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Moments from ''WebVideo/TwoSaiyansPlay'' can be found [[Funny/TwoSaiyansPlay here]].

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* [[Funny/DragonBallZAbridgedNamekFreezaSaga Namek/Freeza Saga]]
* [[Funny/DragonBallZAbridgedAndroidsCellSaga Androids/Cell Saga]]
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[[folder:DBZ Abridged - Episodes - Other]]
* [[ This is the best song ever.]]
** [[ This one is better.]]
*** [[ This one is the best.]]
** [[ This song is the best one of all time!]]
*** [[spoiler: NostalgiaCritic: [[TheStinger Why am I doing this? I already have a mustache!]]]]
* Nappa's year-long AreWeThereYet, which at first seems to come to a rather anticlimactic end ("Yay!") only to be brought back in a wonderfully unexpected way: "Is he here yet?"
* They turned Recoome into [[DwayneJohnson The Rock]].
** He's a mash-up of the Rock, HulkHogan, and Wrestling/JohnCena in one ball of wrestling hilarity.
** Apparently, as episode 20 shows, [[spoiler: Goku is HulkHogan.]]
* And then there's this:
-->'''Gohan:''' I swear, I don't even know what's going on anymore.
* Guru has two words for everyone.
--> '''Guru:''' [[ Drop it!]]
* In their trailer for ''Anime/DragonballZBattleOfGods'', they pose the question of whether or not they will abridge it. [[LittleNo No.]] No they won't. After citing the many characters that the abridged series hasn't gotten anywhere near (the entire Buu saga), they add that Toei would probably kill them.
** However, ''maybe'' they can do the Hatchiyack special.

[[folder:DBZ Abridged - Specials]]
* Subscriber Special: After hearing there were at least 9k subscribers, the usual question was asked, however, this happens..
--> '''Nappa:''' You mean
--> '''Vegeta:''' It's....
--> '''Nappa:''' It's(getting excited)
--> '''Vegeta:''' It's over...
--> '''Nappa:''' It's over? (really excited)
--> '''Vegeta:''' It's over 8000
--> '''Nappa:''' What 8..(gets confused), wait what? You didn't do it right.
--> '''Vegeta:''' [[ExactlyWhatIMeantToSay Yes I did, Nappa]]. [[ShowTheirWork Yes I did]].[[note]]Vegeta's actual line of dialogue in the manga was "over 8,000".[[/note]]
* The Halloween Special:
--> '''Professor:''' Well, what's your costume?\\
'''Popo:''' Oh, I'm not in costume. Yet. Hold on. ''[cut to clip of the Cloverfield monster, with Popo's maniacal laughter]''
** From the same special Nappa's costume:
--> '''Nappa [Dressed as Broly]:''' I'm Creator/VicMignogna! Ahh my poor vocal cords!
* Four Words: Banana on a [[strike:tricycle]] unicycle.
** Heck, the entire FAQ is one big CMOF.
** The obnoxious [[WebVideo/GantzAbridged salaryman]]... er, fan. That is all.
--->'''Obnoxious Fan:''' Can I be Cutter?\\
'''Vegeta:''' No! Wait... who the hell is Cutter?\\
'''Obnoxious Fan:''' You guys suck! I'm going to go complain on my LiveJournal page.\\
'''Vegeta:''' Yes, I'm sure your mother reads it religiously.
** Also-
--->'''Obnoxious Fan:''' Can I be Oozaru?\\
'''Vegeta:''' [[NoIndoorVoice I DON'T KNOW! LET'S ASK HIM!]]\\
'''Oozaru:''' ROAR! (Fires blast of energy from his mouth at the Obnoxious Fan.)\\
'''Obnoxious Fan:''' Owww!
** Finally, he wants to be Vegeta, so Vegeta finally humors him, and he ''emulates Creator/BrianDrummond of Ocean Group''.
--->'''Obnoxious Fan:''' Ahem... ''Let's see what you've got, Kakarot! Galick Gun FIRE!!!''\\
'''Vegeta:''' Oh, [[PrecisionFStrike GO F*CK YOURSELF!]]
** Nappa answering the question of who writes and edits the show.
---> '''Nappa:''' Well, it's edited by the [[UsefulNotes/FurryFandom Tiger Kitty]]!\\
'''Vegeta:''' Kaiser Neko, Nappa!\\
'''Nappa:''' Kaiser Cat!\\
'''Vegeta:''' Neko!\\
'''Nappa:''' Meow! (pair of cat ears pops up on his head)
* There's also the second FAQ special. Yamcha tries to answer a question, and is [[ButtMonkey blown up by a saibaman]].
