There was a brilliant AlternateCharacterInterpretation of Lovecraft on Twitter: '''Drunk Lovecraft'''. Yes, you read that right--and it's ''amazing''. "Bitter, divorced, re-animated author of weird fiction. Has developed a bit of a drinking problem since returning from the grave."

Now defunct, but it contained gems like...
* "The most merciful thing in the world, I think, is the ability of the human mind to obliterate all its contents with sweet, sweet gin."
* "When confronted by the fungi from Yuggoth, try and lick one. They'll still take your brain, but you'll be high as a motherfucker."
* "Today a cocker spaniel humped my leg, and I immediately thought of AugustDerleth."
* "If you think God moves in mysterious ways, you've never seen Yog-Sothoth take the dance floor."

* Lovecraft's [[Creator/HoratioAlgerJr Horatio Alger]] parody "Sweet Ermengarde" is ''intentionally'' funny, as is his Creator/TSEliot parody "Waste Paper."