* When asked on ABC about where they see the series going in the future:
--> "IMAX 3D Epic Meal Time, directed by Creator/StevenSpielberg."
--> [{{Beat}}]
--> "Why are you laughing?"
* From the breakfast food episode: "We 'bout to get drunk off ''pancakes''!"
* From Fast Food Meatloaf: "Epic Meal Time with a whole bunch of ground meat and a good idea. We got all these burgers, all this liquor, and a sexy bitch! '''This is the fast food meatloaf, you big dummy!'''"
** The little grin on [[Music/{{Lights}} LIGHTS']] face when he calls her a sexy bitch.
* ''84 Egg Sandwich'' opens with Harley ordering ''ninety [=Egg McMuffins=]'' from a drive-thru window. The girl doesn't believe him ("Are you playing a joke?"), despite his insistence, until...
-->'''Girl:''' Epic Meal Time? ''(bursts into giggles)''
-->'''Harley:''' Yes. Epic Meal Time.
** A similar event happens in ''Masta Pasta'', Harley tries to order pizza dough, but they won't let him. He eventually persuades them to deliver it. Their receipt has "Epic Meal Time?" written on it.
* Harly, Musclesglasses, AND Creator/FPSRussia Tenderising meat, [[ThisIsForEmphasisBitch bitch!.]]
-->'''Harley''': I'm tenderizing meat, bitch! Look at me do it! Look at me ''[[SoundEffectBleep (caw!)]]''ing do it! ''(hits a chunk of meat with a tenderizer)''\\
''[Enter Muscles Glasses]''\\
'''Muscles Glasses''': ''(punches the meat repeatedly)''\\
''[Enter [=FPSRussia=], shooing Muscles Glasses away]''\\
'''[=FPSRussia=]''': ''(pistol whips the meat with a Desert Eagle a bunch of times)'' Is tender!
* When it comes time to eat on the WebVideo/{{Smosh}} collab Super Pastry Cake, they start with Cousin Dave sitting alone at the cake, eating ice cream Dibs off the top with a knife and fork. One at a time. Muscles Glasses eventually moves him off to the side, and the rest go to work on it.
* From the sushi episode: "Epic Meal Time, online cooking is about to take '''SUSHI''' and give it a '''FAST FOOD BUKKAKE!'''"
** "Sushi! Fast food! Sex!"
* From Candy Pizza: "Next time, we eat sound effects." Cue Prince Atari making gun and explosion sound effects, then having a silly smile on his face while the rest of the guys maintain their serious disposition.
** "Gay Bacon Strips"
* The Candy episodes tend to mention dentists frequently. From Candy BBQ:
-->'''Harley:''' Call up your dentist! Tell him he's a little bitch!
** Then from Candy Taco Night, several months later:
-->'''Harley:''' Call up your dentist! [[CallBack You probably owe him an apology]].
* From Epic Hors D'Oeuvres: "Next time, we eat bacon. Eheheheheh."
* From Sausage Fest: "Next time, we eat ice cream." Cue ladies cheering, and cue Harley's hilariously creepy SlasherSmile.
** Also from Sausage Fest: "Eat those sausages, [[ThisIsForEmphasisBitch bitches.]]"
* From Epic Chicken Burger Combo: "Next time, we eat [[ThisIsYourPremiseOnDrugs crack]]."
* French Fry Week Day 1 - French Fry Salad: Tyler has a bacon weave as a HeadPet in the opening.
* French Fry Week DAY 2 - Spam Fries Four Loko: "Next time, we eat crayons."
-->'''Tyler''': ''(stirring the chili)'' Cooking is hard sometimes...but sometimes, it's fun. It's like a big bowl of poop!
** Cousin Dave looking over a pile of the titular Spam Fries (cubes of spam cut into french fry-like strips). He has a look on his face like he wants to vomit.
--->'''Dave''': ''(lifting the "fries" out of the boiling oil)'' Look at these delicious little sticks of f''[[SoundEffectBleep (caw!)]]''ing filth.
* Shart Week Day 2 - Indian Tex-Mex (Indian food prepared for Tex-Mex dishes).
-->'''Prince Atari''': ''(as steam fogs up the camera lens)'' Oh, wow...it's like {{Instagram}} up in here...
* Shart Week Day 2 - Tex-Mex Indian (Tex-Mex food prepared for Indian dishes). While pouring oil into the deep fryer:
-->'''Tyler''': Oh good, you got the Flux Capacitor up and running.
** "Call up [[CallBack your plumber; tell him he's a little bitch]]."
* Muscles Glasses' costume in Meat Mummy.
-->"Next time, we eat crackers."
** Harley dressed as [[WesternAnimation/ToyStory "Beard Lightyear"]].
** Then there's everyone except for Muscle's Glasses and Harley dressing up as Muscles Glasses. Harley's response to Tyler being dressed up as Muscles Glasses is hilarious.