** Chiaotzu is totally snarky to any fans who want to help.
--->'''Chiaotzu:''' (reads question) "Can I be a part of Team Four Star?" Oh yeah, sure!...[[TakeThatAudience when you grow some friggin' talent]].\\
'''Tien:''' CHIAOTZU! That was totally uncalled-for. [[DoesThisRemindYouOfAnything Now they'll just waste their lives in a futile struggle to measure up to their peers until they're nothing more than a crumpled heap of countless failures of broken dreams]]. [[ButtMonkey Right, Yamcha]]?\\
'''Yamcha:''' [[NonSequiturThud I can't feel my arms...]]
** King Kai [[SelfDeprecation taking a shot at Kaiser Neko's reliance on Adobe]] in producing the series.
--->'''King Kai:''' If he could be any more of a whore for Adobe, they would've branded their logo on his ass.
** Bubbles answers the question on when the next episode will be [[SpeakingSimlish in his usual monkey-speak]]. King Kai expresses his amazement [[TheUnreveal that TFS has plans through the Cell Saga]].
--->'''King Kai:''' And remember: [[AskAStupidQuestion There's no such thing as stupid questions, unless a stupid person is asking it.]]\\
'''Chiaotzu:''' [[TakeThatAudience Like you]]!\\
'''Tien:''' CHIAOTZU!!!
* The [[HilariousOuttakes Blooper Reels]].
** Krillin may be motivated with the spirit bomb on the outside, but on the inside...
-->'''Krillin''' : [[InelegantBlubbering Oh, gah... Why can't I?... Just one hit... I ki... I killed Saibamen... He didn't see me coming! He can't sense energy! WHY WAS HE ABLE TO DODGE THAT?! It's not fair! I ca... I can't be this useless! It's not fair! Why are there so many ostriches? The brochure said there'd only be a few of them!]]
** Which is a shoutout to a [[ Family Guy bit]].
** "[[{{Beat}} Dot dot dot. Ellipsis.]] I'm Piccolo, I'm lost in thought. Staring blankly, ''angrily at Gohan''."
* The AWA special:
-->'''Nappa:''' Hey. Vegeta. Check out that cosplayer over there. They're hot!\\
'''Vegeta:''' Goddamnit Nappa, stop breaking the fourth... whoa, wow, she ''is'' hot.\\
'''Nappa:''' I'm talking about that guy over there! The [[Manga/DeathNote L]] cosplayer!\\
'''Vegeta:''' Nappa, that's just a guy in a white sweatshirt.\\
'''Nappa:''' Yeah, like I said. L.\\
'''Vegeta:''' Are you telling me that counts as a cosplay?\\
'''Nappa:''' Yep!\\
'''Vegeta:''' F***ing cop-out.
** Later:
-->'''Nappa:''' Does this mean we've offended everyone?\\
'''Vegeta:''' One second let me think... [[Film/DragonballEvolution Dragonball the Movie]].\\
'''Nappa:''' (''[[TakeThat laughs]]'') Ah, high school.
* In the middle of the Conneticon 2011 announcement.
--> '''Announcer:''' ...wait a minute, this is missing something. Hey Nappa, say something funny.\\
'''Nappa:''' My parents died in a tragic space accident when I was only a child. That's why I can never grow up.\\
'''Announcer:''' Ha ha, oh Nappa.
* [[ Nappa and the other bald characters' parody of Lady Gaga's Born This Way.]]
** After the music stops, some of the reactions are priceless:
--->'''Nappa:''' Tien, what are you doing?! That was your line!\\
'''Tien:''' Yeah, I'm not doing it.\\
'''Nappa:''' I thought we talked about this.\\
'''Tien:''' Yeah. ''You'' talked. I said no.\\
'''Nappa:''' Look. It took a long time to put this together. Piccolo's in the outfit!\\
'''Piccolo:''' ([[CallBack covered in plush Yoshis]]) I'm in the outfit.\\
'''Tien:''' ''That's because you have no friends.''\\
'''Piccolo:''' (stops smiling and [[InelegantBlubbering sobs offscreen]])\\
'''[[EvenEvilHasStandards Nappa]]:''' [[WhatTheHellHero What the f***, Tien?]]\\
'''Krillin:''' Oh, geez!\\
'''Nappa:''' Why?!\\
'''Tien:''' F*** you, that's why.
* ''Anime/DragonBallKai Abridged'', the entirety of season 1 condensed into [[ two minutes and ten seconds of nonstop hilarity.]]
-->'''Goku:''' I have a kid.\\
'''Gohan:''' I'm socially awkward.\\
'''Krillin:''' He's adorable! [Blasted through a wall by Raditz. The [[RunningGag Krillin Owned Count]] rapidly rises before exploding.]
** '''King Kai:''' I'm King Kai. You now know the Kaio-ken and the Spirit Bomb. F**k off. Shut up, Bojack.
** '''Krillin:''' Yamcha's here! [Explosion] Yamcha's dead!
** '''Vegeta:''' Hey Nappa. Let's go to Earth.\\
'''Nappa:''' Ballin'.
