Funny moments from DBZ Abridged. WARNING: You might be here a while.

Moments from ''WebVideo/TwoSaiyansPlay'' can be found [[Funny/TwoSaiyansPlay here]].

* [[Funny/DragonBallZAbridgedSaiyanSaga Saiyan Saga]]
* [[Funny/DragonBallZAbridgedNamekFreezaSaga Namek/Freeza Saga]]
* [[Funny/DragonBallZAbridgedAndroidsCellSaga Androids/Cell Saga]]


[[folder:DBZ Abridged - Episodes - Other]]
* [[ This is the best song ever.]]
** [[ This one is better.]]
*** [[ This one is the best]]
* Nappa's year-long AreWeThereYet, which at first seems to come to a rather anticlimactic end ("Yay!") only to be brought back in a wonderfully unexpected way: "Is he here yet?"
* They turned Recoome into [[DwayneJohnson The Rock]].
** He's a mash-up of the Rock, HulkHogan, and JohnCena in one ball of wrestling hilarity.
** Apparently, as episode 20 shows, [[spoiler: Goku is HulkHogan.]]
* And then there's this:
-->'''Gohan:''' I swear, I don't even know what's going on anymore.
* Guru has two words for everyone.
--> '''Guru:''' [[ Drop it!]]
* Kaiser Neko's ENTIRE angry snippets in the Movie Breakdown: Cooler 2, pointing out absolutely every logical fallacy in the movie. Oh it was glorious.
--> '''Kaiser Neko''': F*ck this movie.
* In their trailer for ''Anime/DragonballZBattleOfGods'', they pose the question of whether or not they will abridge it. [[LittleNo No.]] No they won't. After citing the many characters that the abridged series hasn't gotten anywhere near (the entire Buu saga), they add that Toei would probably kill them.
** However, ''maybe'' they can do the Hatchiyack special.
* In the episode breakdown for Episode 45, Kaiser accidentally gives [[NightmareFuelStationAttendant Mr. Popo]] BlankWhiteEyes and starts screaming at the sheer creepiness of it.

[[folder:DBZ Abridged - Movies]]
[[WMG:Bardock - Father of Goku Abridged]]
* Bardock is only slightly better a parent than Goku:
--> '''Bardock:''' Hey there, Kakarrot. It's your daddy! Let's see what kind of power level we've got here... Alright, whoa ho ho ho! Ten-thousand! That's my boy! *sees name plaque* ...Wait, Broly...?
** Even better is the set-up to that. Bardock at first doesn't give a damn when the doctor asks if he wants to see Goku, noting that he never paid attention to [[ButtMonkey Raditz]] when he was growing up. The doctor answers, "And we all know how ''he'' turned out," followed by a GilliganCut to the above line.
* Another from the Bardock special:
--> '''Gohan:''' Someone threw out a perfectly good baby! I think I'll name you... [[{{Superman}} Clark]].
* Bardock witnessing the future of his son Goku... in a scene from ''[[CanonDiscontinuity Dragon Ball GT]]''. "...And now I welcome the sweet embrace of death."
** "Well, I'd say I should've seen this coming, but that would be ironic."
* The RunningGag of Bardock's psychic powers kicking in at the wrong time.
--->'''Bardock:''' [fighting Dodoria's henchmen, thinking] I can't believe [my team] lost to these guys! What a bunch of- OH SWEET CRAP NOT AGAIN!\\
'''Goku:''' Kaio Ken!\\
'''Bardock:''' (Back in his own time) [[RunningGag Kaio what?]] ([[TalkToTheFist Punched in]] [[RunningGag the face]] by something completely different)
*** "[[UselessSuperpowers USELESS-ASS PSYCHIC POWERS]]!!!"
** Mr. Popo's cameo as Bardock first gets his ability to see the future.
** This exchange
-->'''Dodoria:''' I think that Bardock's a pretty cool guy.\\
'''Zarbon:''' [[MemeticMutation He conquers planets and doesn't afraid of anything]].\\
'''Freeza:''' Doesn't afraid of anything ''indeed''.
* The ''whole exchange'' between Nappa and young Prince Vegeta.
-->'''Nappa:''' Vegeta!\\
'''Vegeta:''' What is it, Nappa?\\
'''Nappa:''' Well, I've got good news... aaaaand bad news. The ''bad'' news is... *rushed* ''reports say our entire planet has been destroyed by a gigantic meteorite along with all its inhabitants.''\\
'''Vegeta:''' Ah- But- What about-?!\\
'''Nappa:''' Aaand your father.\\
'''Vegeta:''' My. Whole. Family. My race!\\
'''Nappa:''' But the good news is ''[[CrossesTheLineTwice we're going to Dairy Queen!]]''\\
'''Vegeta:''' My entire race is gone!\\
'''Nappa:''' ''DAAIIIRY QUEEN!''\\
'''Vegeta:''' ...Just take me to the damn queen, Nappa.\\
'''Nappa:''' Yaaay! This seems like the beginning of a bee-yootiful friendship.
-->'''[[OneSceneWonder Toolo]]:''' "[[NoIndoorVoice I CAN SEE THE]] '''[[LargeHam FYOOO]]'''-[[LargeHam CHURRRR]]!!!!!!"

--->[[TooDumbToLive "OH, NO! THEY CAN SEE ME!!]] [[TheCavalryArrivesLate I HAVE TO STOP YOU FROM DESTROYING MY RACE!]] [[NoIndoorVoice IN THE]] '''[[CatchPhrase FYOOO]]'''-'''[[CatchPhrase CHURRRR!!!!!"]]'''
--->'''Bardock:''' [[YouAreTooLate "Um, we already did that."]]
--->'''Toolo:''' [[KnewItAllAlong "I KNEW YOU'D DO THAT!]] [[IllKillYou NOW I HAVE TO KILL YOU!]] *Attacks Bardock* [[ChewingTheScenery NOW YOU, TOO, CAN SEE THE ]] [[RuleOfThree FYOOO-CHURRRR!!!!!"]] *Gets blasted by Tora* [[OhCrap "AAAHHHHH!"]]
--->[[CaptainObvious "I'M ON FIRE!!!"]] *[[DefeatEqualsExplosion Explodes]]* [[{{Narm}} AH!!!]]
* The special addresses something that was overlooked in the original. As Bardock declares their independence from Freeza, hundreds of Freeza's men are behind him. In this version, they have the presence of mind to object to his all-inclusive terminology.
-->"This man does not speak for us. [...] Seriously, we're not with him."
* A cameo after Planet Vegeta is destroyed.
-->'''Sauza:''' Monsieur Cooler! It seems that your brother is destroying the planet Vegeta!\\
'''Cooler:''' [[DeadpanSnarker Very impressive, killing off a bunch of monkeys.]] Any liquored-up hillbilly with a shotgun could've done that at the zoo.\\
'''Sauza:''' ''[sees Goku's pod]'' Wait, sir! It seems he has missed one ship! We are in range to intercept-\\
'''Cooler:''' No. Let it go.\\
'''Sauza:''' But, why?\\
'''Cooler:''' Because, [[spoiler:I'm a prick.]]
* When Bardock's fighting the last two of the group that killed his teammates, he pulls off some DeadlyDodging to get one to bury his fist in the other, prompting the injured one to call the other a "[[RedVsBlue Team killing fucktard!]]"
* When Bardock is fighting his way to get to Freeza and he's gang piled by a couple of mooks, one of them actually shouts out during Bardock's shouting "[[Music/KanyeWest Hey yo Bardock]], [[MemeticMutation I'm really happy for you and Imma let you finish but-]]" before he and the others are killed.

[[WMG:Christmas Tree of Might]]
* The entirety of "Christmas Tree of Might". Especially the end.
--> '''Vegeta:''' This is so non-canon, it hurts.\\
'''Ghost Nappa:''' ''Vegeeeeeeta!'' Tonight, you will be haunted by three ''ghoooooosts!'' (Appears) And they're all me. (Soon, two more Ghost Nappas show up.)\\
'''Ghost Nappas''' (simultaneous): Hi!\\
'''Vegeta:''' Goddamnit, I hate Christmas.
** The "mouth present" thing.
---> '''Goku:''' Well, what am I getting for Christmas?\\
'''Chi-Chi:''' The same thing as last year, Goku.\\
'''Goku:''' Oh, so that thing you do with your mouth...\\
*** And later...
----> (Gohan is transformed into a Great Ape)\\
'''Goku:''' Oh, man! If Chi-Chi finds out about this, I might not get mouth present.
* The wish Krillin makes [[spoiler: which causes the events of the special.]] Thank you, Krillin and thank you [[JackassGenie Shenron]].
* Shenron's jackassness is hilarious.
--> '''Shenron:''' No! No way! No, not you again! HAS IT EVEN BEEN A YEAR?!\\
'''Oolong:''' It's been one year, 2 months and 50...\\
'''Shenron:''' SHUT THE HELL UP!
* Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle Bell [[CrowningMusicOfAwesome ROCK THE DRAGON, DRAGON BALL Z!]]
* [[OneSceneWonder This:]]
--> '''Piccolo:''' [[Music/SouljaBoy Bitch, you look like Goku.]]\\
'''Turles:''' And ''you'' [[CallBack look like a Yoshi.]]\\
'''Piccolo:''' I get that. Now hand over the kid [Gohan].\\
'''Turles:''' [[Creator/NicolasCage You want this kid?]]\\
'''Piccolo:''' [[Film/TheFamilyMan I want him!]]\\
'''Turles:''' [[Creator/HarryPartridge You want this kid?]]\\
'''Piccolo:''' I want him!!\\
'''Turles:''' You want this kid?\\
'''Piccolo:''' '''I want him!!'''\\
'''Turles:''' You want-you want?\\
'''Piccolo:''' '''I WANT THAT KID!!'''
* Goku singing while Chi-Chi is lecturing Gohan.
--> '''Chi-Chi:''' Goku, stop that or I'll deck you in the halls!
* This particularly dark exchange.
-->'''Krillin''': "What'd you do?"
-->'''Daiz''': "Something so evil, that I am forever on Santa's naughty list!"
-->'''Yamcha''': "Geez! Compared to these guys, what could you have possibly-"
-->'''Daiz''': "[[RapeIsASpecialKindOfEvil I raped Rudolph.]]"
