[[folder: Flintlocke's Guide to Azeroth ]]

* Flintlocke dueling the goblin pilot with... an interrogation point.
** The goblin is dual-wielding exclamation points.
* The search for the Ultimate Goblin Engineered Weapon's hiding place in Arathi Basin...
--> '''Schweitzer:''' ''"I'll start searching here, you start over there. Tap every brick, examine every motar joint. Pay special attention for loose torches or pegs in the wall. Leave no stone un-"''
--> ''*KRA-BOOMM!!*''
--> '''Kathrena:''' ''"WTF!?"''
--> '''Flintlocke (With a lit bomb in his hand):''' ''"Y'all search yer way. I'll search '''mine'''."''
* ...And the Horde's reaction to it.
--> '''Horde Soldier:''' ''"Focus, man. If '''we're''' not attacking the Blacksmith... Who is?"''
* "[[YouMakeMeSic He misspelled ZOMG.]]"
* Most, if not all of the PSI interruptions are hilarious, but this exchange is just priceless:
-->''[=McKenzie=] and the inspector exchange in a long {{Beat}}*''
-->'''[=McKenzie=]''' Dirty business, eh?
-->'''Inspector:''' I know! What kind of sick freak bludgeons a man to death with a ''hankey''!?
* On a PvP map, Bloodrose is assigning everyone their place in battle and Flintlocke asks what he can do. Bloodrose tells him that, as a warrior specked for PvE, he's a distraction at best. [[WeNeedADistraction Cut to Flintlocke dancing naked on the roof:]]
-->'''Flintlocke:''' "LOOK'IT ME, YE SONS-A-BITCHES!."
* The entire series guarantees {{Corpsing}} every couple installments, but I defy anyone to get through The Scarlet Hootenanny arc and not totally lose it at the classic line:
-->'''NPC''': Did a GNOME just crawl out of your ass and LOOT THE COLLECTION PLATE?
* The pileup of hilarity when Flintlocke explains why he has negative reputation with Ironforge.
* After Flintlocke and his party raid the Scarlet Monastery, the man whose grave they desecrated, Bayne the Ordinance Officer, rises from his tomb as a zombie bent on revenge.
-->'''Narrator:''' "Of course, rising from the dead in the middle of the [[UsefulNotes/TheKnightsTemplar Scarlet Monastery]] is, all things considered, a terrible, terrible idea."
-->'''Bayne:''' (surrounded by heavily armed crusaders) [[ThisIsGonnaSuck "...'sup?"]]


[[folder: Flintlocke vs the Horde ]]

* Rok'tar runs into a level 72 Alliance player in Ashenvale, and tried to get some help on what to do from his party members in the Barrens.
-->'''Rok'tar:''' [[SpySpeak Big Bird to Grateful Dead!]] We have enemy contact!
-->'''Shadow Priest:''' Roger that, Big Bird. What do we got?
-->'''Rok'tar:''' Level 72? I think he's a warrior. What should I do?
-->'''Shadow Priest:''' Okay, let's think about this. You're level 30. You're not wearing any of your gear. He's level 72, wearing his Outland epic equipment or better. What do you ''think'' should happen here?
-->'''Gravy:''' '''''[[TooDumbToLive KICK HIS ASS!!]]'''''
* Flintlocke's Thanksgiving Special has Schweitzer pull off a BatmanGambit: [[spoiler:Flintlocke bought a "strategy guide" on Ebay, which tells him that random people across the world are dangerous bosses such as Illidan or Kel'thuzad. In Southshore, Flintlocke suspects the barmaid to be Kael'thas Sunstrider. Schweitzer immediately goes to "interrogate" "Kael'thas", and starts hitting on her. When she doesn't return the feelings and insults him, he calls out, "Kael'thas, you fiend!". Already pumped from killing a "turkey scourge", Flintlocke immediately yells out that he'll save him and starts shooting the barmaid.]]