* The interaction between Riddler and Boneblaster once he realizes his apartment has been destroyed.
-->Boneblaster: You're going to kick my ass, aren't you?
-->Riddler: Oh my goodness, YES.
* [[TheDitz Harley]] coming close to realizing Batman's motivation.
-->Catwoman: Do you really believe one man could take all that punishment?
-->Harley: Well, mayyyyybe. If he had a deep-seated trauma in his childhood or something.
* After their run-in with Gaggy, Harley asks the others if ''she'' sounds that lost and needy when she talks about the Joker. She prefaces this by asking them to be honest. [[BrutalHonesty They don't disappoint.]]
-->'''Selina:''' Absolutely.\\
'''Ivy:''' Totally.\\
'''Jenna the Carpenter:''' I just met you and I'd have to say yes.