This being the eighth movie in an increasingly cheesy franchise, there are parts where it appears the creators just started having fun with the concept.
* Jason emerges from the harbor and looks around. The first thing he notices is a billboard advertising a hockey game, adorned with a mask that looks ''exactly like his own''. Cue the QuizzicalTilt and a quick AsideGlance to the audience as if to say "You gotta be fucking kidding..." before getting back to business.
* Jason versus Julius the boxing champ on the rooftop. Said champ spends a solid minute working Jason over with punches (counted up to more than 50 punches), [[ImplacableMan to no effect]]. Finally, he tires himself out, and offers Jason his best shot in return. [[OffWithHisHead Jason accepts and gets a one hit KO]].
* Jason is on the warpath and rounds a corner, kicking a boombox. The owners of the boombox, not knowing this big angry guy from Adam, start following him and yelling at him. The big J doesn't have time for this--so he turns around, his back now to the camera, and lifts his hockey mask at them. They run off, and Jason gets back to hunting down stupid teenagers.
** One of the best parts about the scene is that, obviously, Jason could have easily walked around the radio and the stand it was set up on. But he's Jason Voorhees, and he doesn't give a fuck. And now we know why-- not because he's borderline invincible. Not because he's super strong. Nope. It's because his hideous face alone turns angry, fake tough guys into bed-wetting wimps.
** What's even funnier is that he could have even killed or hurt them somehow. But no, instead he just scares them away. Like he somehow knew he could do that. It's interesting since it's a tactic he's never used before and just makes it funnier.
** It's even funnier when he finishes scaring the "thugs" off, he simply [[LeaningOnTheFourthWall turns and looks at the camera]].
** Even before that, Jason takes the time to observe his surroundings, which seem to be in Time Square. His expression literally screams "Where the hell am I? This isn't [[NotInKansasAnymore Crystal Lake.]]"