* During the climax of the disastrous Elephant Pyramid, Matriarch the Elephant shouts this to the fleeing Dumbo, who they are about to fall onto:
-->''"Out of my way, ''assassin!''"''
* Everything from Timothy's appearance as "Inspiration" to "I've got it! I've got it!".
** Especially the scene where Timothy spooks the gossiping elephants using antics such as [[FelonyMisdemeanor jiggling his face, twitching his nose, whistling, and doing a Napoleon pose.]] This is also a {{Moment of Awesome}}, for putting the snobby elephants in their place.
*** Funnier still when you consider there is some TruthInTelevision about this. The Series/MythBusters [[JustForFun/TropesExaminedByTheMythBusters showed that]] elephants are slightly wary of mice and go out of their way to avoid them.
** Timothy saying to the gossiping elephants, "You like to pick on little guys, huh? Why don't ya pick on me?" and the elephants turn around and he resumes spooking them.
* The numerous gags involving bubbles leading up to the "[[MoodWhiplash Pink]] [[NightmareFuel Elephants]]" [[DisneyAcidSequence sequence]].
-->'''Timothy:''' All right, let's see you blow a ''square'' one, pal.
* After the [[DisneyAcidSequence Pink Elephants number]], some crows discover Dumbo. UnfortunateImplications aside, they discuss whether or not the elephant is dead.
-->'''Crow:''' Naw, dead people don't snore... or do they?
* The gorilla acting all fierce... until he breaks one of the bars on his cage. [[MeanCharacterNiceActor Then he sheepishly puts the bar back in place.]]
* Timothy falling into the bucket of alcohol and the operatic singing that comes shortly afterwards is absolutely hilarious as an adult.
* Mrs. Jumbo dunking the ringmaster in the tub of water after which he gets hit in the face with his shortfront trying to wring himself dry.
* The elephants commenting during their pyramid:
-->'''Prissy:''' [[HypocriticalHumour Gaining a little weight, aren't you, honey?]]\\
'''Catty:''' [[LampshadeHanging You're no cream puff yourself, dearie!]]
* The "Pink Elephants On Parade" scene was NightmareFuel to most viewers, but some parts of it can be pretty funny.
** The exaggerated "Oom-pah" marching band style of the opening section is quite amusing, not to mention {{Ear Worm}}y.
** Two elephants' legs are continuously growing and shrinking to make them alternate in stepping over each other.
** One large elephant is constantly trampling a smaller elephant (making its trunk-horn honk each time). After one trample leaves the smaller elephant behind the larger one, it decides it's had enough and kicks its tormentor in the rear. The elephant splits into three somewhat smaller elephants who make trumpet noises at the other elephant before it grows to a massive size and uses a pair of cymbals to smash the three into a load of tiny elephants. Also a MomentOfAwesome.
*** One tiny elephant is stuck between the cymbals. As soon as it pries itself free, it dances on the others' heads as if to say "Look at me! I'm a big shot!"
** At one point an elephant head pops up. Then another, upside down. The two heads look at each other, freak out, and shrink away from each other at the same time.
** And finally, there's a point where an elephant wipes his ass with a lightning bolt. Hey, who said all randomness was creepy?
* This exchange while the Ringmaster is making a lengthy introduction to the pyramid act:
-->'''Catty:''' Hearing him talk, you'd think he was gonna do it.\\
'''Matriarch:''' The stuffed shirt!
** Later on, when the elephants finish the act and the Ringmaster goes into lengthy intro mode again (this time for Dumbo himself):
-->'''Matriarch:''' That windbag! Why doesn't he get to the point?!
* The initial performance by the clowns when Dumbo is incorporated into their act is quite hilarious, [[BlackComedy once you get by the fact they're practically abusing him]].
* Out-of-universe, someone once did a remix of "We're Gonna Hit the Big Boss for a Raise" on Youtube. Sadly, it was taken down.
* When Jim wakes up Timothy as he and Dumbo are sleeping in the tree:
-->'''Timothy:''' (rubs his eyes and moans) Ohhhhhhhh! All those pink elephants.\\
'''Jim:''' Pink elephants? Mm-mmmm!\\
(The Crows laugh)\\
'''Timothy:''' What's so funny? What're you boids doin' down here, anyway?\\
'''Jim:''' What're we doing ''down'' here? Well hear him talk!\\
(The Crows laugh harder)\\
'''Timothy:''' (trying to go back to sleep) Ah, fly up a tree where you belong.\\
'''Jim:''' (puffs a cloud of smoke around Timothy) Now look here, Brother Rat...\\
'''Timothy:''' (suddenly standing up, then staring Jim straight in the face) Brother Rat?! Now listen! I ain't your brother, and I ain't no rat, see?\\
'''Jim:''' Uh-uh. And I suppose you and no elephant ain't up in no tree, either.\\
'''Timothy:''' No! No, me in no tree and I'm no... What? Tree?\\
(he and Jim look up, then down to see that they really are up a tree)\\
'''Timothy:''' (gasps, then squeals as he hides in Dumbo's trunk)