-->''Dramatic slow zoom into Daiz's eyes as evil laughter and the pained cries of a reindeer are heard''
-->'''Tien''': "Dibs on not fighting ''that'' guy."
* "Did I just smash the Krampus?"
* "Falalalalalalala'''[[EvilSoundsDeep DIE]]'''."
* [[BerserkButton "YOU NEVER WASTE FIGGY PUDDING!"]] *beatdown ensues*
* Goku's attempt to reason with the tree.
-->'''Goku:''' Big tree, if you don't leave right now, I'm going to beat you up.\\
'''Yamcha:''' Goku, trees can't talk.\\
'''Amond:''' (Offscreen) Why don't you come up here and ''try it''.\\
'''Yamcha:''' [[GivingUpOnLogic Ya know what, f*** it, I don't care anymore]].
* Yamcha's [[CurbStompBattle "fight"]] with Cacao:
-->'''Cacao:''' [[RoboSpeak Singing]]: [[ Yamcha the Scarfaced Bandit]].\\
'''Song:''' ''But do you recall, the most useless fighter of all...''\\
'''Yamcha:''' Go to hell! *throws a Spirit Ball, which misses*\\
'''Yamcha:''' *trying to redirect the Spirit Ball, and still missing* Oh. Come. On. Come. On. Damn. You.\\
'''Song:''' ''Yamcha the Scarfaced Bandit, always beaten by his foes...''\\
'''Cacao:''' Do you require assistance?\\
'''Yamcha:''' *still trying to redirect the Spirit Ball* Shut. Up. You. *the Spirit Ball finally hits* YES! TAKE THAT MOTHERFU- *Cacao knocks Yamcha to the ground*\\
'''Song:''' ''...and if you saw this guy fight, you would even say he blows.''\\
'''Cacao:''' Agreed.
* Related: [[ Yamcha the Scar Faced Bandit]] in full. Particularly when [[ButtMonkey Krillin]] manages to smack talk him.
* Turles' rant against Christmas in front of Gohan, mainly because of the voice, the way he was speaking, and [[TheGrinch who he is quoting]].
** Also the previous, nefarious misdeeds of his mooks, including [[BestialityIsDepraved raping Rudolph]].
* As horrible as the implications are, it just crosses so many lines it ends up on funny.
-->'''Slay:''' You know, you look like one of the kids I let sit on my lap once. 'Course, he was a cancer patient. Asked me if I could get rid of his cancer.\\
'''Krillin:''' Oh God, this is going exactly where I think it is, isn't it?\\
'''Slay:''' So I blew him up! [[ExactWords No more cancer]]!\\
'''Krillin:''' God, you are one of the worst mall Santas ever. Right behind those ones that molest kids.\\
'''Slay:''' ''*{{Beat}}*'' [[IResembleThatRemark So, I'm the worst mall Santa.]]\\
'''Krillin:''' [[CrossesTheLineTwice Oh come on]]!

[[WMG:Lord Slug Abridged]]
* From the Lord Slug movie, we have Piccolo's interaction with Slug's minions.
--> '''Piccolo:''' Alright, what's your gimmick?\\
'''Minion:''' Gimmick?\\
'''Piccolo:''' Yeah, like the last guys, they were all misfit minions and crap, what're you?\\
'''Angira:''' We're just here for your planet. Though if I had to choose, I'd say I'm the pretty one.\\
'''Piccolo:''' Eh, 6 out of 10.\\
'''Angira:''' ''You sassy bitch.''\\
'''Piccolo:''' That makes you the weird one with the freaky power.\\
'''Medamatcha:''' I can spawn mini-mes'!\\
'''Piccolo:''' (sarcastically) ''Spectacular''. And that would make you no doubt the big, tough, stupid one.\\
'''Dorodabo:''' [[IResembleThatRemark You take that back or I'll kill you!]]\\
'''Piccolo:''' Alright, alright, you're not tough.\\
'''Dorodabo:''' That's better.\\
'''Gohan:''' Didn't you just...\\
'''Piccolo:''' Give him a minute.\\
* Dorodabo thinks to himself...*\\
'''Dorodabo:''' HEY! You son of a bitcccccccccccch!\\
'''Piccolo:''' Now, now, that truck is ''not'' your eating disorder.\\
'''Dorodabo:''' You're a penis!\\
'''Piccolo:''' So long since you've seen yours, you don't even recognize one do ya? \\
'''Dorodabo:''' *Gets hand broken and the right arm is grabbed* Please don't break my arm.\\
'''Piccolo:''' No. *Breaks the arm*.
** The truck returns in this gem delivered after Goku has been impacted into the ground like a vegetable.
--->'''Slug:''' You know, there's a certain sport I excel at.\\
'''Goku:''' *muffled due to being underground* What's it called?\\
'''Slug:''' *plucks Goku out by the leg* Competitive [[ThisIsForEmphasisBitch BITCH TOSS!]] *hurls Goku into a truck*
* Lord Slug gets his youth back. His response is priceless
--> '''Slug''' Lord Slug the Almighty has returned! My youth, my Strength, my impeccable singing voice
** Scenechange to a dark cloud going over the world
---> '''Slug''' "I see trees of brown, and skies of black, and I think to myself, what a wonderful world!"
* And of course, the RunningGag regarding the movie's RecycledScript, complete with Lord Slug's ''own minions'' mistakenly [[Manga/DragonBall referring to him as King Piccolo]].
** The parallels are so obvious that even ''[[IdiotHero Goku]]'' manages to figure out the connection.
* After Piccolo rips his own ears off in order to avoid being affected by [[WeaksauceWeakness Gohan's whistling]], he keeps yelling "WHAT?" every time he thinks someone is talking to him, even when nobody's talking back. He later combines it with the Kaio-ken RunningGag:
-->'''Goku:''' Kaio-ken!\\
'''Slug:''' Kaio--\\
'''Piccolo:''' [[SubvertedTrope WHAT?]]
** It's doubly funny coupled with the fact Piccolo's BigDamnHeroes moment was accompanied by StoneColdSteveAustin's theme music; later in his career "WHAT?" became something of a catchphrase for him.
** Also comes back during the credits.
* Vegeta watches Krillin get pasted on TV and records the moment.
-->'''Krillin:''' Don't worry, Goku. Just sit on back and let Krillin handle [[BigBad this one]].\\
'''Vegeta:''' Oh my god, this is going to be amazing! Aaand... record.\\
''{Krillin, predictably, gets slapped out of the way by Lord Slug}''\\
'''Vegeta:''' And the Emmy goes to...\\
'''Goku:''' [[SayMyName KRILLIN!]]
* Goku thinking it's Christmas for most of the movie. Because it's snowing!
* Goku getting crestfallen when he realizes it's not Christmas.
-->'''Slug''': "What are you talking about? It's July!"
-->'''Goku''': "'''''DON'T LIE TO ME!!! IT'S SNOWING!!!'''''"
-->'''Slug''': "I froze over your planet, ya mook!"
-->'''Goku''': "'''''WHA'''''...''but''...aww..."
* Piccolo and Nail's conversation at the beginning of the movie. (Nail is in Piccolo's head, even though he wouldn't have been at the time, but the movie doesn't really fit into continuity anyway.)
-->'''Piccolo:''' The Kamehameha doesn't drill things!\\
'''Nail:''' Last time I checked, neither do cannons.\\
'''Piccolo:''' ''That's'' what makes it ''special.''
** And
--->'''Nail:''' Who's that?\\
'''Piccolo:''' It's just Gohan. If you ignore it, it'll go away.
** Also
--->'''Nail:''' So you just ignore all of your problems?\\
'''Piccolo:''' No, some I invite to live inside my ''head.''
* How Goku seems more worried about trivial things when landing on Iguana Street, than the actual fight.
-->'''Goku:''' Aw great Iguana Street, now I'm gonna get mugged. But the joke's on them! I have no mo-*Gets punched through wall.*
* The OverlyLongGag where Dorodabo repeatedly gets knocked off a building by Piccolo.
-->'''Dorobado:''' Alright, come in from the left... he'll never see th- *POW!* Ah, he saw it coming! Alright, I'll just wait for him down here!\\
'''Piccolo:''' Hey, how's it going?\\
'''Dorobado:''' Hey, I'm just waiting for that green jerk to come down here so I can surprise him!\\
'''Piccolo:''' Neat.\\
'''Dorobado:''' Yeah! He'll never see it co- [[OhCrap oh]]. *POW!*
** And shortly afterwards:
--->'''Dorodabo:''' All right. Look. I know we said some things... I'll bet if we just talk to each other a little, we can become friends. Whadda ya say, high-five?\\
'''Piccolo:''' ''{quickly}'' Down low.\\
'''Dorodabo:''' Uh--\\
'''Piccolo:''' Too slow. *ZAP!*
* Goku's song while charging the Spirit Bomb.
--> '''Goku:''' Sun, sun, Mr. Golden Sun, kill my enemies!
* Piccolo's master plan against Lord Slug:
--> '''Piccolo:''' ''*standing on Slug's head*'' Hey. Name's Piccolo. I've got your antennae! Whatcha gonna do about it, huh?\\
''*Slug grabs him*''\\
'''Piccolo:''' Aha! I ''knew'' you would do that! Now for phase two of my master plan! ''*tears off ears*'' AAAAARRRRRGGGHHH!\\
'''Lord Slug:''' What the hell is ''wrong'' with everyone on this planet!?
* [[LargeHam Medamatcha in general]].
-->"Papa Medamatcha gonna make you his bitch!"\\
"What, bitch! I am talking to you! I will smack you with my dick!"
** Everything he says is hilarious.
--->'''Medamatcha:''' What the hell's a Christma-- ''{gets thrown into a ship, which then explodes}'' Oh, I don't give a ''sh*t'' what Christmas is now! I just know I'm going to ''kill it'', and then my little Matchas ''are going to [[NoIndoorVoice RAPE]] [[CrossesTheLineTwice IT]]!''\\
'''Goku:''' ''Nobody'' [[{{Malaproper}} rakes]] Christmas.
* Squeaky Toy!Goku returns!
-->'''Slug:''' This is amazing!\\
'''Goku:''' Why does everyone laugh when they do that...? That's my ribs crushing my lungs...!