** The part where Nappa sums up his total reason for being;
--->'''Vegeta:''' Nappa! Get 'em!\\
'''Nappa:''' [[FountainOfMemes I am hilarious]] [[SelfDemonstratingArticle and you will quote everything I say.]]\\
'''Krillin:''' Tien! Get 'em!\\
'''Tien:''' [[OnlySaneMan I am the only serious character in the show.]] [[TheComicallySerious That is the joke.]]
** [[InvokedTrope Case]] in point.
--->'''Goku::''' Goku's here!\\
'''Krillin:''' Goku's here!\\
'''Vegeta:''' It's [[OverNineThousand over nine thousaaaaaa-]]\\
'''Nappa:''' Aaaaaaaaaa- [Vegeta and Nappa continue to scream over each other until Vegeta blasts Nappa with an energy beam.]\\
'''Nappa:''' ''Vegeta why?!'' (as he is dying)\\
'''Vegeta:''' Because I'm a monkey! (transforms into the giant ape Ozaru).
--->'''Vegeta:''' Oh no, I'm not a monkey! Oh no, the kid's a monkey! Destructo Disk!\\
'''Krillin:''' The ''f*ck''?!
** TheReveal that [[spoiler: [[WebVideo/YuGiOhTheAbridgedSeries Yami Yugi]] had watched the whole thing.]]
--->'''[[spoiler: Yami Yugi]]:''' This has ''how'' many subscribers?
** [[DrillSergeantNasty Hi, maggots. I'm training you]]. [[BlackComedyRape I'm terrifying and a potential rapist, but I'll never say it flat out]]. ''[beat]'' [[JumpScare BAH]]!
*** [[BringMyBrownPants AAH]]!
* Kai Abridged 2 ramps it up even more, covering the Namek arc.
** Freeza reads [[IDoNotOwn the disclaimer]].
--->'''Freeza''': This is a parody. ''Buy the fucking show!''
** Freeza's introduction:
--->'''Freeza''': Hello, I'm [[SpaceX Space]] [[UsefulNotes/NapoleonBonaparte Napole]][[UsefulNotes/AdolfHitler hitler]]. Give me the thing.\\
'''Mouri''': No!\\
'''Freeza''': Give me the thing!\\
'''Mouri''': No!\\
'''Freeza''': [[WouldHurtAChild Kill his kid!]] ''(Kid dies with a [[StockScream Wilhelm Scream]])'' [[RuleOfThree Give me the thing]].\\
'''Mouri''': Here.\\
'''Freeza''': Kill him!\\
'''Mouri''': But the thing! ''(NeckSnap)''
** Instead of Freeza or Dodoria in the shower, the Solar Flare gag instead has [[ Lanipator dressed as]] [[Film/TheRockyHorrorPictureShow Dr. Frank-N-Furter]] [[ at TFS' first 18+ panel at Youmacon]].
** Vegeta's infamous scream is so powerful this time that it ''crashes the Adobe Flash plugin. And then he smashes through it.''
*** Prior to this, Vegeta's continuous maniacal laughter as he breaks out of Freeza's ship, steals Freeza's Dragon Balls as he leaves, kills Zarbon, and takes the Dragon Ball the good guys had. With what I'm pretty sure is music from ''WesternAnimation/JonnyQuest'' as the background music.
*** Second place goes to Krillin, which manages to keep his scream going for the entire time Vegeta is at their cave.
---->'''Krillin:''' AAAAAHHHHHHH-No seriously though. Where's Gohan?
** '''Vegeta:''' Hey guys, you remind of some assholes I'm about to kill!
** Goku's arrival [[DeathFromAbove takes out the Ginyu Force in a massive explosion]]. Unfortunately, [[DroppedABridgeOnHim his ship crashing on top of them]] also took him out of commission - what're the odds?
--->'''Vegeta:''' Put him in... (''turns head'') '''''THE POD.'''''\\
(''cue zoom in as a dramatic musical sting plays before the scene abruptly cuts to Goku inside of the pod'')\\
'''Goku:''' (''thinking'') [[LampshadeHanging I wonder if this'll become a trend.]]
** When Porunga is summoned:
--->'''Gohan:''' So, what are we--\\
'''Krillin:''' Bring Piccolo back!\\
'''Piccolo:''' Yeah!\\
'''Krillin:''' Now bring him to Namek!\\
'''Piccolo:''' '''''[[BigNo NOOOOO]]--'''''(''POW! POW!'')'''''--[[BigNo OOOOOOO!]]'''''
** Vegeta threatens to kill Dende's parents if he's not made immortal.
-->'''Dende''': [[DeathByOriginStory Joke's on you]].
