has her shutting [[AmazonChaser Salmoneus]] up with a punch to the chest as Sal was talking about her physical prowess.
* Talking about Salmoneus, any scene where he shows up (or even gets mentioned) can split your sides.
* "One Fowl Day" features Discord as a giant chicken and prompts arguably the definitive version of the old joke ever.
-->'''Barnabus:''' [[ChickenJoke Why did the chicken cross the road?]]
-->'''Autolycus:''' To kill us all!
* Hercules asks Ares' alternate-universe twin to distract the original Ares. Ares 2 tries to point out that he's a [[TheMatchmaker "lover, not a fighter"]]. But when put on the spot, this inspires him to use his talent by getting Ares' henchwoman to fall for Ares... ''hard'', I'd say Ares was pretty distracted.
** Ares' reaction when he learns what his double has done.
--->"You! I owe you for this!"
* "For Those Of You Just Joining Us" was full of these moments:
** Iolaus's "cheesy death montage" scene. First is {{spontaneous combustion}}, then being eaten by a lizard and finally [[WesternAnimation/LooneyTunes "the old fashioned ACME way."]]
--->"One of those days..."
** Kevin Sorbo pitching how to kill off Iolaus with dignity, recapping "Faith." After the clips are done, we cut back to a bawling production crew.
--->'''Jerry:''' [[ManlyTears I think I got somethin' in my eyes.]]
** Rob Tapert's idea of "Hercules in Ireland:" Hercules dressed in a kilt and playing the bagpipes, while a leprechaun dances at his feet.
--->'''Rob:''' Sometimes, I'm so brilliant it's frightening!\\
'''Melissa:''' Well, ya got it half-right.
** Ares hits the bottom of MotiveDecay, as he reveals what he wants from his do-gooder brother: [[TheMerch "Merchandising rights."]]
** [[WeNeedADistraction "Look, everyone, it's Mel Torme!"]]
** "You haven't heard the last of me! Wherever there's television, there'll always be B.S.!"
** The scene where Hercules, posing as Kevin Sorbo, is driving along, when Ares suddenly appears in the car with him, holding a Hercules action figure:
---> '''Ares:''' ''(high-pitched voice)'' Oh my god, it's Kevin Sorbo! ''(bites the action figure's head off)'' Oh, oh, Momma! Momma! Oh, oh! ''(tosses the figure out of the car)'' Oh, the ''humanity''!
*** Hercules eventually boots Ares out of the car.
--->''"What is with you and animals, anyway?"''\\
''"Why, what have you heard?"''
** Paul is nervous about the retreat:
--->'''Paul:''' I just got a call. They told us to pack our bags. They're shipping us out, aren't they? Why, Jerry?! Why?!\\
'''Rob:''' Because we've all gotta learn to work together, to be creative in a crunch, to boost overall morale. By the way, Paul, your last script sucked.\\
'''Paul:''' ''(dropping to his knees)'' I'll change my ways! I promise! I'll only drink when I'm awake! I'll tip all the show girls!
** "I want action! I want romance! I wanna see Salmoneus in more episodes!"
* ''"Love Amazon Style"''. As a ContinuityNod, Iolaus off-handedly asks Hercules if he knows what happened to [[HonestJohnsDealership Salmoneus]]. Herc quickly says, "Yeah, he got arrested for tax fraud," and they go on with the episode.