!![[VideoGame/DoubleDragon The games]]
* The [[BreakingTheFourthWall fourth wall-breaking]] ending credits song ("Dared to Dream") to ''Double Dragon Neon'', wherein Skullmageddon sings about being defeated by the Lee brothers. The funniest part comes at the 1-minute mark, when he sings "Here's a medal for your victory" and the [[UsefulNotes/{{Xbox 360}} Achievement Unlocked]]/[[UsefulNotes/{{PlayStation 3}} Trophy Unlocked]] dialogue pops up.
** He's got plenty of other moments as well:
*** Right after you press start for the first time in the 360 version, you get an achievement called Skullmageddon's Curse that's worth 1 GS, with the description "Nyah ha ha! Now finish what you have started!": a lot of people like to keep their GS divisible by 5 and the score can only be evened out by getting the achievement described above, which involves defeating him.
*** Right before you encounter him for the first time, you can find a hair pick from a barrel: if you throw it at him, it'll pin down his hat on his head, making it so that he can't use any attacks that involve removing it until he takes it off while complaining [[WeaksauceWeakness how he could be done in by such a mundane item]].
*** When trying to kill the Lee brothers with a helicopter, he's heard saying "what do you mean helicopters can't fly upside down? Of course they can!" and then proceeds to [[HelicopterBlender do just that.]]
*** If you pause the game while fighting him, he comments on it in a variety of ways:
--->"Oh fine, just pause the game!"
--->"I was just about to swing my sword!"
--->"I'm [[FlashOfPain flashing orange]] so quickly! Quick, just hit me a few more times!"
--->"When I'm about to swing my sword, just punch me and I'll stop! I'll save you a trip to the Internet!"

!![[WesternAnimation/DoubleDragon The animated series]]
* After Colonel Neil [=McReady=] (who would later become Blaster) discovers the Lee brothers' identities by finding a fishing rod in the back seat:
-->'''Billy:''' I told you to clean up the back of the car!
-->'''Jimmy:''' Hey, man, I was busy!
** From the same episode when they go after the main villain:
-->'''Jimmy:''' Are you going to use your dragon spirit?\\
'''Billy:''' Why don't you use yours?\\
'''Jimmy:''' Oh, that's right. Forgot I had one now. ''(clears throat)'' Mighty spirit of the dragon! Lead us to the butt we wish to kick!\\
''(The spirit comes out and flies down the street)''\\
'''Billy:''' You call that a mystic incantation?\\
'''Jimmy:''' Hey, it worked, didn't it?

!![[Film/DoubleDragon The film]]
* "Please use other door."