** Porunga dies right before Vegeta can get his immortality.
--->'''Vegeta:'''...wait am I immortal?\\
'''Freeza:''' I don't know! '''''Let's see...'''''\\
'''Krillin:''' Oh ho ho, he's pissed!
** Goku and Vegeta when grabbed by Freeza:
--->'''Goku and Vegeta:''' [[GratuitousJapanese No, Freeza-dono, yamete!]]
*** Itself being a reference to ''WebVideo/AttackOnTitanAbridged''.
** And what follows...
-->'''Freeza:''' I'm sorry, what was that?
-->'''Vegeta:''' *wheezed* I'm a Super Saiya*CRACK* *WUNCH*
-->'''Freeza:''' Couldn't quite make that out?
-->'''Vegeta:''' I'MMA SUPER SAI--*More beatings, Goku arrives*
-->'''Goku:''' [[MythologyGag Let that Vegeta alone!]]
-->'''Freeza:''' What the hell is this?
-->'''Vegeta:''' ''He's a super [[KilledMidSentence saiya--]]'' *Death Beam*
** Another reference to the infamous Big Green dub.
--->'''Goku:''' Hey, let that Vegeta alone!
** When Goku starts charging the Spirit Bomb:
--->'''Freeza:''' Stop it.\\
'''Goku:''' No.\\
'''Freeza:''' ''Stop it.''\\
'''Goku:''' NNNO.\\
'''Freeza:''' '''''[[RuleOfThree STOP.]] [[PunctuatedForEmphasis IT.]]'''''\\
'''Goku:''' ''(blows raspberry)''\\
'''Freeza:''' That's it, stoppin' it myself. ''(Goku throws the Spirit Bomb)'' What the-\\
'''VideoGame/UnrealTournament Announcer: [[ DOMINATING]]!'''\\
'''Freeza:''' Eep.
** After the spirit bomb.
---> '''Gohan:''' We did it, dad!\\
'''Goku:''' And we didn't even lose Krill... **Krillin explodes** aw swizzlesticks.
** Piccolo gets shot by Freeza ("Agh, right in the tit!"), leaving Gohan to say Piccolo's line instead.
---> '''Gohan:''' Piccolo... Why... didn't... you... DOOOOODGE?!
*** In the Episode Breakdown, Kaiser Neko refers to the line as "the biggest missed opportunity in the entire series".
** The running gag of referring to the Dragonballs as "things". Which may or may not be a reference to Krillin's off-hand comment about Freeza's metaphor about [[Film/OldYeller Old]] [[SpaceX Space]] [[Film/OldYeller Yeller]].
--> '''Krillin:''' [[HowIsThatEvenPossible How is that a]] ''[[HowIsThatEvenPossible thing?!]]''
** The entire exchange between Freeza and Super Saiyan Goku. Goku punches him exactly once, Freeza calls him a prick and [[DisproportionateRetribution proceeds to destroy the core of the planet]].
--->'''Goku''': Uh oh, spaghetti-'''[BOOM]'''
** The OverlyLongGag with Guru's name - he instead wishes to be called "Super Mega Ultra Alpha Omega Hyper-" getting drowned out by Nail saying [[LampshadeHanging he'll be at it for a while]]. He finishes off with "[[WesternAnimation/SouthParkBiggerLongerAndUncut Bigger, Longer, and Uncut Guru]]".
*** It starts at 1:47 and continues on to Gohan's arrival at 2:35.
** And Guru's FamousLastWords:
--->'''Guru''': [[BrickJoke I am hilarious… and you will quote... everything.. I... say...]]
** Freeza's wish for immortality being thwarted.
--->'''Freeza''': Make me immortal!\\
'''Porunga''': ''.''
*** Said Namekian, instead of being [[StarTrek Klingon]] like in the main abridged series, is just the phrase "[[MemeticMutation Fuck you, I'm a dragon!]]" spoken backwards.
** Freeza using the "Kien-structo Disk" to hit Goku... [[EpicFail only to cut himself apart immediately after throwing it.]]
-->'''Freeza''': ''[[HowIsThatEvenPossible How!?]]''\\
''(Freeza's dismembered body lands on the ground)''\\
'''Goku''': ...Soooo, which way's your ship?\\
''(Freeza's severed left arm lands next to him, pointing)''\\
'''Freeza''': ''(weakly)'' That... way.
** The ending in which Goku uses the Muffin Button so much, [[spoiler: he turns Namek into a giant muffin.]]
--->'''Goku''': ''(Giggles)'' Yay!
** Dodoria's death scene.
--->'''Vegeta''': 'Sup, Chubs [=McKenzey=], any last words before I kill you?\\
'''Dodoria''': [[spoiler: I have a ''THICK. MEATY.'' '''''VAGINA.''''' ''(She's blasted by Vegeta, who begins to gag.)]]''
