[[folder: Case of the Missing Kelp Seeds ]]

* A DummiedOut clip of [[BlackComedy Freddi feeding Eddie the Eel Luther, with a small gab at the camera for good measure.]]


[[folder: Case of the of the Haunted School House ]]

* The two sharks aren't really...[[BedsheetGhost convincing as a Ghost.]]
* When they see Casey [[BlindWithoutThem who lost his glasses and can't see]].
-->'''Luther:''' Gee, Casey, you're really making a ''[[IncrediblyLamePun spectacle]]'' of yourself. [[DontExplainTheJoke Get it? Glasses? Spectacles?]]
* Luther using the submarine's steering wheel, and then [[AmusingInjuries getting hurt afterwards]].
-->'''Freddi:''' ''(staring at the wheel)'' Luther, [[EurekaMoment I think you've hit on something!]]
-->'''Luther:''' Yes, unfortunately it was something very hard...
* Freddi trying to get the diving helmet off the suit.
-->'''Freddi:''' Luther, could you give me a hand here?
-->'''Luther:''' ''(clapping)'' I really appreciate the great job you're doing, Freddi.
* Luther and the fish hook.
-->'''Luther:''' Mm-mm! [[TrademarkFavoriteFood Chocolate-covered Worm Doodles. My favorite...]]
-->'''Freddi:''' Luther, no! You'll get hooked!
-->'''Luther:''' Huh? Hooked on junk food?
* At the [[SeverelySpecializedStore Pulley Emporium]]:
-->'''Freddi:''' Hi, Barnacle Bob.
-->'''Luther:''' We're here to buy a pullet.
-->'''Barnacle Bob:''' A pullet? ''(scratches head)'' Forgive me for looking a wee bit stricken, but you said you need a small female chicken?
** Or this exchange in the emporium:
-->'''Luther:''' This place is just full of fun stuff to play with!
-->'''Freddi:''' The sign says if you break anything, you'll have to buy it.
-->'''Luther:''' Sometimes, I like to play with things from a distance.


[[folder: The Case of the Missing Conch Shell ]]

* One of Luther's responses to the fortune teller machine is "I wonder if my mother is hiding inside this machine and writing these things."


[[folder: The Case of the Hogfish Rustlers of Briney Gulch ]]

* The EpicFail of the rustlers as a whole.
* Heck, this game probably has the funniest writing of any of the games, helped by the fact that it was the only one Dave Grossman had a hand in. Case in point...
--> '''Moray''': Goby, I'm at my wit's end! These hogfish are driving me ''crazy!'' They won't eat or sleep...and they're so '''noisy.''' Where'd they get the ACCORDION!?
--> '''Goby''': *gulp* Uh, [[BlatantLies I dunno.]] Did you try telling them that story about your trip to Akron? [[AdviceBackfire That always puts me to sleep.]]
--> '''Moray''': Oh, [[SarcasmMode thanks a lot.]]


[[folder: The case of the Creature of Crystal Cove ]]