* Along with the CallBack when Lord Slug reveals himself to be a Namekian.
-->'''Goku:''' Hold on a minute. I know now! I know what he is! He's a-\\
'''King Kai:''' Do ''not'' say Yoshi!\\
'''Goku:''' ...I'mma still think it.
* This exchange.
-->'''Popo:''' *Hums* What?\\
'''Kami:''' Mr. Popo, are you torturing a cat?\\
'''Popo:''' Oh come on Kami, I don't torture [[FalseReassurance cats]].\\
'''[[Franchise/{{Pokemon}} Jynx]]:''' Jynx! Jynx!\\
'''Popo:''' Bitch, shut up!
* Slug's FamousLastWords.
* And then we have TheStinger, when we find out that [[spoiler: not only is Lord Slug the result of a split from Guru, but Guru is Lord Slug's EVIL half]].
--> '''Guru:''' Naiiiiil! Come and maaail this for me.
--> '''Nail:''' Sir, we don't have a mail service.
--> '''Guru:''' Naaaiil. Gather the Dragon Balls.
* Slug joining the fight was funny too after [[BadBoss killing the soldiers running away]].
-->'''Slug:''' God we go through soldiers here like copy paper. *To Goku and Krillin* If you're with the government or the church, get the f*ck off of my property. Which, considering that I now ''own'' this rock, is effectively everything.
* After Slug is back to his younger state, he now can shoot lasers from his eyes, in which we get this from Goku:
--> '''Goku:''' *Dodges eye-laser* "He's an [[ComicBook/XMen X-Men]]!!"
* Yajirobe appears and explains the situation to Goku.
-->"That meteor kicked your ass. Turns out it was fulla bad guys too, who knew."
* When Slug's army disembarks the ship, the crowd, rather than reacting in fear, assumes that it's Jesus.
-->'''Crowd Member #1:''' What the heck do you think's inside?
-->'''Crowd Member #2:''' I bet it's Jesus. [[MotorMouth I'm calling Jesus. You heard it here folks, I said Jesus.]]
-->''One of Slug's soldiers steps out of the ship''
-->'''Crowd Member #1:''' Hi Jesus!
** And once Slug's army has disembarked the ship:
-->'''Slug Soldier:''' Inhabitants of Earth, prepare to be conquered in the name of Lord Slug.
-->'''Crowd Member #1:''' ''(with a cheering crowd)'' We love you, Jesus!
* Let's not forget when King Kai checks in with Goku:
-->'''Goku:''' Oh, hey King Kai. [[ItMakesSenseInContext My nipples are rigid right now!]]
-->'''King Kai:''' Well that's...anyway...

[[WMG:Revenge of Cooler Abridged]]
* An awkward moment involving Krillin's cooking:
-->'''Oolong:''' Wow, that smells fantastic! What's in there?\\
'''Krillin:''' Oh, just some essentials: carrots, potatoes, porrrrrrrrr-''[[[CarnivoreConfusion looks straight at Oolong]]]''-[[CrossesTheLineTwice poise]].
** Then the punchline, when Sauza spills the beans:
--->'''Oolong:''' Rot in hell, Krillin, I almost ate that!
* The fish:
-->'''Magic fish:''' Halt, stalwart stranger! If you let me go, I shall grant you one wish.\\
'''Goku:''' I wish for you to be my dinner!\\
(''screaming and beating noises'')
* Goku continues to be a terrible parent:
-->'''Goku:''' [talking to a pair of mooks] You get away from my food, my friend [Krillin], my two emergency foods [Oolong and Icarus], and my son! In that order.
** Then there's his "if I ever have a son" line to Cooler.
* Krillin pointing out that Gohan and Goku don't need his help.
-->'''Krillin:''' Wait why do you need [[ButtMonkey my]] help? Can't Goku [[PersonOfMassDestruction bench press a planet]]?\\
'''Gohan:''' Krillin, move the damn rocks!
* Cooler's response to learning Freeza's dead:
-->'''Cooler:''' Well I sure hope somebody picks up that phone. [{{beat}}] Because I f***ing ''called it!''
* Sauza is from Space France. This results in lines like:
-->'''Sauza:''' Monsieur Cooler! Your brother... Lord Freeza... he has been... ''le killed!''
** Or, when he tries to blast Goku:
--->'''Sauza:''' ''Le'' suck it, [[ThisIsForEmphasisBitch bitch!]]
** And, this gem:
--->'''Sauza:''' Qu'est-ce que fuck.
** And, after leveling a forest:
--->'''Sauza:''' And now, ze perfect place for a shopping mall! It will have a cigarette shop, a baguette restaurant, ze Napoleon Museum, and a movie-theatre only showing films starring Creator/JeanReno. Ho-ho! I'm French!
** Finally, the punchline when [[spoiler: Sauza is killed]]
--->'''Sauza:''' ''I will see you in space hell... [[spoiler: Cousin Jeice]]."
* When the villains ambush Krillin, Gohan, Icarus, and Oolong:
-->'''[[ButtMonkey Krillin]]:''' *referring to Doore* Gohan! Look out! Its [[TheIncredibleHulk the Hul-]]! *gets knocked out* - [[NonSequiturThud Lololololoo...]] ''*thud*''\\
'''Gohan:''' Krillin! *tail gets grabbed* ''Goodbye, muscle control.''
* When Cooler's Armored Squadron do their Super Sentai poses:
-->'''Goku:''' [{{Beat}}] I am having the worst case of ''Deja Mustard'' right now.
* Right after Cooler shows up, Gohan and the others are flying in to help Goku when:
-->'''Gohan:''' Dad! We're coming to help!\\
'''Cooler:''' (to Goku) Oh, is that your son?\\
'''Goku:''' ...Yeaaah?\\
'''[[SophisticatedAsHell Cooler]]:''' Imma kill it.\\
'''Goku:''' Don't you do it.\\
'''Cooler:''' Imma do it.\\
'''Goku:''' Don't you do it.\\
''Cooler uses EyeBeams at Gohan''\\
'''Goku:''' DANG IT! ''*flies in to take the hit for Gohan*''
* Icarus and Oolong waking up Krillin.
-->''SoundEffects of Icarus licking Krillin's face''\\
'''Krillin:''' Oh. Oh yeah. That's right Maron... Lower... Lower...\\
''*Krillin suddenly wakes up*''\\
'''Krillin:''' Wha?! Icarus?! [{{Beat}}] I didn't say stop.\\
[then later]\\
'''Goku:''' Krillin, what smells like dragon's breath?\\
'''Krillin:''' Shame, Goku. Lots and lots of shame.
* When Krillin tells Gohan to fly to Korin's tower on Icarus to pick up some Senzu beans for Goku:
-->'''Gohan:''' Wait, why am I going?\\
'''Krillin:''' Because the last time I hung out with him, [[OutOfFocus I completely forgot what his name was]] and kept calling him "[[ContinuityNod Whiskers the Wonder Cat]]" the whole time... It was really awkward. [[labelnote:Explanation]]"Whiskers the Wonder Cat" was what Korin was renamed to in the Harmony Gold dub of Dragon Ball.[[/labelnote]]
* Yajirobe and Korin's [[LikeAnOldMarriedCouple entire argument]], especially the end. "I'm not ready for kids!"
* Goku's dream, which rivals Krillin's in its weirdness:
-->'''Goku:''' Oh yeah. That's right Chi-Chi... Pour that maple syrup... All over my breakfast. You beautiful lady who lives in my house...
* When Piccolo confronts the three villains.
-->'''Piccolo:''' OK, I think I got this one. *points at Sauza* Pretty one. *points at Doore* Stupid one. *points at Neiz* One with weird powers.\\
'''Doore:''' Oi! I appreciate that, but I say I'm more handsome than pretty.\\
'''Sauza:''' And my powers are not that weird.\\
'''Neiz:''' *Roars unintelligibly*\\
'''Piccolo:''' *{{Beat}}* OK, I take it back, you're all stupid.
* Nail gives color commentary during Piccolo's fight with Sauza (still living in his head), primarily with a lot of ''StarWars: ReturnOfTheJedi'' references.
* Goku goes Super Saiyan, and we get a CallBack:
-->'''Goku:''' Not going anywhere for a while? Grab a Snickers.\\
'''Cooler:''' ...I can't help but think we're both missing some context here.
* Goku ''destroys the sun.'' But that's okay.
-->'''Mr. Popo:''' Uh, hold on a sec... *The sun flickers back into existence*
* And then there's this:
-->'''Cooler:''' I'MMA PLANT ME A DUMBASS TREE! (Punches Goku into the ground)
* Right before Cooler lobs his Supernova at Goku...
-->'''Cooler:''' By the way, before I throw this thing, did my brother do this?\\
'''Goku:''' Yeah but his was smaller.\\
'''Cooler:''' KNEW IT! '''HA!'''
* Cooler's introduction counts as well:
-->'''Goku:''' FREEZER!\\
'''Sauza:''' Ha! You sink this is Freeza? No. He is... ''Cooler''\\
'''Goku:''' Cooler than Freezer? You must be ice cold!\\
'''Cooler:''' No, that would be my father.
* Sauza mistakes Goku's PowerLevel as Oolong's
-->'''Sauza:''' What? Who's power level is that? It's going off the scale! But the only one in there was the giant monkey and the pig. Sacre Bleu, could it be... the [[ComicallyMissingThePoint legendary Super Swine]]!?
* Goku telling Gohan that he wants to eat Icarus.
-->'''Gohan:''' You won!\\
'''Goku:''' Yep, and we all pitched in. Cept' Icarus. C'mere, Goku's hungry!\\
'''Gohan:''' Wait, what are you-\\
** Later on
--->'''Goku:''' ...No seriously, give me your dragon.

[[WMG:Episode of Bardock]]
* Bardock has a delayed realization. During his fight with Chilled.
-->'''Bardock:''' Hey! What year is it!?\\
'''Chilled:''' 2222!\\
'''Bardock:''' BC or AD?\\
'''Chilled:''' ...the hell are those?\\
'''Bardock:''' (deadpan) I'm in the f***ing past.
