!!Pre-New 52

!!New 52
* Issue #0 has quite a few funny moments as Harley goes through several artists and their [[ArtShift art styles]].
** The start of the issue has her in a warehouse reading comics from DC's ''ComicBook/{{New 52}}'' and [[LeaningOnTheFourthWall wanting to have her own comic]]. Wish granted.
** Harley is surprised that they managed to get Jim Lee's expensive self to do a page. She's bummed when she realizes that the page is a remake of a scene from ''Batman: Hush''. Except this time, she beats Batman.
-->'''Batman:''' Bruce Timm would never let this happen!
** Harley hates how [[SugarBowl sugary sweet]] and childish [[ComicBook/TinyTitans Art Baltazar's]] art style is. She hates even more how [[BloodlessCarnage nobody bleeds]].
** Bruce Timm's page has her doing a theater rendition of her "Rev up your Harley" scene from ''WesternAnimation/BatmanTheAnimatedSeries''. She forgets her line and ends up imagining herself naked in a choir singing her line.
** In one scene, she and Catwoman attend the wedding of the book's writers, Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner, and try to stop them. Amanda tells Jimmy not to hurt Harley because she's the one paying their bills.
-->'''Harley:''' Is she serious?\\
'''Catwoman:''' [[SelfDeprecation You see the numbers on All-Star Western and Batwing]]? [[note]]The sales of Jimmy's other books at the time were not very high.[[/note]]
-->'''Harley:''' Yeah, let's go easy on him. Maim, not kill.
*** When they beat up Jimmy, Amanda gets mad and punches them out for hurting her husband, leading to this gem:
-->'''Amanda Conner:''' I'm Amanda Conner, [[ThisIsForEmphasisBitch bitches]]!
* The variant cover for issue #0 has Harley being watched by several villains. Most of them watch her sternly, but Catwoman looks surprised and the Cheetah [[LesYay looks a little too interested in her]]. Bizarro isn't even looking at her, [[DumbMuscle he's facing the other way with a dopey look on his face]].
* Issue #2
** In the opening, Harley appears to be back with the Joker, but she's revealed to be straddling a wax statue of him. The owner of the wax museum tells her to stop dry-humping the displays.
** To save a bunch of animals from dying in an animal shelter, Harley fills out a form to see if she's eligible enough to adopt them. The secretary takes one look at the form and tears it in half.
** Poison Ivy scares Harley by playing ventriloquist with a dead guy. Harley's [[WildTake reaction]] is priceless. [[AnimalReactionShot Even her dog freaks out]].
* In issue #4
** Harley goes to a burlesque theater and thinks the staged fight is real. She tries to stop it, making the audience throw rotten tomatoes at her (which the concession vendor was selling for just such an occasion).
** One of Sy's enemies is in a coma, but is surprisingly hard to kill. After two failed attempts, Harley steps in and blows into the man's breathing tube. The results are BloodyHilarious.
** The issue ends with Harley and Sy getting caught in an explosion. The ending narration tries to pull a cliffhanger before admitting that they'll be alright.
* In issue #8
** Everything to do with the Scatapult.
* In the SDCC Special
** Harley has been fangirling over actors who show up at the Comic-Con. Then [[Series/{{Arrow}} Stephen Amell]] appears, and Harley instantly squees and runs to get the autograph... Of BruceTimm and Paul Dini, who were a few feet behind (she even shoves Amell out of the way!).
!!Fan Content
* Harley meets ''WesternAnimation/{{Frozen}}'': "[[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GEZKeD_-IWY Do You Wanna Kill the Batman?]]"