** Cui's appearence.
--->'''Vegeta''': I'm on Namek now!\\
'''Cui''': Hi, Vegeta.\\
'''Vegeta''': Hi, Cui. (blasts him) Bye, Cui.
*** As a bonus, Krillin can still be heard in the background, screaming "''We're all gonna diiiiie!''"
** Dende getting a VideoGame/{{Borderlands}}-style intro screen which says "Little Green: White Mage", and then saying [[Franchise/{{Batman}} "My parents are dead!"]]
*** Said intro screen also had Music/TheHeavy's "[[VideoGame/{{Borderlands2}} Short Change Hero]]" playing in the background.
*** With a few exceptions, all of his lines being, "Hey" in the same tone of voice. Usually [[HoYay directed at Gohan]].
** Goku turning Super Sayian:
--->'''Goku:''' [[PunctuatedForEmphasis This! Ruffles! My!]] [[MemeticMutation Jimmies!]] AAAAAAAH-- ''(Turns Super Sayian with the [[WackySoundEffect rib-crushing squeak]])''
** TheReveal that [[spoiler: Nappa had watched the whole thing.]]
--->'''[[spoiler: Nappa]]:''' Aaaaaaand unsubscribed.
** Zarbon says only two things - rather effeminate "mmm" sounds, and this:
---> '''Vegeta''': Hey, it's the gay one.\\
'''Zarbon''': Maybe I'm gay. [[CampStraight Or maybe stereotypes are bullshit.]] MMM. ''(Transforms)'' '''PUSSY!'''\\
'''Vegeta''': [[OhCrap OH NO.]] ''(Gets his ass kicked)''
** After Freeza lost his chance at immortality thanks to Dende.
---> '''Freeza''': You **Bark**ed me. You **Chicken sound**ed me you monkey **Monkey sound**ck!\\
'''Goku''': [[IncrediblyLamePun Well I'll be a monkey's uncle.]]
** Their summary of King Kai's part in the Namek Saga:
-->'''Yamcha:''' Hey King Kai, can you teach us the--\\
'''King Kai:''' '''''NO!'''''
** When Dende brings back Piccolo on Earth:
--> '''Piccolo:'''' Welp, I'm confused.\\
'''Gohan:''' It looks like the dragon brought every person on Namek to Earth!\\
'''Piccolo:''' [[MythologyGag ALL OF THEM?!]]
** Since there was a secret backwards message in the special, some kind soul [[ decided to post a reversed version of the entire episode]]. Besides being able to hear the backwards message, you also get to see Freeza knit his body back together, Goku squeaking as he goes from Super Saiyan to regular Saiyan and ''then'' he starts screaming, and Vegeta's EvilLaugh, only it sounds like he's barking.
** In a meta-sense, consider that, despite cutting out the entire Ginyu Force sub-arc, this episode is twice as long as the previous Kai while going at the same pace. ''That'' is how long the [[ArcFatigue Namek arc]] takes.
* The Anime Evolution 2010 promo;
-->'''Guru:''' Nail... Naaaaaail!\\
'''Nail:''' What is it, Lord Guru?\\
'''Guru:''' Do you know what I love about Canada?\\
'''Nail:''' ...Sir, there's nothing to love about Canada.\\
'''Guru:''' Nail...\\
'''Nail:''' No, seriously, it's the only place more boring than here-\\
'''Guru:''' Nail! None of that.\\
'''Nail:''' (''Sighs'') What is that you love about Canada, sir?\\
'''Guru:''' I love... ''their moose!''\\
'''Moose:''' Hurr!\\
'''Nail:''' (''Makes a surprised yelp'')
* Ladies and gentlemen. I present to you: [[ "Captain Ginyu Style!"]]
* [=Takahata101=] attending a ''Anime/DragonBallKai'' [[ panel at Sakura-Con]]:
-->'''Takahata:''' ''Dragon Ball Kai'' is ''Dragon Ball Z'' essentially, right? \\
'''[[Creator/ChristopherSabat Chris Sabat]]:''' You could say that.\\
'''Takahata:''' It's shortened, correct? \\
'''Chris Sabat:''' Right.\\
'''Takahata:''' It's redubbed, right? \\
'''Chris Sabat:''' In a way, yes.\\
'''Takahata:''' It's partially rewritten, correct? \\
'''Chris Sabat:''' It is completely rewritten, yes. \\
'''Takahata (Nappa voice):''' Way to be four years late to that party!
* At the 2014 Anime Midwest Convention, a fan asked Creator/{{Lanipator}} to perform a hypothetical meeting between [[ItsAllAboutMe Vegeta]] and [[EldritchAbomination Mr. Popo]]. [[ Watch it here]].
** [[ And now someone's made an animated version of it]]
* The [[ alternate takes of Krillin's death at the hands of Freeza.]]