** The sheer shark-jumping of this moment causes him to go Super Saiyan.
--->'''Bardock:''' Of all the STUPID! ''(head-desks on the ground)'' ASININE! ''(punches ground)'' [[JumpingTheShark SHARK-JUMPING]] '''[[PrecisionFStrike BULLSHIT]]'''! ''(head-smashes again, and turns Super-Saiyan in rage.)''
* During the opening, Freeza and co bring up callbacks from the earlier movie. Bardock's reactions are beautiful.
-->'''Freeza:''' You know, the funny thing is, Bardock, even if you had seen this coming, there's nothing you could have done about it.\\
'''Bardock:''' [[YouCantFightFate You don't... you have no goddamned idea.]]\\
'''Zarbon:''' Mm, and even if you'd told every single Saiyan, none of them would have believed you.\\
'''Bardock:''' [[CassandraTruth Just... please stop talking.]]\\
'''Dodoria:''' And you never got a chance to say goodbye to your son.\\
'''Bardock:''' I have one of those? *realization* ''Oh god, I have TWO of those!''
** Bardock also shows that he is in fact Gohan's grandpa.
--->'''Freeza:''' Consider this downsizing on a global scale! You can pick up your unemployment checks wherever you end up.\\
'''Bardock:''' Go to hell! *throws energy blast*\\
'''Freeza:''' See, that was my first guess. *throws Death Ball, which absorbs Bardock's attack*\\
'''Bardock:''' Aw, crab-baskets.
* Every single [[spoiler:primitive Saiyan]] is named for a different rapper. And they all sound like Kermit the Frog. And Bardock's sheer unbridled hatred for them knows no bounds.
-->'''Dr. Dray:''' Hi ho! We found you near death and in a valley not far from here. We helped bring you back to health with our magical healing S.P.U.G.E.\\
'''Bardock:''' *shocked and disgusted gasp*\\
'''Dr. Dray:''' '''S'''uper '''P'''olymorphic '''U'''nleashing '''Ge'''l. We brought you to our town on our pleasant, serene little planet. My name is Dray, and this is my child Twopock. Say hi ho, Twopock.\\
'''Twopock:''' Hi ho! Where are you from?\\
'''Bardock:''' (calmly) There is nothing about this whole scenario that doesn't make me so disgusted I want to violently vomit out my own internal organs. I despise you both so intensely that I can't tell if my vision is blurry from my near-death experience or from my unforgiving rage. If allowed, once I am back to full health, I will gut you with an honest-to-god smile on my face, and then proceed to paint the home I build with your bodies with your very blood.\\
'''Dr. Dray:''' You hear that Twopock? You've made a friend.\\
** What makes this one even funnier is that Twopock's line is JumpCut directly into an explosion so for a second it feels like Bardock actually did kill them before shown otherwise.
* And later, after saving the village...
-->'''Saiyan:''' Hooray! Everyone give praise to our new violent savior!\\
'''All:''' [[WesternAnimation/HowTheGrinchStoleChristmas Dah who dor-aze! Fah who dor-aze...]]\\
'''Bardock:''' NO! None of that! Shame on you!
** This is repeated later when Chilled and his minions arrive in the village asking for Bardock.
--->'''Saiyan:''' All hail the violent saviour!\\
'''All:''' [[WesternAnimation/HowTheGrinchStoleChristmas Dah who dor-aze...]]\\
'''Chilled:''' [[StrangeMindsThinkAlike NO! None of that! Shame on you]]!
** The look of sheer shock the Saiyans show when Chilled tells them "None of that!" is absolutely hilarious.
* Later, when Dr. Dray can be seen healing another resident.
-->'''Rizza:''' Thank you Dr. Dray, your S.P.U.G.E has cured my syphilis.\\
'''Dr. Dray:''' *happily* You are welcome, Rizza.\\
'''Rizza:''' Well, back to what I was doing before!\\
'''Dr. Dray:''' Oh, you are just incorrigible.\\
* Chilled and his soldiers walk into the village.*\\
'''Soldier:''' Hello, we are the Space Police.\\
'''Aice Qube:''' *offscreen* Man, [[PrecisionFStrike BLEEP]] the police!\\
'''Dr. Dray:''' *annoyed* Not now, Aice Qube!\\
'''Soldier:''' We are here to catch evil space criminals and various other ne'er do wells.\\
'''Dr. Dray:''' I can assure you that we have already exiled Khris of the clan Brown from our planet.
* Bardock schools Chilled's minions on how to intimidate a village.
-->'''Bardock:''' Seriously? This is how you intimidate a village? Blow up a house or two? I don't even think you killed anyone with those pea-shooters. Speaking of which, what models are those, they look ancient.\\
'''Soldier:''' Heeey, we were gonna kill one of the sick ones if they didn't comply.\\
'''Bardock:''' *sarcastically* Oh, ''kill one of the sick ones.'' What're you going to do next, waterboard the elderly?\\
'''Soldier:''' Look buddy, we didn't come here to be judged by you.
** This is again revisted during the Stinger during the credits, where Bardock actually ''[[EvilerThanThou instructs the villains]]'' on how to do PROPER villainy! It also includes a joke from the Ocean Dub.
--->'''Bardock:''' Seriously, you want to learn how to traumatize a village? Ok. See that kid over there? ''Bardock is shown blowing him up.''\\
'''Saiyan:''' RDP, NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!\\
'''Bardock:''' You hear that mother? THAT... is distraught.\\
'''Soldier:''' ...You should write a book. You're like a brilliant scientist!\\
'''Bardock:''' Well, I ''am'' working on this fake moon thing.
*** To explain, the Ocean Dub has Vegeta credit Bardock for the creation of the Saiyans' false moon technique, even though this has no basis in canon.
* Chilled's hamminess is enough to send anyone into hysterical laughter.
-->'''Chilled:''' And nooow yououou diiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeee!
* And when the future Pineapple is informing Chilled of his two soldiers' deaths...
-->'''Pineapple:''' Lord Chilled! The vital sensors and the blasters of the two soldiers you just s-\\
'''Chilled:''' Shh, shh, shh.\\
'''Chilled:''' Continue.\\
'''Pineapple:''' ...have ceased transmissions. We believe they're dead!\\
'''Chilled:''' ''(gasps)'' Hooow outragggeous! In honor of their deaths, my men shall now and forever more be given the names of fruits! Pineapple! Briiing us to Planet Plant!\\
'''Pineapple:''' ...So, am I Pineapple?\\
'''Chilled:''' Yesssssssssssss!
* The whole thing was a story Goku made up to tell Gohan, then when he questions it... [[spoiler:he wakes up to Piccolo watching him.]]
-->[[spoiler: '''Piccolo:''' Go back to sleep Gohan.]]
* The blue mook shooting up the Saiyan village: "Inhabitants of Planet Plant: we are here on a diplomatic mission in the name of your new emperor, Lord Chilled. Pamphlets will be passed around to you to introduce you to your new, exciting lives as slaves to his almighty horniness."
* Bardock's reaction to Twopock coming to him for help: "Oh, [[SpaceX Space Christ]], what now?"
** This results in the second of Bardock's creeping realizations that he's in the past, which again is interrupted. He kicks Twopock away and flies off which leads to this gem.
--->'''Twopock:''' I am now bearing your child.\\
* This exchange between Chilled and Dr. Dray is as funny as it is full of innuendo.
-->'''Chilled:''' That's right! Continue to blow up the houses, we will avenge my men AND TAKE CONTROL OF THIS PLANET... Also we want your healing medicine.\\
'''Dr. Dray:''' How did you hear about our S.P.U.G.E.!?\\
'''Chilled:''' BECAUSE OF RAISINS! ...Raisins is my intel guy.\\
'''Soldier:''' Now give us your S.P.U.G.E, or we'll beat it out of ya.\\
'''Chilled:''' (holding a camcorder) And I'll record the whole thing!
** Bardock jumps in and saves the good doctor, commenting on the conversation as he's snapping one of Chilled's mook's neck.
--->'''Bardock:''' I'm sorry I had to step in, but that was just getting obscene.
* There's one final rap reference, and it's a clever one. When Chilled attacks Twopock and injures him, Dray utters this line:
-->'''Dr. Dray:''' No, Twopock! Damn you... big... small guy!
** So the villain of the movie? [[TheNotoriousBIG Biggie Smalls]]. Hilarious if you remember that Tupac and Biggie were feuding with one another before their deaths.
* As it turns out, Bardock DOES hate one thing more then the past Saiyans...
-->'''Bardock:''' *upon seeing Chilled* Freeza? Freeza! *sees Chilled as Freeza* FREEEEZA! *punches Chilled*
** The dialogue between the two is hilarious.
--->'''Chilled:''' You wish to wrestle with the great Lord Chilled? [[CloudCuckoolander Yet you have not brought your own leotard?]] *stomps Bardock's head into the ground* [[CloudCuckoolander Worthless welp! YOU MAKE A MOCKERY OF WRESTLE WEDNESDAY! You see, they both start with W's. It's alliteration.]]\\
'''Bardock:''' *muffled* Freeza! FREEZA. *[[TheUnintelligible growling noises]]*\\
'''Chilled:''' [[RunningGag I don't know who this Freeza is, but he sounds like a classy lady.]]
** And after Dray attempts to help Bardock...
--->'''Chilled:''' These people seem to have a sincere affection for you. What is your secret?\\
'''Bardock:''' *muffled* Maybe because I don't look like a giant purple and orange tampon.\\
'''Chilled:''' *quickly* ''I have lost interest!'' *kicks Bardock away*
** And then Twopock attempts a run-in:
--->'''Twopock:''' No! I have to help the father of my unborn child!\\
'''Chilled:''' ''(charging up an energy blast)'' Congratulations... [[CrossesTheLineTwice it's a corpse]]! ''(blasts Twopock away)'''
* Chilled's last decree to his men.
-->'''Chilled:''' Before I die... I have... one final decree. All of our most elite warriors must learn dance... choreography. *takes off breathing mask and leans up* Got... to... style... all over our opponents'... baaaaaaaaallllssss. *dies*
** Even more funny when you catch that it's a None Piece shout out... or a TakeThat at the Ginyu Force.
* Even the post-death scene is funny.
-->'''Pineapple:''' Well, call it Blueberry.\\
'''Blueberry:''' Do I still have to call myself Blueberry?\\
'''Raisin:''' ''I'm'' going to keep calling you Blueberry.\\
'''Blueberry:''' SHUT UP RAISIN!