* Harley on stuffing a turkey.
-->"I ain't no turkey-ass doctor! I'm a turkey ''ass'' doctor.
* The St. Patrick's Day episode...where they all got drunk ''before'' filming.
** And then came the drunken rant interlude:
--->'''Harley''': We got too drunk...on St. Patrick's Day; St. Patrick's Day, the Wrestling/BobBacklund of holidays. We don't know what we're doing. I bleed green. It's a medical condition, doctor says I need a blood transfusion, but ''[[SoundEffectBleep (caw!)]]'' the doctor. If you say we don't know what we're doing in the kitchen...you'd be right. You'd be right if you said that. We're just friends, having fun and doing what we do best, being friendly with one another. ''(toasts the camera)'' [[SoundEffectBleep (caw!)]] you.
** Drinking fun:
--->''(Muscles Glasses drinks Incredible Hulk straight from a large jar)''\\
'''Muscles Glasses''': ''(roars at the camera)''\\
'''Cousin Dave''': That's--\\
'''Muscles Glasses''': ''(roars at Cousin Dave)''\\
''(Cousin Dave has an Incredible Hulk martini)''\\
'''Cousin Dave''': ''(much less manly roar)''
* "Happy Meal Time", an official Epic Meal Time episode with the kids from ''[[WebVideo/{{React}} Kids React]]'' using Happy Meals and bacon to make epic food. All the kids were {{expy}}s of the real characters, right down to the boy playing Muscles Glasses. Instead of alcohol, they drank and mixed up Kool-Aid Jammers.
** The Harley expy kept getting censored as if he was repeatedly using the F-word. TheStinger revealed he was really saying "fart", and none of the kids used curse words during filming.
* A little impersonation in Candy Taco Night:
-->'''Tyler:''' Ooooh yeah! I'm [[Wrestling/RandySavage "The Nacho Man" Candy Savage]].\\
'''Someone off-screen:''' [[TakeThat More like]] [[Wrestling/BretHart Regret "The]] [[SoundEffectBleep (caw!)]] [[Wrestling/BretHart Man" Fart]].
* The Gentlemen Episode:
** Tyler still has a problem with his nose:
--->'''Harley''': Tyler! You're a gentleman!\\
'''Tyler''': We may be in a tuxedos[[note]]Tyler's is powder blue[[/note]], we may be gentlemen, but these boogers aren't gonna pick themselves.
** Harley's outfit:
--->'''Harley''': What do you think? Do I look more like {{Dracula}}, or the maitre d' at a fucked up whore house?\\
'''Tyler''': You look like you're at Satan's bar mitzvah.
* From Turbaconepicentipede:
-->'''Harley''': "And connected it to another pig, anus to mouth. Anus to mouth. Anus to mouth."
** Jimmy Wong sings to the stuffed pig, bidding it turn into a princess. He kisses it. Needless to say, nothing happens.
* From both Deep Fried Waffle Fries and Turbaconepicentipede:
-->"Next time, we eat [[{{Fingore}} your fingers]]."
* When Harley showed up unannounced at the launch of ''VideoGame/MassEffect3'', only to do [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A4UyYFHDrBQ this.]]
* "Next time we eat WesternAnimation/{{Ducktales}}, all three of the little (caw!)ers, and Scrooge too. We're gonna [[AssShove stuff 'em in each other's asses]], that's (caw!)ed up. So tune in next week when we stuff all these, uh... all your favourite ducks in each other's butts."
* [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o0_uqcBZ6RU Meat Cereal]], with its large amount of sound & special effects.
* [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H5RHyna1jfU Fast Food Fondue]], & the alcoholic beverage recipes that come with it.
* [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sXkA9YZ1UlQ&list=TLohZbQJwG86U Hella 'Tella Chili]]. "Caring about your health is a waste of time; you're gonna die anyways. Best to expire with a raging sugar-meat boner."
* '''All''' of "The Trailer Park Sandwich", especially the little details like having the ''Series/TrailerParkBoys'' characters' swearing uncensored while keeping the EMT crew's swearing censored with crow sounds.
* [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r-JG3Y5Ojbw Ultimate Club Sandwich]] has a trashed Harley cut off the title card twice.
** One of the crewmembers ends up buying lettuce, arguing that any good club sandwich needs lettuce. Predictably, he is shot down. What does EMT substitute for it instead? ''Three sheets of binder paper.''
* The Fish and Chips Filet Episode with Jamie Oliver.
** The conversation about celery, used to triangulate said chef's location, lampshading one of his habits on his own show.
** Jamie's indignant questions at the guys when they stuff him in the fridge.
-->Who put you up to this? Was it Gordon Ramsay?!
** His complaints when Harley is trying to start the episode proper.
* [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VbNCfsFAiGE After School Special]]. "Ground beef, beans, and hot dogs in a pot? This is the type of meat mixture that'll make your (caw) bigger."