!!The Enforcer
* Harry on the interview board for new inspectors. Especially when he cooks up the scenario about the female board member and a shetland pony.
* Captain [=McKay=] arriving with a helicopter and shouting at Bobby Maxwell over a megaphone that he is going to give in to his demands and that he has the money... after Harry has already blown him up with a LAW.
* The way that Harry handles getting transferred to Personnel. It's the way he says the last line, with a mixture of OhCrap and "that figures".
--> '''Harry''': Personnel? That's for assholes!
--> '''[[ObstructiveBureaucrat Captain [=McKay=]]]''': ''I'' was in Personnel for ''ten years''!
--> '''Harry''':...Yeah.
* Harry chases Henry Lee Caldwell, and there is a bit where they actually crash a porno film shoot during the chase.