* Chilled's reaction to Bardock going Super Sayian, as well as that of the Past Sayians is pure genius.
-->'''Chilled:''' Oh i'm sorry, I only fight ''natural'' blondes.\\
'''Bardock:''' I... am the legendary Super Saiyan...\\
'''Sayians:''' Yay! We're all Super Saiyans!\\
'''Bardock:''' I will '''EAT YOU'''!
* The narrator in the beginning, who explains that Freeza destroying planet Vegeta should have been the end of Bardock... if not for a thing called [[TheMerch merchandising]]!

[[WMG:Dead Zone Abridged]]
''Note: This is not to be confused with the pre-TFS ''Dead Zone Abridged''.''
* Garlic Jr realizing that the kid his minions kidnapped is the son of Son Goku, strongest man on Earth.
--> '''Garlic:''' [[OhCrap Oh god, your father's Goku.]] [[BullyingADragon Oh my GOD, you morons stole Goku's kid?!]] ''How?'' How did you steal Goku's kid?!
--> '''Cinnamon:''' [[TooDumbToLive Well, first we beat up his wife...]]
--> '''Garlic:''' [[OhCrap Oh my shit.]]
* Goku isn't [[UpToEleven allowed to swear]].
-->'''Goku:''' Maybe they just want a good old-fashioned Goku fanny-whupping!
-->'''Bulma:''' "Fanny"?
-->'''Goku:''' Chi-chi doesn't like us to swear.
-->'''Bulma:''' Butt isn't a swear.
-->'''Goku:''' ...The [[UnusualEuphemism HFIL]] you talkin' about?
* "...Son of a bitch just ate my pears."
* The dragon is amazed that someone just went straight ahead and wished for immortality.
-->'''Shenron:''' Wow, I can't remember the last time someone actually nutted up and asked for that. Congrats! Can't wait to hear how you f**k this up.
* The glorious amount of LampshadeHanging. From trying to kill Piccolo to Garlic's immortality, they never miss an opportunity.
** The discussion of how they brought Gohan in.
--> '''Garlic Jr.:''' So let me get this straight. I send you shipdits off to find me a Dragon Ball, and you bring back a toddler.
--> '''Pepper:''' Well, we did bring back the Dragon Ball.
--> '''Garlic Jr.:''' ''And a toddler.'' Did you try, I don't know, taking off the hat?
--> '''Cinnamon:''' Well, we thought about it on the way back, but it really brings the whole Chinese prince look together.
--> '''Ginger:''' And he's your size. You can rock that shit!
--> '''Garlic Jr.:''' ...Fair enough.
** Then there's this gem between Kami and Popo:
-->'''Kami:''' Mr. Popo! I believe... that Piccolo may have been slain!
-->'''Popo:''' ...I ''think'' [[CantLiveWithoutYou you'd know if he were]]. You still there?
-->'''Kami:''' Yes.
-->'''Popo:''' Then he ain't ''dead'', is he, DramaQueen?
** Garlic's immortality (granted ''after'' Piccolo's "death")
-->'''Kami:''' Wait, [[LetMeGetThisStraight so you tried to have me killed]], ''then'' you used the Dragon Balls.
-->'''Garlic Jr.:''' Huh, what? Yeah, why? ''*{{beat}}*'' Oh, shit. ''Wow'' I dodged a bullet on that one! Thank god my minions are so incompetent!
** Then ''[[IdiotHero Goku]]'' points this out to the minions!
-->'''Ginger:''' Oh wow, yeah! Thank god we're incompetent!
* Krillin [[ButtMonkey getting pissed on by a hungover Gohan]].
* Krillin trying to dodge the rubble falling from the ceiling to the tune of {{Videogame/Tetris}} while saying "crap!" in time with the notes.
** Which is a nice and subtle tip to the pre-[=TFS=] version, where Krillin referenced the game during the same scene.
* Goku's obsession with [[RunningGag finding the meatery]].
* The ending. [[spoiler: It was all Krillin pitching the idea as a movie to Nappa, explaining the numerous plot holes and inconsistencies as Krillin being Krillin.]]
-->[[spoiler:'''Nappa:''' First question: ''why'' would he summon the Dead Zone? The only thing that could defeat him?]]
-->'''Krillin:''' [[spoiler: OK, I wrote myself into a corner with that whole immortality thing. Pretty much regretted it immediately after.]]
-->[[spoiler:'''Nappa:''' Second question, and I mean no offense... ''why'' exactly were you ''there?'']]
-->'''Krillin:''' [[spoiler: I do bring a certain humanistic edge to the setting.]]
-->[[spoiler:'''Nappa:''' And ''why'' did you write yourself getting peed on?]]
-->'''Krillin:''' [[spoiler: The better question is - how much would you ''pay me'' to get peed on?]]
-->[[spoiler:'''Nappa:''' ...You're gonna go ''far'' in this business!]]
** [[spoiler: While the idea was made into a movie, [[ButtMonkey Krillin was screwed out of credit and payment]]. He continues to live in Kame House, "as poor as the day he was born".]]
** [[spoiler: And the name of the movie itself is "[[WebVideo/TheNostalgiaCritic Skygina]]".]]
* Garlic Jr. boasts that he's immortal and wonders what a kid can do. [[spoiler:Gohan screams and [[AntiClimax Garlic Jr. falls into the Dead Zone with a simple "Aah"]].]]
* Gohan's MushroomSamba from the apple he steals in the court yard.
--> '''Cinnamon:''' Well, I hope you packed your bags kid, cause you're about to go on a triiiiiip *Gohan spaces out*
* When the minions have been taken care of.
--> '''Ginger:''' [[MythologyGag What a... douchebag]].
** In the Pre-Team Four Star version (by Neighborhood Cluck Productions), "Ginger" had his name changed to "Douchebag," and would constantly reference this.
* This gem:
--> '''Goku:''' Oh, come on you guys, that's not fair. I can't pull swords out of my body...
--> '''Cinnamon:''' STAND STILL AND YOU WILL!
* Garlic Jr.'s ''extremely out-of-context'' line here:
--> '''Garlic Jr.:''' '' '''[[InnocentInnuendo EVERYONE'S GETTING SUCKED TODAY!]]''' ''
* The "linner" gag, eventually coming full circle at the end:
--> '''Goku:''' Now let's go han Gohome. It's almost time for [[InnocentInnuendo dikfast]].
* One of the Spice Boys getting behind Goku is met with a "STRANGER DANGER!" and a Power Pole to the gut.
-->'''Ginger:''' That shit gets longer?!
-->'''Cinnamon:''' ''*weakly* Oh yeah it does!''
** Which leads to this line:
-->'''Cinnamon:''' Friggin' hell. Last time I take on a guy [[FreudWasRight with a pole that big]].
* Piccolo's last line.
-->'''Piccolo:''' ...I'm gonna steal that kid.

[[WMG: Cooler 2: The Return of Coolers Revenge The Reckoning]]
* [[BigEater Goku's reaction]] to finding out the Namekians don't eat.
--> '''Goku''': That's weird. ''They're'' weird.
* The entire exchange on the ship, really, particularly Master Roshi wanting to "Get with some fine [[OneGenderRace Namekian ladies]]".
* Oolong asking if planets can get cancer when he sees the Big Gete Star.
-->'''Roshi:''' If it needs inspectin', I'm your man! I've done my share of mammograms in my day ''if ya catch my drift!''
-->'''Oolong:''' When I do them, they're called ''[[IncrediblyLamePun hammograms.]]''
-->'''Yajirobe:''' [[Film/{{Babe}} That'll do, pig.]]
* Goku's line upon meeting the robots.
-->'''Goku''': I don't wanna have to solve this with violence ... [[BoisterousBruiser but I also reeeeally wanna punch you.]] (more robots show up) And your friends.
* Beep.
* Kami doesn't know about what happened to the [[FinalSolution albino Namekians.]] Nail and Piccolo are in ''no hurry'' to tell him.
* Goku still has trouble differentiating between Freeza and Cooler.
-->'''Goku''': So, you return once again, Freezer.\\
'''Gohan''': Cooler.\\
'''Goku''': Cooler.\\
'''Cooler''': Yes, I have returned, dumbass.\\
'''Goku''': [[ComicallyMissingThePoint Goku.]]\\
'''Cooler''': ''[[ExactlyWhatIMeantToSay Dumbass.]]''
* Cooler is ''not'' happy to find out that [[ItsBeenDone he's basically doing what Freeza did.]]
-->'''Cooler''': Kill the bald one.\\
'''Krillin''': ''[As he gets smashed into a mountain]'' Freeza did it!
* Piccolo figures out how to defeat robots: hit them ''really'' hard. He's annoyed that it sounds like one of Goku's plans, but it works...
** This was built up to by Kami and Nail pounding his BerserkButton about never being able to beat Goku.
* Then comes this fun exchange when Piccolo's arm is caught and starts getting nailed by bullets.
-->'''Piccolo''': Ow, ow-ow-ow-OW! Dicks! ''Dicks''!\\
'''Nail''': They're just bullets, [[TemptingFate they're hardly even]]- ''(The rest of the robots aim {{Arm Cannon}}s at Piccolo)'' Oh cool, cannons! Those'll hurt!\\
'''Piccolo''': They do-oo-oo-oo-hooo!
* Cooler has Goku by the neck - and apparently has for an entire separate scene.
-->'''Cooler''': My ''god'' you take an eternity to choke.\\
'''Goku''': ''[strangling]'' Is... that all you've got?\\
'''Cooler''': As a matter of fact... ''[chokes him harder]''\\
'''Goku''': Regret, regret!
* [[RunningGag Beep.]]
-->'''Krillin''': That one's asking for it!
* Cooler repeatedly punches Vegeta over the horizon, and he keeps coming back. [[OverlyLongGag Seven times on-screen]].
-->'''Cooler''': He's ''quite'' persistent.\\
'''Goku''': [[{{Determinator}} You have no idea,]] (''Vegeta gets punched off screen again'')...[[HorribleJudgeOfCharacter He's actually a really nice guy after you get to know him]]
--> '''Cooler''': I doubt that.
