* Any scene with the Manchester United soccer hooligans is hilarious.
* Cooper spending the entire film pretending he's still at work, including fielding calls from his boss on his cell phone and blaming the things he isn't doing on a co-worker.
-->'''Scotty''': You didn't tell your boss you were going to Europe. \\
'''Cooper''': They would have stopped paying me. This seemed easier.
* The German kid [[FunnyBackgroundEvent goose-stepping back and forth in the background]] while Scott is talking to Mieke's father.
* The robot fight. It must be seen to be believed.
* "Mi scusi!"
* The entire climax at the Vatican. [[spoiler:After sneaking into the papal apartment and fooling around, the public thinks the Pope has died and a new one has been elected immediately. Scotty, still wearing the pallium, stumbles into a gold curtain and onto a balcony, and is presented to Vatican City and the world as the new Pope]]. Cue to the Pope watching on TV and saying to someone with him "what the Hell?"
** When Jaime and Jenny hear about the "new Pope," this exchange as Jenny obviously realizes what's going on.
-->'''Jaime''': We could be witnessing history in the making! \\
'''Jenny''': We could be witnessing an arrest in the making.
* During the credits there plays a series of deleted scenes detailing the group staying at a youth hostel in Amsterdam, as the woman in charge keeps describing it and it gets more horrible by the second.
-->'''Hostel Host''': If there is a fire caused by our faulty wiring, or, the fireworks factory on the second floor, you will be incinerated along with [[ItMakesJustAsMuchSenseInContext the valuables you have hidden in your anus.]]