* [[CloudCuckoolander Walky]] is a fountain for these.
** Walky's face at the end of [[http://www.dumbingofage.com/2010/comic/book-1/02-uphill-from-here/dexter/ this strip]]. And he gets it whenever he sees Dorothy.
*** [[http://www.dumbingofage.com/2010/comic/book-1/02-uphill-from-here/throw/ I GIVE IT TO YOU!]]
** [[http://www.dumbingofage.com/2011/comic/book-1/03-men-are-from-beck-women-are-from-clark/mcnuggets/ Fifty. McNuggets.]]
** [[http://www.dumbingofage.com/2011/comic/book-1/06-yesterday-was-thursday/hair/ Weiner]] [[{{Squick}} mange]].
** [[http://www.dumbingofage.com/2011/comic/book-2/01-pajama-jeans/ingenuity/ Pajama jeans.]]
---> '''Walky''': [[Main/MundaneMadeAwesome Humanity's ingenuity has climaxed]].
** [[http://www.dumbingofage.com/2011/comic/book-2/01-pajama-jeans/bus/ NUNCHAKU!]]
** [[http://www.dumbingofage.com/2012/comic/book-2/02-choosing-my-religion/do/ What, you thought he was stupid?]]
** [[http://www.dumbingofage.com/2012/comic/book-2/03-the-first-step-towards-recovery/walky/ His name is Gary.]] [[HoYay They will get Man Married]].
** '''[[http://www.dumbingofage.com/2012/comic/book-2/04-time-keeps-on-slippin/awol/ "That was allowed?!"]]''' ([[http://www.dumbingofage.com/2012/comic/book-2/04-time-keeps-on-slippin/touch-2/ And followup.]])
** [[http://www.dumbingofage.com/2013/comic/book-3/04-just-hangin-out-with-my-family/text-2/ Dirk Lonestyle.]]
** [[http://www.dumbingofage.com/2014/comic/book-4/02-i-was-a-teenage-churchmouse/missed-2/ "I AM A LIVING GOD!"]]
** He may have outdone himself reactions-wise [[http://www.dumbingofage.com/2014/comic/book-4/02-i-was-a-teenage-churchmouse/freezeframe/ here]]
** [[http://www.dumbingofage.com/2015/comic/book-5/02-threes-a-crowd/climbing/ "Okay,]] but if ''she'' starts climbin' onto buildings, I quit."
** [[http://www.dumbingofage.com/2014/comic/book-4/01-the-only-dope-for-me-is-you/weeenus/ "BAM! Weenus-pointed!]] The Alt Text really sells it.
** [[http://www.dumbingofage.com/2015/comic/book-6/01-to-those-whod-ground-me/scenarios/#comment His face]] when he realizes that not only does Joyce apparently ''still'' ship him with Billie, but she's got entire scenarios planned out in her head.
** Advising Dina to eat chik-a-fil: "Yes! Eat the Dinosaur, and '''absorb''' its '''power!'''
* [[{{Jerkass}} Mike]] is also a constant source of these:
** [[http://www.dumbingofage.com/2010/comic/book-1/02-uphill-from-here/drag/ Mike gets angry.]]
** The entirety of Mike chaperoning Amber on her date with Joe.
*** [[http://www.dumbingofage.com/2011/comic/book-1/03-men-are-from-beck-women-are-from-clark/fifty/ Joe underestimates how much Mike likes punching people. ]]
*** [[http://www.dumbingofage.com/comics-archive/2011-02-01-temple.png Do I get to punch her?]]
*** [[http://www.dumbingofage.com/2011/comic/book-1/03-men-are-from-beck-women-are-from-clark/lust/ "She said lust I get to punch her!"]]
*** [[http://www.dumbingofage.com/2011/comic/book-1/03-men-are-from-beck-women-are-from-clark/olives/ "Give me a medium pizza with black olives and green peppers"]]
** [[http://www.dumbingofage.com/2012/comic/book-2/01-pajama-jeans/asshole/ I got you something and I promise it's not a punch in the face.]]
