* The eleventh episode of ''The Bloody Karte.''
-->'''Catherine:''' Oh look! A shooting star! Tell me, shooting star, [[CareerVersusMan which should I choose?]]
-->(the shooting star hits a passing airplane and both [[StuffBlowingUp explode]])
-->'''Catherine:''' *epic jaw drop*
* Gregory. ''Rapping.''
* James being [[BrattyHalfPint James]] in front of Gregory Mama... and in [[GrandTheftMe Gregory's body]].
* This exchange from ''The Bloody Karte'':
--> '''Gregory:''' Catherine, is dinner ready yet? I'm starving- *opens the door a crack*\\
* sounds involving Dr. Fritz and Catherine moaning in different ways*\\
'''Gregory:''' [[ScrewThisImOuttaHere *closes the door and turns right around*]] Come to think of it, I just ate.