This is not entirely a comedy film, but has it's moments.
* Radio Raheem gets into an argument with Sonny, the Korean owner of the local grocery store, over the latters lack of English skills.
--->'''Sonny:''' Motherfuck you!
--->'''Raheem:''' "Motherfuck me?" ''[beat]'' You're alright man.
* Buggin' Out (who has a ridiculous haircut) is telling the three guys sitting at the corner they should boycott Sal's. One of them responds "You oughta boycott the barber that fucked up your head!"
* When Smiley arrives at the window of Sal's to sell his pictures, Pino aggressively steps outside and insultingly confronts him, while also arguing with an off-screen resident about harassing Smiley. While that's going on, Smiley attempts to say "Fuck you!" to Pino, but his stuttering cripples it, making it unintentionally hilarious.