* ฺBasically every single line Creator/RonPerlman has. The man is a treasure and this film is a prime example.
* Everything related to pizza.
** "[[IShallTauntYou FREE DELIVERY]]"
** One of the last prank The Driver pulled on [[spoiler: Benny is to grab very single pizza shop leaflet in the vicinity, circled "FREE DELIVERY" then shoved them all in his mailbox.]]
** A pizza got served [[spoiler: on Nino's dead body.]]
* After Ivy convinces Wendy to [[spoiler: let her team up with her instead of killing her]], Wendy and Ivy hop into the van, and after a [[{{beat}} long pause]], Wendy remarks "I think I should have shot you." Cue the GilliganCut to Ivy's former team mates, which now has ''four'' flat tires instead of just the one Wendy put in it.