** [[http://www.dumbingofage.com/comics-archive/2011-11-24-swallow.png "I dunno is your conscience also gay?" ]]
** [[http://www.dumbingofage.com/2012/comic/book-2/03-the-first-step-towards-recovery/liberals/ "I can never tell if your on my side or not." ]]
** [[http://www.dumbingofage.com/2012/comic/book-2/02-choosing-my-religion/introduced/ Hi, we]] [[MomentKiller haven't been introduced.]]
** [[http://www.dumbingofage.com/2012/comic/book-2/03-the-first-step-towards-recovery/congratulations Why did Mike go after Walky?]] That's why.
** [[http://www.dumbingofage.com/2012/comic/book-2/06-strange-beerfellows/plan/ "Let's hope it's not becoming a crackwhore. "]]
** [[http://www.dumbingofage.com/2014/comic/book-4/02-i-was-a-teenage-churchmouse/pagans/ "Have you tried a strap-on?"]] StrangeMindsThinkAlike at it's finest.
** Mike interrupts an otherwise sweet moment as only he can:
--->'''Mike''': [[http://www.dumbingofage.com/2014/comic/book-5/01-when-somebody-loved-me/sleepyhead/ Billie was drunkenly mauled by a bear.]]\\
'''Walky''': ...What?\\
'''Mike''': ...[[AmbiguousSyntax She was drunk, not the bear.]]\\
'''Dorothy''': Mike!\\
'''Mike''': Fine, they were both drunk.
** [[http://www.dumbingofage.com/2015/comic/book-6/01-to-those-whod-ground-me/underhanded/ Mike finds he can do more damage with the truth.]]
--->'''Walky:''' Thursday you told us Billie was mauled to death by a bear!\\
'''Mike:''' Yeah, and did anyone ''believe'' me?! No!
** [[http://www.dumbingofage.com/2014/comic/book-4/04-the-whiteboard-dong-bandit/interrogation/ Amazi-Girls attempts]] [[MythologyGag to interrogate Mike]] [[TooKinkyToTorture backfire. ]]
*** [[http://www.dumbingofage.com/2014/comic/book-4/04-the-whiteboard-dong-bandit/confession/ the follow up.]]
** [[http://www.dumbingofage.com/2015/comic/book-5/02-threes-a-crowd/answer-2/ ALL HAIL SATAN]]. The stunned reaction of Joyce and Dorothy really sell it.
--->'''Mike:''' Come on, I can't be the only one who wanted to do that.
** [[http://www.dumbingofage.com/2015/comic/book-5/02-threes-a-crowd/drill/ "so Mike, you hungry?"]]
** Mike having a MetaGuy [[http://www.dumbingofage.com/comics-archive/2015-05-13-nice.png moment. ]]
** Mike [[http://www.dumbingofage.com/2016/comic/book-6/04-it-all-returns/busy/ knows Amber well.]]
** [[http://www.dumbingofage.com/2016/comic/book-6/04-it-all-returns/unbeliever/ "IS that really your go-to move.]]
** [[http://www.dumbingofage.com/comics-archive/2016-12-02-brand.png "Asking for an eight-legged friend"]]
* [[http://www.dumbingofage.com/2011/comic/book-1/03-men-are-from-beck-women-are-from-clark/penis/ "She's a sweetie and you're some kind of sex monster."]]
* [[http://www.dumbingofage.com/2011/comic/book-2/01-pajama-jeans/time/ ALL SHALL BURN!]]
* [[http://www.dumbingofage.com/2011/comic/book-1/05-media-rumble/chestwindow/ Did. She have. A CHEST WINDOW?]]
** And [[http://www.dumbingofage.com/2014/comic/book-4/02-i-was-a-teenage-churchmouse/oldfashioned/ much later]]...
--->'''Dorothy''': [-...I seem to have accidentally browsed backwards to a {{Creator/Google}} search for [[TheInternetIsForPorn "Amazi-Girl nude"]].-]\\
'''Daisy''': That is ''new''-fashioned [[IsThatWhatTheyreCallingItNow sleuthing]].
