!Original Bram Stoker Novel
* Van Helsing in the novel has many due to his unusual mannerisms:
-->'''John Seward:''' I am satisfied that Lucy's body is not in that coffin; but only proves one thing.\\
'''Van Helsing:''' And what is that, friend John?\\
'''Seward:''' That it is not there.\\
'''Van Helsing:''' That is good logic, so far as it goes.
* Seward dictating his notes on Renfield.
-->'''Seward:''' I seemed to wish to keep him at the point of madness, a thing I would avoid with patients as I would the mouth of hell. Memorandum, under what circumstances would I not avoid the pit of hell?
* "[[BluntMetaphorsTrauma Well, the milk that is spilt does not cry out afterwards, as you say.]]"

!TV Series
* Van Helsing is devising a serum to let Dracula walk in daylight; so far, the effectiveness lasts for about three and a half minutes. Dracula is not amused. [[LargeHam "You leave me just enough time to have a cup of tea before I burst into flames!?!?!"]]