-->'''Krillin:''' YOLO! (boom)\\
'''Krillin:''' [[VideoGame/ZeroWing Someone set me up the bomb!]] (boom)\\
'''Krillin:''' I've heard of an explosive temper, but this is ridiculou-(boom)\\
'''Krillin:''' Hey, guys! Look! It's my Chiaotzu impression! Goodbye, Tie-(boom)
* The [[ alternate take from episode 30's ending.]]
-->'''Dr Briefs:''' Finally, we're rid of all those dang ni-\\
'''Bulma:''' DAD!!!\\
'''Dr Briefs:''' I was gonna say Namekians...\\
'''Bulma:''' **Beat** ...No you weren't.\\
'''Dr Briefs:''' No I wasn't. [[spoiler: **He was about to say [[RunningGag Yoshi.]]**]]
* The alternate take of Goku escaping Namek. He presses the muffin button, but gets a cookie instead. The result is a BigNo as the planet explodes.
* The alternate take of [[spoiler: Yamcha's suicide. The rope he hung himself with? It was Puar using his shape-shifting.]]
* A deleted scene from episode 43, the [[UsefulNotes/NorthKorea Democratic People's Republic of Korea]] tries to save the day with their military. Keyword being tries. Their missiles launched and... [[spoiler:[[EpicFail proceeded to all malfunction at the same time and fall back down,]] [[AttackAttackRetreatRetreat causing the PRK army to run]] in the name of the glorious People's Republic.]]
** Cue jokes from from the fandom that North Korea's weapons are so out of date that this is ''exactly'' what would happen in real life.
* The deleted scene from Episode 44 had Yamcha take the IdiotBall in full by saying that, yes, Goku and Gohan both would go fight the evil, killer androids [[TooDumbToLive in the presence of resident]] MamaBear Chi-Chi. Oolong tries to get him to stop.
--> '''Oolong''': Yamcha, as the man-pig that's known you for longer than everyone else in this room... ''shut up''!!
--> '''Chi-Chi''': ''(Sweetly)'' Hey Yamcha? When you fall asleep tonight... [[ParanoiaFuel don't fall asleep tonight.]]
** There's also Gohan's reply to Chi-Chi telling him that they're not going to fight the androids, but instead go back to living their nice and peaceful life while Gohan becomes a doctor/lawyer/scientist.
--> '''Gohan''': Yeah... That's great, Mom. [[AttentionDeficitOohShiny But you know if you tell that to Dad, it's just gonna go in one ear and get bored and die.]]
* Celloween: Krillin using his [[spoiler:pen]]ultimate attack, SOLAR FLARE.
--> '''Kid''': We on a plane, mama.
--> '''Krillin''': *Smiling, then realizes, thinking* Wait, that's not my ultimate attack, I thought the [[DeadlyDisc Kienz]]...[[ForgotAboutHisPowers AH GODDAMMIT EVERY TIME.]]
** And the ending, it turns out to be a dream, and guess who is at Kame House[[labelnote:Note]]Androids 16, 17, and 18[[/labelnote]].
---> '''Krillin''': Oh man, I had the craziest dream! Cell was there!
---> '''Piccolo''': Well the androids are here! *points towards 16, 17, and 18*
---> '''17''': Yo.
---> *Krillin lets out a terrified scream*
*** Made funnier in Episode 45 [[spoiler: where it turns out the dream is influenced by the news that Piccolo was watching while the others were sleeping. Krillin even murmurs some of his dialogue from the short in his sleep.]]
* The [[ video advertising]] upcoming episodes and new T-Shirts is hilarious with Nappa and Vegeta arguing over doing the commercial (Nappa wants him to do it, Vegeta doesn't). But, the real icing on the cake of hilarity is [[spoiler:Vegeta VS Alucard]] at the end.
** This pays off with ''I AM THE HYPE [[Series/TheColbertReport And So Can You!]]'', laden with hilarity despite being a mere shirt commercial. But what else could you expect from a commercial starring Vegeta and [[WebVideo/{{HellsingUltimateAbridged}} Alucard?]]
--> '''Vegeta''': Also, where the hell's the producer?
--> '''Alucard''': Oh, he says he's got a "Full Day".
-->''(Cuts to an office door labeled [[YouMakeMeSic "NAPA" with a hastily scribbled note that says "DO NOT DZTRB"]])''
--> '''Nappa''': Welp, this coke won't snort itself! (Snorting noises)
** Vegeta's worry over the line "When you wish upon a star" [[DisneyOwnsThisTrope being owned by]] Creator/{{Disney}} and Alucard's response.
--> '''Alucard''': Nope! Totes public domain! Trust me, [[EvenEvilHasStandards even I don't have the patience for Disney lawyers.]]