* [[http://www.dumbingofage.com/2012/comic/book-2/02-choosing-my-religion/line/ The line to get into Danny's room.]]
* [[http://www.dumbingofage.com/2012/comic/book-2/02-choosing-my-religion/tissue/ For the next five minutes, we don't know each other.]]
* [[http://www.dumbingofage.com/2012/comic/book-2/03-the-first-step-towards-recovery/deign-2/ "Just promise me I'm not walking into some dumb teenage drama or sitcom misunderstanding."]]
* [[http://www.dumbingofage.com/2013/comic/book-3/02-guess-whos-coming-to-galassos/temptation/ This]] is pretty funny, but with context, it becomes even funnier. The previous strips had involved [[{{Gayngst}} drama with Ethan being gay]]. In this strip, Ethan comes to a resolution...and then the punchline hits, releasing several weeks of tension at once. In addition, this was the day that Willis released the "Sexiest Man" poll.
* [[http://www.dumbingofage.com/2013/comic/book-3/03-answers-in-hennessy/surprised-2/ FOOMP!]]
* [[http://www.dumbingofage.com/2013/comic/book-3/04-just-hangin-out-with-my-family/persistent/ "Geez, Joe, your dad is just you with a beard."]]
** Or, if you think Joe's punchline is funnier: "I wish I could say he was [[TheCasanova only like this]] ''[[YourCheatingHeart after]]'' the divorce."
* [[http://www.dumbingofage.com/2014/comic/book-4/02-i-was-a-teenage-churchmouse/lures/ Why the hell am I waving?]]
* [[http://www.dumbingofage.com/2014/comic/book-4/01-the-only-dope-for-me-is-you/salute/ A worthy salute.]]
* [[http://www.dumbingofage.com/2014/comic/book-4/01-the-only-dope-for-me-is-you/need/ "I needed to leave."]]
* [[http://www.dumbingofage.com/2012/comic/book-2/02-choosing-my-religion/holes-2/ Shoving stuff into holes.]]
* Danny mentions needing to stay away from people Amber knows, due to recent events. And then, [[spoiler: Sal]], whom he has been forming a friendship with, shows up. The AltText really sells it:
-->[[CosmicPlaything man the writer sure hates this kid don't he]]
* Joyce finds something ''interesting'' in [[http://www.dumbingofage.com/2014/comic/book-4/03-up-all-night-to-get-vengeance/share-2/ Sarah's drawer]].
--> "Well I've ruled out "karaoke microphone"."
** Even better in that this was [[BrickJoke set up in the previous book]], when Sarah mentioned [[http://www.dumbingofage.com/2013/comic/book-3/03-answers-in-hennessy/noises/ she has "toys"]].
--->'''Joyce''': Aw, c'mon Sarah, we can play with them ''together''! [[RightForTheWrongReasons You can shove 'em around if I get to make]] the ''[[ImmodestOrgasm noises]]''!\\
'''Sarah''': [[NoJustNoReaction Stop. Talking]].
* [[http://www.dumbingofage.com/2014/comic/book-4/03-up-all-night-to-get-vengeance/evasive/#comments Danny and Ethan's]] IKnowYouKnowIKnow battle.
-->'''Ethan''': I'm struggling to find a way to ask if you know about the thing-she-does without tipping you off about the thing-she-does if you didn't already know.\\
'''Danny''': I hope to God you're thinking about what I think you are, because God help her if there's more than one.
** And then, for possibly the first time in the comic, Danny ''gets to the point'':
-->'''Danny''': --Okay, she's '''AMAZI-GIRL''', all right? We're both talking about her being Amazi-Girl?\\
'''Ethan''': Yes. Thank you. That was getting kind of stretchy.
* [[http://www.dumbingofage.com/2014/comic/book-4/04-the-whiteboard-dong-bandit/helpful/ excuse me, vinegar, i have this baking soda that i need you to look at]]
** Similarly Billie and Ruth's [[http://www.dumbingofage.com/2014/comic/book-5/01-when-somebody-loved-me/lead-2/ attempt to throw Mary off their trail]] [[BelligerentSexualTension backfires a bit]].
