'''The forum RP''':
* Zeloth kicks Aquaman in the 'special area', his surfer-dude voice turning high-pitched as he battles with the supervillain.

* Zeloth comments that his left butt cheek can guide better than the guide, whereupon the guide takes this seriously and stares at said butt cheek in awe.

'''The PC game''':
* Using Eli Barracuda to force agents into dancing.
* Some of the interrogation methods - notably, the Music/MichaelJackson dancing routine for the interrogation chair ([[GeniusBonus it's from Smooth Criminal]]).
** In addition to the above, PATRIOT agents being interrogated in the mixer bowl can be heard saying, rather calmly (although still sounding sick), "that feels kind of funny...uh, tickles my pancreas". [[MoodWhiplash Yes, even after they've spent half the interrogation sequence screaming and crying.]]