[[folder: Case of the Missing Kelp Seeds ]]

* A DummiedOut clip of [[BlackComedy Freddi feeding Eddie the Eel Luther, with a small gab at the camera for good measure.]]


[[folder: Case of the of the Haunted School House ]]

* The two sharks aren't really...[[BedsheetGhost convincing as a Ghost.]]
* When they see Casey [[BlindWithoutThem who lost his glasses and can't see]].
-->'''Luther:''' Gee, Casey, you're really making a ''[[IncrediblyLamePun spectacle]]'' of yourself. [[DontExplainTheJoke Get it? Glasses? Spectacles?]]
* Luther using the submarine's steering wheel, and then [[AmusingInjuries getting hurt afterwards]].
-->'''Freddi:''' ''(staring at the wheel)'' Luther, [[EurekaMoment I think you've hit on something!]]
-->'''Luther:''' Yes, unfortunately it was something very hard...
* Freddi trying to get the diving helmet off the suit.
-->'''Freddi:''' Luther, could you give me a hand here?
-->'''Luther:''' ''(clapping)'' I really appreciate the great job you're doing, Freddi.
* Luther and the fish hook.
-->'''Luther:''' Mm-mm! [[TrademarkFavoriteFood Chocolate-covered Worm Doodles. My favorite...]]
-->'''Freddi:''' Luther, no! You'll get hooked!
-->'''Luther:''' Huh? Hooked on junk food?
* At the [[SeverelySpecializedStore Pulley Emporium]]:
-->'''Freddi:''' Hi, Barnacle Bob.
-->'''Luther:''' We're here to buy a pullet.
-->'''Barnacle Bob:''' A pullet? ''(scratches head)'' Forgive me for looking a wee bit stricken, but you said you need a small female chicken?
** Or this exchange in the emporium:
-->'''Luther:''' This place is just full of fun stuff to play with!
-->'''Freddi:''' The sign says if you break anything, you'll have to buy it.
-->'''Luther:''' Sometimes, I like to play with things from a distance.


[[folder: The Case of the Missing Conch Shell ]]

* One of Luther's responses to the fortune teller machine is "I wonder if my mother is hiding inside this machine and writing these things."


[[folder: The Case of the Hogfish Rustlers of Briney Gulch ]]

* The EpicFail of the rustlers as a whole.
* Heck, this game probably has the funniest writing of any of the games, helped by the fact that it was the only one Dave Grossman had a hand in. Case in point...
--> '''Moray''': Goby, I'm at my wit's end! These hogfish are driving me ''crazy!'' They won't eat or sleep...and they're so '''noisy.''' Where'd they get the ACCORDION!?
--> '''Goby''': *gulp* Uh, [[BlatantLies I dunno.]] Did you try telling them that story about your trip to Akron? [[AdviceBackfire That always puts me to sleep.]]
--> '''Moray''': Oh, [[SarcasmMode thanks a lot.]]
* The Super Rubble Bubble bubblegum can be given to Freddi or Luther at any time before it's used [[spoiler:to placate the hungry shark]]. Freddi always spits it out, complaining it tastes like rubber, while Luther will thoroughly enjoy it (at one point even stating that he ''likes'' the "rubbery flavor"), usually make an unsuccessful attempt to blow a bubble, and always end up swallowing it. In one variation, he swallows it immediately, without even chewing it first.


[[folder: The case of the Creature of Crystal Cove ]]