In a cartoon short ''filled'' with funny, this:
* Setting a course for Planet X:
-->'''Duck Dodgers:''' And now then, eager young space cadet, here is the course we shall pursue to find Planet X. (''illustrating every detail on a clear plastic star chart of space'') Starting from where we are, we go 33,600 turbo miles due up. Then west in an astro-arc deviation to here, then following the great circle seven radiolubes south by downeast. By astro-astroble to here, here, and here, then by space navigo-compass to here, here, and then to here and here. By thirteen point strato-cumulus bearing four million light-years, and thus to our destination [[note]]Note that their destination is about half an inch from the 33,600 turbo-miles in the first step on the chart[[/note]]. Now do you know how to reach Planet X?\\
'''Eager Young Space Cadet:''' Y-y-ye--oh sure.\\
'''Duck Dodgers:''' (''gawking at first the Cadet, then at the chart's ridiculously complex path'') Well, I wish you'd explain it to ''me'' some time, buster!\\
'''Eager Young Space Cadet:''' Oh, it's v-very simple... (''cuts to a look outside the ship, with various planets lettered "A", "B", "C", etc.'') If we follow th-those planets, we can't miss Planet X!\\
'''Duck Dodgers:''' (''laughing'') [[StupidestThingIveEverHeard That's ridiculous!]] (''more laughing'') Wait... I've got it! I'll bet that if we just follow those planets, we'll find Planet X! [[GladIThoughtOfIt Gads... How do I do it]]?\\
'''Eager Young Space Cadet:''' [[SarcasmMode I d-d-d-don't know]].
* Duck Dodgers vs. the Disintegrating Pistol... [[spoiler:Both Marvin's and his own]]:
-->'''Duck Dodgers:''' (''[[AttackHello appearing out of nowhere and pointing a gun at Marvin the Martian]]'') HA-''HA!'' Got the drop on you with MY [[ExactWords Disintegrating Pistol]]! And brother, when it disintegrates, it ''disintegrates!!''\\
(''Dodgers pulls the trigger of his pistol... and it promptly turns to dust in his hand'')\\
'''Duck Dodgers:''' Huh? What do you know... It disintegrated...
* Not to mention the scene beforehand, where Marvin had pulled a Disintegrating Pistol on Dodgers, who dared him to fire since Dodgers was secretly wearing a disintegration-proof vest. Well... at least [[ExactWords the]] ''[[ExactWords vest]]'' [[ExactWords didn't disintegrate...]]
* The first time Eager Young Space Cadet catches Marvin the Martin flatfooted:
-->'''Eager Young Space Cadet:''' (''handing him a lit stick of dynamite'') Ha-Happy B-Bir-Birthday you th-thing from another world, you! (''disappears back into the ship'')\\
'''Marvin the Martian:''' (''dropping his pistol'') Oooo! Thank you!\\
('''''[[StuffBlowingUp KABOOM!]]'''''), Marvin's [[DeathGlare look]] right after was ''not'' a happy one.
* How Duck Dodgers wins in the end:
-->'''Duck Dodgers:''' As I was saying, buster, this planet ain't big enough for the two of us. So... (''shoves Marvin off the small remains of Planet X'') off you go!
* "Whoops! Heh, {{had the silly thing in reverse}}!"
* "'''''[[ComicalOverreacting THAT'S THE LAST STRAW!!!]]'''''"
* Hard to put into words, but the bit where Duck Dodgers and Marvin send "ultimatum dispatchers" to one another is pure gold.
-->''(Dodgers shoots a bullet at Marvin. It stops mere inches in front of his face, and opens up to reveal a message.)''
-->'''Message:''' [[foldercontrol]]

[[folder: Surrender, or be blown into 17,670, 002 micro-cells. ]]

-->''(Marvin then shoots a bullet back. Like the previous bullet, it stops inches from Dodgers's face and opens up.)''
-->''(It then shoots Dodgers in the face.)''
-->''(Dodgers sends one more bullet back, revealing another message.)''
-->'''Message:''' [[/folder]]

[[folder: OUCH! ]]