** Goku saving Vegeta ''twice'' in a matter of seconds. Vegeta gets pissed, to say the least.
--->'''Goku:''' Don't worry, saved you again best buddy.\\
'''Vegeta:''' THAT'S IT, [[TeamKiller KILLING YOU BOTH]]! ''(raises palm)'' BIG BANG ATTACK!\\
''(Vegeta fires, but neither Goku or Cooler are on screen. Moments later, Vegeta takes a [[GroinAttack shot to the nuts]] so hard that he goes super slow-mo and Ave Maria briefly cues up. He then lands in Goku's arms)''\\
'''Goku''': Aw... he's all tuckered out.
*** What makes the moment all the funnier however is Vegeta's ultra high pitched shrieking during the Ave Maria cue.
*** To put this in perspective, he's kicked so hard you can not only hear a sickening crunch but can ''see the outline'' of Cooler's foot on the other side of Vegeta's body.
---->'''Vegeta''': He keeps kicking me in the dick. WHY? [[OverlyLongGag Why does he keep kicking me in the dick]]?!\\
'''Goku''': Wait, I think I may have a way to beat him--\\
'''Vegeta''': If you say "hit him really hard", I swear to god, I will kick YOU in the dick!\\
'''Goku''': ''(hesitantly)'' I guess...we could hit him...really hard...\\
'''Vegeta''': ''(angry growl)''\\
'''Goku''': ...together?\\
'''Vegeta''': ...whatever.
** Then, when it's revealed that [[MesACrowd Cooler has an army of himself]]:
--->'''Goku''': You take the five hundred on the right, I'll take the five hundred on the left.\\
'''Vegeta''': Screw you, I'll take five hundred and one!\\
'''Goku''': That's the spirit!\\
''(The two go Super Saiyan, followed by a SmashCut to them captured)''\\
'''Goku''': Wow. I can't believe ''every single one of them'' kicked you in the dick.\\
'''Vegeta''': ''[high-pitched whine]''
** And the final payoff, as Vegeta slices off the final Cooler's arm.
--->'''Vegeta:''' [[AndThisIsFor That was for]]... m'dick.
* The origin of Cooler's union with the Big Gete Star
--> '''Cooler''': I bet you're ''dying'' to know the story.\\
'''Goku''': I'm really not intereste-\\
'''Cooler''': You see...\\
[Cut to the charred remains of Cooler's head floating through space. A microchip flies by and embeds in his forehead, reviving him.]\\
'''Cooler''': What the fu-[The flashback ends abruptly] And that's how it happened.
* [[OverlyLongGag Beep.]]
-->'''Cooler''': And ''you're'' just brown nosing.
* Goku constantly misprononouncing the name of the Big Gete Star, such as The Spaghetti Star, The Ghetto Star, the Serengeti Star....
--> '''Cooler''': Not dignifying that.
* After Goku and Vegeta overloads the Star's systems, Cooler tries to mount a last offense by summoning his robotic bodies. However...
-->'''Big Gete Star''': Beep.\\
'''Cooler''': I know! I can't stop them! Where are the mes?! Send in the mes!\\
'''Big Gete Star''': Beep.\\
'''Cooler''': WHAT DO YOU MEAN ''"I'M EXPLODING"?!''\\
* Cut to outside where all the Meta Coolers are exploding*\\
'''Cooler''': Oh [[CurseCutShort f...]]\\
'''Big Gete Star''': [[SoundEffectBleep Beep]].\\
'''Cooler''': Mes!
* [[VideoGame/{{Borderlands}} CL4P-TP]] is the voice of one of Cooler's robots.
* It turns out that Dende invited them, [[spoiler: but NOT to Namek.]]
-->'''Dende:''' [[spoiler:''[on Kami's Lookout]'' '''''WHERE THE F*CK IS EVERYONE?!''''']]
* As Piccolo [[BigDamnHeroes makes his appearance at the base]], the {{Film/Terminator}} theme plays.
-->'''Piccolo:''' [[Film/TheTerminator Come with me if you want to live.]]\\
'''Gohan:''' Eh. Wrong Sci-Fi, but it'll do.
* Just as Krillin is about to take on a robot:
-->'''Krillin:''' I've prepared my whole life for this: '''[[PreAssKickingOneLiner IT'S KRILLER TIME!]]'''\\
* robot elbows him*\\
'''Krillin:''' never gonna be a thing. *falls to the floor*\\
* After Goku and Vegeta destroy the Big Gete Star by overloading its systems.
-->'''Cooler''': How?! It literally doesn't make any sense! It took everything you had to defeat a ''single'' me. Yet you had enough power to overload the Big Gete Star?! HOW?! HOW DID YOU DO THIS?!\\
'''Goku''': It looks like... you underestimated our power. Just like-\\
'''Cooler''': Don't you DARE--\\
'''Goku''': you did on Earth.\\
'''Cooler''': Oh. Fair enou--\\
'''Vegeta''': [[{{Troll}} And just like Freeza]].\\
[Cooler flies into an inarticulate rage as he forms a massive body for himself.]
* Goku's PreMortemOneLiner to Cooler.
--> '''Goku:''' Time to put you.....on ice! ''(Throws an energy ball inside Cooler's chest)''\\
'''Cooler:''' ...[[LamePunReaction Really?]]
** Even funnier is his really [[DeadpanSnarker deadpan tone]] as he says it, then a simple sigh just before he explodes. It's as if he just decided that it wasn't worth the effort to get worked up over anymore.
* Vegeta introduces himself with a BadassBoast. Cooler doesn't care and ignores him during most of it.
* Master Roshi has many things... [[BreadEggsMilkSquick A best friend that's a turtle, an island, chlamydia...]] The situation he is in is not one of them.
** Then after a cut to Oolong, Master Roshi, and Yajirobe all being dragged off, [[CrossesTheLineTwice Oolong sarcastically asks if Roshi can try giving the robots the clap]].
* When the gang is first cornered by Cooler's robots:
-->'''Oolong:''' I'm going to die on an alien planet. Dammit, I'm becoming [[ButtMonkey Krillin]]!
* [[ColonCancer The]] [[RevengeOfTheSequel title]].
* [[UpToEleven Beep.]]
* The oh-so-fitting song that plays during the credits: Monkey vs. Robot
* [=KaiserNeko=]'s breakdown during the... episode breakdown about how the movie has so many plotholes and inconsistencies with the canon, as well as [[OffModel horrible artwork and inconsistent key frame animation]], leads him to repeatedly state "Fuck this movie!"
** And at the end, he starts gushing at ''The World's Strongest'', and mentions wanting to abridge that as well.
*** A little soapbox appears during his rant
** Arguably the funniest use of the phrase came in the opening, with him saying "Fuck this movie" over and over, each time punctuated by a particularly OffModel screencap.

[[folder:DBZ Abridged - Specials]]
* Subscriber Special: After hearing there were at least 9k subscribers, the usual question was asked, however, this happens..
--> '''Nappa:''' You mean
--> '''Vegeta:''' It's....
--> '''Nappa:''' It's(getting excited)
--> '''Vegeta:''' It's over...
--> '''Nappa:''' It's over?(really excited)
--> '''Vegeta:''' It's over 8000
--> '''Nappa:''' What 8..(gets confused), wait what? You didn't do it right.
--> '''Vegeta:''' Yes I did, Nappa. Yes I did.
* The Halloween Special:
--> '''Professor:''' Well, what's your costume?\\
'''Popo:''' Oh, I'm not in costume. Yet. Hold on. ''[cut to clip of the Cloverfield monster, with Popo's maniacal laughter]''
* Four Words: Banana on a [[strike:tricycle]] unicycle.
** Heck, the entire FAQ is one big CMOF.
** The obnoxious [[WebVideo/GantzAbridged salaryman]]... er, fan. That is all.
--->'''Obnoxious Fan:''' Can I be Cutter?\\
'''Vegeta:''' No! Wait... who the hell is Cutter?\\
'''Obnoxious Fan:''' You guys suck! I'm going to go complain on my LiveJournal page.\\
'''Vegeta:''' Yes, I'm sure your mother reads it religiously.
** Also-
--->'''Obnoxious Fan:''' Can I be Oozaru?\\
'''Vegeta:''' [[NoIndoorVoice I DON'T KNOW! LET'S ASK HIM!]]\\
'''Oozaru:''' ROAR! (Fires blast of energy from his mouth at the Obnoxious Fan.)\\
'''Obnoxious Fan:''' Owww!
** Nappa answering the question of who writes and edits the show.
---> '''Nappa:''' Well, it's edited by the [[FurryFandom Tiger Kitty]]!\\
'''Vegeta:''' Kaiser Neko, Nappa!\\
'''Nappa:''' Kaiser Cat!\\
'''Vegeta:''' Neko!\\
'''Nappa:''' Meow! (pair of cat ears pops up on his head)
** Krillin may be motivated with the spirit bomb on the outside, but on the inside...
-->'''Krillin''' : [[InelegantBlubbering Oh, gah... Why can't I?... Just one hit... I ki... I killed Saibamen... He didn't see me coming! He can't sense energy! WHY WAS HE ABLE TO DODGE THAT?! It's not fair! I ca... I can't be this useless! It's not fair! Why are there so many ostriches? The brochure said there'd only be a few of them!]]
* There's also the second FAQ special. Yamcha tries to answer a question, and is [[ButtMonkey blown up by a saibaman]].
** Chiaotzu is totally snarky to any fans who want to help.
--->'''Chiaotzu:''' (reads question) "Can I be a part of Team Four Star?" Oh yeah, sure!...[[TakeThatAudience when you grow some friggin' talent]].\\
'''Tien:''' CHIAOTZU! That was totally uncalled-for. [[DoesThisRemindYouOfAnything Now they'll just waste their lives in a futile struggle to measure up to their peers until they're nothing more than a crumpled heap of countless failures of broken dreams]]. [[ButtMonkey Right, Yamcha]]?\\
'''Yamcha:''' [[NonSequiturThud I can't feel my arms...]]
** King Kai [[TakeThat taking a shot at Kaiser Neko's reliance on Adobe]] in producing the series.
--->'''King Kai:''' If he could be any more of a whore for Adobe, they would've branded their logo on his ass.
** Bubbles answers the question on when the next episode will be [[SpeakingSimlish in his usual monkey-speak]]. King Kai expresses his amazement [[TheUnreveal that TFS has plans through the Cell Saga]].
