* "[[SarcasmMode Tamwar, I'm relaying on you to be my sanity for today.]]"
* Jean Slater's attemp at Peggy Mitchell's CatchPhrase: "Get out of my pub!"
* Micheal talking to his infant daughter Scarlett as if he we're talking to a client on October 4th 2012.
* The exchange between Alice and Derek regarding Derek being Max's best man and then about Lucy asking about Joey.
-->'''Derek Branning''': "Well, I know a thing or two about me own son as well, you know. I was there when he was born."\\
'''Alice Branning''': "Oh, you were around when everyone was born. [[SarcasmMode What was Jesus like as a baby?]]"\\
'''Derek Branning''': "[[InsultBackfire Good as gold. Slept through the night and loved his mother.]]"
* Alfie and Kat are about to sleep together for the first time, Alfie needs to find a condom. The entire episode focuses on his search and it's an absolute farce.
* Tamwar perfectly summing up the audiences reaction to the reveal that Max was Lucy's secret affair... which is revealed at Lucy's funeral.
-->'''Tamwar Masood''': "Only in Watford."
* After Billy kidnaps his children so his ex-wife won't take them away from him, Phil and Jay track in down and, instead of belittling him for kidnapping his children, they call him stupid for being so easy to track.
-->'''Phil Mitchell''': "Who do you think you are, hey, Ronnie Biggs? I mean, we tracked you down in, what, 4 hours?"\\
'''Jay Brown''': "3-and-a-half. And that's with 45 minutes stuck on the M25."\\
** Also, Phil's almost gleeful smile when he notices his cars gone the same day Billy's does a runn'a with his kids.
-->'''Phil Mitchell''': "Got'cha."
* Ian's reaction to [[spoiler:Phil being shot by Shirley on his wedding day]].
-->'''Billy Mitchell''': "[[spoiler:Phil's been shot!]]"\\
'''Ian Beale''': "[[ContinuityNod Again?]]"
** When Dean starts rambling while [[spoiler:trying to escape with Shirley after she shoots Phil]], he claims that Phil Mitchell would survive a Nuclear Holocaust and become "King of the Cockroaches".
* During the live broadcast of 18/02/2015, SpecialGuestStar Tanya accidently calls Ian by his actor's name, "Adam". The reactions from the cast, while well hidden, is priceless.