Grip of the Shadow Plague
* A small moment when [[spoiler: Lena]] glares at a hamadryad for replying in a flirtatious manner with [[spoiler: Patton]]
* Even after [[spoiler: being locked in the quiet box for six weeks]] Vanessa keeps her cool, jogging in place and comically acting as part of the team [[spoiler: as if nothing ever happened]]
* Ruth and Stan teasing Seth for his newfound love of reading.
--> '''Grandma Ruth''': I'll not have my grandson subjected to the humiliation of his reading becoming public. We have to cope with this disgrace discreetly
* Seth trying to make Verl leave him alone by convincing the satyr that a dryad is "smoldering" at him.
* The strange reactions of the fairies-- In ''Grip of the Shadow Plague'' two fairies are talking about Kendra, one pretends that Kendra made a tiny fairy-sized bracelet just for her, bragging about it.
** Kendra who is nearby listening laughs to herself and agrees with the other fairy that it wouldn't be possible for her to make something so small

Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary
* Verl makes a Kendra a statue of herself... wearing a toga and eating grapes... AbhorrentAdmirer indeed!
* Seth taking advantage of [[spoiler: the chains Thronis gave several of the team that prevent them from lying]] by asking Gavin if he's interested in Kendra.

Keys to the demon prison
* Nearly everything Newel and Doren do and say before or during the Final battle. case in point, their battle cries
---> Doren: For endless television!!
---> Newel: FRITO-LAY!!
* In the end Kendra muses about her relationship with Bracken
--> It was one thing to snuggle a little when the world seemed about to end. It was was quite another to try to explain to her parents that she wanted to date an ancient magical horse.
* [[DeadpanSnarker "If you can read this, you can read."]]
* Bracken and Seth have some great one-liners when the former is first introduced.
--> '''Bracken:''' "Please, don't assault me with that meat amalgam. It would surely cause an infection."
** Then when Bracken is trying to find out if Seth is a spy:
---> '''Bracken:''' "Tell me a lie."
---> '''Seth:''' "The food here is terrific."
---> '''Bracken:''' [grins] "Now tell me something true."
---> '''Seth:''' "Centaurs are jerks."
---> '''Bracken:''' [grins wider]
* When Newel and Doren say they want to look good for Vanessa, Seth complains to their disgust that they're acting like Verl. The satyrs respond by rubbing mud on themselves and mussing their hair.