--->'''King Kai:''' And remember: There's no such thing as stupid questions, unless a stupid person is asking it.\\
'''Chiaotzu:''' [[TakeThatAudience Like you]]!\\
'''Tien:''' CHIAOTZU!!!
* The AWA special:
-->'''Nappa:''' Hey. Vegeta. Check out that cosplayer over there. They're hot!\\
'''Vegeta:''' Goddamnit Nappa, stop breaking the fourth... whoa, wow, she ''is'' hot.\\
'''Nappa:''' I'm talking about that guy over there! The [[Manga/DeathNote L]] cosplayer!\\
'''Vegeta:''' Nappa, that's just a guy in a white sweatshirt.\\
'''Nappa:''' Yeah, like I said. L.\\
'''Vegeta:''' Are you telling me that counts as a cosplay?\\
'''Nappa:''' Yep!\\
'''Vegeta:''' F***ing cop-out.
** Later:
-->'''Nappa:''' Does this mean we've offended everyone?\\
'''Vegeta:''' One second let me think... [[Film/DragonballEvolution Dragonball the Movie]].\\
'''Nappa:''' (''[[TakeThat laughs]]'') Ah, high school.
* In the middle of the Conneticon 2011 announcement.
--> '''Announcer:''' ...wait a minute, this is missing something. Hey Nappa, say something funny.\\
'''Nappa:''' My parents died in a tragic space accident when I was only a child. That's why I can never grow up.\\
'''Announcer:''' Ha ha, oh Nappa.
* [[ Nappa and the other bald characters' parody of Lady Gaga's Born This Way.]]
** After the music stops, some of the reactions are priceless:
--->'''Nappa:''' Tien, what are you doing?! That was your line!\\
'''Tien:''' Yeah, I'm not doing it.\\
'''Nappa:''' I thought we talked about this.\\
'''Tien:''' Yeah. ''You'' talked. I said no.\\
'''Nappa:''' Look. It took a long time to put this together. Piccolo's in the outfit!\\
'''Piccolo:''' ([[CallBack covered in plush Yoshis]]) I'm in the outfit.\\
'''Tien:''' ''That's because you have no friends.''\\
'''Piccolo:''' (stops smiling and [[InelegantBlubbering sobs offscreen]])\\
'''Nappa:''' [[WhatTheHellHero What the f***, Tien?]]\\
'''Krillin:''' Oh, geez!\\
'''Nappa:''' Why?!\\
'''Tien:''' F*** you, that's why.
* ''Anime/DragonBallKai Abridged'', the entirety of season 1 condensed into [[ two minutes and ten seconds of nonstop hilarity.]]
-->'''Goku:''' I have a kid.\\
'''Gohan:''' I'm socially awkward.\\
'''Krillin:''' He's adorable! [Blasted through a wall by Raditz. The [[RunningGag Krillin Owned Count]] rapidly rises before exploding.]
--->'''King Kai:''' I'm King Kai. You now know the Kaio-ken and the Spirit Bomb. F**k off. Shut up, Bojack.
--->'''Krillin:''' Yamcha's here! [Explosion] Yamcha's dead!
--->'''Vegeta:''' Hey Nappa. Let's go to Earth.\\
'''Nappa:''' Ballin'.
** The part where Nappa sums up his total reason for being;
--->'''Vegeta:''' Nappa! Get 'em!\\
'''Nappa:''' [[FountainOfMemes I am hilarious and you will quote everything I say.]]\\
'''Krillin:''' Tien! Get 'em!\\
'''Tien:''' [[OnlySaneMan I am the only serious character in the show. That's the joke.]]
** [[InvokedTrope Case]] in point.
--->'''Goku::''' Goku's here!\\
'''Krillin:''' Goku's here!\\
'''Vegeta:''' It's [[OverNineThousand over nine thousaaaaaa-]]\\
'''Nappa:''' Aaaaaaaaaa- [Vegeta and Nappa continue to scream over each other until Vegeta blasts Nappa with an energy beam.]\\
'''Nappa:''' ''Vegeta why?!'' (as he is dying)\\
'''Vegeta:''' Because I'm a monkey! (transforms into the giant ape Ozaru).
--->'''Vegeta:''' Oh no, I'm not a monkey! Oh no, the kid's a monkey! Destructo Disk!\\
'''Krillin:''' The ''f*ck''?!//
** TheReveal that [[spoiler: [[WebVideo/YuGiOhTheAbridgedSeries Yami Yugi]] had watched the whole thing.]]
--->'''[[spoiler: Yami Yugi]]:''' This has ''how'' many subscribers?
** [[DrillSergeantNasty Hi, maggots. I'm training you]]. [[BlackComedyRape I'm terrifying and a potential rapist, but I'll never say it flat out]]. ''[beat]'' [[JumpScare BAH]]!
*** [[BringMyBrownPants AAH]]!
* Kai Abridged 2 ramps it up even more, covering the Namek arc.
** Freeza reads [[IDoNotOwn the disclaimer]].
--->'''Freeza''': This is a parody. ''Buy the fucking show!''
** Freeza's introduction:
--->'''Freeza''': Hello, I'm Space Napolehitler. Give me the thing.\\
'''Mouri''': No!\\
'''Freeza''': Give me the thing!\\
'''Mouri''': No!\\
'''Freeza''': Kill his kid! ''(Kid dies)'' Give me the thing.\\
'''Mouri''': Here.\\
'''Freeza''': Kill him!\\
'''Mouri''': But the thing! ''(NeckSnap)''
** Instead of Freeza or Dodoria in the shower, the Solar Flare gag instead has [[ Lanipator dressed as]] [[Film/TheRockyHorrorPictureShow Dr. Frank-N-Furter]] [[ at TFS' first 18+ panel at Youmacon]].
** Vegeta's infamous scream is so powerful this time that it ''crashes the Adobe Flash plugin. And then he smashes through it.''
*** Prior to this, Vegeta's continuous maniacal laughter as he breaks out of Freeza's ship, steals Freeza's Dragon Balls as he leaves, kills Zarbon, and takes the Dragon Ball the good guys had.
*** Second place goes to Krillin, which manages to keep his scream going for the entire time Vegeta is at their cave.
---->'''Krillin:''' AAAAAHHHHHHH-No seriously though. Where's Gohan?
** '''Vegeta:''' Hey guys, you remind of some assholes I'm about to kill!
** Goku's arrival [[DeathFromAbove takes out the Ginyu Force in a massive explosion]]. Unfortunately, [[DroppedABridgeOnHim his ship crashing on top of them]] also took him out of commission - what're the odds?
--->'''Vegeta:''' Put him in... (''turns head'') '''''THE POD.'''''\\
(''cue zoom in as a dramatic musical sting plays before the scene abruptly cuts to Goku inside of the pod'')\\
'''Goku:''' (''thinking'') [[LampshadeHanging I wonder if this'll become a trend.]]
** When Porunga is summoned:
--->'''Gohan:''' So, what are we--\\
'''Krillin:''' Bring Piccolo back!\\
'''Piccolo:''' Yeah!\\
'''Krillin:''' Now bring him to Namek!\\
'''Piccolo:''' '''''[[BigNo NOOOOO]]--'''''(''POW! POW!'')'''''--[[BigNo OOOOOOO!]]'''''
** Vegeta threatens to kill Dende's parents if he's not made immortal.
-->'''Dende''': [[DeathByOriginStory Joke's on you]].
** Porunga dies right before Vegeta can get his immortality.
--->'''Vegeta:'''...wait am I immortal?\\
'''Freeza:''' I don't know! '''''Let's see...'''''
** Goku and Vegeta when grabbed by Freeza:
--->'''Goku and Vegeta:''' [[GratuitousJapanese No, Freeza-dono, yamete!]]
*** Itself being a reference to ''WebVideo/AttackOnTitanAbridged''.
** Another reference to the infamous Big Green dub.
--->'''Goku:''' Hey, let that Vegeta alone!
** When Goku starts charging the Spirit Bomb:
--->'''Freeza:''' Stop it.\\
'''Goku:''' No.\\
'''Freeza:''' ''Stop it.''\\
'''Goku:''' NNNO.\\
'''Freeza:''' '''''STOP. IT.'''''\\
'''Goku:''' ''(blows raspberry)''\\
'''Freeza:''' That's it, stoppin' it myself. ''(Goku throws the Spirit Bomb)'' What the-\\
'''VideoGame/UnrealTournament Announcer: [[ DOMINATING]]!'''\\
'''Freeza:''' Eep.
** After the spirit bomb.
---> '''Gohan:''' We did it dad!\\
'''Goku:''' And we didn't even lose Krill... **Krillin explodes** aw swiddlesticks.
** Piccolo gets shot by Freeza ("Agh, right in the tit!"), leaving Gohan to say Piccolo's line instead.
---> '''Gohan:''' Why... didn't you... DOOOOODGE?!
*** In the Episode Breakdown, Kaiser Neko refers to the line as "[[WhatCouldHaveBeen the biggest missed opportunity in the entire series]]".
** The running gag of referring to the Dragonballs as "things". Which may or may not be a reference to Krillin's off-hand comment about Freeza's metaphor about Old Space Yeller.
--> '''Krillin:''' How is ''that'' a thing?!
** The entire exchange between Freeza and Super Saiyan Goku. Goku punches him exactly once, Freeza calls him a prick and [[DisproportionateRetribution proceeds to destroy the core of the planet]].
--->'''Goku''': Uh oh, Spaghetti-'''[BOOM]'''
** The OverlyLongGag with Guru's name - he instead wishes to be called "Super Mega Ultra Alpha Omega Hyper-" getting drowned out by Nail saying [[LampshadeHanging he'll be at it for a while]]. He finishes off with "[[WesternAnimation/SouthParkBiggerLongerAndUncut Bigger, Longer, and Uncut Guru]]".
*** It starts at 1:47 to Gohan's arrival at 2:35.
** And Guru's FamousLastWords:
--->'''Guru''': [[BrickJoke I am hilarious... and you will quote... everything.. I... say...]]
** Freeza's wish for immortality being thwarted.
--->'''Freeza''': Make me immortal!\\
'''Porunga''': ''.''