** When Vegeta gets to the "Son Goku" shirt, he stops dead in his tracks, [[InsistentTerminology refusing to refer to Kakarot as anything else,]] eventually goading Alucard into setting him up for the '''"[[MemeticMutation I AM THE HYPE!]]"''' line.
** When Vegeta questions Alucard's reasons for even being there despite not having one shirt advertised Alucard remarks that maybe if they were [[HypocriticalHumor they wouldn't be a bunch of self-indulgent bullshit]].
** And then a certain someone comes into the recording booth.
--> [[spoiler:'''[[WebVideo/AttackOnTitanAbridged Eren]]''']]: Alright, guys, I'm here! And I'm ready to record for our shirts!
--> '''Vegeta''': [[OhCrap Oh… shit.]]
--> '''Alucard''': (Panicking) [[GetOut Get out of here!]] [[ExiledFromContinuity You don't exist!!]]
--> [[spoiler: '''[[WebVideo/AttackOnTitanAbridged Eren]]''']]: Wha-
--> '''Alucard''': YOU DON'T EXIS- ([[WeAreExperiencingTechnicalDifficulties static followed by a broadcast error screen]] that says [[ScrewedByTheLawyers "VIDEO PULLED BY JAPANESE COPYRIGHT OWNERS"]].)
** In the background a picture can be seen that reads "WEN BROLI"
** TheStinger: [[spoiler:Armin joins Nappa in the coke-snorting.]]
* It turns out that [[ScrewThisImOuttaHere Vegeta quit]], so the next segment consists of [[ their trying out a number of spokespeople for the "BITCH I'M ADORABLE! And so are these shirts!" ad]].
** [[spoiler: Krillin requires a box, and is promptly fired when he attempts to take a "Boothie" ([[DontExplainTheJoke a selfie in a recording booth]])]]. Alucard's gravelly "''[[GetOut Get out.]]''" sells it.
** [[spoiler: Gohan has a mild case of AttentionDeficitOohShiny before doing a decent job… and ''he'' promptly gets fired for asking to be introduced to [[WebOriginal/YuGiOhTheAbridgedSeries Yami-Yugi]].]]
** The third candidate? [[spoiler: [[WebVideo/AttackOnTitanAbridged Eren Jaeger]], wearing an absurd hat and mustache to disguise himself, having caught on from being bitched out before. ''He'' ends his session by asking, "You know what would be even ''better''? [[SuddenlyShouting AN]] '''[[SuddenlyShouting ATTACK ON TITAN-]]'''" before getting shot by Alucard.]]
--->'''Alucard''': Y'know, [[PaperThinDisguise Darren]] [[ReadingStageDirectionsOutLoud Pause]] [[PaperThinDisguise Krager]], you remind me of somebody.\\
'''"Darren"''': Yeah, I get that a lot. It must be [[LampshadeHanging my inexcusably large]] [[AccentUponTheWrongSyllable moustache.]]\\
'''Alucard''': Ah, it must be. Read when you're ready!
*** The way he pronounces "mustache" is the same as Vegeta.
** And finally, we have [[spoiler: [[WebVideo/FinalFantasyVIIMachinabridged Barret]] advertising a "[[MemeticMutation Bitches Love Cannons]]" shirt]]. It concludes with him getting hired as the new spokesperson, and wondering [[WhatHappenedToTheMouse what happened with the last guy]].
--->'''Nappa''': ''(Arguing on the phone)'' I'm begging you- Yes, I know! [[FantasticRacism He called you a monkey!]] But, Vegeta, you called him ''[[{{Literature/Twilight}} Sparkles]]''! ''[[TakeThat That is so much worse]]''!\\
'''Vegeta''': ''How''?!\\
'''Nappa''': "How?!" If you didn't notice, we're born with monkey-tails and, under full moons, turn into ''[[JerkassHasAPoint literal monkeys]]''! Not even apes, because they don't have tails. '''Monkeys'''!\\
'''Vegeta''': It's still bullshit!\\
'''Nappa''': Vegeta, [[spoiler: he's suing you]].\\
'''Vegeta''': '''[[BigWhat WHAT?!]]'''
*** This ending conversation makes Alucard's description of [[SuperDeformed Chibi!Vegeta on the "Bitch I'm Adorable!" shirt]] HilariousInHindsight.
*** Outside Nappa's office, you can see posters for [[TakeThat Pixels and the 2015 Fantastic Four movie.]] Turns out Hollywood has done ''nothing'' to diminish his evil.
* The April Fools joke episode, "Broly", [[spoiler: which is actually the Abridgimon Movie]].

[[folder:Episode Breakdowns]]
* In the Breakdown for Episode 40, [=KaiserNeko=] reveals a cut scene where Krillin [[VisualPun has a cocker spaniel's head for his reply to the "cocker spaniel" line.]]
