* Palom's first time in the King's Bounty pub. Five dancers run out onto stage...and then [[spoiler:they throw off their outfits and reveal they're old women underneath. Cue them dragging a horrified Palom on to the stage while he screams in vain, and to top it off, his HP is reduced to 1 afterwards.]]
* This exchange in Palom's tale when he begins training Leonora.
-->'''Palom:''' Let's begin with the basics. That would be Fire. You know what Fire is?\\
'''Leonora:''' What is it?\\
'''Palom:''' ...[[CaptainObvious It's a fire attack.]]\\
'''Leonora:''' Er, yes. Yes, that's right.
** Hell, almost all of Palom and Leonora's dialogue during her training are hilarious. It helps that Palom has become a bit of a DeadpanSnarker in the 17 years between games.
-->'''Palom:''' Training has no meaning if you can't do it in real life situations, right? Can you maintain your composure and visualize that image with a monster staring you down? That's the key. \\
'''Leonora:''' Maintain your composure...Contain your mainposure... \\
'''Palom:''' You've lost it already, haven't you?
* Palom in the Sky. Basically, Luca tosses Palom in the midst of the enemies while Leonora repeatedly blasts him with Thundaga, causing him to bounce all over the place, then Porom heals him afterwards.
* The Broken Heart Band, which could also be a TakeThat or PlayerPunch depending on their shipping preferences--Edge leaps forward and conjures a heart which floats towards Rydia. She responds by shooting a barrage of arrows, destroying the heart, causing Edge to faint, and damaging all enemies.
** Made even funnier in the iOS remake where you get to see Edge's face go from a relaxed face to an OhCrap look before getting hit by Rydia's arrows
* [[spoiler: Evil Kain]] says, "Look, I know you're mind-controlled, but can you at least have a sense of self-preservation?"
* The team in ''The Crystals'' has to wake up Yang and Ursula, who were shipwrecked at the end of their chapter. Anyone who played [[VideoGame/FinalFantasyIV the first game]] knows [[PercussiveMaintenance how to wake Yang]], but when it comes Ursula's turn, Edge WouldntHitAGirl...so he has Rydia do it. Luca's reactions are hilarious.
--> '''Luca:''' What the heck is up with this family?
** Another fun nod to the first game is when you're getting the items needed to wake them up; Edge will ask about a knife, which was the reward for waking up Yang the first time and a throwing weapon specifically used by Edge.
--> '''Edge:''' What, no knife this time?