*** Said Namekian, instead of being [[StarTrek Klingon]] like in the main abridged series, is just the phrase "[[MemeticMutation Fuck you, I'm a dragon!]]" spoken backwards.
** Freeza using the "Kien-structo Disk" to hit Goku... [[EpicFail only to cut himself apart immediately after throwing it.]]
-->'''Freeza''': [[HowIsThatEvenPossible How!?]]\\
''(Freeza's dismembered body lands on the ground)''\\
'''Goku''': ...Soooo, which way's your ship?\\
''(Freeza's severed left arm lands next to him, pointing)''\\
'''Freeza''': ''(weakly)'' That... way.
** The ending in which Goku uses the Muffin Button so much, [[spoiler: he turns Namek into a giant muffin.]]
--->'''Goku''': ''(Giggles)'' Yay!.
** Dodoria's death scene.
--->'''Vegeta''': 'Sup, Chubs [=McKenzey=], any last words before I kill you?\\
'''Dodoria''': I have a ''THICK. MEATY.'' [[spoiler:'''''VAGINA.''''' '' (She's blasted by Vegeta, who begins to gag)]]''
** Cui's appearence.
--->'''Vegeta''': I'm on Namek now!\\
'''Cui''': Hi, Vegeta.\\
'''Vegeta''': Hi, Cui. (blasts him) Bye, Cui.
** Dende getting a VideoGame/{{Borderlands}}-style intro screen which says "Little Green: White Mage", and then saying [[Franchise/{{Batman}} "My parents are dead!"]]
*** Said intro screen also had Music/TheHeavy's "[[VideoGame/{{Borderlands2}} Short Change Hero]]" playing in the background.
*** With a few exceptions, all of his lines being, "Hey" in the same tone of voice. Usually [[HoYay directed at Gohan]].
** Goku turning Super Sayian:
--->'''Goku:''' [[PunctuatedForEmphasis This! Ruffles! My!]] [[MemeticMutation Jammies!]] AAAAAAAH-- ''(Turns Super Sayian with the [[WackySoundEffect rib-crushing squeak]])''
** TheReveal that [[spoiler: Nappa had watched the whole thing.]]
--->'''[[spoiler: Nappa]]:''' Aaaaaaand unsubscribed.
** Zarbon says only two things - rather effeminate "mmm" sounds, and this:
---> '''Vegeta''': Hey, it's the gay one.\\
'''Zarbon''': Maybe I'm gay. [[CampStraight Or maybe stereotypes are bullshit.]] MMM. ''(Transforms)'' '''PUSSY!'''\\
'''Vegeta''': [[OhCrap OH NO.]] ''(Gets his ass kicked)''
** After Freeza lost his chance at immortality thanks to Dende.
---> '''Freeza''': You **Bark**ed me. You **Chicken sound**ed me you monkey **Monkey sound**ck!
** Their summary of King Kai's part in the Namek Saga:
-->'''Yamcha:''' Hey King Kai, can you teach us the--\\
'''King Kai:''' '''''NO!'''''
* When Dende brings back Piccolo on Earth:
--> '''Piccolo:'''' Welp, I'm confused.\\
'''Gohan:''' It looks like the dragon brought every person on Namek to Earth!\\
'''Piccolo:''' [[MythologyGag ALL OF THEM?!]]
** Since there was a secret backwards message in the special, some kind soul [[ decided to post a reversed version of the entire episode]]. Besides being able to hear the backwards message, you also get to see Freeza knit his body back together, Goku squeaking as he goes from Super Saiyan to regular Saiyan and ''then'' he starts screaming, and Vegeta's EvilLaugh, only it sounds like he's barking.
** In a meta-sense, consider that this episode is twice as long as the previous Kai while going at the same pace. ''That'' is how long the Namek arc takes.
* The Anime Evolution 2010 promo;
-->'''Guru:''' Nail... Naaaaaail!\\
'''Nail:''' What is it, Lord Guru?\\
'''Guru:''' Do you know what I love about Canada?\\
'''Nail:''' ...Sir, there's nothing to love about Canada.\\
'''Guru:''' Nail...\\
'''Nail:''' No, seriously, it's the only place more boring than here-\\
'''Guru:''' Nail! None of that.\\
'''Nail:''' (''Sighs'') What is that you love about Canada, sir?\\
'''Guru:''' I love... ''their moose!''\\
'''Moose:''' Hurr!\\
'''Nail:''' (''Makes a surprised yelp'')
* Ladies and gentlemen. I present to you: [[ "Captain Ginyu Style!"]]
* The video advertising upcoming episodes and new T-Shirts is hilarious with Nappa and Vegeta arguing over doing the commercial (Nappa wants him to do it, Vegeta doesn't). But, the real icing on the cake of hilarity is [[spoiler:Vegeta VS Alucard]] at the end.
* Takahata101 attending a ''Anime/DragonBallKai'' [[ panel at Sakura-Con]]:
-->'''Takahata:''' ''Dragon Ball Kai'' is ''Dragon Ball Z'' essentially, right? \\
'''[[Creator/ChristopherSabat Chris Sabat]]:''' You could say that.\\
'''Takahata:''' It's shortened, correct? \\
'''Chris Sabat:''' Right.\\
'''Takahata:''' It's redubbed, right? \\
'''Chris Sabat:''' In a way, yes.\\
'''Takahata:''' It's partially rewritten, correct? \\
'''Chris Sabat:''' It is completely rewritten, yes. \\
'''Takahata (Nappa voice):''' Way to be 4 years late to that party!
* The [[ alternate takes of Krillin's death at the hands of Freeza.]]
-->'''Krillin:''' YOLO! (boom)\\
'''Krillin:''' [[ZeroWing Someone set me up the bomb!]] (boom)\\
'''Krillin:''' I've heard of an explosive temper, but this is ridiculou-(boom)\\
'''Krillin:''' Hey, guys! Look! It's my Chiaotzu impression! Goodbye, Tie-(boom)
* The [[ alternate take from episode 30's ending.]]
-->'''Dr Briefs:''' Finally, we're rid of all those dang yo-\\
'''Bulma:''' DAD!!!\\
'''Dr Briefs:''' I was gonna say Namekians...\\
'''Bulma:''' **Beat** ...No you weren't.\\
'''Dr Briefs:''' No I wasn't. [[spoiler: **He was about to say [[RunningGag Yoshi.]]**]]
* The alternate take of Goku escaping Namek. He presses the muffin button, but gets a cookie instead. The result is a BigNo as the planet explodes.
* The alternate take of [[spoiler: Yamcha's suicide. The rope he hung himself with? It was Puar using his shape-shifting.]]
* A deleted scene from episode 43, the [[UsefulNotes/NorthKorea Democratic People's Republic of Korea]] tries to save the day with their military. Keyword being tries. Their missiles launched and... [[spoiler:[[EpicFail proceeded to all malfunction at the same time and fall back down,]] [[AttackAttackRetreatRetreat causing the PRK army to run]] in the name of the glorious People's Republic.]]
** Cue jokes from from the fandom that North Korea's weapons are so out of date that this is ''exactly'' what would happen in real life.
* The deleted scene from Episode 44 had Yamcha take the IdiotBall in full by saying that, yes, Goku and Gohan both would go fight the evil, killer androids [[TooDumbToLive in the presence of resident]] MamaBear Chi-Chi. Oolong tries to get him to stop.
--> '''Oolong''': Yamcha, as the man-pig that's known you longer than everyone else in this room... ''shut up''!!
** There's also Gohan's reply to Chi-Chi telling him that they're not going to fight the androids, but instead go back to living their nice and peaceful life while Gohan becomes a doctor/lawyer/scientist.
--> '''Gohan''': Yeah... That's great, Mom. [[AttentionDeficitOohShiny But you know if you tell that to Dad, it's just gonna go in one ear and get bored and die.]]
* Celloween: Krillin using the [[spoiler:false]] ultimate attack, SOLAR FLARE.
--> '''Kid''': We on a plane mama.
--> '''Krillin''': *Smiling, then realizes, thinking* Wait, that's not my ultimate attack, I thought the Kienz...AH GODDAMMIT EVERY TIME.
** And the ending, it turns out to be a dream, and guess who is at Kame House[[labelnote:Note]]Androids 16, 17, and 18[[/labelnote]].
--> '''Krillin''': Oh man, I had the craziest dream! Cell was there!
--> '''Piccolo''': Well the androids are here! *points towards 16, 17, and 18*
--> '''17''': Yo.
--> *Krillin lets out a terrified scream*
*** Made funnier in Episode 45 [[spoiler: where it turns out the dream is influenced by the news that Piccolo was watching while the others were sleeping. Krillin even murmurs some of his dialogue from the short in his sleep.]]
* I AM THE HYPE And So Can You! is full of them despite being a shirt commercial. But what else could you expect from a commercial starring Vegeta and [[WebVideo/{{HellsingUltimateAbridged}} Alucard?]]
--> '''Vegeta''': Also, where the hell's the producer?
--> '''Alucard''': Oh, he says he's got a "Full Day".
-->''(Cuts to an office door labeled [[YouMakeMeSic "NAPA" with a hastily scribbled note that says "DO NOT DZTRB"]])''
--> '''Nappa''': Welp, this coke won't snort itself! (Snorting noises)
** Vegeta's worry over the line "When you wish upon a star" being owned by Creator/{{Disney}} and Alucard's response.
--> '''Alucard''': Nope! Totes public domain! Trust me, [[EvenEvilHasStandards even I don't have the patience for Disney lawyers.]]
** When Vegeta questions Alucard's reasons for even being there despite not having one shirt advertised Alucard remarks that maybe if they were [[HypocriticalHumor they wouldn't be a bunch of self-indulgent bullshit]].
** And then a certain someone comes into the recording booth.
--> [[spoiler:'''Eren''']]: Alright guys I'm here! And I'm ready to record for shirts!
--> '''Vegeta''': Oh... Shit.
--> '''Alucard''': (Panicking) Get out of here! YOU DON'T EXIST!
--> [[spoiler: '''Eren''']]: Wha-
--> '''Alucard''': YOU DON'T EXIS- (static followed by a broadcast error screen that says [[MythologyGag "VIDEO PULLED BY JAPANESE COPYRIGHT OWNERS"]].)
** In the background a picture can be seen that reads "WEN BROLI"