* In the televised version.
-->'''Franchise/WonderWoman''': Bruce, you didn't give him a gift certificate...\\
'''Franchise/{{Batman}}''': ''(indignant)'' ''No''... Cash.
* In the original:
-->'''Wonder Woman''': ''Let's get inside before you two freeze.'' \\
'''Robin''' (pointing out [[LeotardOfPower her outfit]]): ''Before '''us''' two freeze? Dressed like '''that'''?'' \\
'''Batman''': ''Think clean thoughts, chum.''
* Superman quickly puts away his Kandor in the span of less than a second to make sure he doesn't hurt Wonder Woman's feelings, since she gave him a replica of Kandor.
* When Jason Todd / Wonder Woman [[spoiler: ''returns'' the Black Mercy]] to Mongul, the former in the comic, the latter in the animated version.
--> '''Jason / Wonder Woman''': I believe this is yours...
** Also counts as a [[SugarWiki/MomentOfAwesome CMoA]].