While this movie is high on the horror, it does have a couple of moments of hilarity.
* First, after finally having viewed the ApocalypticLog entry, depicting the insane original crew torturing each other in severely hideous ways:
--> '''Miller''':(deadpan) [[KnowWhenToFoldEm We're leaving.]]
* Second, this exchange immediately afterwards:
---> '''Weir''': You can't just leave her!
---> '''Miller''': I have no intention of leaving her, Dr Weir. I plan to take the ''Lewis & Clarke'' to a safe distance and then launch TAC missiles at her until I am satisfied the ''Event Horizon'' has been vaporized. Fuck this ship!
** Both of which come off as a severe form of understatement from the sympathetic audience.
* Mentioned should be made of Cooper, after [[spoiler: the "Lewis & Clarke" has been destroyed by a bomb, catapulting a spacesuit-clad Cooper into empty space on a chunk of debris.]] His reaction to his predicament proves a nice bit of recovery from the emotional punch of the situation:
-->'''Cooper:''' Why's this shit always gotta happen to ''me''?!
** Not to mention, when he's zooming back toward the ship, "HERE I COME [[PrecisionFStrike MOTHERFUCKEEEEERS]]!"