* In "Tourist Dispute", when [[http://www.waywardmartian.com/harbourmaster1/004-003.html Gilou identifies and resolves the tourist's complaint about her tour guide.]]
* After [[http://www.waywardmartian.com/harbourmaster1/006-002.html Tal cut his hand slicing a roll of bread and asks Gilou to help patch it:]]
-->'''Gilou:''' I didn't realize it was so late -- I was going over reports, then I got caught up talking to Zefonith. You should have called me. I would have made lunch.\\
'''Tal:''' Gilou, I'm perfectly capable of making a sandwich.\\
[''[[BeatPanel Gilou gives Tal a look.]]'']\\
'''Tal:''' There were extenuating circumstances.
* Tal's discomfort with sexual matters has created quite a few, such as [[http://www.waywardmartian.com/harbourmaster1/008-002.html this page from the chapter "In Which The Main Characters Are Damp".]]
* When [[http://www.waywardmartian.com/harbourmaster2/012-010.html Her Royal Highness Jillienne Stelton of the Kingdom of Larry lands and is met by Governor Bretnon Falstoph Perius Tallifens Monteblanc LVII]], the first thing Jille does is ask to see Tal's hands. [[http://www.waywardmartian.com/harbourmaster2/012-011.html Because she's looking for someone to date and -- because her father's kingdom is a dairy farm -- he needs to be someone who works with his hands.]]
* In "A Picnic In The Shrine", when [[http://www.waywardmartian.com/harbourmaster2/014-006.html Javin and Gilou tease Tal.]]
* Javin is a professional blogger (although [[http://www.waywardmartian.com/harbourmaster3/018-002.html his official title is "Public Nuisance"]]) ... who wears [[http://www.waywardmartian.com/harbourmaster3/018-013.html a pork pie hat with "VOID" tags stuck in the band]], instead of a trilby with "PRESS" tags.
* "Founder's Day", in which Tal realizes that he needs to give a speech and no longer has Partasah to write it for him, has quite a few funny moments:
** When [[http://www.waywardmartian.com/harbourmaster3/021-007.html Tal tries to get Javin to write his speech.]]
--->'''Tal:''' Doesn't speechwriting fall under your duties?\\
'''Javin:''' Nope. Partasah was too smart for that. You really wanna get up in front of a crowd and read something I wrote?\\
'''Tal:''' ...all right, that's probably a bad idea.\\
'''Javin:''' "People of Port Tethys, I'd like to take a moment to apologize for my lack of fashion sense, and that [[ApologizesALot I apologize far too much]]..."
** ...and [[http://www.waywardmartian.com/harbourmaster3/021-012.html while he's wandering the town asking everyone for advice:]]
--->'''Kere:''' I think your speech needs to be about how everyone should eat deep-fried seafood and that my shop is open late for the holiday.\\
'''Tal:''' Kere, you are the first person to give me a solid answer.
** At the end, when Tal finally writes a speech for himself and [[http://www.waywardmartian.com/harbourmaster3/021-016.html delivers it to the awaiting crowd:]]
--->'''Tal:''' People of Port Tethys ... keep up the good work. Enjoy your holiday.\\
'''The audience''' [''as Tal walks off stage'']: ''Yay!''\\
'''Gilou:''' Seriously?
** ...and on the page after, [[http://www.waywardmartian.com/harbourmaster3/021-017.html the reaction of Tal's father and grandfather, watching the ceremony on the news feed.]]
* In ''Devoir Familial'', Tal has an [[http://www.waywardmartian.com/harbourmaster4/024-005.html exceedingly awkward]] conversation with his grandfather about marriage and relationships. It continues for a few pages.
* In "Pulp", Zefonith's reactions throughout.
** First, immediately after his FishOutOfTemporalWater patient, Richard Stevenson, [[http://www.waywardmartian.com/harbourmaster4/029-002.html awakens in his lab.]][[labelnote:Translation]]from [[http://www.langsci.ucl.ac.uk/ipa/ IPA]]: Panel 1: "Human. You've slept long enough. No use putting it off. Welcome to the first day of the rest of your life." Panel 2: "I don't understand a word you're ... of course -- language barrier." Panel 4 ([[PlayAlongPrisoner as he allows Stevenson to haul him off by the arm]]): "I suppose I'd be rude if I woke up in a strange laboratory, too."[[/labelnote]]
** Second, after he's recruited Governor Monteblanc to translate, and [[http://www.waywardmartian.com/harbourmaster4/029-005.html Monteblanc is busy trying to explain to Stevenson his actual situation.]][[labelnote:Translation]]Zefonith: "Twenty years and I finally found a use for the Veran." Jendolyn: "Sh."[[/labelnote]]
* [[http://www.waywardmartian.com/harbourmaster4/029-019.html Javin flirting with Gilou.]] ("Don't you humans know how to state your intentions outright?" "Ah, but what if my intention is only to trade lines?")
* [[http://www.waywardmartian.com/harbourmaster4/029-030.html Richard Stevenson tries to yell at 'Frenchie' about the side effects of his resurrection.]]
-->'''Tal:''' What's wrong, Ri-- ''[sees Richard naked, brandishing a towel]'' -- what has everyone got against clothes?
* [[http://www.waywardmartian.com/harbourmaster4/029-034.html Tal starts walking downstairs to meet Javin, who is talking with someone on the phone]] ... and then starts ''running'' when he hears ''whom'' Javin is arguing with: [[spoiler:Tal's evil grandfather]].
* [[http://www.waywardmartian.com/harbourmaster5/029-048.html The snippet we hear of one of Javin's 'the despot is a no-fun jerk' editorials.]]
-->'''Javin:''' '...and furthermore, [[BigStupidDoodooHead our governor dresses funny, and he smells.]]'\\
'''Gilou:''' [[LiteralMinded He smells sort of like vanilla. I think he and Anthemys use the same shampoo.]]\\
'''Javin:''' Details.
* [[http://www.waywardmartian.com/harbourmaster5/029-057.html At the end of "Pulp":]]
-->'''Gilou:''' I take it Richard is on his way to Veras?\\
'''Tal:''' I don't think the Ukariels are awful enough to deserve him, but I'm selfish enough to be glad that he's no longer my problem.\\
'''Gilou:''' Want me to mind the office a while longer?\\
'''Tal:''' No, I'll be fine. I'd rather get right back into my regular routine--\\
'''Tourist:''' ''[barging in]'' ''I was filming a tamtusuchus and it ate my camera! You owe me a new camera!''\\
'''Gilou:''' I'll leave you to your routine.
* [[http://www.waywardmartian.com/harbourmaster5/032-003.html In a flashback to Jendolyn Basaday as a child:]]
-->'''Capt. Basaday:''' L'il Jendy, you can be anything you want.\\
'''Zefonith:''' You could be a fish.\\
'''Capt. Basaday:''' What?
* In the winding down of a WhamEpisode, Tal wakes up [[spoiler:on the surgery table]]. [[http://www.waywardmartian.com/harbourmaster7/041-074.html One of the first things he says:]]
-->'''Tal:''' [[NakedFreakOut Where are my clothes?]] I had trousers on when [[spoiler:I went under]]!\\
'''Zefonith:''' [[DeadpanSnarker Good to hear your priorities are in order.]]