--->'''Billie''': ''F-Fuck you''!\\
'''Ruth''': ''Fuck you first''!\\
'''Billie''': ''I'd like to see you try''!\\
'''Ruth''': ''I'll throw you to the ground and''-- [-Okay, I think this is starting to backfire.-]\\
'''Billie''': [-Hey, I'm following your lead, but [[MasochismTango your lead is kind of doing it for me]].-]
* [[http://www.dumbingofage.com/2014/comic/book-5/01-when-somebody-loved-me/detritus/ Joyce tries to brave the filthy shower stall... and she fails.]] But the character's commentary sells it.
-->'''Dina:''' She's fainted.\\
'''Other Rachel:''' [[MundaneMadeAwesome The detritus has claimed her. She is part of the stall, now.]]
** The author commentary for book 5 makes it even funnier.
--->'''Willis:''' Whenever I get on an airplane-because I am morbid as hell-I think about the last strip I uploaded to the website. Essentially, what would be my Last Strip Ever. This was one such strip, and frankly I'm a little sorry I lived. Joyce trips, dies, the end.
* After strip upon strip of Joyce being disgusted by Walky's behavior, we find out that Becky, of all people, [[http://www.dumbingofage.com/2014/comic/book-5/01-when-somebody-loved-me/belchin/ has]] [[http://www.dumbingofage.com/2014/comic/book-5/01-when-somebody-loved-me/forevers/ quite]] [[http://www.dumbingofage.com/2014/comic/book-5/01-when-somebody-loved-me/straightforward/ a bit in common with him]].
* [[http://www.dumbingofage.com/2015/comic/book-5/02-threes-a-crowd/sample/ Joyce sends Becky off to the showers:]]
-->'''Joyce''': It's going to be full of partly naked ladies, so, uh, feel free to do some window shopping, I guess.\\
'''Becky''': I shall sample your finest wimmins.
* [[http://www.dumbingofage.com/2015/comic/book-5/02-threes-a-crowd/justbecky/ The last panel of this strip in its entirety.]]
--> '''Becky''': Hey, guess what, I'm a LESBIAN!
** Mike's confused reaction to it sells it.
** The follow up [[http://www.dumbingofage.com/2015/comic/book-5/02-threes-a-crowd/kidding-2/ also deserves a spot here.]]
--->'''Becky''': Hey, Billie, I'm a lesbian! High five!\\
'''Joyce''': Oh why don't you just tell everybody?!\\
'''Becky''': [[InsultBackfire That's the idea!]]
* The comments for [[http://www.dumbingofage.com/2015/comic/book-5/02-threes-a-crowd/outrage/#comments Outrage]] featured some particularly charged discussion, so Willis used a word filter to replace the word "bitch" with "bongo". The results speak for themselves.
* While most of the strip is either a TearJerker or a CrowningMomentOfAwesome (the latter due to Joyce showing off her remarkable character development), the fact that [[http://www.dumbingofage.com/2015/comic/book-5/02-threes-a-crowd/goodbyemyfriend/ Joyce]] references "Harry and the Hendersons" of all things while [[spoiler: breaking up with Ethan]] is pretty hilarious.
** Likewise, while most of [[http://www.dumbingofage.com/2015/comic/book-5/02-threes-a-crowd/support-2/ this strip calling back to it]] is also a tearjerker with bits of heartwarming, we get this exchange;
--->'''Joyce:''' Oh Ethan my poor gay baby... can I call you that, is that a slur?\\
'''Ethan:''' I don't think so, but I'd shy away from the [[UnfortunateImplications "Your Own Kind" stuff.]]\\
'''Joyce:''' Y-yeah, I've learned a lot today but it might be a while before my vocabulary synchronizes.
* [[http://www.dumbingofage.com/2015/comic/book-5/03-the-butterflies-fly-away/inconspicuous/ Becky's attempt at an accent.]]