* [=KaiserNeko=]'s reasoning in the Breakdown for Episode 44 why one of the football players has a censored head:
-->'''[=KaiserNeko=]:''' If I remove the mosaic, my video gets taken down for obscene content.
** And during this, there is a "blink and you miss it" moment [[HypocriticalHumor where he removes it.]]
* In the Breakdown for Episode 45, Kaiser accidentally gives [[NightmareFuelStationAttendant Mr. Popo]] BlankWhiteEyes and starts screaming at the sheer creepiness of it.
-->'''Kaiser:''' In this shot, I posted a shot of Gokū from an earlier scene. And moved Mr. Popo's eyes, making a separate laye--\\
''(Popo's pupils disappear)''\\
''(Scene shifts to Kaiser speaking normally about another scene)''
* [=KaiserNeko=]'s breakdown during the... episode breakdown for ''Cooler's Revenge'' about how the movie has so many plotholes and inconsistencies with the canon, as well as [[OffModel horrible artwork and inconsistent key frame animation]], leads him to repeatedly state "F*ck this movie!"
** And at the end, he starts gushing at ''The World's Strongest'', and mentions wanting to abridge that as well.
*** A little soapbox appears during his rant
** Arguably the funniest use of the phrase came in the opening, with him saying "Fuck this movie" over and over, each time punctuated by a particularly OffModel screencap.
* His reason for Freeza flipping the bird in ''DBZ Kai Abridged'' Episode 2
--> I did this because I'm twelve years old…
* According to the ''History of Trunks Breakdown'', the team was ''that close'' to actually having Gohan accept Bulma's proposition. [[spoiler:And they recorded the lines anyway. [[CallBack Seems Saiyans have similar sex habits.]]]] [[note]]He prefaces it by saying they didn't regret shying away from it.[[/note]]
-->'''Future Bulma:''' [[spoiler:Right there, yes, yes, [[BigYes YES--]]]]\\
'''Future Gohan:''' [[spoiler:''*grunting*'' [[CallingYourAttacks MASENKO…]] [[TheImmodestOrgasm HAA!!!]]]]\\
''([[spoiler:laser beam pierces the roof]])''
** This is also preceded by his using a bit of quote mining.
--->'''[=KaiserNeko=]''': You know that scene where Bulma propositions Gohan for his, uh…\\
'''Gohan''': Mister Gohan [[FunWithHomophones would]]!
** Also from the ''History of Trunks Breakdown'', [=KaiserNeko=] wonders why he decided to edit out Yamcha out of both his scenes. And at the moment where he remembers why he did such edits:
-->'''[=KaiserNeko=]:''' [[spoiler:(has seen the corpse of Yamcha [[DrivenToSuicide hanging on the ceiling]])]] Oh… Oh, right… b-because in this timeline… huh…
** Again from the ''History of Trunks Breakdown'', [=KaiserNeko=]'s, uh, increasingly hysterical reactions to the length of the breakdown.
** Kaiser letting us know that the moaning sound in TJ and The Wombat's scene was created by the same actress that voiced 18… then doing a montage of clips of 18 making that sound.
* Episode 48 Breakdown: "Hey look! It's the [[FunWithAcronyms KOC]]!"[[note]][[DontExplainTheJoke "Krillin Owned Count". Kaiser pronounces it like "cock".]][[/note]]
* Episode 50 Breakdown: Kaiser, continuing the joke of Cell's ass talking which he found hilarious, decides to give him a new line. And him switching to the next scene of Tien with a sweatdrop on his face may or may not have been intentional [[FunnyBackgroundEvent since you can still hear Cell scatting.]]
--> Skabadebaldbabababababab *suddenly switches to imperfect Cell's voice* I'm a scatman! Skobedelapabababa.
** Early in the breakdown, Kaiser is completely flabbergasted when he realizes that the series has been going on for ''seven years''.
*** After listing all their creations over that time period with a title card for each flashing, Kaiser pauses to take a breath. At the same time a title card for ''Manga/AttackOnTitan'' [[FreezeFrameBonus flashes briefly]] with a note that it is cancelled and never coming back.
* The Super Android 13 breakdown has [[FreezeFrameBonus a quick bonus]] as Kaiser talks about an animation error concerning Trunks's nose. [[FunnyBackgroundEvent If you look closely at the left side of the screen]] you can see the image name pop up as "Fix That [[PrecisionFStrike Fucking]] Nose.png".
* In the breakdown for Episode 52, [=KaiserNeko=] accidentally mispronounces Goku's name as “Cuckoo” at one point. This mistake is [[HilariousInHindsight amusing when considering the fact that the previous breakdown began]] with him talking about [[FanDumb some people getting upset]] over how he usually insists on [[ItsPronouncedTroPay pronouncing]] the name as “Son Gokū” because it's more accurate to the original Japanese.