* After Tifa defeats Loz, the famous victory theme starts playing, [[LeftTheBackgroundMusicOn quickly revealed to be Loz's cellphone ringtone]].
* When Cloud enters the house Rufus is staying in, he immediately draws his sword as he enters since Reno attacks him. Reno then tries to charge him and gets stuck outside and Cloud slams the door on him. He then opens the door and compliments Cloud, who immediately slams the door in his face and locks it.
* Rude gets a billboard dropped on his head, then Reno lands on him, and then his sunglasses are stepped on by Reno.
* Rude's look of despair as his trusty sunglasses are crushed, and his subsequent producing of an identical pair from inside his jacket.
** [[FunnyBackgroundEvent It's even funnier]] [[RunningGag the more times you see him do it.]]
* Rude again. Cloud beats the stuffing out of Bahamut SIN, and goes [[CoolBike chasing]] after Kadaj with his [[LetsGetDangerous serious face]] on, while Rude utterly fails to climb a wall of tarp and lands flat on his back, flailing like an upended turtle.
* Cloud goes to meet with Rufus, and Reno rushes to attack him, prompting Cloud to calmly sidestep and lock him out behind the door. [[FunnyBackgroundEvent The entire sequence is filled with his muffled shouting to be let back in.]]
* Rude & Reno's comments to Loz & Yazoo about Jenova, and Loz's reaction.
-->'''Reno:''' It's Jenova's friggin' head...\\
'''Loz:''' HEY!\\
'''Yazoo:''' I will not have you talk about Mother that way!\\
'''Loz:''' You MEANIE!\\
'''Rude:''' Our apologies.\\
'''Reno:''' Your ma's cool.\\
* {{Beat}}*\\
'''Reno:''' What the hell am I saying!?
** Before that when they confront Yazoo and Loz at the center monument, "claiming" to not know where Jenova is, accidentally spilling the beans in the process, and Reno can only look back and forth at Rude and blame ''him''.
--->'''Reno:''' Where we've hid her is classified info! Hehe.\\
'''Yazoo:''' So, you ''do'' know where Mother is.\\
'''Reno:''' Uh, yo- Rude...! You and your big mouth! ''[[LeeroyJenkins [attacks]]]''
** ThoseTwoGuys ''again''. After Bahamut SIN shows up, Reno, during his initial charge against Yazoo and Loz, halts and swings his baton back, [[OffhandBackhand whacking]] Rude square in the face.
** Just immediately after seeing Bahamut SIN.
--->'''Reno:''' [[OhCrap Hello!]]\\
'''Rude:''' [[ThisIsGonnaSuck Hell no.]]
** Then as they flee.
--->'''Reno:''' Is it after us!?\\
'''Rude:''' [[DontLookBack I'm not lookin]]'!
* [[PsychopathicManChild Loz]] is just full of laughs at every turn.
** [[BlatantLies "I'm NOT crying!"]]
** During the Highway Chase when he uses his bike-mounted guns.
--->'''Loz:''' Ba-bang! Ba-ba-ba-bang!!!
* In ''Complete'', hearing Marlene imitating Barret's manner of speech for a moment was just too hilarious for words. Picture a six-year-old girl talking like Mr T, and you get the idea.
* While everyone else upon showing up to the Bahamut SIN fight leaps into battle, Yuffie takes a moment to clear up something with Tifa.
-->'''Yuffie:''' Alright, who's been touching my Materia?\\
'''Tifa:''' The bad guys, naturally.\\
'''Yuffie:''' Ooooooo! *runs into the fray*
** And just after she lands and throws a wining smile, she has to choke something back. Yuffie suffered from airsickness in the game.
* Just the whole conversation between Reno and Rude on the bridge during the motorcycle chase.
-->'''Reno:''' So this... thing? Got any bite to it?\\
'''Rude:''' Shinra technology at its finest.\\
'''Reno:''' Oh, so YOU made this.\\
'''Rude:''' If nothing else, it's... flashy.\\
'''Reno:''' Ooh, good.\\
'''Rude:''' You love it. I know.
** Please note that they are using sexy, ''aroused'' voices in the English version. Seriously, it almost sounds like they are hitting on each other.
* Also in ''Complete'', after Yazoo takes out the helicopter by launching his motorcycle at it and shooting the controls.
-->'''Reno:''' You okay?\\
'''Rude:''' ''(hanging on the outside of the helicopter as it's falling out of the sky)'' [[SarcasmMode Oh, I'm just peachy.]]
* Marlene to [[TheStoic Vincent]]:
-->"You don't have a phone?!"
** Later turns into a BrickJoke when he arrives in Edge asking where he can find one.
*** Even more so in ''Dirge of Cerberus'', where one of the first things you see is Vincent's shiny new phone. With a custom skin.
* Marlene throwing a Materia at Loz's head. It's so subtle it earns a chuckle, [[MoodWhiplash until...]]
* ''"What up fool, it's Barret. I'' am ''the man!"''