* [[http://www.dumbingofage.com/2015/comic/book-5/03-the-butterflies-fly-away/fuck/ Proof that Sal is Walky's Twin.]]
* Much of the comments section can be [=CMOFs=] in their own right. [[http://www.dumbingofage.com/2013/comic/book-3/03-answers-in-hennessy/stuffed-shirts/ Such this strip,]] elevating Sal to being a CommanderContrarian.
-->'''Commenter''': Don't pull the lever! *Sal pulls the lever.*\\
'''Commenter''': EAT YOUR VEGETABLES *Sal goes for a doughnut*\\
'''Commenter''': Don't Jump the shark! *Sal harpoons it instead*\\
'''Commenter''': Just be good! *Becomes world's greatest villain*\\
'''Commenter''': DON'T DO ANYTHING I TELL YOU! *obeys perfectly* [[DoubleTake Wait]].
* The comments to [[http://www.dumbingofage.com/2013/comic/book-4/01-the-only-dope-for-me-is-you/bunk/ "Bunk"]] have these gems about Joyce finding Sal sleeping topless;
-->'''alt-text''': Now when Joyce says she's seen the twins, she doesn't mean Sal and Walky.\\
'''Commenter''': They're still called "Sal and Walky", though. She has family issues.\\
'''Commenter''': Walky is her least favourite boob.\\
'''Commenter''': [[CrossesTheLineTwice But it's the one her family likes more.]]
* Dina's [[http://www.dumbingofage.com/2015/comic/book-5/04-walking-with-dina/searching/ first reaction]] to Ross [=MacIntyre=].
-->'''Dina''': His head looks like a giant toe.
** This resulted in a meta moment of funny when Ross' FanNickname quickly became "Toedad".
* Any time Joyce has a freak out, particularly her bug eyed facial expression though the best example is [[http://www.dumbingofage.com/2015/comic/book-5/04-walking-with-dina/item/ her reaction to Dina saying she and Becky just had sex. ]]
* Dina has trouble interpreting a moment of silence with Becky, so she just goes for the [[http://www.dumbingofage.com/2015/comic/book-5/04-walking-with-dina/misreading/ direct approach]]. Becky's not complaining:
-->'''Dina:''' YOU WILL KISS ME.\\
'''Becky:''' Oh, good, God answers lesbian prayers.
* [[http://www.dumbingofage.com/2015/comic/book-6/01-to-those-whod-ground-me/five/#comment Becky and Dina re-enacting]] ''Film/JurassicWorld'' on Sal's motorcycle.
-->'''Sal:''' You! Off! Shoo!\\
'''Becky:''' But we're Chris Pratt and his bestest raptor pal, Blue!\\
'''Dina:''' Rarrghl, I should have feathers and be the size of a dog!
* Sitting down to dinner with her brother [[spoiler:and sister]], Joyce is a whole 20% certain John ''won't'' eat her.
* [[http://www.dumbingofage.com/2016/comic/book-7/01-glower-vacuum/pudding/ "Pudding?"]]
-->'''Alt-text:''' *closes door* *Billie leaves webcomic forever*
** [[http://www.dumbingofage.com/2016/comic/book-7/01-glower-vacuum/drugged/ "Oh my god]], they '''''drugged the shit''''' out of you, didn't they."
* Danny learning that Dina ''will'' [[ItMakesSenseInContext let loose the raptor]] if provoked.
** [[http://www.dumbingofage.com/2016/comic/book-6/04-it-all-returns/indominus The raptor meets its match.]]
--->'''Walky:''' INDOMINUS REX ATTACK!\\
'''Dina:''' ''(As Walky strides over her)'' That dinosaur is noncanonical!
** Ethan meets [[http://www.dumbingofage.com/2016/comic/book-6/04-it-all-returns/security Dina's improved security measures]]
* She could be facedown in a ditch [[http://www.dumbingofage.com/2014/comic/book-5/01-when-somebody-loved-me/facedown/ somewhere!]]
