Given that this series has one of the only officially-sanctioned {{gag dub}}s, it's only natural that there would be '''''many''''' instances of this. Hell, the entire freaking dub is the very definition of Crowning Moment Of Funny. Moments are divided by episode, but {{running gag}}s are listed first.

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* The banter between the construction foreman and his hapless lackey.
** "Just [verb] the [noun], [noun]-[verb]er!" "Sure thing… [-jackass-]."
* Any time the dub makes fun of Engrish.
** "NANIIII??!"
* Any time the dub lampshades the OffModel animation.
* A lot of things [[TheFundamentalist Momoko]] says qualify.
* Mr Sakata's obsession with his rival Hadley.


[[folder: '''Episode 1''' ]]

* Reiichiro: "Get back in here or you'll get your head chopped off!"
** And later: "Now remember kids, just say no… to everything."
* Gramps: "Why you want to live in your dead wife's house is beyond me. It's sick! ''You're'' sick!!"
** His only other line: "When this bitch kicks, I'm movin' to Vegas."
* Satsuki: "Monsters only get evil people like Republicans and we're not old enough to vote!"
* Momoko: "[=HaveyouacceptedJesusasyourpersonalsaviour?"=]
* Satsuki: "Kaya just showed up on the day of our mother's funeral... Our DEAD mother. You feel bad now?"
* Satsuki: "Principals always look like lesbians." (one of the many early throwaway lines they turned into a RunningGag)
** Keiichiro: "What's a lesbian?"


[[folder: '''Episode 2''' ]]

* Satsuki {{lampshad|ed}}ing an OffModel moment: "Oh wow convulsion that was weird. Okay…"
* Mr Sakata's entreaty to the students to use a cursed toilet: "Don't hold it in. All your butts'll explode."
* The principal: "Open your books and turn to page whatever!"
** That same scene: "Where's your teacher? [-Better go check the girls' locker room…-]


[[folder: '''Episode 3''' ]]

* This exchange during when the kids decide to wish upon the cursed steps…
-->'''Satsuki:''' I want a ''huge'' allowance ''and breasts''… when I get older.\\
'''Hajime:''' And when ''I'' get older, I want to fondle said breasts.
* This bit of LullDestruction just before the episode's halfway point:
-->'''Keita:''' ''(after a basketball backboard falls on him)'' Aren't any of you bastards gonna help me?!?
** And a few scenes later (the next day in-story)…
--->'''Hajime''' ''(nonchalantly)'' Keita's dead.
* The TakeThat at the end of the episode against Creator/ChrisPatton and Creator/GregAyres.
* This episode contains the beginning of the RunningGag that Keiichiro is mentally deficient.
-->'''Keiichiro:''' ''(babbles incoherently and runs off)''\\
'''Amanojaku:''' I think [Satsuki]'s right. You ''are'' retarded.


[[folder: '''Episode 5''' ]]

* This exchange, demonstrating Momoko's hypocrisy
-->'''Satsuki:''' ''(seeing the ghost runner)'' Nice ass.\\
'''Momoko:''' ''*gasp!*'' Do not lust in your hea—Jesus you're ''right''.
** Becomes something of a BrickJoke when the ghost is facing his own inner demon…
--->'''Satsuki:''' ''(voice-in-head)'' Keiichiro believes in you! Nice ass. Keiichiro believes in you! NICE ass!
* Satsuki's attempts to motivate Keiichiro in track practice using a call and repeat.
---> '''Satsuki:''' You want to be an air force ranger/ You want to live a life of danger/ You don't want to get raped by strangers.
** and "Run like there's a big black man chasing you! [Keiichiro falls on his face] ...well, he's not racist."
* The principal when he tells off Satsuki and Hajime…
-->"Do you know what these parents'd do to me if we canceled? I'd have hear about little Billy and Suzie, and there's not enough booze in my office!"
* This…
-->'''Leo:''' Oh-my-god-what-the-hell-is-happening-here-these-are-the-fastest-lip-flaps-I've-ever-had-to-sync!!
* Satsuki's lampshade hanging of a DullSurprise moment.
-->"Hold on....Give me a sec....But this ''hurricane!?''"


[[folder: '''Episode 7''' ]]

* "Thepeopleinmyhouselooklikemyfatherandmybrotherafteraneyemastersexambutit'snotthem!"
** "Yeahboogitadidggitdagoogitydigdigdigtikikiti!!"
* This line from Hajime…
-->"My B.S. Meter's goin' DING! I can read. Not very well, but I can! And [[PunctuatedForEmphasis THOSE! LETTERS! ARE!]] ''BACKWARDS!'' *{{Beat}}* Hello? Backwards? Mirror image?"
* Satsuki's LullDestruction in the climax, poking a little fun at the animation…
-->"Whoa. ''Whoa~! Wow.'' This is some trippy shit, homes!"
* Finally, Amanojaku's LullDestruction at the very end of the episode.
-->"So is this the real world, or the mirror world? Isn't that just ''freaking you out''? I mean, seriously, isn't that just whack crap? I'm playin' with your mind, man. And you know what the weird part is? I'm not even high! Not a bit. Totally sober."


[[folder: '''Episode 9''' ]]

* This one is pretty much a Crowning EPISODE of Funny. Nearly every single line is ''gold''.
* At the beginning of the episode, when Satsuki sees Mio for the first time:
-->"Ohhh, her... Ohhhhhh... Ewwwwww..."
* Just about every single word that comes out of Mio's mouth in the second half of the episode.
-->"I know now that it could never work between us! As much as we wanted to it could never be! Not because you're a rabbit, but because you're ''black''..."
* Mio lampshades the fact that she's doing every cliche thing you're not supposed to do in a horror setting.
-->"This the part where I foolishly trust you not to kill me. …And stick my hand in the cage!"
* Mio's reaction upon seeing Shirotabi's offspring.


[[folder: '''Episode 12''' ]]

* Turning what was meant to be a touching pinkie-promise moment into "pull my finger".


[[folder: '''Episode 13''' ]]

* Hearing [[Creator/VicMignogna Tamaki]] express his love for boobs as Da Vinci is priceless.
** "Let's see… Purple. For your hair. *heh* Can't tell ''this'' is a goddamn anime.
** Vic being credited as "Obi Frostips".
* From episode 12, this line from Satsuki: "I come from a long line of quasi-lesbian ghost killers! I'm not afraid of your ugly draggy ass!"
* Amanojaku's greatest line: "Run! She's a ghost AND a bitch!"
* The mirror episode has a lot of this:
** "Hello? [[BreakingTheFourthWall How many more plot points]] do we have to run into before you [[OnceAnEpisode get out that damn book!?]]"

** "So, [[DerangedAnimation was I trippin']], or did that work?"
* Episode 3 has a TakeThat against Chris Patton and Greg Ayres, Hajime and Leo's voice actors near the end.
** And then Episode 12 has one for Amanojaku's voice actor, Rob Mungle.
* From the Da Vinci episode:
-->'''Satsuki''': It's Maria Shriver!
-->'''Da Vinci''': That's Mrs. Schwarzenegger to you!"
* A lot of things [[TheFundamentalist Momoko]] says qualify:
-->'''Momoko''': Verizon! Like Jesus, it never stops working for you.