* Sydney Yuss as a waitress. "'''[[http://www.dumbingofage.com/2016/comic/book-7/01-glower-vacuum/pawing FOOLS]]''' FLESH IS FOR '''WINNERS!'''"
* [[http://www.dumbingofage.com/2016/comic/book-7/01-glower-vacuum/prattering/ Galasso then fires Sydney.]] Not for being a terrible waitress who refuses to do her job correctly, but because her plan to cow the customers failed.
* Even in a different universe, Robin remains... ''Robin''. Like when she's convinced Leslie was sent by her rival to seduce her and produce incriminating photos...
-->'''Leslie:''' Wait... what photographs?\\
'''Robin:''' THESE photographs!\\
'''Leslie:''' That's a lockscreen.\\
'''Robin:''' Oh, oh, right. Damn.
* '''[[http://www.dumbingofage.com/2017/comic/book-7/02-everything-youve-ever-wanted/waft/ Joyce]]:''' '''HELP!''' My '''butt''' is '''CONTAMINATED'''!
-->'''Alt-Text:''' You want to get Butt's Disease? Because that's how you get Butt's Disease.
* Billy saying she got cookies from the Walkertons because they like her more than Sal? Definitely not funny. Carla's utterly shocked expression at hearing this.
* Apparently Amber knows how to throw her voice (i.e. make her voice sound like it's coming from someplace other than her). When do we learn this? [[http://www.dumbingofage.com/2017/comic/book-7/03-the-thing-i-was-before/ravine/ When she uses it to distract Sal]] so Amber can [[MundaneMadeAwesome beat her at Mario Kart]].
-->'''Danny:''' ''(with a scrunched up face)'' Did you just ''throw your voice?''\\
'''Sal:''' ''(Off-screen)'' ''...Dangit!''\\
'''Amber:''' ''Ha ha!'' Fell into a ravine!
** And then when Danny says he's happy Amber and Sal get along, Amber mistakes it for being about Amber and her split personality. When Danny clarifies...
--->'''Amber:''' ...Oh. Yeah, well, we'll ''see'' how well we get along after I put this banana down on her favorite shortcut.
* "[[http://www.dumbingofage.com/2017/comic/book-7/04-the-do-list/border/ Blowjob Cat?]]" "Blowjob Cat."
** Blowjob Cat then went on to win the next Patreon bonus strip poll.
* [[http://www.dumbingofage.com/2017/comic/book-7/04-the-do-list/exchange/ Joyce fails her spot check.]]
-->'''Joyce:''' I was like, "Um, hey, Mary? Is there maybe somebody here you like?" And she said, "Yes. Oh, yes, there is." And then she went back to making out with the boy she was with when I'd interrupted them to ask.\\
'''Ruth, Billie, and Carla:''' ''[StunnedSilence]''\\
'''Joyce:''' Yeah, that whole exchange was crazy awkward.
* [[http://www.dumbingofage.com/2017/comic/book-7/04-the-do-list/cromposaurus/ This.]]
-->'''Dorothy:''' Amber, is that you? Are you back?\\
'''Dina?:''' No, it is I, Dina.\\
'''Dorothy:''' Oh! So I assume you've heard the new revelation about Cromposaurus.\\
'''Dina?:''' Oh, yes, definitely. This new discovery excites me incredibly.\\
'''Dorothy:''' -_- ''[opens door to reveal Amber]''\\
'''Amber:''' There's no such thing as Cromposaurus.\\
'''Dorothy:''' Nope.
* [[spoiler: Malaya]] has just become Sal's new roommate when [[http://www.dumbingofage.com/2017/comic/book-8/01-face-the-strange/eugenio/ she shows off]] her famous "TACT".
-->'''[[spoiler: Malaya]]''': ''(to Ruth)'' So she's the one you were fucking, right? ''(points to Billie)''\\
'''Ruth:''' ''(with a huge forced smile)'' ...You will both behave or you will see '''''EXACTLY''''' how ill-suited I am for this job.
* What did the AltText say when Malaya's iguana Fuckface finally appeared in ''Dumbing''? "The best Walkyverse character has finally arrived."